Treat yourself Tuesday

I accidentally had a treat yourself Tuesday yesterday. In no way planned.

I started by accidentally getting to work ridiculously early. This wasn’t the treat. The treat was, because I was so early, I could leave early. Which was good, because I needed groceries anyway, and get sis a present or two.

First stop, was in no way H&M, but somehow it just always pulls you in. Or me at least. I’ve been wanting a wire basket to store my palettes in, finally found a good-sized one:


Admittedly not all of my palettes, but all of my most frequently used ones.

First stop was actually the tea shop, but I’m not going to show you bags of tea. But I will tell you what flavors I got: one black citrus chai tea, and one green peach flavored. I ♥ Kahls. Their tea selection is unrivalled.

I also visited the alcohol shop, a.k.a. Systembolaget. Got myself one small bottle of one of my fave rosé wines, Santa Ana, and it’s organic too!

If you’ve been here before, you might recognize Crudo, another fave, white wine obvs. and also organic. Will try to save for sis’s birthday becauseee…she hasn’t tried it and it’s great. (Yes, wine reviewer, it’s so in my future.)


My current kryptonite tho, is Lagerhaus. They’ve got so many lovely little things. This is me showing serious restraint:


I love their shower cream, soap and cleaning products. Because look at the simplicity of the packaging! That, and they smell lovely.

I also got two prints: one moon phases, and one misty forest. I cannot get enough of misty forest! It’s basically what I spend all of my trips between work and home staring at, but apparently that’s not enough. I think I’m saving them for when I move tho.

Some useful bits: straws, glass food container (I’m trying to phase out my plastic food containers, apparently one at a time?), hand gel that’s supposed to smell like coconut but I can’t really say it does, in other words, the hunt to find a hand gel to replace Carex moisture plus continues, and finally, I got this clipboard thing that’s supposed to work as a frame.

Followed this up with a nice dinner while watching Leila’s latest vlog. I had an avocado + edamame seasoned with this lovely spice mix called sesame wasabi and flake salt, one red pepper, the type that is called snack pepper in Swedish, it has a longish shape and is just a little tastier than the regular type, plus, two slices of Finn crisp and a glass of that rosé. Thought I had a picture, but as I found out when there was just a few edamame left, I didn’t. JFC. It was very instagrammable! The greens, red and blush. Yes well.

I’ll show this instead: final1489513570047

Sis bought me two Anton Corbijn prints recently, this is one of them. So that was why I was getting the clipboard thing. I adore Anton’s work, almost as much as I adore Mackintosh.

Oh who am I kidding, I adore them both the exact same amount. (Where am I even going with this??)

I did also get some bits for sis, but I’m keeping it secret for now.

Final words: successful outing even if I do feel somewhat guilty about the amount of money spent. I’m trying to not be so wasteful and I’ve been doing so well. Until now.

Yes well. Long as it’s not a habit, it’s fine, right?

I have a lot of questions #1

Should I give the new NIN a chance?

Should I get more shelves for my books? Options: get rid of books, or do some other sort of rearrangement?

Are there really no bands for me to see in 2017??

How do I get out of a dinner at Köttmagasinet (The Meat Storage I guess?) for the head of department next week? WHAT HOW WHY did the other vegan OK this??? Can I lie???

Why is it that ONLY when I’m running dangerously low on tampons I do bleed sans extra hormones? It stopped being funny AGES AGO.

Pea protein – WHY? Does it work with anything??? Least favorite protein powder of ALL TIME.

Travel – skip it this year and prioritize reading?

Minimalist makeup routine – HOW?? I need instructions.

Does a Twilight marathon require wine?

I’ve restarted my computer FOUR TIMES. Why is my home directory still missing??? Moreover, why can’t I save shit from Ladok if it’s missing???

How come not more bands use mailing lists? I’d love emails about when bands are going on tour or putting out a record straight into my inbox. Like Neubauten. They tell me all important things. I’ve signed up for a bunch of other bands. Fat lot of good that’s done.

