October at a glance

Listened to

Emma Ruth Rundle. Recent find through the Spotify Release Radar. Release Radar knows me sooo much better than Weekly Discovery.

Kathryn Joseph. I loved Emma Ruth to such an extent I had to go see if there was more like it: hello, Kathyn Joseph. Kathryn is more piano, but definitely a similar sound.

Also similar: Mariam the Believer. Coincidentally released a new album this month:

Bear’s Den. People seem to compare them with Mumford & Sons. Maybe their previous record. I’d say their most recent release is more like somewhere between the Black Queen and Editors. Or like a present day Eurythmics.


Mr Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange💕

Simon Amstell’s Help. If you’re familiar with his standup you will like this book, and recognize parts. It’s a short and sweet one. I really liked it. Especially this part:

How was peace finally achieved? The introduction of the vagina flag.

You’re just going to have to listen to (er, read?) it if you want context. 🙂


This is probably the best haul I’ve watched, ever:

Yes please! Do give me idea on how to be a more conscious shopper! I need more hauls like this.

Linkin Park and friends. You know the remembering Chester Bennington show Linkin Park put on? It was. Confusing. But Oli did good:


Current go-to site for all questions about how to use skincare products: Paula’s Choice. Not only has it got all the answers, but satisfactory answers. I.e. skincare is simpler than people like to make it out to be. I trust it completely and it keeps giving me excellent ideas.

Tweaking my AHA and BHA routine. I’ve tried including them both in my night routine (a world of no!), doing one week AHA, followed by a week BHA, which works, but I missed the BHA. So I’m back to AHA in the mornings, BHA in the evenings.

2 new best friends


The Balm Beach Blush. I ♥ paper packaging. The color is nice obvs (read: perfect for everyday), but if I’m being honest, I did buy it because of the packaging + 30% off.

Blotterazzi. Here’s a realization I’ve made lately: my skin is no longer a fan of powder. No type powder. It’ll have my foundations starting to look cakey around lunchtime (yea yea, I’ve worn my makeup for 6 hours by then but anyway), and I am a bit shinier than I’d like. Adding powder will make things worse, sometimes adding dry patches into the mix. This here is the solution! It’s a blotting sponge, reusable and actually works, so yay!



Pulled oats! Been wanting to try this lovely fake meat from Finland. I love that it’s made from oats, and by comparison, locally produced; it’s a brilliant idea! And while I really did like it, I would hesitate to buy it again because it is pricey.

Tiny figs. Dunno if this has an official name, but what they are, are tiny, tiny figs. I’ve been loving having them with a cup of tea.


Ginger chew. I have crowned this the best piece of candy in all of the land. I’m mad about the flavor and the consistency; it’s like a fudge that doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. In addition, it is (apparently??) so satisfying to eat just the one piece. I can have it in the house and not eat all of them right away. This is unheard of!



Gave my hair a trim. I like to wait until my hair is in such bad condition that getting a brush through it is just an impossibility.

Used this nifty guide on how to do it yourself. If you have v. fine hair, like me, and also non-straight; no one can tell if the cutting isn’t straight. Which is the one bonus of this type hair. You can cut it yourself. If you can be bothered. And have pair of sharp scissors.

Spending diet. I’m supposed to be on it. Doing a terrible job.

Still a work in progress:

  • Stop bulking up on things. I am my mother’s daughter; I like to have an extra of most things. Including shoes. (Still looking for an extra pair of my fave Vagabond lace up boots like a fool? You bet!)
  • Stop getting things on sale. I’m talking about things I do want, but maybe don’t need right this very minute. I’m a sucker for the 20% off this weekend only! 
  • Stop getting things as prep for travel. I always feel as if I need things for when I go away, but I suspect that’s not actually true. You can (and probably should) use same old also when traveling. My brain is not entirely on board with this idea.
  • Stop buying food that is not the cheapest. I keep buying more expensive organic products. But also, beans are less expensive than fake meat. I have not stopped buying fake meat. Really should.

I might have to try a different approach.

