100 day song challenge #81

#81 A song from an original film score

I don’t know how I ever thought I could do this challenge with no repeats. While I do listen quite a lot of music, I have my favorites that I keep coming back to. And why would I ever pick anything but favorites?

This one is going to be the same band I picked for the beautiful cover (their album Curtains): Tindersticks.

The reason is very simple, this song is from one of my most listened to soundtracks ever.

This is Trouble Every Day:

I’ll also have you know the movie is one of the creepiest movies I have ever seen in my life. I can’t even tell you what it’s about. Vincent Gallo is in it. And it’s just worse than horror. Unless it is horror? I try not think about it too much. But I do love this album.


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100 day song challenge #65

You know when you go to bed and you just know you’re not going to sleep?

Haven’t had that for quite a while now. Until last night. I have to say tho, this no sleep business, seems to get better the older you get. I got a total of just under 3 hours of sleep; I’m not that tired really. I look tired, obvs, and my eyes are in a constant state of weeping (goodbye makeup, goodbye! we’ll miss you!), but other than that, eh, my body seems to just not care at all.

With this in mind, it seems like the perfect time for:

#65 A song you play when you can’t sleep

I don’t know about you but for me, when sleep is just not happening I’ll have music to keep me company; it can’t be used as some sort of sleep aid.

Since no sleep was my normal state up until a few months ago, I complied a playlist; it’s mostly instrumental music, and mostly soundtracks: Robin Finck’s NOCT, Tindersticks’ Trouble Every Day, Yann Tiersen’s Les Retrouvailles, Joe Hisaishi’s Hana-Bi, Philip Glass’ The Hours, a few tracks off of the Gentlemen soundtrack by Mattias Bärjed (in love with his piano skills) and the Cirkeln soundtrack.

But also, what I listen to depends why I’m not sleeping. If I’m not sleeping because someone is snoring, In Flames or Architects are a given. Their music is like a wall of sound nothing can penetrate. So if nothing else, it at least manages to decrease annoyance levels.

But that’s not usually why I’m not sleeping.

So let’s go with a track off of the Cirkeln soundtrack; Mountains Crave by Anna von Hausswolff.

Her first couple of releases, Singing form the Grave and Track of Time, I absolutely loved at the time, but with the exception of this track, I don’t get what she’s doing at all anymore.

Patiently waiting for it to start making sense. If I can change my mind about With Teeth, I can change my mind about anything.



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Make your neighbors love you in 5 easy steps

Get up really early in the morning, have your alarm be some guy shouting. Mine is currently some guy shouting THIS IS A WAKEUP CALL (because god how witty):

Helps if your walls are thin.

Break your shoes in by wearing them inside. You’ll need hard floors and no carpets though, and probably a proper shoe, i.e. not a trainer or similar.

Start your laundry/dishwasher at seven in the morning. On weekends especially!

Start your mornings by playing a mix of In Flames, Nine Inch Nails, Bring Me the Horizon and go heavy on the Architects. Forget sensible things like Tindersticks and Richard Hawley! I mean you may as well get a head start on your daily dose of Architects, right?

Be up at all hours. Last to bed first up. And do make sure that the last thing you do before heading to bed is watch some live material off of YouTube with crap sound quality.

Actually that’s not that crap; I’ve watched much worse.

I’m an excellent neighbor.


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#80 A song from an album with a beautiful cover

Easy peasy! I’ve always been very partial to Tindersticks’ Curtains artworkThis one:

2016-04-23 Tindersticks Curtains

The song Another Night In starts once they’re done with the French speaking:

It’s a friggin beautiful song too, I dare you not to love it. Those strings, and oh Stuart is one of my absolute fave singers ever. Great, yes?


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Top 3 records I just cannot accept are not available on Spotify

2016-04-23 Einstürzende Neubauten Alles Wieder Offen.png

3. Einstürzende NeubautenAlles wieder offen
I will cut them some slack for this because A: Perpetuum Mobile is available, which is currently my favorite of the Neubauten records. And B: It is a supporter record, I wouldn’t expect Spotify to have any of them really. Or, as a supporter I feel that would be fair (makes sense, yes?). But there is a definite lack of Neubauten material, and we (yes! all of us, have you not been informed?) need Neubauten material, and Alles wieder offen – we miss it for so many reasons. Ich hatte ein Wort being one of them.

2016-04-23 Tindersticks Curtains.png

2. TindersticksCurtains
Every. Single. Record. Tindersticks has ever been involved in. But not Curtains, their masterpiece? That’s just wrong. I dare you to listen to this and not fall in love with it. Seriously.

2016-04-23 Tura Satana Relief through Release.png

1. Tura SatanaRelief Through Release
I could easily write an essay on the greatness of Relief Through Release. It’s only been 20 years (approx) – still not over it. As in love as in 97.

Note: Their unavailability would not bother me, as I clearly own these records, if I didn’t have to keep adding them manually to my Spotify. Why is it that? If I’ve added them once shouldn’t they just be there for ever and ever? Especially if I use Spotify on my phone, and I have these records stored on my phone as mp3s, shouldn’t Spotify be able to pick up on that? I know that used to be the case. Mostly, I’m a huge fan of Spotify. HUGE. But I am disappointed. Wee bit.


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