3 things I did this week

Splurged on a few bits of makeup and skincare. Well. As much splurging as sticking with my budget will allow. A couple of highlighters, a glycolic peel mask and a blusher from Superdrug (because that is how to splurge while still sticking to your budget), among other things. Quite chuffed that despite the 20% off on Paula’s Choice I managed to make myself go with the budget option No7:


Started rereading Carol Goodman’s Incubus. In the past, I’ve insisted this is one of my all-time top 10 books. …I’ve got really poor taste, don’t I?


Had endless cups of ginger lemon. That ginger sting, nothing quite like it!


Bonus: Found out Batiste is in fact not cruelty free. ARGH! Not so much because there are no options, there are plenty options, but because

a. just because a company claims to be vegan and cruelty free doesn’t mean they actually are (they probably sell in China), and
b. apparently you need to be checking up on companies all the time, because their cruelty free status could change at any time.

Who has the time, energy and presence of mind for that??

Admittedly. The fact that Batiste is on Logical Harmony’s pending list should have tipped me off; maybe they’re not as cruelty free as they pretend to be. If I had checked that list, that is. I just assumed based on what people were saying. So that’s my lesson: Check Logical Harmony more regularly.

Good rule of thumb: when in doubt, stick with Swedish brands. We’re not allowed to test on animals. H&M is obviously rushing to be that one exception (is that something you feel good about…?), but until further notice..

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post. Past topics for this challenge can be found here.

What vegans eat; Weekend edition

These are some of the things I munched on this weekend:

Breakfast! I prepped my breakfast on Friday evening, it was the chocolate, peanut butter & banana baked oatmeal I mentioned in a previous post.


Well it was basically that.

If there are vegan chocolate protein powders in Sweden don’t know of them, so I just used my regular protein powder + 1 tbsp cacao (per 2 servings) and a pinch of salt. Worked real well! Served with a drizzle of agave, a mountain of raspberries and roasted seeds + nuts. Will definitely make again!

Also. I need to mention my tea. It’s a green raspberry and lemon grass blend. This batch is so good! Just look at it!


I’ve ben meaning to make vegan chocolate for ages. It’s not difficult att all, you just mix (melted) coconut oil, cacao, and a sweetener of choice, spread it on a baking sheet and leave to cool in the fridge for a bit.

But because I want to be extra special I put the mixture in this IKEA ice tray, and added some roasted nuts. And raisins.


I’m going to go ahead and argue that this is better than any chocolate you could ever buy for the following reasons:

  • You can choose exactly how bitter you like it at that particular point in time, by adjusting the amount of sweetener.
  • It’s so nice and soft.
  • You can dress it up any way you like; add cinnamon, rum, nuts, dried fruit, anything you like!

I’m in the middle of a celery obsession; I go through periods where I basically think celery is the purpose of life. Thusly this dinner:


It’s a super frugal meal consisting of basmati rice, seasoned with salt, sage, oregano, and chiliflakes with a mix of chickpeas and kidney beans, and some celery I heated for a few minutes in a pan with olive oil and garlic, topped with roasted nuts + seeds (yes, yes I’m obsessed..) and a drizzle of vegan roasted garlic mayo. The rice + bean combo is an absolute favorite!


Look at me, following a recipe!

…well. I mostly did? I might have replaced the swede with a bit of cabbage, because it was what I had, and I might have added some garam masala, because wtf? Only seasoning is onion and garlic? That won’t do!

V. pleased with how this chickpea stew turned out!

Did I top it with roasted seeds and nuts? Yes I did.

Top tip: get yourself 3-5 different types of seeds and nuts, dry roast in a pan, keep in container, top all of your meals with the mixture, you won’t regret it!

Eight empties

Let’s start off with three empties from Boots:


I absolutely love the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel with Active Charcoal facial wash from Boots. Thought if that is good, the scrub and mask must be too.