Kitty cuddles! Spent nearly three weeks with these guys; last few days was the beginning of this month.

I need to find a way to get my hands on a house so that I can fulfill my crazy cat lady destiny.

…not that it’s so much get my hands on a house as being held back by the knowledge that I can’t fix things. Things break in houses and I can’t fix them. When you live in an apartment there’s always someone to call.

Blog find

NotSoQuietGrrl; cruelty-free, vegan, zero waste, skincare—all the good things!

Feminist of the month/year/decade??

It reads: Message to all men worried about feminists hating men: YOU STARTED IT!!

A. Feminists—funniest people there is
B. I ♥ fannyarsinoe (as if you didn’t know)

(Even if her current crusade against people who enjoy skincare seems kinda..misdirected. But I guess there is no such thing as perfection.)

Monthly menstrual report

Clue sent me this insight when my most recent cycle started:

During the time of ovulation, you might be more drawn to symmetrical facial structures and objects.

Er. OK? ..anyone recognize this..? Their source is here, in case anyone’s interested.

Also why? We need research to find out what people find attractive at a particular point in the cycle? Or was that just a for fun type deal? Obvs only annoyed because I’m a big fan of asymmetry, no matter the point in the cycle. (Obvious example of this: I like to move things so that they’re not perfectly aligned. Perfectly aligned makes me insanely uncomfortable.)

What vegans eat; All the cabbage


This is brown rice + green lentils, bit of aubergine puree and then lots of purple cabbage, regular cabbage and leaf cabbage (a.k.a. kale), fried in some coconut oil with garlic, lime pepper and rosemary. Topped with sesame seed.

I’m about to make myself sick of cabbage.

If such a thing is possible.

I am clearly doubting that it is.

I ♥ cabbage.

September summary

Let’s wrap up September!

Not that I know why I seem to be so damned thrilled about that.

If it was up to me every month would be September. Best month, easy peasy. Weather is on its best behavior, by which I mean it’s less bright, and that alone makes life infinitely easier to deal with.

Rainy and cold you say? Ja?? Is nice! Reasons to stay inside, get some proper clothes on, and I can finally open my blinds.


Listened to

Could Architects just take a goddamn break already? New track and I can’t even tell if it’s actually good anymore. I just feel like I have no judgement and love whatever they put out. 100% biased.

So that overshadows the new Alazka release Phoenixthe title track of which is still a favorite:

which is the album I wish was Panik’s comeback record, och alas, a world of no, it was not. To be clear, this is one good album and any band putting this out should be proud.

That damn Architects track also overshadows the new Stray from the Path release Only Death Is Real,

…the new The National Sleep Well Beast

…AND the new Novelists release (Dear all, could you maybe consider spreading it out a little??? I can’t give you the attention you deserve.)

Being as an Ocean though. Being as an Ocean may just be the one that didn’t quite get overshadowed. Because this is exactly the record I wanted them to release, i.e. what they’ve created is finally in sync with my taste. There’s even bit of piano on this record. If I was PMS-ing I would cry.

Current favorite track off of Waiting for the Morning to Come: Thorns.

I’ve also binged Under huden med Kakan Hermansson. To a point where both reading is music is suffering from it.



Have you. Seen Architects. At Reading? How is the sound this good when it’s live??

Yesyes! I know I’m way overdue for a new favorite band. I’ll find one eventually. It’s not looking good though.



Naomi Klein’s That Changes Everything. Might have mentioned.



First Sephora shop ever. Because I needed (apparently??) the plum shade in the Kat von D Shade + light palette. EXACTLY the purple I’ve been looking for, as expected. And speaking of purple…

Dyed hair purple. It’s. It has many advantages. Such as it doesn’t seem to bleed as much as the red dye, goes better with most colors (e.g. cannot stand yellow when my hair is red). But. To be honest. I miss the red.

Adopting a skincare routine. Not a minute too soon some would say. Not my mother tho.

Mom: Are all those bottles yours…?
Me: Yes!
Mom: What was in that package?

I wish I was more like my mother; she’s a true minimalist. In that respect. I’m not even sure she has any type face cream.



