May wrap-up

May in Sweden. It’s kind of disappointing. Someone on Twitter made this striking observation “Do we even have seasons anymore or is it just on shuffle?” It was an insane mix of snow, sunshine, warm and cold. Just make up your mind!?! I can’t dress for this!

Listened to

Unbeliever and Red Eyes by Architects. New favorites (old tracks). Odds that they’re in the current/future setlist…? (Might be pretending I don’t know what’s in the setlist. Mebbe.)

Sea Change by Thrice. New Thrice track, and it’s such a treat! Surely we’re not so lucky it means a new album is in the works? It was just a one-off right? How does one get news about Thrice anyway?


Storytel. Apparently my book streaming service of choice. Turns out I was wrong thinking audiobooks were definitely not for me, even if I’m on the distracted side as suspected. It’s also the one thing that’s currently keeping me “reading”.

Fördömd. Novel by Johanne Hildebrandt; clearly my favorite writer of all the writers. Was an excellent company on my walks.


Best eyeliner in a while:


Clearly so rare it needs a special mention.

Come to think of it, it was in fact not in May but the end of April when I went to see Little Jinder, but never mind! Loved the outfit too, men’s camouflage hoodie + fave H&M shorts, biggest hoops I could wear and Vagabond boots. Sis has OK:ed for wearing to maybe a more appropriate occasion such as metal gig. (What’s the fun in that?! I’ll dig out some flowery dress or something such. Because being inappropriate is highly entertaining?)

Gave eyebrows another go. It’s as if I’m not meant to have eyebrows. Or I’m now so used to having no brows I just think it looks wrong (on me). May as well clear out all brow products. Not that I have many, but still.


Reign. On the one hand, Catherine is some sort if carrier of feminist ideas, on the other, all other women on this show are malnourished. Severely. I don’t particularly approve of this ambivalence. Surely it could have been avoided? And I miss Francis. They’re ignoring history anyway, couldn’t Bash die instead? They could just pretended that it was Francis because he wanted out of the whole being king deal. Or something! I dunno. It just makes no sense to ge rid of a perfectly good character like Francis and keep a pointless character like Bash.

The Handmaid’s Tale! 💕

And can we just quickly mention Twin Peaks…first two episodes, not bad. Third one. Third one I could just not get through and gave up. Mistake?

Food things

Red wine. As in tried to learn to love red wine (again, used to be v. v. fond of it) failed miserably. It just makes my stomach turn. And I’m not even talking about as a result of much wine, we’re talking one small glass (I don’t normally do small glasses of wine).

Cava. Might be even better than Sauvignon blanc. Had some Freixenet and it was amazing. And yes HI I’m a wino, what of it?

Protein. I’m all about the protein these days. Top 5 proteins (in no particular order): Bean pasta; which I like to add to bean dishes. Edamame beans; add to some rice, sprouts and roasted broccoli + mustard or wasabi and that’s all you need. Rice protein; add to pancakes. Sea weed tofu; add to purple cabbage, aubergine puree, mushrooms and pasta. Veggi fake meat; fry up with strong spices, add kale and roasted beets. Bit of roasted garlic mayo (Astrid & aporna ♥♥.)


Penntricket. I do still love Penntricket, but the episode where they collab with Lillelördag was kinda painful. I mean suuure, it aptly illustrates how some women are completely clueless when it comes to feminism, but that also means that they more or less had to step away from the feminist topic because you can’t discuss any topic with people who are not aware and apparently also lacking interest. The conversation just went in the wrong direction and never found its way anywhere near back.

Maria Nila. I hate it that Maria Nila is so expensive but so undeniably the best. I was using Lee Stafford’s heat protection, which works really well to keep your hair straight once you’ve straightened it. However. Turned the ends of my hair into all knots, basically, so I switched to the Maria Nila heat protective cream spray. It is good. Similarly, disappointed with Lush’s Retread conditioner, so, again, switching to Maria Nila.

Plans for June

  1. Architects! Just the one show, because I’m practicing moderation.
  2. Catch up on actual reading. I’ve got a week off work, is there anything better to do with a week off than try to get out of this reading slump?
  3. Spend quality time with cats.
  4. Resist the urge to book a trip because I’ve got no business going anywhere and it’s bad for the environment and my finances. And I should suffer. I’m sure it’s what I deserve.
  5. Last hair dye in a while. I love having red hair, but I hate how the dye stains literally everything for weeks afterwards. I can’t deal. But I’ve still got some dye left. So. One last time.

What I’ve been watching on Netflix

I go through periods where I subscribe to different (video) streaming services; I’m a notoriously disloyal customer. Currently, I’m on a Netflix subscription, because I ♥ Reign.

So far I’ve watched:

Reign. It did not disappoint. I feel that if you’re one of the (unfortunately quite few) people who’s fallen for this series you’re going to like this final season too. It has managed to retain its identity quite well, unlike say Vikings, which I just don’t get at all anymore. Not sure I like what they’ve done to Elizabeth though. They’ve made her into a petty woman; was that really necessary? Also not a fan of the fact that in order to be cast in this show you apparently cannot be a day older than 16 and have a malnourished physique. The character Catherine basically makes up for it tho, she’s mean and old and clearly feminist, challenges a fair number gender stereotypes. And did I mention she’s mean? I do so love the female villain.

How to Be Single. I’m confused as to what this movie is trying to say. But that could well be because it didn’t keep my attention particularly well.

New Girl. I mentioned binge watching here, even though I’m not exactly in love with it, it’s been good for background noise.

The Americans. I used to love this series so much. Right now. I need to remind myself to watch it, and 9 times out of 10 I’m just not in the mood.

Diana. The Naomi Watts rendition. I swear I did give it a chance but oh God. It was not good.

Santa Clarita Diet. I dunno. My interest was purely based on the fact that Drew is in it. Turns out that is not enough of a reason to actually like it. Even if I did finish watching all the episodes available. Mainly because I wanted to see where the hell they were going. Not convinced they know where they’re going.

The Matrix Trilogy. Well I tried. Because I recalled really liking it back in the day. Started watching the first movie. Yeah. That was a no go. Did not even get far at all.

Stepmom. You know the Susan Sarandon + Julia Roberts movie? Not as good as I remember it.

I’m giving up. I don’t know what else there is to watch. Nothing catches my interest.

So. I’m cancelling my subscription to switch back to the horrible HBO Nordic. Apparently that’s where you can watch The Handmaid’s Tale. Obvs a favorite book of mine (feminist and dystopia you say!?! Actually I think my mum pushed it on me aaages ago, her taste in books is flawless), and obvs v. v. interested for that very reason. But also. I keep hearing people who’ve watched it saying it’s true horror, which makes me even more interested. Need to binge it asap!

Warte warte immer weiter; 5 TV shows

Can’t wait for the new season of the following:

Gilmore Girls.

Obviously, but I’m not looking forward to November 25th quite as much as…

Vikings, Novmber 30th.

Obsessed; not sure I can wait that long.

Reign. Another obsession; Mary Queen of Scots.

There isn’t even a trailer for season 4; return isn’t until January.

The Knick. Please let it come back, I am so in love with the era and the medical perspective especially.

Historieätarna. The Swedish version of The Supersizers Eat basically. Except better. Third and last season starts in about a month. So looking forward to, the trailer’s so promising.


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