In which I introduce a tag with a short rant

I’ve been roaming around WordPress to find new blogs to follow.

It ain’t going great.

I’m specifically looking for blogs written by people my age, because life advice from does get a bit frustrating when you’re no longer 20, and also blogs written by people with similar interests, and/or a more varied content.

Makeup is great and all, but I have other interests too.

Being even more specific…I need more blogs that rant on music related topics. Rant! I don’t want anything under the impression of being objective, no reviews or “let me tell you about this band” because BORING. I want to know about what music people consume, the how, what and when.

I would say I also need more feminist blogs. But there are too many types of feminism that I don’t agree with. Not to mention the ones I’ve stumbled on trying to explain the basics to others while trying to be not too extreme (WTF!? Be extreme or go away). Just makes me want to ram my head in the wall. VALERIE BRYSON, ANYONE?!?


I’ll just stick with the feminists I follow on other platforms. Besides, you really only need fannyarsinoe in your life and you’re covered. (YES I’M A FANGIRL, can’t help it.)

What I did find, however, is a good music tag. Next best thing surely!?

I think so. Let’s go!

(Didn’t say where this one is from, thusly no credit.)

Which bands/artist do you own the most albums by?
If we’re talking about physical albums, then Nick Cave. Yes, I kept them when I decluttered. Einstürzende Neubauten is a close second, and only because they haven’t released as many albums. They’re the nicest ones in my collection though, paper casing. Just saying.

The Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus casing tho, also not bad. A favorite track:

What was the last song you listened to?
Blood in My Mouth by Amity Affliction.

In my blog search, I also came across one blogger who complained about how Amity + In Flames (among others) had changed their sound, and not to the better, so I had to do a compare and contrast. Which is a fun little exercise I highly recommend.

Not sure why I felt compelled to, because the whole premise of the post was it is not as heavy thusly it is worse. SIGH. Yes because we all know heavy equals good. JFC.

In addition to which I don’t agree; neither Amity nor In Flames have become less heavy with each release. They sort of vary. Not that it matters! Because heavy doesn’t equal good.

Seems to me people are going to have learn to differentiate between heavy and a more chaotic sound.

Here’s what I’m thinking. There are bands that at the beginning of their career have ideas that they perhaps not quite have the skills to execute, which makes them more creative. This contributes to a more interesting and somewhat chaotic sound, sometimes mistaken for heavy/less accessible, which in turn means fewer people “get it” contributing to whoever does get it feeling that they’re just sooo cool.

It’s so boring I want to cry.

This song tho!

What’s in your CD player right now?

There’s a CD player in my car. If there is a CD in it it’s either All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us by Architects or Relief Through Release by Tura Satana.

If you have somehow managed to not listen to AOGHAU already, you really should give this one track a listen, promise you won’t regret it!

What was the last show you attended?
in June. They played C.A.N.C.E.R. Not their most accessible track I would say. You?

What was the greatest show you’ve been to?
This sort of assumes that there’s a great difference between shows. I just find that most shows I’ve been to lately, well I mean they’re carried out by competent people, you know? And I’m not overly impressed by people putting on too much of a show.

For example, if I compare the 3 Bring Me the Horizon gigs I’ve been to, I liked the first one the best, the one without all the screens and the arena-size venue. Because the setlist was better and I liked that they were lit from behind. It was a nice effect. I like simple things.

Track that fell off the setlist for the arena tour:

What was the worst show you’ve ever been to?

Erm. I could argue Being as An Ocean because I left after two songs, but I wasn’t there primarily to see Being as an Ocean so that’s a bit unfair. And the main reason for leaving was I was dead tired.

So I’m going to argue 30 Seconds to Mars mainly because:

  1. I still feel Jared is acting the part.
  2. Fine, invite people on stage, but don’t fucking spend 15 minutes picking the exact people to come up. It doesn’t make for a good show.
  3. Bringing out the acoustic guitar. Just nooooo. I’m not saying it’s bad per se, it’s just not my cup of tea.

When they started picking people out of the crowd I left because that’s just where I draw the line.

And anyway. They’d already played The Kill.

Absolutely not seeing them again. No matter how much I love The Kill.