I know it’s too soon to talk about favorite skincare products, but, well, it’s my blog and its main purpose has to be space for me to do whatever I want?

Without further ado: madly in love with these guys:

I don’t usually fall madly in love with Body Shop products, but this camomile cleanser and vitamin E serum-in-oil are just so lovely!



Made this excellent warm salad (it’s what we call “bowls” in Sweden) the other day, out of necessity: beets roasted in wasabi sesame and olive oil + kale, raw cabbage and vegan roasted garlic mayo, black beans and a really nice bulgur. Which I’ve already managed to make a weekly staple. And it was pretty too. And there was a picture. Which I then proceeded to lose (???).

I’ll give you this ginger shot instead:


And because I live in fear of being mistaken for a healthy person: I don’t take it as a shot, I mix it with my water. Because I am obsessed with the that ginger bite.

Monthly menstrual report

Congratulations all speakers of Swedish! You can enjoy this fabulous video-taped podcast:

30 minutes menstruation + birth related bleeding💕 💕 💕

Another good thing about this month: no menstruation for me! I told you it was good.

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How to learn to love beans

This is the guide I wish I had when I went vegetarian. Because OH how I struggled with the legumes.

My first encounter with legumes, other than white beans in chili, was not a happy meeting.

Green lentils. No hint of a spice. As some sort of side dish? Shudders.

Don’t do that. Took me literally years to recover.

It’s actually not THAT complicated, there’s basically two things to it:

ONE. Buy canned and/or frozen.

There is one simple reason for this: if you’re unfamiliar with beans and/or lentils you’re not going to know what they’re supposed to look/taste like. If you start out buying canned/frozen beans/lentils you’ll learn, which will be immensely helpful if you want to start cooking them yourself. Which I personally think is a bit overkill, even if it’s something I do. I suppose it’s good for the environment, your personal finances and ehm, if you need something to do Saturday mornings? To make you feel you’ve accomplished something over the weekend?

And supposedly, if you struggle to digest beans, canned beans is a better option.

TWO. Start with the easy ones


Some of them require less practice than others; this is a list of 4 of the easy ones, including examples of what to do with them.

Red lentils

This was probably my first love. The flavor isn’t overpowering, they more or less just add a bit of a crunch. Who doesn’t love a bit of crunch?

One of my go-to dishes for the longest time was just throwing together some rice, red lentils, scallions, red and yellow pepper and cucumber, and then dressing it with bit of olive oil, lemon juice, cumin, salt and pepper. And when I could be bothered, sprinkle of sesame seeds on top.

Black beans

This is obvious, isn’t it? Black bean burrito bowl. Black beans, cucumber, a nice tomato, bit of corn, some avocado, add salsa and couscous. What more could you possibly need?

If you want a recipe, I would say head over to Minimalist Baker; she has some of the best ideas for food. And it’s simple too!


Ah the edamame! Or soy bean, if you want to be less fancy. The nicest green color, bit of a crunch, goes really well with Asian inspired dishes (i.e. stuff you stick wasabi in). It’s also got an excellent protein-calorie ratio (i.e. lots of protein for few calories). I.e. makes it easy to make your meals protein-packed, if that is something you want.

Defrosts quicker than any other bean which is a bonus.

For me, this love story started out with a lazy sushi bowl. Basically, you cook brown rice, stick in the soy beans when its done to let them defrost for a minute, add some cucumber, shredded nori sheets, avocado and pickled ginger.

For spices! Mix sesame seed oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce and wasabi. Top with sesame seeds.

There are lots of version of this bowl; if you haven’t a lazy vegan sushi bowl in your life, you need to get to it! My version is probably based on this recipe, which used to be available on some other site back in the day. Yes well. Not important.   

Great white beans

There’s nothing the great white doesn’t go with. Had this been by first encounter with beans, I’d gone vegan right away.

I think it’s a consistency thing. That, and they work real well with pasta and greens. This is what I usually do: great white beans, pasta, pesto, asparagus and zucchini. 

