Things I worry about

I’m a worried sort of person. I worry about a lot of things. Most of which are irrational or simply completely and utterly unimportant.

For example, I often worry that my taste in music will stagnate. I live in constant fear of being the person who hasn’t discovered a new band for 20 years. Who’s still going to see the same band playing the same songs only in a far bigger venue and with a lot less passion.

Currently top of my wishlist: end of year summary of new acts listened to by the end of the year from Spotify. Although that’s probably asking a lot since they didn’t even manage to send me any type summary for last year. Should probably take notes based on’s last.week.

Moving on…

This is also one of few areas where I put in an effort. It is possible to learn to love an act you previously couldn’t stand. Or at least thought very little of. I do this all the time.

The idea of working too hard to like something that doesn’t come natural to you I find very strange in this context. You’d miss out on a lot and never develop your taste. Besides, some of my absolute favorites are an acquired taste. Actually. Can’t think of one that isn’t.

This idea, presented by one influencer in passing and which has since proceeded to annoy the hell out of me, seems to be based on the assumption that people like a certain genre, and that acts within this genre will appeal to you naturally.

This is just insanity. I’ve worked equally hard to like Stray from the Path (hardcore) and Jonathan Johansson (pop). Initial reaction to both Noooooo, what is this?? I hardly think I’m unique in this. By which I’m trying to demonstrate that it’s not connected to genre.

I’m not saying you can learn to love anything—to my great dismay. I still want to be Silvana Imam’s biggest fan but it’s just not happening. And then there are some you should just stay away from by principle, what I am saying is that you could well be missing out if you’re still going back to what you listened to as a teenager, not adding anything new to your playlist.

Sure, I still give Antichrist Superstar a listen every once in a while, but then I’ll add the latest Pvris to the list, because music is not getting any worse. In fact, I have this constant feeling that it is in fact getting better. If you don’t agree, then I’m 100% sure you’re still listening to Guns N Roses and, let’s face it, they’re not aging well.

Basically, I also worry that you, yes you, are missing out too.

This might have been brought on by spending to much time at uni with people even older than me (yes, imagine that), who still haven’t moved on from Sisters of Mercy. Not that I don’t love First & Last & Always, it’s just. Have you seen Stray from the Path live? Can’t we just let Andrew Eldritch move on to other things?

So basically. If you’re wondering what that old person is doing at the gig, well that would be me, and this should explain why.

Goodbye to June

June was an excellent month in terms of music.

A. I learned to love Korn

I had decided long ago Korn was not a band for me. Because whyyy would anyone bother with Korn when you could be listening to Tura Satana?

And if you know your music history you can quickly deduce that this was a decision I made in the late 90s.

However. Their latest releases are so my taste. I mean Black is the Soul; I can’t not like it. And if there is something I love is learning to like a band I’ve previously…not been to keen on. Put mildly.

Question is. Is it worth while seeing Korn live at this point in time? Or is it just too late?

B. New releases

In This Moment’s Roots. Insanely catchy track. Also in love with the Oh Lord video. It’s the perfect blend of Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson.

Pvris; What’s Wrong. This song alone is reason enough for me to brave Fryshuset in November. Really. Though I still hesitate. Because Stockholm. It is not a place I love visiting. Even less so since having been to Malmö for the first time. Why can’t all bands just play there? Not least because so far, pretty much all venues in Sweden seem to be better than Fryshuset. Fryshuset can’t even get the sound anywhere near acceptable.

C. (Re)discovering old releases

Deaf Havana’s Anemophobia. Both the first part on the Fools and Worthless Liars album, and this second part which isn’t on Spotify (I think?).

Crystal Castles’ I’m not in love. Found it on an old mixed CD I keep in the car. It’s still brilliant. As I’m sure you know.

I basically want all songs to feature Robert Smith and be this sad.

David Bowie’s I’m deranged from the Lost Highway soundtrack. Has to be my favorite Bowie track. (Popular opinion, yes?)