Related question: how come no gig organizer EVER gets what kind of music I like? Have I ever received a single email about a show I’m actually interested in? NO. And I’ve subscribed and subscribed…

Watched the David Bowie documentary about his last 5 years in life; WHY do they insist on this docu format? A) not a documentary, B) boring people relating boring things. The interview feature, in a studio setting, it’s always a sign of a shit documentary. A L W A Y S. Hör doch damit auf! (My German, it’s so great.)

If I cast Spotify to a TV, why does it not scrobble??

Should I freshen up my hairdye already or hold off a bit longer? Say until I’m doing something?

And people say you stop asking questions as you grow older. It’s simply not true. They’re just of a different nature. And less verbal. Because you already realized ages ago no one has any answers for you; out of evil, ignorance, or plain not fucking caring.

A day in life; Saturday

I can barely remember the last weekend I was not out and about. Been looking forward just not be traveling for weeks and weeks; not least because my laundry situation has now become unmanageable.

Without further ado, let me take you through my v. v. exciting Saturday!

First things first, a quick shower with these guys:


I am in love with the Soap & Glory shower gel. A) the built-in lotion actually works, I don’t have to moisture up after showering, and B) the scent is so nice. I love the strongly artificial scents too, but this, this is such a lovely well-balanced and quiet scent.

The facial scrub is my current favorite; such a big fan of the charcoal in general, makes my skin happy.

Let’s also quickly mention the post-shower duo:


Bought the cucumber moisturizing cream in a panic; was in the UK, hadn’t enough day cream, just grabbed one in the store.

While I love the cucumber scent, this moisturizer is not for me.

It’s more moisture than I need. Which led to the buying of the far less moisturizing shine control gel. Turns out, not enough moisturizing. WAS TUN? As Blixa would say.

Obviously, you mix them!

Also mixed my greasiest hand lotion and runniest foot lotion into the perfect foot lotion. Apparently it’s how I roll.

Moving on!

Outfit of the day from the most flattering angle giving you pretty much no idea of what it is/looks like:


So I will tell you, this is a pair of black leggings from Vero Moda, best waist ever, a long vest from H&M (they’re claiming it’s a dress, I’m having none of it), a long black cardigan with pockets (!important), it’s so old it’s not exactly lying calling it vintage, and of course, double socks. There are slippers in my wardrobe, but I much prefer the double sock.

Typical Christmastime breakfast table in my house:


I’m having oatmeal porridge (basically served as a pudding), with a banana, some lingonberry jam, shredded coconut, clove (current fave spice), cinnamon and some walnuts. Glass of water and my usual vitamins: iron, zinc, B and D.

..or actually D is a recent addition. I’ve bought into the whole it’s so dark in Sweden we need lots of extra D. One can only wonder how we ever got by before the invention of supplements.

While I wait for the porridge to cool I whip up some saffron granola, looks like this:


Next on the agenda: move car + buy washer fluid for said car.

I’m moving my car because I’m parking in the street until a parking space becomes available, and APPARENTLY, where I live, as in the whole town, we have alternate-side parking.

Best part: they don’t even have to put up signs on the street letting you know. You should just know. Magically I assume.

Did I get a ticket on Wednesday and am I still upset about it? YES.

Good news: I now know EVERYTHING there is to know about the evil that is alternate-side parking.

But that was Wednesday, back to Saturday!

Long as this is the weather, I’m not unhappy about being forced outside. Looks kinda frosty, but it really wasn’t that cold.

The whole moving car buying washer fluid business taken care of, I can settle down with Odinsbarn + Musikhjälpen on the telly. And I obviously have to try out the granola; it is exactly as good as it looks. Highly recommended! Absolutely worth the effort.