What is the most musically involved you have ever been?
Let’s just say I haven’t been.

What show are you looking forward to?
Deaf Havana
! Brighton!

Also desperately hoping Stray from the Path will add Casey to their UK/Europe tour. It’s extremely unlikely, but my brain is all Capsize is on the bill! They played last time I saw Casey, so maybe!?!??

Yeayea, I’ve got a hangup.

What is your favorite band shirt?

Mmm. Either my Manson one or the Bring Me one.

What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?

I’m not sure I’d want that? What would we do? Go for vegan eats in Glasgow? OH I KNOW. Glasvegas’ Jonna. Because she hangs out in Glasgow. And is from Norrland. I.e. supercool.

And she plays the piano in addition to drums standing. I don’t know how you could be cooler than that?

Who is one musician or group you wish would make a comeback?

I don’t really listen a lot to any band that doesn’t exist right now. I mean there’s My Chemical Romance, but unlike the rest of the world, it’s not something I crave. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I don’t need them to make a comeback. There are other bands.

Also. I used to want Panik back. They’ve recently made a comeback of sorts. And. I’m not happy about it. It makes me sad.

Because. This:

I don’t understand it.

Who is one band/artist you’ve never seen live but always wanted to?

I’m going to have to say Nine Inch Nails, aren’t I?

Surely there will be a European tour eventually?

Name four or more flawless albums.

Actually flawless and in I wouldn’t skip a single song? Live Through This by Hole, Lost Forever // Lost Together by Architects and All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us by the same band and Deaf Havana’s All These Countless Nights.

Almost made the list: Relief Through Release by Tura Satana. That goddamn Nirvana cover, cannot stand it. Let the Ocean Take Me; the outro of Never Alone makes me cringe, ditto last track of Thrice’s To Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere.

How many concerts have you been to in total?
Not that many in my opinion. Can’t be bothered to count though.

Who have you seen the most live?

Architects. Five times. Which in my opinion isn’t that many. But it depends on your frame of reference I guess.

What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
Trouble Every Day by Tindersticks. It’s on this compilation:

What was your last musical ‘phase’ before you wisened up?
Before I fell into this black hole of post-hardcore type music (it’s what tells me I to listen to, OK?), I was listening to a lot of singer-songwriter type music, i.e. lots of Richard Hawley, Iain Morrisson, the National, Tindersticks, you know, nice music that doesn’t ask a lot of its listener. I still listen to it, just not as much.

What is your ‘guilty pleasure’ that you hate to admit liking?
I tend to only feel guilty about what ever I’m obsessively listening to at the time, i.e. I feel more guilty about the amount than the actual performer. Except for. I currently feel zero percent guilty that I’m listening to Amity as if there are no other bands.

Think we’ve established I do feel slightly guilty about listening to Korn though. Because they are not with the feminist agenda and I find that problematic.

I obviously tag hitherdither. Anyone else up for a rant about music? I’ll tag you!

Goodbye to June

June was an excellent month in terms of music.

A. I learned to love Korn

I had decided long ago Korn was not a band for me. Because whyyy would anyone bother with Korn when you could be listening to Tura Satana?

And if you know your music history you can quickly deduce that this was a decision I made in the late 90s.

However. Their latest releases are so my taste. I mean Black is the Soul; I can’t not like it. And if there is something I love is learning to like a band I’ve previously…not been to keen on. Put mildly.

Question is. Is it worth while seeing Korn live at this point in time? Or is it just too late?

B. New releases

In This Moment’s Roots. Insanely catchy track. Also in love with the Oh Lord video. It’s the perfect blend of Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson.

Pvris; What’s Wrong. This song alone is reason enough for me to brave Fryshuset in November. Really. Though I still hesitate. Because Stockholm. It is not a place I love visiting. Even less so since having been to Malmö for the first time. Why can’t all bands just play there? Not least because so far, pretty much all venues in Sweden seem to be better than Fryshuset. Fryshuset can’t even get the sound anywhere near acceptable.

C. (Re)discovering old releases

Deaf Havana’s Anemophobia. Both the first part on the Fools and Worthless Liars album, and this second part which isn’t on Spotify (I think?).

