Det var då ett jävla tjat om hopp

Självklart har vi favoriten Gone with the Wind och raden hope is a prison, men också Untitled av samma band Hope is a dangerous thing. Tydligen lider de av ett behov att definiera begreppet.

Deaf Havana vill ha mer hopp: I’m not a pessimist but sometimes hope is missed or missing.

Roddy Hart har däremot massor av hopp I have such high hopes for you. Lite av en anomali i den här samlingen.

Ingen är såklart lika besatt av hopp som Amity Affliction. I n g e n. De verkar också ha ett ambivalent förhållande till hopp.

I Farewell menar man att There’s no hope left for me. Fast i början av samma skiva, spår tre för att vara exakt, tyckte man däremot att There is hope in my eyes; there is hope in these words. 

Ja alltså egentligen. Så skulle man ju kunna göra en hel lång lista av bara Amity, det finns många MÅNGA exempel att ta av. Från hela deras produktion.

Perfekt uppsatsämne, om det nu är något man är intresserad av.

This has been a quick course in how to alienate any readers; suddenly and without warning switch language.


Which, by the way, I think there are far to few of.

Can we just talk about Sliding for a second?

You know my favorite Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire? They’ve released a new video for the v. v. brilliant track Sliding.

I feel cheated.

It could be Glasgow porn and all we get is Roddy’s eye?

I don’t get it.

Am I upset just because I always expect Glasgow from any band from Glasgow, or is it just not very good? I can’t tell.

Fave part: the final scene with the stairs. Because that is Glasgow. The Lighthouse to be exact. As if anyone beside myself cares at all. I need to kick this Glasgow obsession.

Alright then, will now stop typing Glasgow.

3 songs about Berlin

Deaf Havana; CassiopeiaOh Berlin my love, I’ve got you underneath my skin

Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire; BerlinBerlin, you took me in when I needed you most. I promise we’ll always be close.

Kent; Berlin. Du är liv. Du är dom långa milen mot Berlin. [English: You are life. You are the many miles to Berlin.]

If this was Sandman and I was Constantine, it’d be a sign of something for sure. Less sure what that something would be.

PS. A favorite line out of all the lines ever is in the Kent track: Dom viskar: Du är tidlös men dom menar omodern, En elakhet som blir den ultimata komplimangen. [English: They whisper: You’re timeless, but they mean obsolete, A spiteful remark turned into the ultimate compliment.]

New in my playlist; January 2017 edition


Following the mandatory December showing of Love Actually back in December, I added Dido’s Here with Me to a playlist or two.

Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire’s Swithering, I keep having new faves. Currently: No Monsters. But I’ll give you a link to a track you can download completely for free instead, Kingdom Over Again. Surely you can’t pass up on a free track, right?

They’re playing Eminem’s Cinderella Man in one of my workout classes. I’m so susceptible to brainwash. Been adding a few tracks to my playlists. Currently loving the version of Stan featuring Elton John because that piano so delish. Might prefer Dido’s vocals tho.

Sudden obsession with a 2014 Jennifer Rostock release, the song Schlaflos off of the record Schlaflos:

Praying for another German music obsession; it’s always such fun. Let’s not talk about how annoyed I am that the latest Jennifer Rostock release is not on Spotify.

Fave Spotify Discover is Foxblood. Right up my street; I do like me some post-hardcore.

In search for some new German music I stumbled on Annett Louisan’s cover record, including e.g. this lovely rendition of Rammstein’s Engel.

End of year summary; Albums albums 2016

Listing my top albums of the year has never been this easy; they’re three in total:

Thrice; To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere // The Amity Affliction; This Could Be Heartbreak // Architects; All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

I really did like Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ Skeleton TreeRoddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire’s Swithering is still getting a fair amount of play, In Flames’ Battles was every bit as good as you would expect an In Flames record to be (and that is not bad), and Jonathan Johansson’s Love & Devotion was insanely catchy there is no denying that.

But compared to the above mentioned, they just don’t register.

Other albums I’ve played a lot this year: albums 2016

Clearly, my taste is kinda narrow.

What have you been listening to?


signatur 1

New additions to my playlist


Jonathan Johansson – Vem av alla. Off of his new record Love & Devotion. So catchy I like it against my will. Also worth listening to: the first track on the record, Bull City (personal favorite).

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – A Minute to Breathe. Off of the Before the Flood soundtrack. It’s very pretty.

Philipp Poisel – Erkläre mir die Liebe. German singer-songwriter. I want to claim that this is so typically German, as in, why don’t we make this type music around here?

Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire – Berlin. Fave track off of the new record Swithering. I desperately hope it gets a video. I guess you could check out Violet which is the first single form the record. But really, do go give Berlin a listen over at Spotify.

Casey – Fade. That band I saw in Glasgow who opened for Burning Down Alaska/Being as an Ocean. Made it into my most frequently played playlist. Shame singer cut his hair tho?

Novelists – Souvenirs. French metalcore. Who thought that was even a thing.

What’s in your playlist?


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October favorites

I’m swapping my weekly summaries for the classic monthly favorites. Becuse time, time is currently an issue. Anyway. Here we go!