Ach nee. They were not. The scrub is nothing like the facial wash, it’s just, mildly buffing at best, with none of the effect of the facial wash. And the mask, it’s supposed to be on for 10 minutes. I get no effect after 10 minutes, the damn thing doesn’t even dry.

And unfortunately I accidentally ordered two of it, so I have another one to use up. So what I do is I start with a C vitamin peel and then put the mask on top and leave it for an hour plus, which does something. But I will definitely not buy this ever again.

Natural Collections waterproof mascara though; it’s a mere £2 and I’ve had far more expensive mascaras that are not better. It’s nothing special but perfectly decent everyday mascara. Will stock up when I’m in the UK next. That being said, I’ve just opened my first tube of the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara and…let’s just say I’m not overwhelmed. But then, at least it doesn’t make my eyes water, which is good. Could well have been the case.

Next up!

Couple of NYX products:


If I had not already bought the Urban Decay setting spray that everyone raves about, I would definitely repurchase the NYX setting spray. Because the UD spray does not seem to work for me. I’ll give it a few more tries, but so far the results have been: a. no effect, b. melting my makeup (???). Best use: wet brushes. I’ll give it the benefit of doubt since my skin has been out of wack, but since that seems to have been sorted I’ve just gone back on the foundation, so I’ll give it another go.

The NYX Liquid Suede, ah, it is a favorite. This is the shade Sandstorm and it’s a lovely brown-ish shade, on the pale side. If I didn’t want to try other shades I would definitely buy another tube, it is perfect for everyday use.

One shower cream and one hand cream:


This is one of my favorite shower creams ACO’s rhubarb and raspberry. I am obsessed with rhubarb. I also have the lotion. Soo jaa..whenever I can find a bottle I will get it. Don’t know why it still says limited edition? I think I’ve been buying it on and off for a couple of years at least.

Lush’s Helping Hands. Well. I ask a lot of my hand creams. And I’ve tried a lot of hand creams in my days; I know a good hand cream. This is sadly not it. Mainly because it is greasy. At least on me. Does not dry the way you want it to when you’re say at work? Or if you want to put on cream and then about your business and not leave greasy marks on everything. I do tend to forget this, or wish that I remember it wrong because I’ve bought it way more than once; I tend to like Lush more in theory than reality. Sadly, I’ve had better.

Last one! Is a food one. Well sorta. It’s one of my favorite chai teas:


Do I have a list of favorite chais? Yes I do. The Four O’Clock white chai is in my top 5 easy. But it is, as far as teas go, on the expensive side, and because it’s tea bags, I feel like it should be a sometimes product, from an environmental and economic POV. Which requires no efforts as it’s not that easily available around these parts.

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post.

I have a lot of questions #6

Why would you put eggs in black bean brownies? WHY???

Do NYX think we’re stupid? I’m obviously talking about the #Nofilter powder. I mean I have it, because pressed powder to carry about in your bag, it is a necessity, and apparently I like NYX. But it’s a powder! Couldn’t replace a filter in a million years.


Not that I don’t like it, I just feel like they take us for fools. And yes, I do need to get me a new NYX blush in Taupe. One of these days I will become a minimalist, and this will be my one blush.

Am I too old for Manic Panic’s Enchanted Forest?

Is “the humidity messes up my hair” a valid excuse for not going out? Not that it really matters. Because I’m not going out. It messes up my hair. (Looking for any and every excuse to not be outside? Maybe.)

Why have I bought an apartment with a balcony? I have a balcony. This year, I’ve been on it for about 5 minutes total. And only because I felt forced. Because I have it, not because I particularly wanted to. My new balcony is bigger than what I currently have. That’s. Great?

Do I have to go back to work? Also, why do I have this extreme aversion to my job? It’s not difficult, my closest coworkers are nice people, and, for what it is, it is very flexible. What more do I want??