Crystal Castles’ I’m not in love. Found it on an old mixed CD I keep in the car. It’s still brilliant. As I’m sure you know.

I basically want all songs to feature Robert Smith and be this sad.

David Bowie’s I’m deranged from the Lost Highway soundtrack. Has to be my favorite Bowie track. (Popular opinion, yes?)

D. Architects

Played in Malmö and as you might imagine, it was brilliant. Might just have been the best one so far. Even if it was on the sweaty side (tho not as sweaty/lacking oxygen as Thrice at the Forum last year).

Malmo was excellent thank you @edmasonphoto

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D. Deaf Havana booked a UK tour

And I’m apparently going to the Brighton show. I mean probably. I’ve got a ticket, I just haven’t made any travel arrangements. Or checked if I can have time off. I’ve got a creeping suspicion we might have something booked at work.

Not that -that- would necessarily stop me. I have no work ethics.

Reading was also not bad, mainly because of

Bitterfittan 2 by Maria Sveland

It is decidedly one of the great feminist novels. Oh yes, it’s a fact, not at all a matter of opinion.

Gawd I love being so friggin old I don’t even care if nobody agrees with me. Not that I cared before, I was just more likely to be influenced by the opinions of others, whereas now, if you tell me this is not a good book/not feminist, I’m just going to think you’re wrong.

Most reviewers have basically hated this book.

What a lot of bores.

This is how I know it’s summer: I start wearing activewear to work. I.e., it is now summer in Sweden.

This makes sense. Wearing the activewear I mean. I can go straight from work to workout without changing. Which I feel comfortable with because working at uni, there’s pretty much no one working in the summer. Or at least they’re not at the office. Except for me. Because I’m admin and use my holidays for going to shows that are not in summer.

That being said.

Leggings. It is a gift from the gods. I can’t be bothered with clothes that restrict movement. Cannot! Just give me a pair of leggings and a loose top. It’s all I want to wear, ever.

Although. I do realize that it is at times inappropriate. Unfortunate that. I would prefer being oblivious. Being oblivious is so underrated.

A few things were less than brilliant.

My period has suddenly decided it’s going to be regular. WHY HAS THIS EVIL BEFALLEN ME I AM TOO OLD ETC.

On the one hand, it’s great, no extra hormones for me (..might also mean I’m healthier than I have been, but what’s the fun in that?), on the other, my period is evil.

Regular period means more opportunities for it to turn up uninvited. And it likes to do that.

Period: Travel you say!? I shall come along for the ride.
Me: NOoooooOO.

Which leads me to….

I love Clue and all, but it can’t predict my periods for shit.

Me: Yup, that’ll be another 7 days then.
Clue: 25 days to go!
Me: WHY am I giving you ALL THIS INFO and all you give me is a goddamn average number??? Might as well be using a calculator! Are you seriously telling me you can’t see the signs!? Because I fucking can.
Clue: *remains clueless*
Me: *rolls eyes*

We’re currently not in agreement.

And one correction.

I dyed my hair. As mentioned last month. Aaand. It’s not going to be the last time. Forgot how much I love this color, even if it stains all that isn’t black.

Guess it just means I need more black things in my life.

Next month

I’ll just be waiting for August and vacation.

I have a lot of questions #4

Can I has another cup of tea!??!?

Why is quinoa advertised as a great source of protein? Far as I can tell it’s the exact same protein content as pasta. Not the right quinoa? I’m confused.

How do everyone else listen to music? Everyone else: This is my favorite band! They played this great track when I went to see them live, never heard before! …but the track is from 2011 and v. v. popular + it’s your favorite band? (According to Spotify, and why would Spotify lie?) I don’t understand. How is this your favorite band??

Where can I find a cruelty-free toothpaste that doesn’t turn my lips into dry flakes? I’m at my wits’ end. I’ve tried just about all brands I can get my hands on (not counting the ones that were not bad that I got in the UK; for obvious reasons I can’t keep buying toothpaste in the UK).

…when can I go back to Scotland? Yeah. That Scotland vlog I just watched was a mistake. I need to save my monies, not go to Scotland. I have no business being in Scotland.