Fry asparagus and zucchini in a bit of olive oil and garlic, cook the pasta and when it’s done and drained, add pesto and beans. For some additional texture you could add fresh veggies, e.g. leafy greens, and/or aubergine puree, or tomatoes. Olives is another option. To make it look nice if nothing else.

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Perfect carrot cake cool oats

For practical reasons, my go-to breakfast this past year has been cold porridge. Or as the Mustards call it, cool oats.

(At least I think they settled on cool oats? There was a discussion I might be confused.)

Usually, I’ll cook oatmeal with soy milk, stick some flax seeds in it, sometimes cacao, cloves, and/or cardamom, put it in a container, top with cinnamon and some seeds and/or nuts put it in the fridge over night and serve with a banana the next morning.

Always a banana. But sometimes other types of porridge. Always cold.

As you may know, I’m concerned about my banana consumption, for environmental reasons. Bananas have no business being a staple in any Scandinavian’s diet.

SO. I was looking for a way to turn my regular breakfast into something that didn’t depend on anything being shipped from halfway around the world.

With the exception of apples, I could only think of carrots.

There has to be recipes for carrot cake porridge!? 

And there are! Lots of them. But they fail to mention a few key points. Because my first batch, it was not entirely successful. Kinda odd for someone who has been making porridge for breakfast (and sometimes dinner) for over 20 years.

It’s not that it’s difficult, but a few hacks are in order.

ONE. I recommend making three servings at a time; the oats will be just fine in the fridge for three days, and it minimizes time spent slaving away at the stove. If, like me, you need to transport your oats, use jars. That way we avoid some pesky plastic, and have a new use for them jars you probably drag home from the grocery store anyway.

TWO. I would say, use your regular porridge recipe and add three medium peeled and finely grated carrots, maybe less, but definitely not more!

For the first batch, I used two large carrots and one slightly smaller. And I used the grating size I always use in cooking (which is not fine by any means), also did not peel the carrots because I usually don’t. This works well if you roast them with spices, otherwise, not so much. Point is: the main problem with the first batch was it was like having carrots, with a twist of oats. Not necessarily bad, but not exactly what I like for breakfast.

THREE. I’m sure you know how to make porridge, but just to give you an idea of the proportions:


3 dl oats. Or a mix of grains. Which is what I use most of the time. My current mix is oats, spelt (flakes obvs), oat bran and flax seeds. Spelt is particularly nice if you like a bit of texture.
3 medium carrots. As mentioned, peeled and grated.
4.5 dl plant milk. I like soy, but any milk will do. Almond is really nice if you don’t like or if you’re not used to soy. The soy milk tends to require practice.*
0.5 dl water. You want your carrots and oats to be covered in liquid, not necessarily swimming in it, but covered. You could add more water if you want a more watery consistency; I like mine on the drier side of the spectra.
Salt! At least 0.5 tsp. Recently forgot the salt. It was not good. But then I like salt..
Sugar. Yes sugar. Organic raw sugar to be specific, because the flavor is so nice. If you have an aversion to sugar, I guess you could skip it, but I wouldn’t advice you to. About 3 tsp does the trick.
Raisins. About a handful. If it’s going to be cake flavored, we need some sugars. If you don’t like raisins, cut up some dried apricots or dates. In fact, if you use dates, that is where you might want to skip the sugar, they’re that sweet.

FOUR. Spices! They get their very own section because they’re that important. It is what makes this carrot cake flavor.

I’ve seen lots of recipes calling for nutmeg. Why. Would you do that? I tried, and just no. Instead! I’m recommending cloves. Cloves! Admittedly, is a tricky spice and it can be overpowering. So unless you’re already a believer, I would say just a wee sprinkle, but don’t skip it. It’s such a nice contrast to the cinnamon.

Basically, these are the spices:

Cloves (ground!), a pinch
Cardamom ½ tsp
Cinnamon 1 tsp

Tip! You could use more or less of the spices, just keep this in mind: you want to use twice as much cardamom as cloves, and twice as much cinnamon as cardamom.

And if you’ve been making Swedish gingerbread cookies for decades, I need not tell you.

