You know the fairly recent Linkin Park release Heavy?

The first time I heard this track was when Spotify started autoplaying my Release Radar playlist. Instant reaction:


…how is this Linkin Park…?

Well apparently. They’re doing it on purpose. For this, or a similar, reaction. It’s how I interpret the bizillion interviews on the topic I’ve been watching on YouTube anyway.

You have to appreciate that. That they know that calling a track that is not heavy Heavy is going to upset people.

I think it’s funny.

Even if I’m one of the people who’s kinda upset. Which in itself is a contradiction. I like to think I like pop music. But I don’t really get what it is they’re doing on this track, and would prefer a heavier, or maybe more aggressive, production—not that I could tell you just how to measure heavy, and not that I particularly find that heavy music is better by default (to be perfectly clear: it is not). But still.

But you know, knowing the reasoning behind the track makes me appreciate it more. It makes me add it to my playlists.

I’m not really going anywhere with this. It’s just an observation. The hows and whys of your music choices.

Summer playlist

Ah Spotify, how I love it when you send me here’s what you’ve been listening to emails, especially when it includes a playlist.

And it always does.

Also. This way I can pretend that I have a summer playlist.

I mean I do. But I’m not sure that anything about it says summer.


Murder by Within Temptation, does it make you think of summer?

No? Maybe Ropes by In Flames?

What you mean no!?!  What about Shine On by Amity Affliction?

Come on! It has shine in the title. Practically the same as sun.

…if you don’t listen to the lyrics at all.

I’m not complaining. I just think it’s kind of funny.

In which I spend an entire post on a single song

You know Dead by April? Pop metal band from Gothenburg. I used to be obsessed. As in for a long period of time I used to wake up to Painting Shadows. Was an excellent way to wake up.

I’m not saying I’ve come to my senses and no longer like the band. There is something so wonderful about how they mix the pop with the metal. It doesn’t matter that they’re probably the least cool band there ever was. Not sure why I’m telling you this because I don’t think anyone is under the impression my taste is sophisticated by any means.

Moving on.

I used to know things about this band. I used to know when they released stuff. Apparently no longer the case. Apparently they just released a new record, as in yesterday. Thank god for Spotify! Else I would have missed out on the absolute masterpiece that is the last track of the record: For every step.

I was listening to the record while doing my yoga (yes I’m back doing that again, let’s not get into why, or the fact that I really shouldn’t), and this song came on. Clearly with a singer that sounded nothing like whoever is currently on vocal duties in this band. They seems to change a lot and I’ve lost track.

Slow realization; I know this voice. Sounds an awful lot like Tommy Körberg. It can’t be? But it was.

They’ve enlisted Tommy Körberg for this track.

You have no idea just how much this pleases me.

Tommy Körberg, for me, forever just the guy who sings the intro to Ronja the Robber’s Daughter (one of the first obsessions in my life). You know, this one:

If that’s who he is to you, you don’t expect him to suddenly turn up on a track by one of your fave metal bands. Probably also don’t expect it to be any kind of good. But oh. It is. Can he please be in a metal band forever now?

This is the track:

Of course this gives me hope that one day, some metal band will reach out to Josh. Yes Josh Groban. I am looking forward to that day. Like a lot.

New in my playlist • March 2017

I’ve not been a fan of the Discover Weekly playlist lately. As in at all. But as noted before, Spotify only gets my taste when I listen to a ridiculous amount of Bring Me the Horizon. Latest edition of the playlist was so bad I was basically offended by it. If I wanted to listen to Deez Nuts I’d be listening to already, trust me. 

However! I’ve noticed the Release Radar playlist is just viel, viel besser. Infinitely better in fact.

The idea in itself is just on point. I don’t have to go searching for new releases by the music makers I already like; they’re all in the playlist (OK, maybe not all, but there’s definitely plenty).

It’s such a great way to stay somewhat updated.

This is some of what I found in me Release Radar playlist lately:

Closure by Adna. I have no idea how to describe this music. Unless the love child of Jonathan Johansson and Anna von Hausswolff is a sufficient description? No? The record company calls it “dark folk”.

Unfortunately no video for this lovely track, but this one isn’t bad either:

Even if you really should check out Closure specifically.

This next track isn’t so much a case of being introduced to a good track as “Oh, I didn’t know they were still making music”. Easy by Tokio Hotel.

I don’t understand this direction. I don’t understand why they’ve completely abandoned German. They make no sense to me. Also, if they actually paid for this cover art they got ripped off.