I catch up on some YouTube; noticed Rachel Aust has done a few videos on PCOS. V. v. interesting. My PCO really is nothing like PCOS; I’ve got no acne, the hormones they’ve thrown at me have had little/no negative side effects, carbs are not my enemy (unlike PB, i.e. fats), and considering how little exercise I take, I develop muscles quite easily. Just imagine if I put my mind to it, really made an effort, if I was at least a little competitive.

Time for lunch! I’m making a favorite: purple cabbage roasted in creme of artichokes (what really? that’s what it’s called?) and some wasabi sesame spice + ginger, pasta, white beans, and aubergine puree.


I watch episode 3 of The Crown and then I’m not sure what to do, so I start packing for Monday. Because I’ve somehow not managed to get out of the rice pudding dinner we’re having at work. I’m going to be late though because I’m going to the gym. I THOUGHT IF I DIDN’T ACCEPT THE MEETING IN OUTLOOK IT’D BE ASSUMED I WASN’T GOING, WHY IS THAT NOT THE CASE???

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my colleagues. What I hate is myself in social situations. If we could all just gather and talk about the latest Nick Cave release, or Bring Me the Horizon in general, I’d be fine, why can’t we do that??

Anyway. In addition to packing my gym costume I’m packing shorts and a black jumper + favorite scarf to wear to the dinner. Thank god I have a car. Lugging around luggage, I’m over it.


I also decide to try out a new look: a green cream eyeshadow, dash of a gold colored one + black lip. Yea… It probably sounds worse than it was. Because the green isn’t that green, maybe a bit much together with the red hair tho, either way. You’re spared evidence on account of the lighting in my apartment is so bad at this time of day there’s no way you could even tell that shadow’s green, so then what’s the point?

Skype with mum for about an hour. Summary: everyone else are terrible drivers and our cats are really old.

I’m packing up to do all of that laundry. I worry there isn’t enough time for all of this:


It’s also time to start thinking about dinner. My brain just wants pasta. Or candy. If there was candy that would be my dinner. Glass of wine, is that dinner?

Saffron scones + glass of wine! It’s dinner. (PS. intuitive eating = best diet. It’s a fact.)


The rest of the evening I’ll just spend switching between Odinsbarn, Musikhjälpen, telly and laundry room.

This was exactly the Saturday I needed.


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October favorites

I’m swapping my weekly summaries for the classic monthly favorites. Becuse time, time is currently an issue. Anyway. Here we go!


I’m still enjoying Architects, Amity Affliction and Bring Me more than what seems reasonable. But I’ve also been loving Northlane’s Node and EditorsIn Dream.

The new Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire track Violet is everything you’d want from Roddy.

New faves tho; Novelists. Hopefully I’ll love them for longer than a week.


Clothes + makeup


I love combining red and pink. Since dying my hair a reddish type shade I’ve been loving wearing the pink shades in the Makeup Revolution Chocolate Vice palette and just anything pink.

And knits! The necessity to survive this month. And what I needed to get back to loving the cooler weather; should have started wearing the knits sooner.

Other faves: the NYX Lingerie Beauty Mark + NYX blush in Coraline

Social media

Ah yes, the month of Vlogtober. I already mentioned it, but I have been enjoying Leila Buffery’s vlogs.


Vigårda; my new fave eatery in Stockholm: vegan burger + sweet potato fries. Bonus points for their white wine, a lovely Sauvignon blanc for a mere SEK 55  (basically a steal for being Sweden), and let’s not forget about the lovely elderflower + gin drink for the same price. Again; cheap. And good!

This bar, it’s what got me through my Sthlm + Gbg weekend.

raw bite peanut

Can’t quite figure why it has no vegan stamp of approval. Am I not reading it right?


I’m currently watching YouTube only. But, while on the topic, since the release of this Gilmore Girls trailer I’m looking forward to the new season really a lot:

Question: I did watch a movie or two. Nothing worth mentioning, except for, I finally caved and watched Fault in Our Stars because I wanted to see something sad. …didn’t exactly think it was sad. At all. Just really awful. There was literally nothing about it that I did like. Maybe that’s just me.


