3 x Famous Blue Raincoat

Originally, I was going to go with Lana del Rey’s Born to Die, because I have listened to Amity Affliction’s cover to such an extent that the original just sounds wrong to me now. This one:

I thought I knew of another two covers of this song.

It appears I don’t. One of them was a cover of Video Games (Roddy Hart). Or actually. When I realized it was the wrong song, I vaguely recalled David Bonk (guy from the band Panik, which no longer exists) covering a Lana del Rey song. Turns out, it was also Video Games.

Apparently I can’t tell these two songs apart.

So we’re going with an old favorite instead, Leonard Cohen’s Famous Blue Raincoat. I rarely listen to the original, but quite frequently to these versions:

Tori Amos:

(Tori Amos, by the way, is an absolute goldmine when it comes to covers. Maybe it’s just because she has pretty much the best taste in music. I fully expect her to start covering all my metalcore favorites aaany day now.)

Joan Baez:

Lucky Jim:

And I need to also mention The Handsome Family’s version:

See? I had to mention it, right?

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100 day song challenge #54

#54 A song with a great keyboard solo

This challenge. It really is challenging. The length of it. Some of the prompts being just plain stupid.

This prompt, again, not a big fan of solos, regardless of instrument.

But unlike with the previous two, piano is my favorite, the list of pianists I like is pretty much endless. I could argue for any of their work.

Or I could just pick one of them at random. I like random.


Tori Amos undeniably skilled with the keys, let’s just do one of hers. Yes, Anastasia. Because it’s all sorts of brilliant.

For me, this song alone is reason to learn to play the piano.

New in my playlist • February 2017

I feel the need to explain what I mean by new in my playlist. I clearly don’t listen to new music exclusively, or even to a great extent. It’s not new in that sense.

What it refers to is songs recently added to one of my many playlists, songs that I haven’t been listening to much lately; only sometimes never listened to before. I like the mix of brand new, old favorites, and songs I’ve known for a long time but only recently come to love/like.

So far this month, I’ve made two new playlists.

The first is a Thrice playlist. My own personal best of Thrice. It’s basically all of To Be Everywhere is to Be Nowhere + a few random songs from previous releases.

This one is a track from their 2011 release Major/Minor: Disarmed.

Initial reaction before listening to the song: is it a Smashing Pumpkins cover?! Obvs no, becaue the SP track is called Disarm, it’s not past tense, but my brain don’t think like that. Clearly a new track to me.

The second playlist compiled was an update of my sad-song playlist. Don’t we all have one of them? This time I decided to just scrap the old playlist rather than update it and make a completely new list.

The one track that always makes this list: The National’s Sorrow. Not only because it’s called Sorrow, but because of the lines Sorrow found me when I was young, sorrow waited sorrow won. It’s basically mandatory to include it. Plus, brilliant song, lyrics aside.

I’ve also added an old Tori Amos track, Gold Dust. For me just a mood. The only part of the lyrics I seem to remember, despite having listened to this track hundreds of times by now (I have it on CD which is saying something), is We held gold dust in our hands. Which only demonstrates my lack of attention when listening to music.

Band with highest track count in this playlist: Portishead. I sometimes love them and sometimes not so much. Regardless, their debut Dummy has to be one of the many things making ’94 a great year in music. As a whole, such a brilliant album.

There are (surprise surpirse!) also a few tracks that were released this decade on this playlist.

Elliphant’s Could It Be was released in 2013. In general not my type of music, too much reggae, but this track I love.

And Kristian Gidlund quoting the line beväpna dig med vingar (arm yourself with wings) in his book, resulted in adding Beväpna dig med vingar by Thåström.

Is the fact that he references a song I already know and like yet another reason to like Gidlund’s I kroppen min? You bet!

2017 challenge

I’ve been challenged by hitherdither to do something about the awful gender inequality that is my current taste in music.

While I clearly struggle with sticking to challenges, I can’t not take this challenge on. It would go against the very core of my beliefs.

I did try to write it off by referring to my taste in books; my taste in music is the exact opposite of my taste in music. If we’re talking gender. But it is a poor argument, it really is. So I’ve deviced a plan!

It’s basically this: whenever making a playlist, it must include the same number of female vocalists as male vocalists. Bonus: this autmatically leads to musical variation. There’s still a lack of women in metal, which as you may have noticed is currently my prefered genre, so including female vocalist means more a range of music listened to.

It’s not much, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

To help myself out I’ve created a massive playlist including all female vocalists I know and love. So that I can just drag and drop. However. Realization: I’m so not updated. Surely something’s happened since 90s/00s? What female vocalists are we listening to these days?

With few exceptions (Lana del Rey is..new-ish..?), I’m stuck right about here:

Hole, need I explain why?

Lots of that in my playlist. Ditto Garbage:

Well. At least I’ve got all of their pink record in my playlist.

Similarly, stuck on My Ruin’s A Prayer under Pressure of Violent Anguish.

The fact that the lyrics still runs out of me like water…makes me wonder why that is information my brain holds on to while whatever could be useful, it just, evaporates?

If you listen to My Ruin, you listen to Jack off Jill. It’s a fact of life.

I know PJ Harvey has been putting out new music, but I seem to be forever stuck on To Bring You My Love.

Another obvious like, the Dresden Dolls.

And oh, early Tori Amos.

I know there is new music, I’m just at a loss as to how to find it. My old tricks are futile.

Old tricks = go to whatever band you’re really liking on Spotify or Last.fm and click related artists. Always generates something new and fun. But you can click away on artists related to Architects all you like, you’ll never find your way to any sort of female artist. Doesn’t work. You’ll just end up finding another British post-hardcore act that you just loooove and then just binge listening to making this challenge all the more difficult. Like Dependence. Which I found the other day. Was metal ever as good as it is right now?


What source am I supposed to use? How do I find the new Tori? The new Courtney? The new Jack Off Jill? HOW? Is there a magazine? A blog? Am I going to have to visit a school and the the kids what they’re listening to these days???

The one downside to being a adult; your taste in music stagnates. Or at least, you can’t rely on your peers to supply you with new music, unless you need someone to introduce you to Sisters of Mercy. I’m not bashing old music, but listening to and seeing bands that are finding their feet is so much more fun. Less polished and thought out. Appeals to me.



#48 A song with the word little in the title

The word little in a song title inevitably makes me think of two songs by Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes and Strange Little Girls. It’s possible she didn’t write the latter, and the former includes some of my favorite lyrics + Little Earthquakes, the album, is without a doubt one of my all-time fave albums. So let’s go with Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos.

I need to listen to this album. Right now.


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