Does the singer in Casey know that Twitter is not a dating app? Or maybe a more appropriate question is, could someone please inform the singer in Casey that Twitter is not a dating app? Yes I know I could unfollow! That is not issue here. I’m concerned. That he will come to regret what he’s doing. When he’s not 20 anymore. Also tired of seeing tweets liked clearly because some girl has posted a pic of herself being pretty. I’m going to have to unfollw, aren’t I? Boo.

How do I decrease my tea consumption? Currently worse than it’s ever been. Could that be why I’m not sleeping or is it just, me being me? Tossing and turning + nightmares for weeks on end now. I’m starting to feel bit lacking in the rested department.

What is with this obsession with stating the size of the clothes you buy when doing hauls? Are you actively trying to trigger people with EDs?

Why is my knee acting up already? I’m going to two workout classes a week. TWO! That’s like nothing. Piece of crap body. Am I going to have to resort to low-impact only? And in which case, how do you see that happening??

What the hell is going on with YouTube on my Mac?? Seriously! I’m googling it and I don’t know why the hell it’s looking like this or how to make it go back to regular layout. Doesn’t matter which browser I use either. GAH!

Skärmavbild 2017-09-09 kl. 09.30.33.png

Are people ever going to learn that they have to plan? I’m not just sitting around waiting for texts to review with ridiculously short deadlines. I consider it an insult to be asked to do anything within a matter of hours unless I knew of it ahead of time. So that I could plan for it. (The answer is obvs NO.)

Liebster Award #3 .Well. Sorta.

Lise has nominated me for the Liebster Award #3. Thanks love!

I have confession tho. This award business makes me feel…kinda old. I don’t really get it. I get the whole it’s a way to acknowledge blogs you like/follow, and I’m all for that. But it’s like, anything blog-related I don’t recognize from LiveJournal days, it’s just mystery to me.

Did I mention I’m old?

I just find myself asking questions. What do you mean award, who wins!? It doesn’t look like anyone wins, that can’t be right?? What happens if you don’t follow the rules, are you disqualified?? Why do you have to nominate SO MANY people?? What happens when a person is nominated repeatedly?? Who’s in charge of this ship???

Sometimes I wonder if this award business was created by a non-native speaker, not quite familiar with the definition of award. Or maybe someone who just didn’t care? (In which case, congratuwelldone!) Or maybe I’ve just proof-read one too many texts where you can never be too sure that the word used is actually the word that they mean…

I’ve gathered that no one is forcing you to do anything.

It’s my ship and I can do whatever the hell I like.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

I’m going to answer the questions because HELLO free prompts and I like typing + it’s possible this isn’t the busiest day at work ever.

If you had the opportunity to go to one place in the world and stay there forever, where would you go?

So here’s the thing. I’m madly in love with Glasgow. Might have mentioned it before. Once. Or twice. …a few more times…

glasgow outside GSOA
Glasgow. Scott street I think?

To me, it’s the perfect size city, you can walk just about everywhere, and there are some nice places to walk. By the river, parks, the cemetery, just around the city. It’s nice.

Also. All bands play in Glasgow. ALL. + Glasgow audience = the best one.

The selection of vegan places is brilliant. Brilliant! Even if it really only needs Stereo.

I also like the UK in general because being vegan in the UK is easier. It’s also easier to be an alcoholic. Which, I’m kinda undecided whether it’s better or not. I mean I like cheap drinks.

Ginger tea at the Willow Tea Rooms. I just. It’s something that just hits me sometimes. I just love me some ginger at the Willow. I think about it at random.

Museums are free! And there’s a few to go to. I miss having visit to the museum as a weekend activity.

It’s less cold than Sweden, though not hot. Which suits me perfectly. Sure it rains a lot, but do you get blizzards? You do not.

I love Glaswegian. I really do. I might not understand it quite as well as I’d like to, but that’s a minor problem.