Can I mention Architects again? Yes I can! Probably my favorite thing of all the things this month; Architects live.

Plans for November

  1. Go to Glasgow; have lots of fun.
  2. Go to Stockholm; see Bring Me the Horizon.
  3. Dye my hair redder still.


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End of week; Summary

This week I’ve been loving

» Salvation by Editors
» Broken Lungs by Thrice
» That we’re closer still to the end of October, counting down the days!
» The Sleek highlighter palette Solstice, I mean just look at its shiny self:


» Vlogtober! You just wish some people would do vlogs on a regular basis. E.g. Leila Buffery.
» Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist, JFC I am so happy I abandoned The Queen of the Damned to start on this. Was putting it off because I was afraid it wouldn’t read well; but I was madly in love by the end of the prologue. We’re going to have to get back to this wonderful read at a later time.
» This outfit


Appropriate work attire; CHECK! PS. Loving this jumper from H&M despite the fact that it smells so strongly of chemicals that I’m no convinced I will get cancer. Or at least terrible allergies. This is after washing. Few more washes will surely solve this problem..?
» Crudo; best glass of wine I’ve had since discovering Fumées Blanches. This one, it’s not even my fave Sauvignon Blanc, and I bought it purely because there’s an octopus on it. Octopus! (Did I mention poor impulse control?) It is so good, soo citrusy and nice.


And on that note.


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October blog challenge 2016 part 1 of 5

Lise is doing this challenge, which seemed like fun so I thought I’d join.

While I have no concerns what so ever about spamming your feed (Hello, Captain Obvious here, how can I help you?), since October is already well on its way and since I’ve got posts planned for..well most days to be honest, it’s going to be a weekly affair.

Today we’re going through 1–7.


ONE. October goals

I don’t do goals. I am severely uninterested in competition and thusly goals. You have no idea the extent to which the line WE’RE GOING NOWHERE appeals to me. I’m just pure impulse. No, it’s not great. But you know, people don’t change (Nick Cave says, so it must be true); I’ve long since accepted that this is who I am.

Not that I’m not aware I should have goals, I’m sure I should structure my workouts, work on finding a job that doesn’t bore the life out of me, drink less tea, practice mindfulness, just make a goddamn effort in all sorts of areas in order to reach one destination or another…but what’s the fun in that?



Today is Sunday, this is my standard uniform for weekends:

leggings // over-sized tee // over knee socks + warmer pair socks


THREE. Story behind my blog name paraphrase one of my fave bands when asked about their name; it leaves all doors open. If they wanted to start crooning, they could. I.e., if I wake up tomorrow and feel the urge to croon, I could. Or you know, write about people who croon. It’s just a name with no particular connotations.

…let’s pretend it wasn’t just pure lack of imagination. And lack of goal. Do I have to specify I’ve pretty much no idea what I’m doing? I have no idea what I’m doing. OK. There.


FOUR. Who inspires you

Lots of people inspire me all the time. Because I’m easily distracted and excel at the art of being a fangirl.

Currently, a main inspiration is Roxane Gay. I’ve just read her Bad Feminist and I find her ideas and writing truly inspiring. Almost makes me want to embark on an academic career. Almost. What stops me: knowing that with this type of writing that I do, you’re not meant for academia. Also, kinda think you need to be goal oriented to do academia. ALSO, just spoke to someone doing a licentiate this very week, he wasn’t exactly raving about it.

Getting off track as per usual…

In general, I’m quite inspired by people who dare to be different and who have a bit of a oh fuck it attitude. Oh and bitter and angry feminists in general. They are my heroes, the lot of them.


