I have a lot of questions #6

Why would you put eggs in black bean brownies? WHY???

Do NYX think we’re stupid? I’m obviously talking about the #Nofilter powder. I mean I have it, because pressed powder to carry about in your bag, it is a necessity, and apparently I like NYX. But it’s a powder! Couldn’t replace a filter in a million years.


Not that I don’t like it, I just feel like they take us for fools. And yes, I do need to get me a new NYX blush in Taupe. One of these days I will become a minimalist, and this will be my one blush.

Am I too old for Manic Panic’s Enchanted Forest?

Is “the humidity messes up my hair” a valid excuse for not going out? Not that it really matters. Because I’m not going out. It messes up my hair. (Looking for any and every excuse to not be outside? Maybe.)

Why have I bought an apartment with a balcony? I have a balcony. This year, I’ve been on it for about 5 minutes total. And only because I felt forced. Because I have it, not because I particularly wanted to. My new balcony is bigger than what I currently have. That’s. Great?

Do I have to go back to work? Also, why do I have this extreme aversion to my job? It’s not difficult, my closest coworkers are nice people, and, for what it is, it is very flexible. What more do I want??

Does the singer in Casey know that Twitter is not a dating app? Or maybe a more appropriate question is, could someone please inform the singer in Casey that Twitter is not a dating app? Yes I know I could unfollow! That is not issue here. I’m concerned. That he will come to regret what he’s doing. When he’s not 20 anymore. Also tired of seeing tweets liked clearly because some girl has posted a pic of herself being pretty. I’m going to have to unfollw, aren’t I? Boo.

How do I decrease my tea consumption? Currently worse than it’s ever been. Could that be why I’m not sleeping or is it just, me being me? Tossing and turning + nightmares for weeks on end now. I’m starting to feel bit lacking in the rested department.

What is with this obsession with stating the size of the clothes you buy when doing hauls? Are you actively trying to trigger people with EDs?

Why is my knee acting up already? I’m going to two workout classes a week. TWO! That’s like nothing. Piece of crap body. Am I going to have to resort to low-impact only? And in which case, how do you see that happening??

What the hell is going on with YouTube on my Mac?? Seriously! I’m googling it and I don’t know why the hell it’s looking like this or how to make it go back to regular layout. Doesn’t matter which browser I use either. GAH!

Skärmavbild 2017-09-09 kl. 09.30.33.png

Are people ever going to learn that they have to plan? I’m not just sitting around waiting for texts to review with ridiculously short deadlines. I consider it an insult to be asked to do anything within a matter of hours unless I knew of it ahead of time. So that I could plan for it. (The answer is obvs NO.)

Five songs for the gym

The gym. It is turning into an endless source of disappointment.

The schedule. The schedule is not getting better. Instructors: also not getting better. And music. It has never been worse.

There was a time when the music they played made sense; while it wasn’t music I would necessarily choose to listen to myself, it worked in the context.

Apparently, my gym has scrapped the works in gym context idea and instructors are just picking songs they like. Not sure if it’s because they don’t understand that they don’t work, or because they think we don’t need music to drive us on, to make it easier to find our way through the class, or that classes are too easy and we need music with unclear beat to distract us.

If the latter. Well played! But the strategy is flawed. Because chances are I might just give it up altogether.

I’m not asking for music according to my taste! I get that not everyone wants to work out to Bring Me the Horizon. Or Withing Temptation. (Even if I think that it’s just because they haven’t tried it…)

That being said. Chvrches—not only brilliant but how well wouldn’t Keep You on My Side work as second track of either of the cardio sets?

One of my absolute favorite songs to work out to ever is this track by Jessy; it was on a body pump class playlist in 2007. Back set. I need it to make a comeback. Or maybe I just need to make a comeback at a gym that has body pump classes?

See now? This works. The beat, it’s clear, it’s a good pace. That’s all we need. We don’t need it to fit regular taste in music.