There are a few things though. If I was staying forever, what would I be doing for a living? Because I lived outside of Glasgow. And I clearly moved back to Sweden because, as suspected, the job I had was not a keeper. I also suspect that there are few jobs in the UK that offer as much freedom as I currently have. I.e., there’s no dress code, hours are flexible, I have 31 days of paid vacation (35 when I turn 40), I can take time off pretty much any time at all, unions are strong, getting fired is quite difficult, they keep asking you what tasks you want (??), they basically don’t tell you what to do ever. Also, we don’t sell anything. I like it that the organization I work for isn’t trying to rip people off.

But if a decent place to live is provided for, and I don’t have to deal with the admin of life that’s so difficult to understand even in your own language and the country you were born in, then Glasgow.

If not, here is not bad.

What was your childhood dream?

I don’t think I had one? If we’re talking something beyond the My Little Pony castle? Which could be one reason why I seem to be lacking goal and direction in life.

What would be your “ride or die” make up?

Right now, this feels like a v. v. difficult question because I was just thinking about how I’m not overly impressed with the majority of products I’m currently using.

The ones I wouldn’t trade:

Concealer: No7 Instant Radiance Glow concealer
Powder: GOSH prime n’ set
Blush: NYX high definition blush in taupe. Equally important: Real Techniques sculpting brush for application.
Highlighter: Sleek’s Solstice palette.
Eyeshadow: If I could have just one, then H&M’s Sahara Dawn. But if choosing an entire palette, then the MUR Chocolate Vice, bottom row pink shades; current faves. Plus, I can actually bring this palette only when I travel; it has highlight that isn’t crap, the pinks can be used as blush, and there are colors that could be used as eyeliner if in a pinch. It’s got you covered!  makeup revolution chocolate vice
Lipstick: NYX Lip Lingerie in Corset. Perfect pale lip shade in my opinion. Also, necessary reapplication throughout the day; minimal.

I saw someone include perfume, can I include perfume? In that case, Body Shop’s Red Musk. Gawd I loves it.

Types of products I need, but not necessarily the exact one I am using:

Primer: GOSH anti-wrinkle. It is possible it’s gone bad, but it’s currently not doing exactly what I want it to. It’s starting to behave like Body Shop’s wonderblur primer. Didn’t like that one.
Foundation: Lumene matte foundation. Apparently, in the summer, it has some melting issues. Other than that we’ve gotten along fine.
Mascara: H&M Faux-To-Go. Oh I dunno…just seems there should be mascaras with better definition and more volume.
Eyeshadow primer: Urban Decay primer potion. Am I the only one who thinks this primer makes blending a struggle??
Setting spray: NYX matte finish. If my setting spray was better, then maybe my foundation wouldn’t melt? Or is that just wishful thinking?

I don’t need an eyebrow product, but to switch it up sometimes and actually wear brows, some pomade.

If you had your own make up line, what would it be called and which products would you include in it?

I’d team up with H&M, because not even in my dreams am I interested in anything but budget friendly, and it’d be called Antichrist. (Made to create looks inspired by Manson during the Antichrist Superstar area, obviously.)

It’d be a tiny line consisting of:

1 palette including both cheek products and eyeshadows (paper packaging, no mirror, perfect for travel). Colors: dark, red, plum, yellow, pink, slightly metallic finish (except for the yellow, it’d have to be matte), a highlighter that’s a dupe for the Makeup Revolution mono eyeshadow Base, and a taupe blush (matte obvs).

Mascara blacker than deep black (I’m sure it can be done), for sensitive eyes, making your lashes look like spider legs (maybe that would require falsies..? Oh what do I know about makeup really!)

An eyebrow kit consisting of concealer, tiny scissors and tweezers.

Liquid lipsticks in three sickly shades. E.g. pale cool neutral, taupe type shade, darker brown/purple type shade. Matte of course.

What kind of job do you have? Are you happy with it?