FIVE. You will want to stir the porridge while it’s cooking, because the milk will get stuck in the bottom if you don’t. And no, you do not want to microwave it. While this works well for porridge in general, you want the carrots to be nice and soft, which is difficult if you use the microwave.

SIX. When the porridge has reached preferred consistency, transfer to bowls or jars. Leave over night in the fridge to turn into a breakfast pudding. This also lets the flavors develop nicely, so you know, win/win.

SEVEN. Serve with an extra dusting of cinnamon, bit of nuts and seeds, OR, if you can find a nice/colorful granola or muesli that is brilliant. Just to dress it up a bit. Because it makes the eye happy.


You could serve with banana and/or other berries, obviously, but it sort of defeats the purpose of this particular version. It’s supposed to be better from an environmental point of view. (Ssh! Not a word about the raisins! Just get organic ones, and pretend everything is fine, OK?)


*Let me know if you want a guide on how to learn to love soy milk. Because I know. Never thought I’d say that. 

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This week’s favorites


Need to mention thataylaa again because I’m obsessed (did I get the spelling right this time??). She’s quickly become the -only- person I trust when it comes to makeup. Clearly I need this Too Faced foundation:

Product of the week


Budget friendly and cruelty free cream deodorant! I am super happy about it, because I had given up on finding one. You know that law of attraction thing? Don’t apply in my life, the law ruling my life is called the law of given up. The sooner I give up the better the outcome. Found this in a local shop; didn’t even have to order!


I need to mention two:

The new Xcerts release was instant love for me:

It’s like…Amy MacDonald circa This Is the Life

The new Fink album, Resurgam.

Even if there were too many good releases this week too, just like last week. Getting impossible to keep up.



Met a new cat and I’m excited! ..maybe shouldn’t tell people..?


I don’t want to be samey. BUT. Just like the Mustards I’ve been having cold porridge. Unlike the Mustards, I’ve been having cold porridge for a bit over a year now. However, my reason for listing #cooloats as my food of the week is I just made up two new versions that I’m just mad about: carrot cake and apple pie.

The carrot cake one, all packed up in a glassjar with lots of cinnamon and walnuts for work:


I’ll expand on this another time. Not because you particularly want me to I’m sure, but because I need to. I’m in love, OK?



Holzfällerhemd! Und shorts! All I want + need.

YouTube find

An Evening with Noel Fielding

Sometimes YouTube just knows.

I think we’ll leave it at that.

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I have a lot of questions #6

Why would you put eggs in black bean brownies? WHY???

Do NYX think we’re stupid? I’m obviously talking about the #Nofilter powder. I mean I have it, because pressed powder to carry about in your bag, it is a necessity, and apparently I like NYX. But it’s a powder! Couldn’t replace a filter in a million years.


Not that I don’t like it, I just feel like they take us for fools. And yes, I do need to get me a new NYX blush in Taupe. One of these days I will become a minimalist, and this will be my one blush.

Am I too old for Manic Panic’s Enchanted Forest?

Is “the humidity messes up my hair” a valid excuse for not going out? Not that it really matters. Because I’m not going out. It messes up my hair. (Looking for any and every excuse to not be outside? Maybe.)

Why have I bought an apartment with a balcony? I have a balcony. This year, I’ve been on it for about 5 minutes total. And only because I felt forced. Because I have it, not because I particularly wanted to. My new balcony is bigger than what I currently have. That’s. Great?

Do I have to go back to work? Also, why do I have this extreme aversion to my job? It’s not difficult, my closest coworkers are nice people, and, for what it is, it is very flexible. What more do I want??

Does the singer in Casey know that Twitter is not a dating app? Or maybe a more appropriate question is, could someone please inform the singer in Casey that Twitter is not a dating app? Yes I know I could unfollow! That is not issue here. I’m concerned. That he will come to regret what he’s doing. When he’s not 20 anymore. Also tired of seeing tweets liked clearly because some girl has posted a pic of herself being pretty. I’m going to have to unfollw, aren’t I? Boo.