Is picking songs from actual workouts cheating..? Might feel that way. A bit. At the same time, I know for a fact, that this Dead by April track is excellent for abs:

I used to dream about songs that just may make it into the workout playlists by the start of each new semester. My brain has finally realized that is not happening and stopped dreaming.

Until I walked through the reception on my way to class the other day.

They were playing Deaf Havana at the gym.


There are other people where I live who not only know of Deaf Havana but also like Deaf Havana and who are in charge of music at my gym!!??

I’ve decided that it’s the instructor of the Wednesday workouts. She has impeccable taste. Has to be her. Enter dreams about Deaf Havana on my Wednesday workout.

Not that I can figure out which Deaf Havana it could possibly be. None of the tracks on the latest release would be obvious choices.

See? This is what I’m talking about; while I love Deaf Havana it’s just not music meant for working out. And seriously, I have to stop typing Deaf Havana right now.

I still think fondly of the workout this same instructor did a few seasons back that ended with Fall Out Boy’s cover of Beat It. It was one brilliant workout throughout, and this is perfect for the final push of the very last cardio set.

Next semester, I fully expect P!nk’s What about Us to make it onto at least one workout playlist. More specifically, I’ll expect it on my Monday workouts. Just because the instructor on Mondays always seem to make sure to fill her playlists with women. Keep wondering if she does this on purpose, or if that just happens to be her taste. She does a brilliant job either way.


This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post.

100 day song challenge #28

#28 A song connected with a memory

When I started going to the gym, back in 2003 maybe..? I only went to body pump classes. I loooved body pump. Partly because it involved little or no coordination, and I was always a fan of lifting weights.

Also. We had the best instructor. And I’m not just saying this because she had an impeccable taste in music. It was a fact, her classes were always full.

To this day I still think of bicep exercises when I hear Marilyn Manson’s Mobscene.

Body pump at my gym, not what it used to be though. It’s become far more technical, and that’s where I draw the line. You want me to to think and sweat at the same time?? Volunteerily?

I don’t think so.

24 hours of vegan eats

Friday evening. Got home from the worst workout I’ve been to quite possibly ever. Accidentally ended up in a new workout class called Flowride (please let it be temporary). It’s supposed to be a “seamless workout”; in terms of movement and music, it should just flow. With that in mind. Naturally, my gym feels the person for this job was the instructor with no sense of rhythm. I don’t know what to say. Except for, the music stopped after each track and that was the least of the problems that class had.

This is as much cooking I can be bothered with on a Friday evening after a terrible workout:


Recently realized I’m nowhere near mastering a regular tomato sauce, so I got this ready made sauce and it was good. Mixed in a lot of frozen spinach and had it with pasta and carrot + ginger balls that you just pop in the oven for 10 minutes, as much heat as your oven can muster.

Still upset about the workout, but the meal was not bad at all.

Saturday morning. Protein pancakes have quickly become my go-to weekend breakfast. And why wouldn’t it be? Pancakes, lots of raspberries, what more do you need??


Did have a discussion with myself about the amount of pancake. It went like this:

Me: You’re going to eat all those pancakes?
Also me: Yeeessss…?
Me: That’s A LOT of pancakes.
Also me: If you’re insinuating I’ll get fat THINK AGAIN. I thoroughly enjoying my current energy levels THANK YOU VERY MUCH; I have no interest in starving. Now shut up, I’m having pancakes. ALL.

Since we’re on the subject of food. Tiny grocery haul from Saturday morning:

soy milk, oranges, bananas, almond butter, hummus, peas, bean sprouts, dried figs, tofu

Quick snack to fuel up for a few minutes of jumping rope while I was doing laundry. That is how disappointed I was with the Friday workout class. I need to feel what Timbuktu sings (raps?) about in Springcollapsed lung! Obsessed with this feeling. I’ll stop when it hurts, not sooner.