I have an office job. There are parts of it I like and there are parts I don’t like. I don’t like that I sometimes have to talk to arrogant students, and ditto uni staff. And sometimes I’m sent texts to proof that just make me want to die (strongly suspecting they’re google translations, trying to save texts like that, it’s mission impossible, desperation sets in and thusly a wish for death).

Bottom line: there are many worse jobs one could have. Not thrilled but not entirely hating it?

Is there anything you would have done differently about your blog if you had the chance to go back to the beginning?

Well no? If I regret something I could just delete it? I just regret that I didn’t start sooner.

What is your favorite season of the year and why?

Autumn! The light is good, colors are nice, it’s not too hot and not too cold.

glasgow university
Autumn. Mmm.

What is your favorite tv series?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

..not quite on topic. But any excuse for this video…

Is there anyone who inspires you? Who and in what way?

I think we’ve established 90s Manson is my main makeup inspo. Very tangible inspiration.

Other than that.

Fanny Åström, Lady Dahmer and Maria Sveland inspire me with hope, and make me feel less bad about my angry bitter self. Not that I wouldn’t be without them, they’just make me feel less bad about it. As if I’m using a strategy on purpose.

It’s quite difficult to think of people who inspire you to actually do something. I’m mostly stuck in the admire stage.


Is there a flavor you just can’t stand?

Lavender. Lavender should not be in things you eat, it just shouldn’t.

Also floral teas. Who wants to drink flowers??

Oh, and orange flavored chocolate. Best stop now, this list might become v. v. long.

If your blog had a business card, what would your tagline say?

Here’s the thing; my blog would never have a business card because my blog is not interested in any type business. That, and it’s highly unmarketable.

Which is fortunate because taglines, JFC I sorely lack tagline skills.

Rather than tagging 11 people (because who would I tag?? I know not), I want to give you 11 topics I would love someone (anyone else thinking about Anberlin right now? No?) to write a post about:

  1. Your top 3 bands of all time; tell me all about it! And I mean all.
  2. 3 flawless albums; list and explain!
  3. Which feminist book do you want forced on everyone and why?
  4. Actually, I want to repeat Lise’s question What kind of job do you have? Do you like it? Title of post should obvs read either I fucking love my job, or I need to quit you babe.
  5. Top 3 gigs you’ve been to! (What!? I like lists and I’ve got a short attention span soooo…)
  6. Tell me about the most horrible diet you’ve ever been on!
  7. Menstrual story!?! Anything! First period, something related to your period, are you on board with the menstrual cups, ever bleed through anything, contraception because of bad periods—anything! Doesn’t have to be long. Mandatory soundtrack while writing: Into the Menstrual Night I Go.
  8. Tell me about something you think is greatly underrated!
  9. Explain your most recent playlist!
  10. A feminist analysis of [insert book/song/band/genre/WHATEVER here].
  11. A comprehensive list of all feminists you should be following on social media. Because obvious important.

Should a person be allowed to put together posts this level of messy?

Probably not.

I have a lot of questions #4

Can I has another cup of tea!??!?

Why is quinoa advertised as a great source of protein? Far as I can tell it’s the exact same protein content as pasta. Not the right quinoa? I’m confused.

How do everyone else listen to music? Everyone else: This is my favorite band! They played this great track when I went to see them live, never heard before! …but the track is from 2011 and v. v. popular + it’s your favorite band? (According to Spotify, and why would Spotify lie?) I don’t understand. How is this your favorite band??

Where can I find a cruelty-free toothpaste that doesn’t turn my lips into dry flakes? I’m at my wits’ end. I’ve tried just about all brands I can get my hands on (not counting the ones that were not bad that I got in the UK; for obvious reasons I can’t keep buying toothpaste in the UK).

…when can I go back to Scotland? Yeah. That Scotland vlog I just watched was a mistake. I need to save my monies, not go to Scotland. I have no business being in Scotland.