How do I decrease my tea consumption? Currently worse than it’s ever been. Could that be why I’m not sleeping or is it just, me being me? Tossing and turning + nightmares for weeks on end now. I’m starting to feel bit lacking in the rested department.

What is with this obsession with stating the size of the clothes you buy when doing hauls? Are you actively trying to trigger people with EDs?

Why is my knee acting up already? I’m going to two workout classes a week. TWO! That’s like nothing. Piece of crap body. Am I going to have to resort to low-impact only? And in which case, how do you see that happening??

What the hell is going on with YouTube on my Mac?? Seriously! I’m googling it and I don’t know why the hell it’s looking like this or how to make it go back to regular layout. Doesn’t matter which browser I use either. GAH!

Skärmavbild 2017-09-09 kl. 09.30.33.png

Are people ever going to learn that they have to plan? I’m not just sitting around waiting for texts to review with ridiculously short deadlines. I consider it an insult to be asked to do anything within a matter of hours unless I knew of it ahead of time. So that I could plan for it. (The answer is obvs NO.)

What’s for dinner?

I don’t do recipes. In general. This isn’t unique, especially among vegans. This is how I go about cooking:

What do I have and what do I need to use NOW before it walks out of here by itself?

Fairly typical haul from my fridge + pantry:


2 bits of cabbage, regular + purple, broccoli, fake meat,
corn, black beans, aubergine puree, white pasta


There is one thing I’m likely to measure: pasta/grains. I’m in a 30g /serving because that works for me. That being said, I do encourage you to find your own number!

As for the rest, eyeball it? Intuitive eating—learn to love it!

Spice it up!

Pick a favorite spice from your collection!


Order of execution

Start with the pasta and while it’s cooking away chop your broccoli and get it in the pan with a bit of coconut oil. A table spoon should do it. Unless you want more. While it’s sizzling away, start chopping the cabbage and add it to the pan.

Sprinkle the broccoli + cabbage with your spice of choice, add a bit of garlic in some form for good measure, and pepper.

When the broccoli + cabbage start to go soft (however soft you want them), add fake meat, beans and corn; they just need a wee bit of heat.

Add salt when your remove the pan from the heat.

Serve it up with the pasta and the aubergine puree, and if you want to be fancy, sprinkle some seeds on top.

This should take you no more than 15 minutes and yield about 4 servings.


This approach isn’t great when non-vegans ask me But what do you eat?? Because the answer is really Whatever I have in the house/feel like. I realize that is zero percent helpful.

Someone recently commented that But watery greens don’t keep me full. Yes well if we have a look at the above picture…I’m not exactly living off of cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce, now am I? Because I agree that would not keep me full nor satisfied. You need to get your grains and/or pasta, beans and maybe something from the root family in there too. Think colorful, lots of flavor, maybe take your starting point in a veggie you can stick in the oven for a bit with garlic, and then add a few things you think would pair up nicely with it.

Does that make sense at all?

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How to go vegan in four easy steps

ONE. Want to be vegan.

You cannot skip this step; you have to want to be vegan. You can’t go ooookeeeyyyyyy…I’m going to tryyyyy to be vegan, maybe I’ll like it (but I’m v. skeptical and I’m not actually going to make an effort). 

That’s just not going to work. Like with everything in life, you will have to want it. If you don’t want it you’re not going to be able to do it. It’s that simple.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to give the vegan diet a go:

♥ All the colorful foods! Why waste time eating boring meat?
♥ You care about the environment.
♥ You want to be ethically superior. (And give the rest of us a bad rep because you’re an arrogant prick, and in the process alienate people from this fabulous way of eating, because they don’t want to be associated with you in any way.) It’s a reason. Albeit a bad one.
♥ Vegan food somehow mysteriously makes it into your feed and you keep thinking Whyy, that looks tasty!
♥ Because you are insanely lazy. Vegan cooking requires exactly no skills. Thus the basis of its appeal!
♥ Because you have a heart and hate that someone should have to sacrifice their life for you. And not even to save your life.

Note that to lose weight is not among the reasons. It’s not that kind of a diet.