Cup of herbal tea – have we talked about the Pukka herbals? D i v i n e. Only herbals I’ll have. Two slices of toasted rye with some Tartex and cucumber.


Got my sweat on and did my laundry, cleaned the flat, followed by…

Saturday lunch. Whipped up a stir fry with some brown rice for lunch. Goal: as many colors as possible. So I had a red pepper, purple cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, peas and a fake meat in there. Some garlic and mango chutney to spice it up. You just cannot go wrong with a stir fry.


Early dinner Saturday: haricots vert, roasted potatoes and chickpeas. Slightly obsessed with my mustard roasted potatoes, yes. And if you like me struggle with the haricots vert here’s a tip: just fry them for a bit on high heat with some garlic and salt, take them off the heat while they’re still crunchy and they’re not at all bad.


And for dessert: a frozen banana mixed with almond butter. Maybe even some cinnamon??!!

The story so far; 5 days in December


1 December


Packed my bag and went to the gym after work. Sounds simple, but it required insane planning, because I had no car and public transport in Norrland is, basically, not great.

PS. Had no idea how right I was. My cardio is shot.

PS2. This new gym offers all classes + use of gym for free all December if you’ve got a F&S membership valid for another location. Which I do. See? Meant to be.

2 December

Bought a car. I need a car if I’m going to keep going to the gym. I’d already decided which one I wanted. The test drive was just for show; I was buying it no matter what. When I make up my mind, I make up my mind. BTW. It’s a white Kia Rio, the least unappealing car I could find.

The owning of a car tho, makes me all sorts of nervous. It does make my life significantly simpler, but black ice + car + darkness = too much excitement.

Love Sweden in the winter. LOVE.

Please don’t remind me it’s not even 21 December yet. It is. Going to. Get darker. How can it even get darker than this???

4 December

Dyed my hair a crazy red. Thought that if I don’t bleach my hair, the Manic Panic Vampire Red would turn out a brown type red. It doesn’t. This is the not-a-single-doubt-that-it’s-red type red. In hindsight, why did I ever want anything else?

Also. Instructions – apparently I don’t do them. Didn’t bleach, hair was..semi clean. I did wash it in the morning, but had since put some (three?) product(s) in it. There was definitely steps skipped. Can’t wait to see what happens when I wash it.

Let’s not talk about what this experiment did to my bathroom floor. I’m gonna have to up my cleaning game, and I’m an excellent cleaner already. This tho. Requires a PhD for sure.

Haven’t dared look at what my hair looks from the back. I’m guessing not good. I’ll have mum or sis fix it for me.

5 December

WHEN I was roaming the internet for a car to buy I stumbled on a job I was kinda interested in. Sent in the dumbest application I have ever sent late Friday afternoon. Take note! Apparently a strategy that works, they called me back early Monday. Scheduled interview for Wednesday.

7 December

Interviewed for said job. I DON’T KNOW WHY. Interviews these days, they’re basically my idea of hell. In addition to which, I don’t really want a new job. Unless I could have a new job working right here. Nice office + good working climate: not to be underestimated.

I don’t want a call back. I don’t want a second interview. I don’t know why I’m doing this.

Except for. I am so bored. And have so much time on my hands. I kid you not, going for the interview, at least half the reason was to pass time. (Why didn’t I just bring a book to work??)

Starting to wonder if I’m having some sort of life crisis.


signatur 1

Week summary

It’s fall! Have you noticed how it’s fall?? It is here anyway. So many reasons to love fall. Morning walks in the mist is one.

Before you know it, it’ll be October. Can’t wait!

I got more boots. And with that, I’m all set for shoes for this fall/winter.


Black bootcuts from H&M. Yes. You know my why do people even bother with pants when there’s dresses!?!!?? claim? I take it back, take it back! I still love my dresses, that goes without saying, but I do see a use for bootcuts as well. At least now. Because these are bootcuts every bit as good as last time they were popular. And I don’t usually like H&M pants. So that’s a pleasant surprise. Also: they go really well with my Roobin’s.