FIVE. 5 things about you

  1. I have the worst blood circulation; I live in a pretty much constant state of freezing.
  2. I live in fear of people with social skills trying to engage me in conversation. Social morons like myself is fine; I can carry on a conversation with people like that. Mostly. But with people who expect certain things out of a conversation, I’m just going to disappoint, making one and all uncomfortable. They’ve got themselves to blame tho, there is nothing about me that reads open for conversation. 
  3. You know when you call some sort of service function and you get to talk to someone who’s positively hostile and you’re left wondering just WTF that person is doing working there? Yeah. Hi. That’s me.
  4. I’m deeply offended by the following assumptions:
  • That I drink coffee.
  • That I don’t eat bread (i.e. trying to avoid carbs and for the record NO, I ♥ carbs).
  • That I like Disturbed. Or Metallica for that matter.
  • That Pinterest thinks I’m interested in Johnny Depp. I’m sure he’s a lovely fellow, but he’s as irrelevant to me as I am to him, you know? Now give me pics of ppl in metalbands! Or at least Oli Sykes. Please?
  • That I don’t know In Flames. I ♥ In Flames, OK?
  1. I still dream of having TRez’s shoulder muscles, you know, the ones in the Hurt video. It’s not a goal; is a completely unrealistic dream.


SIX. Thankful Thursday

I find this being thankful thing quite difficult. It’s too positive. I’m not overly fond of positive. I much prefer bitter and negative; shocking right?! You never saw that coming, never heard it before.

Also. Who am I supposed to thank, really?

Let’s just say. At this moment in time, I feel fortunate that I am in a position to lead a fairly comfortable life, that I’m happy with where I’m living, that my work allows me time off at any sort of random time, which enables me to see bands play. I also feel fortunate that I don’t consider the fact that I’m really too old for this type behavior a problem at all.

Again, who am I thanking? The Fates..? I’d be OK with the Fates.


SEVEN. A day in life

GOOD MORNING. Matching my socks with me eye make; giving the terrible shorts another shot at proving themselves. POSITIVE my neighbors are thrilled about my choice of music at this hour, starting the day with some Architects; Alpha Omega.


ON THE BUS. Last few pages of Roxane Gay + The Amity Affliction keeps me company.


BREAKFAST. At work. What a sad affair. But hey, I’ve got raspberries, banana and a cup of good herbal. Listening to Editors.


SLOW START. Trying to get some proofing done. Giving Helios a go. It’s not bad.


STARING AT CREDIT TRANSFER. You want to transfer credits from the course you’re currently taking to well, the course you’re currently taking. YOU CAN’T TRANSFER CREDITS ON THE SAME COURSE. How am I the only person getting that?!!?? Course coordinator already OK:ed the application so now I’m going to have to sort this shit out. Playlist returned to default and is playing me Architects again.


MIXING TEA, WAITING FOR TEXT TO PROOF. First cup of the day (herbal doesn’t count). This corner of my desk, it’s the focal point of my workday. Gawd the exciting life I lead. Playlist has found me some of the Editor’s latest release. Will have to make an effort soon.


LUNCH. What will it be!?! Exciting! Grabbed the last frozen meal I had in my freezer no idea what it is. Fingers crossed it’s not just chickpeas.


Score! Roasted broccoli, pureed aubergine, kidney beans and pasta. Spent rest of lunch hour searching HappyCow for places to eat in Gothenburg.

AFTERNOON. No internet, more tea, message from person with text that it’s not coming after all (editing is taking longer than expected he says, me: really), listening to Balance & Composure, because a certain singer in a certain band just tweeted that they were good. It’s a bit of hit and miss, sometimes he’s spot on sometimes…we just don’t have the same taste at all. This is not bad, but for the time being, I’ve got other preferences.

The afternoon wasn’t completely wasted, found a recipe for bean pesto. Bean pesto! Genius stuff. Not that I’m going to follow a recipe, but I’ll do something similar.

LEFT WORK EARLY. Had taken stock of my knits the night before and decided that I could use a couple more. Threw some money at a store that wasn’t H&M for a change.


BUS HOME. Liv Strömquist’s latest comic book keeping me company. Might have been some more listening to a certain band starting with an A. Starting to feel like a guilty pleasure it is.