Is there a barley shortage? I never find barley in the story anymore. Not happy about it, because it is a favorite.

Why is there no tracking rage function on Clue? I want to track irrational rage! I have lots of it. Also rational rage, but this irrational rage. It’s getting old being furious because your headphones are in a tangle, or it’s raining, or can’t get jacket off quickly enough because HOT. For example. Also would like to track not cravings, but rather when you want to eat ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME.

What is Linkin Park even doing? What do they want and where do they come from? The new album. So many questions. Also: would their sound improve if someone introduced them to saaaayy..the latest Architects record? I’d like to think so. But you know, who knows?!??

Whyy is Nick Cave playing the Globe? Why?? I’ve finally come around and do want to go. But this Globe thing, it’s a problem. I don’t like it.

Is Glasvegas ever going to release a new record? (Did I ask this qustion before? Still wondering tho!)

Is it just me, or is the latest Korn record actually really good? Yea, yea, I know it was released last year. It’s not as if I actively follow Korn. I mean it’s not Tura Satana, but you know, as close as it gets.

Is there anything a person could do to make Thrice play Sweden? Anything??

OK then.

I think I’ve managed to illustrate the point my sister was making on Wednesday, that really, I’m the main character of High Fidelity. I don’t have many thoughts that are not related to listening to music.

In the event of a crisis

What’s your soundtrack to the end of the world? We’re talking a doomsday, dystopian kind of scenario, everyone dies, including, the horror, the internet. This is important stuff. Preparation is key.

I.e. what will you be stuck listening to when Spotify/whatever streaming service you’re using stops working?

You just have your phone and whatever you’ve got stored on it, getting music from other sources is not an option.

I had a crisis this morning. Not quite zombie invasion, nor being cut off from mainland as you might expect (I live on an island, just barely an island, you could swim across, easy), but close!

I headed out for my daily 2-hour walk and 15 minutes in Spotify stops working. Horror! Panic! Spotify had been behaving erratic so I should have expected it, but as per usual, I was ever the optimist and thought rebooting the phone would solve the problem. Which I did before heading out. Apparently made matters worse.

Well not actually worse, but it was kind strange that it refused to play anything except for Architects’ All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, when there was at least the entire back catalog of 2 other bands in the playlist. Took me a few tracks to realize it wasn’t just, you know, a sign, or Spotify telling me that I was not listening enough to AOGHAU (both of which, in my world, would make sense).

Walking without a destination for 2 hours is not something you do without a soundtrack. Or at least I don’t. It’s music or no walking. Sure, I could have gone home and fixed Spotify, headed out later. But I don’t trust myself. If I go back, I’m not going out again, I will invent an excuse. And I need the walks, not least because of the D vitamin. I hear it’s kinda important if you’re a. on a vegan diet and b. live in Scandinavia. The walking must carry on.

Well. I could carry on, because I knew that at least I had AOGHAU on the SD card, so switching app I would avoid the annoyance of the music stopping every time it hit a track that was not AOGHAU. Which was why Spotify kept playing it and nothing but.

Apparently, in the event of a crisis, this is what I’m listening to:


As mentioned, Architect’s All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us was indeed on my device. There’s a practical reason for it, it’s not just the fear that it will somehow disappear from Spotify; it’s because I’m an impatient sort of person. I got my hands on the record before it was released on Spotify, thusly, you save a copy on all of your devices so that you can listen to it. And then you don’t delete it because, as evidence shows, that’s just smart thinking.

Hardly surprising, and something I should have probably guessed because I do like to store this next record in all sorts of places as it is not available on Spotify, I also found this masterpiece:


Ah yes, I’ve mentioned this one before too, haven’t I? Tura Satana’s Relief Through Release, it’s basically the love of my life. Or at least one of.

More surprisingly, and pleasantly so, I found another Tura Satana record:

Tura Satana All is not well

I didn’t think I liked more than maybe 2 tracks off of All Is Not Well, tops. As I discovered, not the case at all. It’s a keeper for the end of the world. And let’s be honest, in the event of an actual crisis, I would not survive. I’m OK with that, because I’ve got All Is Not Well.