TWO. When there is meat on your plate, don’t put it in your mouth.

And by meat I mean all things from an animal. Which sounds easier than it is. This obsession with sticking dairy into everything

Good news! If you’re interested in eating healthy, you’ll want to stay the far, faaar away from the processed food anyway, making it easy to avoid dairy, i.e. making it easy to be vegan!

…and if you’re not concerned with eating healthy (and why would you be?) there’s lots of vegan junk food, don’t you worry about that!

THREE. Stay motivated!

This is where I went wrong the first time.

Unless you are fortunate enough to have lots of vegans among your friends and family, it might seem daunting. And let’s face it, it is going to be difficult to remember why you started unless you have constant reminders.

Here’s what I do: stick lots of vegans into my social feeds. A few suggestions:

Cheap Lazy Vegan. Her relationship to food, in general, is inspirational. Never mind that she’s vegan, go watch her anyway! And that is why I keep mentioning her again, and again, and again…
Moby. You don’t have to like or listen to Moby, you might have to not like Trump though, but we follow Moby because he keep reminding us of why we’re vegan. And. He posts lots of pictures of cows and it makes us happy.
Peta. You don’t have to like Peta, just follow so that you don’t remember where your meat comes from.
Vegokoll—if Swedish is a language you speak. It keeps us up to date with all things vegan. Similarly, Djurens rätt, but you know, any animal rights organization in your location should do the trick.
One Green Planet. Also, visit their website for some recipe inspo!
Jenny Mustard. She makes such pretty food!

Bit trickier: find random people who happen to be vegan, but who you like for other reasons. They’re the best ones.

FOUR. Make it a habit

This is really all there’s to it. What you eat is a habit. Yes, you are going to have to reprogramme, and yes, you’re going to have to accept that soy milk doesn’t taste like cow milk—doesn’t mean it’s gross, it just means it’s a taste you’re not familiar with. Trust me when I say you can learn to love it. You just try it, and try it, and try it again. (Thus the make it a habit, repetition is needed.)

The fact that what we eat is a habit is why going vegan difficult and easy all at the same time. It’s difficult to change your habits, but once you’ve found your way around it’s going to be so easy you’ll think nothing of it. And unlike other diets, way easier to stick to, because you are not going to starve.

If you struggle, it’s not because there’s nothing to eat, the food in itself is not to blame, it’s because you haven’t gotten into the habit yet. But don’t worry about that, just let it take time and remember you don’t have to be perfect.

I should know.

Here’s a little something I did not too long ago. Found amazing soy sausage at the store. Repurchased a few times.

Suddenly decided to actually read the text on the package.

Clearly says it’s ovo-vegetarian. My brain was stuck in soy=vegan. Apparently life is not that simple.

Yeeaaa…that reading thing…

It’s annoying, but I do not beat myself up about it.

And yes. I did also have another non-vegan protein product not that long ago, because my dear sweet mum was trying to do a good thing and get these soy pieces, accidentally ended up getting a non-vegan brand.

I mean she tried. So I had them anyway.

And yes you may think that’s a stupid reason. I prioritize being a decent sort of daughter over being a strict vegan. I get that some people might disagree, doesn’t bother me.

Obviously I’m still lacking 2 habits:

ONE. Read all labels. Always! (Or just stick with beans…)
TWO. Always bring your own protein. (I usually do, but usually isn’t always.)

And if you don’t want to go vegan, do yourself a favor and remember vegan food is not just for vegans, it’s for everyone. It’s not an either or deal. Nobody ever said you had to be vegan to have vegan food.

This all seems obvious?

That’s what I thought too. Until I saw this video on YouTube. And not even an old one (uploaded yesterday). Apparently it’s not obvious at all.

Suggestion: if you try a vegan diet when you really don’t want to be vegan at all, don’t post it on the internet, even if you are in the habit of posting videos where you try a lot of different diets and you should know what you’re doing. We already have our own people giving us a bad rep, we don’t need people who know nothing about how to be vegan to add to it.