Admittedly, I already knew about Lorde’s Green Light, because Lena Dunham mentioned it on either Twitter or Insta. But it could well have been a new acquaintance. I fully expect this to make it into the playlists of my workout classes next semester.

INVSN hasn’t been my cup of tea lately, but Deconstruct Hits – ah, I do like it.

In Sweden, there’s been a lot of talk about Loreen lately. The shock that she wasn’t voted our contribution to Eurovision by default and all. Been meaning to listen to the track, but kept forgetting.

It’s another track I want in my workout class playlist.

There was also a EMMA6 track in my Release Radar playlist. This is where Release Radar is truly useful; I have no idea how to keep updated with German music outside of Germany.

Other than that, I’ve been really getting into Depeche Mode’s Delta Machine. Only four years after its release and just in time for their next release, which I’m sure I will also not get.

Unless Dave’s voice is just front and center throughout. I’ve liked Depeche for quite a significant chunk of time, but I’ve never been this obsessed with Dave’s voice. He’s even better now than he ever was, isn’t he?

I have a lot of questions #1

Should I give the new NIN a chance?

Should I get more shelves for my books? Options: get rid of books, or do some other sort of rearrangement?

Are there really no bands for me to see in 2017??

How do I get out of a dinner at Köttmagasinet (The Meat Storage I guess?) for the head of department next week? WHAT HOW WHY did the other vegan OK this??? Can I lie???

Why is it that ONLY when I’m running dangerously low on tampons I do bleed sans extra hormones? It stopped being funny AGES AGO.

Pea protein – WHY? Does it work with anything??? Least favorite protein powder of ALL TIME.

Travel – skip it this year and prioritize reading?

Minimalist makeup routine – HOW?? I need instructions.

Does a Twilight marathon require wine?

I’ve restarted my computer FOUR TIMES. Why is my home directory still missing??? Moreover, why can’t I save shit from Ladok if it’s missing???

How come not more bands use mailing lists? I’d love emails about when bands are going on tour or putting out a record straight into my inbox. Like Neubauten. They tell me all important things. I’ve signed up for a bunch of other bands. Fat lot of good that’s done.

Related question: how come no gig organizer EVER gets what kind of music I like? Have I ever received a single email about a show I’m actually interested in? NO. And I’ve subscribed and subscribed…

Watched the David Bowie documentary about his last 5 years in life; WHY do they insist on this docu format? A) not a documentary, B) boring people relating boring things. The interview feature, in a studio setting, it’s always a sign of a shit documentary. A L W A Y S. Hör doch damit auf! (My German, it’s so great.)

If I cast Spotify to a TV, why does it not scrobble??

Should I freshen up my hairdye already or hold off a bit longer? Say until I’m doing something?

And people say you stop asking questions as you grow older. It’s simply not true. They’re just of a different nature. And less verbal. Because you already realized ages ago no one has any answers for you; out of evil, ignorance, or plain not fucking caring.

New in my playlist; January 2017 edition


Following the mandatory December showing of Love Actually back in December, I added Dido’s Here with Me to a playlist or two.

Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire’s Swithering, I keep having new faves. Currently: No Monsters. But I’ll give you a link to a track you can download completely for free instead, Kingdom Over Again. Surely you can’t pass up on a free track, right?

They’re playing Eminem’s Cinderella Man in one of my workout classes. I’m so susceptible to brainwash. Been adding a few tracks to my playlists. Currently loving the version of Stan featuring Elton John because that piano so delish. Might prefer Dido’s vocals tho.

Sudden obsession with a 2014 Jennifer Rostock release, the song Schlaflos off of the record Schlaflos:

Praying for another German music obsession; it’s always such fun. Let’s not talk about how annoyed I am that the latest Jennifer Rostock release is not on Spotify.

Fave Spotify Discover is Foxblood. Right up my street; I do like me some post-hardcore.

In search for some new German music I stumbled on Annett Louisan’s cover record, including e.g. this lovely rendition of Rammstein’s Engel.

How to screen your Spotify Discover Weekly

The other day I was reading a column where the writer was v. v. upset about what Spotify suggested she’d listen to.

I know the feeling.

But even if I do at times wish there was a button that would block certain bands, like the one last.fm used to have, I stopped taking the Spotify suggestions personally aaages ago. It’s not as if I actually need suggestions. I can find new music all by myself,t hanks very much.