It doesn’t end here. There was actually two more records on my device – am I prepared or what? I should have guessed there would be a record in German:

farin urlaub die wahrheit übers lügen
Farin Urlaub’s Die Wahrheit übers LügenIt both makes sense and not sense at the same time. My initial thought was why would this be on here, and no record by Die Ärzte? The answer is obvious: I was trying to get it to synch with Spotify, and before diving in to the darkness that is the Die Ärzte folder, I tried getting Spotify to synch this one album. Unsuccessfully. But also, if I’m being honest, as an album, I like this record better than any of the Die Ärzte albums. For me this works as a unit, whereas I just like tracks off of all the Die Ärzte records; I don’t ever listen to an album start to finish when it comes to dÄ, even if I do love them and will readily agree that they are indeed die beste Band der Welt.

Final record, and another one which I should have known was on there:

bring me the horizon suicide season

Bring Me the Horizon’s Suicide Season. And let me emphasize that this is not the BMTH of choice because I idealize early BMTH. I love all BMTH equally. It’s here because for a while it entertained me greatly to wake up to “I’ve got a secret / It’s on the tip of my tongue, it’s on the back of my lungs / And I’m gonna keep it / I know something you don’t know“. I kid you not, it made me wake up happy. Which was later on replaced by a feeling that my neighbors were definitely going to report me to security if I kept it up (I get up ridiculously early, and for reasons unknown to me, people don’t like waking up to Oliver Sykes shouting. Clearly there’s something wrong with them). This is not as irrational as it may sound. While still a student, security once knocked on my door. Because I was playing The Mission too loud. It was just past ten. It was a Friday. I lived in a building where only students lived. It’s was The Mission! How loud could it possibly have been?? Clearly someone had it in for me. Also. Scarred for life.

Considering none of these are on my device for any other reason than practical, it’s not a bad selection. Last time I had a crisis, because I’ve had this type of crisis before, and, considering that, should be even better prepared, I lived in Scotland. I lived in Scotland and had brought all of my music with me on a hard drive. Yes one. No backup. Because I’m a careful sort of person. Who just swipes the hard drive off of the table onto concrete floor. Was left listening to John Frusciante for weeks. Because it was all I had on CD: Curtains + Shadows Collide with People. It could definitely have been worse, I mean JF makes music just about as interesting as it can possibly get, but also interesting music gets boring after a while. You can’t exactly go rebuying all of the records you already have at home, can you? Well you could. But it does seems kind of stupid.

Actually, my main concern right now is that I haven’t got Lost Forever // Lost Together on my device. I’ll do something about that. After having reinstalled Spotify. Praying to the tech gods it’ll work as expected after that.


signatur 1

Top 3 records I just cannot accept are not available on Spotify

2016-04-23 Einstürzende Neubauten Alles Wieder Offen.png

3. Einstürzende NeubautenAlles wieder offen
I will cut them some slack for this because A: Perpetuum Mobile is available, which is currently my favorite of the Neubauten records. And B: It is a supporter record, I wouldn’t expect Spotify to have any of them really. Or, as a supporter I feel that would be fair (makes sense, yes?). But there is a definite lack of Neubauten material, and we (yes! all of us, have you not been informed?) need Neubauten material, and Alles wieder offen – we miss it for so many reasons. Ich hatte ein Wort being one of them.

2016-04-23 Tindersticks Curtains.png

2. TindersticksCurtains
Every. Single. Record. Tindersticks has ever been involved in. But not Curtains, their masterpiece? That’s just wrong. I dare you to listen to this and not fall in love with it. Seriously.

2016-04-23 Tura Satana Relief through Release.png

1. Tura SatanaRelief Through Release
I could easily write an essay on the greatness of Relief Through Release. It’s only been 20 years (approx) – still not over it. As in love as in 97.

Note: Their unavailability would not bother me, as I clearly own these records, if I didn’t have to keep adding them manually to my Spotify. Why is it that? If I’ve added them once shouldn’t they just be there for ever and ever? Especially if I use Spotify on my phone, and I have these records stored on my phone as mp3s, shouldn’t Spotify be able to pick up on that? I know that used to be the case. Mostly, I’m a huge fan of Spotify. HUGE. But I am disappointed. Wee bit.


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