Is there a barley shortage? I never find barley in the story anymore. Not happy about it, because it is a favorite.

Why is there no tracking rage function on Clue? I want to track irrational rage! I have lots of it. Also rational rage, but this irrational rage. It’s getting old being furious because your headphones are in a tangle, or it’s raining, or can’t get jacket off quickly enough because HOT. For example. Also would like to track not cravings, but rather when you want to eat ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME.

What is Linkin Park even doing? What do they want and where do they come from? The new album. So many questions. Also: would their sound improve if someone introduced them to saaaayy..the latest Architects record? I’d like to think so. But you know, who knows?!??

Whyy is Nick Cave playing the Globe? Why?? I’ve finally come around and do want to go. But this Globe thing, it’s a problem. I don’t like it.

Is Glasvegas ever going to release a new record? (Did I ask this qustion before? Still wondering tho!)

Is it just me, or is the latest Korn record actually really good? Yea, yea, I know it was released last year. It’s not as if I actively follow Korn. I mean it’s not Tura Satana, but you know, as close as it gets.

Is there anything a person could do to make Thrice play Sweden? Anything??

OK then.

I think I’ve managed to illustrate the point my sister was making on Wednesday, that really, I’m the main character of High Fidelity. I don’t have many thoughts that are not related to listening to music.

Treat yourself Tuesday

I accidentally had a treat yourself Tuesday yesterday. In no way planned.

I started by accidentally getting to work ridiculously early. This wasn’t the treat. The treat was, because I was so early, I could leave early. Which was good, because I needed groceries anyway, and get sis a present or two.

First stop, was in no way H&M, but somehow it just always pulls you in. Or me at least. I’ve been wanting a wire basket to store my palettes in, finally found a good-sized one:


Admittedly not all of my palettes, but all of my most frequently used ones.

First stop was actually the tea shop, but I’m not going to show you bags of tea. But I will tell you what flavors I got: one black citrus chai tea, and one green peach flavored. I ♥ Kahls. Their tea selection is unrivalled.

I also visited the alcohol shop, a.k.a. Systembolaget. Got myself one small bottle of one of my fave rosé wines, Santa Ana, and it’s organic too!

If you’ve been here before, you might recognize Crudo, another fave, white wine obvs. and also organic. Will try to save for sis’s birthday becauseee…she hasn’t tried it and it’s great. (Yes, wine reviewer, it’s so in my future.)


My current kryptonite tho, is Lagerhaus. They’ve got so many lovely little things. This is me showing serious restraint:


I love their shower cream, soap and cleaning products. Because look at the simplicity of the packaging! That, and they smell lovely.

I also got two prints: one moon phases, and one misty forest. I cannot get enough of misty forest! It’s basically what I spend all of my trips between work and home staring at, but apparently that’s not enough. I think I’m saving them for when I move tho.

Some useful bits: straws, glass food container (I’m trying to phase out my plastic food containers, apparently one at a time?), hand gel that’s supposed to smell like coconut but I can’t really say it does, in other words, the hunt to find a hand gel to replace Carex moisture plus continues, and finally, I got this clipboard thing that’s supposed to work as a frame.

Followed this up with a nice dinner while watching Leila’s latest vlog. I had an avocado + edamame seasoned with this lovely spice mix called sesame wasabi and flake salt, one red pepper, the type that is called snack pepper in Swedish, it has a longish shape and is just a little tastier than the regular type, plus, two slices of Finn crisp and a glass of that rosé. Thought I had a picture, but as I found out when there was just a few edamame left, I didn’t. JFC. It was very instagrammable! The greens, red and blush. Yes well.

I’ll show this instead: final1489513570047

Sis bought me two Anton Corbijn prints recently, this is one of them. So that was why I was getting the clipboard thing. I adore Anton’s work, almost as much as I adore Mackintosh.

Oh who am I kidding, I adore them both the exact same amount. (Where am I even going with this??)