Decided the gym going, it has to stop. I didn’t want it to, because I identify with this gym. Apparently. I’ve been going since 2003; it was one of the main things I missed about Sweden when living in Scotland. But it’s just not what it used to be. I didn’t use to leave raging (crap music! people! barely sweating! grumble grumble and I had to stress here too!), so you know, considering my own sanity, I’ve decided enough’s enough.

Telling myself it’ll be OK, and dragged these guys out:


Fave makeup of the week: pairing up my orange eye with a red, red lip.

(Clearly I’m v. v. busy at work.)

Basically fell into a black hole of Thrice live. You start watching one video on YouTube and that just leads to the next, and the next, and the next, and there’s just so many good one out there and I just don’t know how to stop.

I should probably get that turn off the internet app.

Love Thrice’s acoustic sessions, like this one:

Yess. It’ll be a while yet before I stop crushing on Dustin Kensrue’s voice.

Realized I’m not the Nick Cave fangirl I used to be. It used to be a main priority. But a) the Nick Cave movie One More Time with Feeling was actually playing in the city where I work and I didn’t even know. b) Decided against going for no good reason really. I mean the fact that it played during working hours (14.30) isn’t really an excuse; there are plenty bands I’d skip work for. Apparently Nick is no longer one of them.

But I take comfort in the fact that I’m still able to change and haven’t stagnated. I live in dread of just having the same fave band forever. I mean imagine loving Sisters of Mercy for the rest of your life? Seems a horrible fate indeed.

That being said. I still spent the weekend watching 20,000 Days on Earth, and listening to the new record Skeleton Tree. A nice change from what I usually listen to/watch.

If you hurry, you may still manage to catch it on YouTube before anyone realizes it’s there and takes it down. It’s bound to happen.

Muralgranskaren. My reason to get up in morning. OK, maybe not quite. BUT, it has had me sniggering every single morning without fail. My fave on Twitter by far. Example:

(The local population was ready to face the Spanish killer snail. And if anyone know how to get Tweets to embed properly, do let me know! I’m completely out of ideas and tearing at my hair.)

I do need something to put me in what at least resembles a good mood. For a while. Keeps me from killing Hans-Ingvar.


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The best workout

This is all you need for the best workout ever:

  1. Rope (Primark, £1, clearly a steal)
  2. Bouncy shoes
  3. Bluetooth speaker (best purchase 2015, easy)

A timer of some sort is a bonus; you could do intervals. I usually do intervals for 15 minutes, work 45 seconds, rest 15, and if that’s not enough, I put on my favorite song and jump until I can’t breathe.

Tip: be extra witty and listen to In Flame’s Ropes. In addition to Bring Me the Horizon’s Throne, obvs, no workout is complete without Throne.

If anything could convince me of moving, it would be moving to a house with some sort if wooden deck, because it’s the best for jumping rope.

If you remain unconvinced of the superiority of rope jumping, maybe Popsugar can convince you?

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Changing up my workout routine

lisa anniesette

Brilliant news! They’ve canceled my regular Wednesday fitness class. Permanently. Which is good, because it means I can replace it with:

Surely. In the end, this will lead to my goal? That is, TRez’s  shoulders in Hurt? I’m an extremely realistic sort of person.


Legs. The necessary evil. I’ve been told that if you have a weak lower back (haven’t we all?) you should build leg muscle rather than try to build back muscle. Because experience tells me trying to build back muscle just has the opposite effect.

I’ll follow this with 10 minutes of stretching. There is nothing as efficient if your ultimate goal is to feel less like a whale. Although. I’m not entirely sure as to why you wouldn’t want to feel like whale. Aren’t whales just beautiful creatures?

All and all, gives me lots more time to watch Lights in the Sky for the 100,000th time. Or so.


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