And don’t you dare complain when we rip you apart because we can see you clearly set out to show that it wasn’t a diet for you while doing no research and making no effort what so ever.

I mean honestly, what did you expect?

The Happiness Tag

This tag is slightly overdue as I’ve been away from my desktop. Yeayea, I know it is possible to post via mobile devices but I just cannot be arsed. Too much effort. For me.

I was tagged by Lise, now let’s go!

The rules

  • List five things that makes you happy
  • Share five songs that makes you happy
  • Tag at least five bloggers that makes you happy

Five things

Coming home. I wasn’t far away. I’ve been staying at my parent’s house the past week, keeping the cats company while my parents were off hiking. It was nice, it is still home in a way. Even so. Coming home home, to my apartment, makes me v. v. happy. I want to argue that it’s because for my uses, my home is practical. Practical makes me happy.

And also. My things. People who say things don’t make you happy lie. They do. It might be temporary, but still. I take anything I can get.

Cat company. I always feel so special when cats choose to hang out with me. In truth, I’m about as special as a piece of furniture, but never mind that! Prefer it when they choose to lie next to me tho, as opposed to on.

This guy, for example, does not generally keep this distance:


He prefers to be as close to your face as is possible. For me, this is the perfect distance. Means you can get up and make a cup of tea, do a load of laundry, water the plants, or any of the bizillion things my brain comes up with. It doesn’t seem to be a big fan of sitting still for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Feminists. In general. Feminists are without a doubt some of the funniest people. A recent example: assholesonline. Let me explain. This account is run by Linnea Claesson. She receives a threat from some guy, as per usual, this one says he’s going to “get his boys and visit her” unless she takes down a picture she’s posted. She refuses. Which is enough for me to cheer.

It gets better.

She posts this little clip (watch watch watch!):

The sign on the door reads Welcome Fredrik (name of the guy) and in brackets and his boys. In the caption she’s written I don’t get visitors too often so I’m VERY excited! 

The fact that someone had this idea at all makes me insanely happy.

It doesn’t end here.

Dinner with Fredrik and his boys. She’s set the table and is waiting.

As I was saying. Feminists are hilarious.

Super enthusiastic people. You know, people like Beth Ditto.


Vegan option! A vegan option that has been making me quite happy lately, is this ice cream:


This is not only the best vegan ice cream, it is better than their non-vegan ice cream. I.e. it is creamier, and the flavor is all there.

PS. They also make dairy and soy free ice cream, in case you’re not a fan of the soy. It has a rice base and it’s just as nice.

Future plans. As in future plans to have time off work to go somewhere to see a band.

If I thought some more about going to the UK to see Deaf Havana, I’d be a slightly less miserable person. Can’t quite seem to remember to tho.

Five songs

In general, happy songs do not make me happy.

There is one glaring exception: Die Ärzte. I can’t quite explain this. I don’t think they do anything except for happy songs. Is it because I read their happy as sarcasm?

I’ve already mentioned their Monsterparty which always and without fail puts a smile on face because it’s beyond ridiculous, but I guess 3-Tage-Bart isn’t far behind?

…and you kinda need to understand German for this to make any sense at all. If it wasn’t for the lyrics, I’d never listen to this. In fact I didn’t, until my German was good enough for me to understand what the songs were about.

The type of songs that frequently do make my happy, are songs like Stray from the Path’s First World Problem Child.

Because aggressive. I like it.

There is also something about Diamanda Galás that makes me happy. Her mere existence makes me happy.

Like feminists, that someone would even think about doing what she does, it makes me happy. For example, she did an entire record of screaming, called Schrei X. It not exactly made for everyday listening, you probably can’t listen to it more often than you would watch a movie. It’s a performance piece I would say.

This is one of her more accessible tracks:

I’m also going to list Thrice’s Black Honey. Because. Not only is it a great track, which in itself is enough to make a person happy, but also. Every time I’ve been to see Architects they play it pre-show, and it makes me v. v. happy to have someone other than myself playing me this song.

Also. Miserable/depressing songs make me happy. Amity Affliction, they just do it so, so well.



Hitherdither? You up for it?