I did also get some bits for sis, but I’m keeping it secret for now.

Final words: successful outing even if I do feel somewhat guilty about the amount of money spent. I’m trying to not be so wasteful and I’ve been doing so well. Until now.

Yes well. Long as it’s not a habit, it’s fine, right?

24 hours of vegan eats

Friday evening. Got home from the worst workout I’ve been to quite possibly ever. Accidentally ended up in a new workout class called Flowride (please let it be temporary). It’s supposed to be a “seamless workout”; in terms of movement and music, it should just flow. With that in mind. Naturally, my gym feels the person for this job was the instructor with no sense of rhythm. I don’t know what to say. Except for, the music stopped after each track and that was the least of the problems that class had.

This is as much cooking I can be bothered with on a Friday evening after a terrible workout:


Recently realized I’m nowhere near mastering a regular tomato sauce, so I got this ready made sauce and it was good. Mixed in a lot of frozen spinach and had it with pasta and carrot + ginger balls that you just pop in the oven for 10 minutes, as much heat as your oven can muster.

Still upset about the workout, but the meal was not bad at all.

Saturday morning. Protein pancakes have quickly become my go-to weekend breakfast. And why wouldn’t it be? Pancakes, lots of raspberries, what more do you need??


Did have a discussion with myself about the amount of pancake. It went like this:

Me: You’re going to eat all those pancakes?
Also me: Yeeessss…?
Me: That’s A LOT of pancakes.
Also me: If you’re insinuating I’ll get fat THINK AGAIN. I thoroughly enjoying my current energy levels THANK YOU VERY MUCH; I have no interest in starving. Now shut up, I’m having pancakes. ALL.

Since we’re on the subject of food. Tiny grocery haul from Saturday morning:

soy milk, oranges, bananas, almond butter, hummus, peas, bean sprouts, dried figs, tofu

Quick snack to fuel up for a few minutes of jumping rope while I was doing laundry. That is how disappointed I was with the Friday workout class. I need to feel what Timbuktu sings (raps?) about in Springcollapsed lung! Obsessed with this feeling. I’ll stop when it hurts, not sooner.

Cup of herbal tea – have we talked about the Pukka herbals? D i v i n e. Only herbals I’ll have. Two slices of toasted rye with some Tartex and cucumber.


Got my sweat on and did my laundry, cleaned the flat, followed by…

Saturday lunch. Whipped up a stir fry with some brown rice for lunch. Goal: as many colors as possible. So I had a red pepper, purple cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, peas and a fake meat in there. Some garlic and mango chutney to spice it up. You just cannot go wrong with a stir fry.


Early dinner Saturday: haricots vert, roasted potatoes and chickpeas. Slightly obsessed with my mustard roasted potatoes, yes. And if you like me struggle with the haricots vert here’s a tip: just fry them for a bit on high heat with some garlic and salt, take them off the heat while they’re still crunchy and they’re not at all bad.


And for dessert: a frozen banana mixed with almond butter. Maybe even some cinnamon??!!

And I want; Currently on my wishlist

Knits from Monki!

I’m already freezing. The other day I was so cold not even a knit + jeans was enough; I needed a knit that covered more ground. So I went with an outfit I hated (jeans + long sweater), but I wasn’t cold!

Clearly, I need more knits; Monki is the unrivalled master of the big chunky knit.

Parka with a fuzzy inside. Because in terms of warmth I find they do the best job. And my current coat selection is just not cutting it. Did I mention I’m cold? And it’s nowhere near as cold as it’s going to get yet.

I’ll probably get this one from Zalando:


A vegan snackbox. What’s holding me back: kinda afraid I’ll just munch it down in one go. That would be just like me. But maybe this one from veganboxen.se?


A good foundation. Just opened my No7 radiance foundation and it was a let-down. I’ll just mix my old foundation with this one, I’m sure it’ll work.