I’m still enjoying Architects, Amity Affliction and Bring Me more than what seems reasonable. But I’ve also been loving Northlane’s Node and EditorsIn Dream.

The new Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire track Violet is everything you’d want from Roddy.

New faves tho; Novelists. Hopefully I’ll love them for longer than a week.


Clothes + makeup


I love combining red and pink. Since dying my hair a reddish type shade I’ve been loving wearing the pink shades in the Makeup Revolution Chocolate Vice palette and just anything pink.

And knits! The necessity to survive this month. And what I needed to get back to loving the cooler weather; should have started wearing the knits sooner.

Other faves: the NYX Lingerie Beauty Mark + NYX blush in Coraline

Social media

Ah yes, the month of Vlogtober. I already mentioned it, but I have been enjoying Leila Buffery’s vlogs.


Vigårda; my new fave eatery in Stockholm: vegan burger + sweet potato fries. Bonus points for their white wine, a lovely Sauvignon blanc for a mere SEK 55  (basically a steal for being Sweden), and let’s not forget about the lovely elderflower + gin drink for the same price. Again; cheap. And good!

This bar, it’s what got me through my Sthlm + Gbg weekend.

raw bite peanut

Can’t quite figure why it has no vegan stamp of approval. Am I not reading it right?


I’m currently watching YouTube only. But, while on the topic, since the release of this Gilmore Girls trailer I’m looking forward to the new season really a lot:

Question: I did watch a movie or two. Nothing worth mentioning, except for, I finally caved and watched Fault in Our Stars because I wanted to see something sad. …didn’t exactly think it was sad. At all. Just really awful. There was literally nothing about it that I did like. Maybe that’s just me.


Can I mention Architects again? Yes I can! Probably my favorite thing of all the things this month; Architects live.

Plans for November

  1. Go to Glasgow; have lots of fun.
  2. Go to Stockholm; see Bring Me the Horizon.
  3. Dye my hair redder still.


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100 day song challenge #94

#94 A song from a really obscure band

I’m not entirely sure how to interpret this category. Is it obscure as in “really weird” or obscure as in not a lot of people listen to it? If the latter, I’ve already mentioned Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire; it’s the one artist/band I listen to with the lowest listener count on and Spotify alike.

But in my mind, when I think of obscure and the music I listen to, I always and without fail think of Current 93. I mean really. They’ve got songs such as “Into the menstrual night I go” and “Lucifer over London”, which I think says a lot of their level of weirdness. It’s minimalist music, at times bordering on kinda creepy, while sometimes just really sweet (basically the Soft Black Stars record). I’m going to go with this interpretation and pick a Current 93 song.

I’ve tried to pick one of their more listenable tracks, not least so because it features Nick Cave, whom we all know and love I’m sure. Do give it a listen, you may just like it.

While I love Current 93, I simply cannot understand how this band has more listeners than Roddy Hart. Is it –because- Current is so weird that they have more listeners? Because we all just want to be hipsters? And listen to music that “nobody” listens to?

Any ideas? Is it just because Current have been around since the 90s (a.k.a. forever) so they’ve simply had the time to gather a following?


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#22 A song that needs more recognition

This isn’t so much the song as the artist. Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire people, why are you not listening to Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire?

Last I checked, Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire had just above 400 listeners on and 170 listeners/month on Spotify. I don’t get it.

Is it just because you all don’t know about them yet?

To be fair. I only heard about them because I bought tickets to see Glasvegas open for the Proclaimers (who, by the way, were so bad we could only stay for a single song, and even that was torture, Glasvegas were great tho, obvs.), and Roddy played before Glasvegas. Aside from playing their original material, they also played a National cover. It was. So good. One of my best live experiences. If you like the National, you should also like Roddy. So that’s the kind of music they play.

Also worth mentioning; they are from Glasgow and Roddy has a show on BBC Scotland Monday nights. I used to listen to it up until I entered my current phase where I prefer people shouting in the music I listen to. Which isn’t exactly the kind of music he plays on his show. More like singer-songwriter type music. But he’s got a beautiful Scottish, so you could well listen for that only.

Also, guy’s dead handsome:

What song/artist do you think needs more recognition?


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Roddy? Or Thrice?

What would you choose? These guys in Edinburgh?

– More convenient date
– Scotland!
– Seen them before, much enjoyed
– I love this song. LOVE.

– I worry that their music is going in a direction I’m not a fan of (I’ve already been to one such gig this year, I was not happy)
– I’m already scheduled for Scotland in the fall, I worry I’ll get bored with Scotland
– Haven’t listened to much lately, according to my stats

Or these guys in London?

– Not seen before
– Listened to quite a bit lately (I mean, we’re not talking BMTH, but you know, for being another band)
– Not been to London in a while, and have no plans on going, so just for variation?
– Could buy lots of stuff I don’t need while I’m at it

– Not a terribly convenient date
– London (only marginally better than Stockholm)
– Actually extremely inconvenient date, I might have to fake illness

If only I could learn to love Stockholm. Or Gothenburg for that matter. Anywhere at all closer to home. But och alas, that is not my destiny. Apparently.

Or. I need a different job allowing lots of going away. Or better still, a job involving me not having to be at the office. How does one go about finding such a job?


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