There’s definitely a pattern. Well obviously. But on a more personal, practical, and non-technical level, I’ve noticed that Spotify basically only gets my taste when I listen predominantly to Bring Me the Horizon. By contrast, weeks I listen mostly to Architects, I get the stupidest suggestions. No, I’m not going to be listening to Blessthefall, and have we not established that I do not like Thy Art is Murder? The repeated not listening to, it doesn’t tip you off..?

(And if I branched out and listened to OTHER MUSIC more? Who knows what brilliant suggestions I’d get??)

I mean sure, the above examples are cases of trial and error. (I’ve tried more than once too.) But there are ways to pick out the good stuff from your Discover Weekly, without torturing your ears.

This is what I usually do:

Scroll through the list reading the names of the bands/artists. My lists tend to be heavy on the bands. Current ratio: 19 out of 20 are in fact bands. May seem superficial but often the name of a band will just speak volumes about the type of music.

Example: Falling in Reverse and Shredding Brazzers; there’s just no way they’re going to be my taste. Their album artwork confirms this suspicion. Half naked ladies: BORING. In addition to politically incorrect and I kind want to say…retarded..?

Bands with names such as Birds in a Row, Dependence, and Foxblood; now this, I will give a go. Nine times out of ten they’re categorized as post-hardcore or metalcore, or both. Even if it’s not my new favorite band, chances are they’ll keep me interested for a week at the very least.

Names that tell you nothing what so ever; obviously something you need to give a listen!

Well maybe. First:

Check out the album artwork. I will listen to any band with interesting artwork. Will I listen Empty Handed because their artwork is a balloon flying over a snowy landscape? Yes I will! It is clearly an Andrée expedition reference.

Spend a minute reading through song titles. Songs no one needs to listen to ever: songs titled Intro. That’s just not going to be your introduction to any band ever. Songs I will skip in my current list: Hump, Speak Softly, And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope, Genesis. I know already know all I need to know about you lot.

What I’m left listening to? Maybe a handful of songs. Quite enough really.

December favorites


Let’s have a peek at what last.fm says.

last.fm stats

Good thing I have last.fm. Not only for the scrobbling, but because at least I can get my end of year listening stats as Spotify completely failed this year. Not sending out the email because you’ve selected no newsletters or some shit? Well I hadn’t selected no newsletters; you still send me irrelevant emails, and I still didn’t get my stats.

I’m an insanely frequent user + been with you since you needed an invite to use. I’m insulted.

That being said. I’m clearly stuck in some sort of a rut. It is questionable whether I am aware that there are many records and many songs in this world.


Odinsbarn. I think we’ve established I enjoyed it.


New parka. Has -the best- pockets. This is a feature that should not be underestimated!

I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of my Sleek Vintage Romance palette. Obvious; it is the season of metallics and glitter.


On the screen

Vlogmas is better still than Vlogtober. All of my faves providing daily vlogs, love it! Difficult to pick a fave, so I’m going with a non-vlogmas episode, because this look ♥♥♥

And, finally! Been looking for this literally months:

Starting to wonder if I’m ever going to kick this nasty Architects habit.


All things saffron! But saffron granola + saffron scones were my faves.


Car. I has it, it is good….most of the time.

The gym. The 16.30 workouts on Monday and Thursday were my faves. Unfortunately they are no more; as we’re approaching Christmas there’s a temporary Christmas schedule and then we move on to a new schedule. Fingers crossed someone is adding Throne to their class!

Lush hair treatments. I’d forgotten how good Lush hair treatments are. Love it that you put them in dry hair BEFORE shower. This makes life infinitely easier.

Amity + Northlane at Fryshuset, obviously.

I need Northlane to do a headliner tour around these parts. (I use the term these parts loosely; UK would work, Germany ditto, maybe France, but that’s as far as I’ll go.)

Plans for January

  1. Get a head start on my reading.
  2. Get new gym membership.
  3. Change blog layout. It’s definitely time.


signatur 1

100 day song challenge #43

#43 A song with “N” as the first letter of the title

Every time I come across Nichts und niemand by Barbara Morgenstern in one of my playlists I wonder why I don’t listen to her more. She makes the most delicious minimalist pop-electronica. The type of music that makes it seem as if you actually have a good taste in music.

In a way, I wish this was my go-to music, but och alas, it is not, and I need a certain mood to listen to it. But it is proper good music, there’s no doubt about that.

PS. This live version of the song doesn’t quite make it justice; you can obviously find the album version on Spotify.

Lots of love,

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