FORCED MYSELF TO MAKE DINNER. This week has been impossible. Dinner has been raw veggies + Ryavita all week because cooked meal, who can stand it!? Today my brain was all about the peas. It wanted nothing but peas. Finally convinced it pasta + peas + some asparagus + half an avocado and cabbage roasted in mustard was a good idea. The wine was also quite good.


CLEANING. Was a bit lazy and only cleaned half the apartment while listening to Thrice on loud, lifting weights in between.

WATCHED LAGGIES. And then I was off to bed.

PS. If anyone knows why it’s called Laggies and/or what that means, feel free to inform me. I’m. Confused.


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Weekly wrap up; Birthday week

Like the introvert I am I don’t particularly like to mention my birthday at all. Might draw attention to myself. The. Horror. 

In this context though, I feel it needs to be mentioned. Because I set out to have just a little bit of a decadent week. So you know, I did this on purpose.

I started by ignoring my reading challenge and reread 2 of my favorite booksBlixa Bargeld’s Europa kreuzweise and Tiffanie DeBartolo’s How to kill a rockstar. The latter is one ridiculous novel, and from a feminist POV it’s… well garbage is probably an appropriate word, if you want to be nice you’d say it’s problematic, regardless I do love it.

Bargeld’s book always makes me want to have a glass of wine, a glass of wine, a glass of wine. So I did. Have wine. Many glasses.

And apparently, there shall be more wine. Because sis gave me my fave type wine glasses.


Watched the No more shall we part recording session documentary for the 5784th time. The Blixa again, main reason to watch this. His dancing, his pin stripe suit + fuchsia tie, his throwing a fit when The guitar is not in my headphones.

Then I bought lots of makeup I don’t need. A matte Sleek palette + the ever so popular Sleek highlighter palette Solstice, as well as two NYX Lingerie; Beauty Mark + Corset. Having tried it all out, I was very happy with my purchases.


Provided me with a new fave combo makeup; the shade Orbit from the Sleek eyeshadow palette + the NYX Lingerie in Corset. Fave makeup of the week easy.

While at H&M, I just couldn’t resist buying even more makeup. Necessity doubtful: one H&M yellow matte eyeshadow and 2 H&M mascaras. I ♥ H&M as Blixa would say. In Europa kreuzweise. If he liked H&M at all. I’m suspecting no. PS. mascaras work for ppl with sensitive eyes + if you want to buy CF. Just saying.

If I bought clothes while at H&M? Do you have to ask? 3 tops + 1 long cardi, and then also 1 pair of low-waist jeans from Monki (please come back in style, this high-waist shit does not work well for me); which is practically H&M if we’re being honest. No shorts tho, boo. I really wanted more shorts. Wanted; not needed.

On Wednesday, instead of a workout and dinner, I had a few pieces of liquorice + big glass of wine → early bed. Zero fucks given. And I’m sure the best way to treat a migraine.

Treated myself to some straightened and volumized (is that a thing?) hair. I’ve missed my hot tools. I ♥ hot tools.

9 o’clock workout on Saturday morning. Might sound awful but it is my fave. I’d do it every week if I lived in the same city as this gym. Bonus: they played My Chem at the workout. Finally! A track that makes sense.

I ordered books; part 2 in Carol Goodman’s Blythewood series, Johanne Hildebrandt’s EstridLiv Strömqvist’s Uppgång & fall – in addition to which I was gifted 4 books.


Yesss. That might just be the final nail in the coffin for my reading challenge. I’ve got all these books to read! I ain’t got time for no challenge. I’ll see if I can be creative, but if no, then the challenge has got to go.

Soundtrack of the week:

New discovery via the Spotify Discover weekly; track that convinced me: Salvation. Really, my soundtrack should have been vi är så nära nu, det är så långt kvar; i.e. Den brända jorden by Jonathan Johansson. Because that’s what it feels like. This month cannot end soon enough.



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