Dark purple matte eyeshadow. Maybe the shade Curfew from Makeup Geek?

I want to go back to the gym. I’m bored with not going to the gym. I think I’m going to visit my parents this weekend. Whether they like it or not. (They live closer to the gym. And Monki. And the tea shop.)

Tea! I’m running dangerously low on tea. I need some Needwood, blueberry + cream, citrus chai, black Christmas blend, and grönt och skönt. That should be enough for a while.

A car. Or an apartment? Maybe both?? Sudden case of massively fed up with getting up at an ungodly hour, standing out in the cold waiting for the bus, walking walking walking, out in the cold and the dark, trying to not slip on the ice, and to top it off not having the time nor the energy required to go to the gym. I miss the gym.

This is what I’d have to do to make going to the gym work: pack all of my gym clothes and bring them to work, walk to the gym (about 15 minutes, not bad), but then the getting back home is tricker. Do I shower at the gym and make it home just in time to go to bed? When and where do I fit in dinner? Or do I not shower? Regardless of which, it’s a 30 minute walk to the bus. There’s two buses per hour to take me back home. It’s. Just. Not. Practical.


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I ❤ Glasgow 

glasgow lighthouse

Because I can buy bits like

Nakd bars from Holland & Barrett’s for cheap + decent chai from random supermarket; you have no idea how I’ve been looking for a decent chai all over Sweden – impossible. This Tesco one tho; does the job perfectly. Nothing fancy, everyday chai ♥♥♥.


…I’m going to have start ordering the Nakd bars from online. It’s so perfect for traveling, and let’s face it, this could replace other types sweets easy peasy.

Makeup + beauty from Superdrug and Boots.

I’m obsessed with Superdrug’s cleansing wipes for combination skin, which is a problem. I need to find good wipes I can get from somewhere in this country.

The Boots’ tea tree & witch hazel facial wash is a new find; they were all out of Superdrug’s facial wash for combination skin, again, but this facial wash! It’s better still. My skin tends to be a bit uneven, and I’ve come to accept it as a fact. But this facial wash, I swear it evens out my skin. And the Soap & Glory shower gel; ach, I just wish I hadn’t packed so much I could have gotten a normal-sized bottle. It brags you don’t need lotion afterwards and I truly believe it.

Also got a new GOSH primer because my current one (No7) is a bit meh; my foundation brush finally broke down so I’m trying out the Real Techniques sponge, so far loving it, and if the Beautyblender is better still than this one, I get why people are so obsessed with it; new No7 foundation, a radiance one this time because I heard such good things about it. With any luck it’ll manage to make me look just a little bit sicker still.

Cute things from Primark; PJs, pink knit, metallic chokers, MTV sweatshirt, and of course, big, chunky, pink knit + fuzzy socks.


That’s appropriate night time wear for a 35-year-old I dare say. Should also be noted: bought the pink knit in the biggest size I could find, i.e. about 4-5 sizes bigger than what I usually wear, this doesn’t mean it’s long enough to be worn as a dress, as I discovered on the bus to work…

Trashy hoodie + lots of earrings from Top Shop.

I am in love with this trashy trend, did the same trick as with the pink knit. Sis says it’s also too short to be worn as a dress. I’m disagreeing, wore it as dress to the BMTH gig, maybe I will again? As in, I’m seeing them again on Saturday. Stockholm this time.

Also love that dark metal color the majority of the studs are in. Top Shop seems to be under the impression it’s dark gold. Okeeyy.. in my mind they’re a bit too much on the red side to be described as gold, but w/e.

More Mackintosh souvenirs.


Ah yes, museum gift shops in Glasgow, they just draw me in.

Backpack from Urban Outfitters.


Because the carry on I brought was just so tiny, I literally had to get a new bag to get all my things home (this here, just a sample, there was more stuff). But also, I needed a bigger backpack in my life, so quite pleased with this purchase.

Note to self: go on shopping diet.


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