Future log

I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m doing for Valentine’s day. So sure.

Let me tell you, I have plans! Oh yes. Big plans. I’ve even taken the day off.

So what am I doing?

Brace yourself, such grand plans.

Ja nu tyckte hon allt att hon fick till det. Jävligt vitsigt. 

Yes. That does read smear test. Those be my plans. Granted it’s not plural but still.


I didn’t do it on purpose, like some sort of anti-Valentine action type thing. They’d scheduled me for the 7th, which doesn’t work for me, so I had to reschedule. You can only book Wednesdays and I wanted it done asap, because why wait?

Not that Valentine’s means anything at all around these parts. I still think it’s kind of funny. Sorry.

V. excited though, never had my test at this particular place before.

And, I’ve taken the day off for no reason at all. It’s just because I can. If they’d let me I’d use all of my vacay RIGHT NOW. I am beyond tired of trying to go places in this goddamn snow. Maybe I’ll use my one day off to research what deities we need to please to for this hell to stop.

Should be Hel, right? So, a sacrifice should solve it..? (In case you were wondering, this is what desperation looks like.)

Other than that. My future log is kinda empty. Well I mean it is empty. I don’t put my smear test in my future log obvs.

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