D. Architects

Played in Malmö and as you might imagine, it was brilliant. Might just have been the best one so far. Even if it was on the sweaty side (tho not as sweaty/lacking oxygen as Thrice at the Forum last year).

Malmo was excellent thank you @edmasonphoto

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D. Deaf Havana booked a UK tour

And I’m apparently going to the Brighton show. I mean probably. I’ve got a ticket, I just haven’t made any travel arrangements. Or checked if I can have time off. I’ve got a creeping suspicion we might have something booked at work.

Not that -that- would necessarily stop me. I have no work ethics.

Reading was also not bad, mainly because of

Bitterfittan 2 by Maria Sveland

It is decidedly one of the great feminist novels. Oh yes, it’s a fact, not at all a matter of opinion.

Gawd I love being so friggin old I don’t even care if nobody agrees with me. Not that I cared before, I was just more likely to be influenced by the opinions of others, whereas now, if you tell me this is not a good book/not feminist, I’m just going to think you’re wrong.

Most reviewers have basically hated this book.

What a lot of bores.

This is how I know it’s summer: I start wearing activewear to work. I.e., it is now summer in Sweden.

This makes sense. Wearing the activewear I mean. I can go straight from work to workout without changing. Which I feel comfortable with because working at uni, there’s pretty much no one working in the summer. Or at least they’re not at the office. Except for me. Because I’m admin and use my holidays for going to shows that are not in summer.

That being said.

Leggings. It is a gift from the gods. I can’t be bothered with clothes that restrict movement. Cannot! Just give me a pair of leggings and a loose top. It’s all I want to wear, ever.

Although. I do realize that it is at times inappropriate. Unfortunate that. I would prefer being oblivious. Being oblivious is so underrated.

A few things were less than brilliant.

My period has suddenly decided it’s going to be regular. WHY HAS THIS EVIL BEFALLEN ME I AM TOO OLD ETC.

On the one hand, it’s great, no extra hormones for me (..might also mean I’m healthier than I have been, but what’s the fun in that?), on the other, my period is evil.

Regular period means more opportunities for it to turn up uninvited. And it likes to do that.

Period: Travel you say!? I shall come along for the ride.
Me: NOoooooOO.

Which leads me to….

I love Clue and all, but it can’t predict my periods for shit.

Me: Yup, that’ll be another 7 days then.
Clue: 25 days to go!
Me: WHY am I giving you ALL THIS INFO and all you give me is a goddamn average number??? Might as well be using a calculator! Are you seriously telling me you can’t see the signs!? Because I fucking can.
Clue: *remains clueless*
Me: *rolls eyes*

We’re currently not in agreement.

And one correction.

I dyed my hair. As mentioned last month. Aaand. It’s not going to be the last time. Forgot how much I love this color, even if it stains all that isn’t black.

Guess it just means I need more black things in my life.

Next month

I’ll just be waiting for August and vacation.

And I want • jan 2017

See Casey play again. They announced a tour on Monday, but the dates/places are simply no good. So keen to see them again.

Take up running. ???? Something has to be wrong with me, I absolutely hate running. But I keep wanting to feel completely out of breath. Maybe it’ll pass? Or maybe, I’ll device a plan to get started soon as the roads are ice-free?

More daylight. Obvious one. Should make it a point to fit in as much vacation as humanly possible during these horrible months.

New and improved bands in town. Seriously. I want to think that at one point it did work as it should, but right now, it doesn’t feel updated at all. I don’t trust it for a second.

More cats to sit. What I mean is, family sometimes use me as cat sitter. Because I’ve decided I can’t have a cat where I live now, being a cat sitter is the next best thing.

New PVRIS record. I hear it’s coming, excited!

Band merch. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s perfect gym wear. Plus, I do want to support all of my favorites, of course.

New Editors record. No idea if it’s in the works. I can’t work out how to get news about this band. Or maybe there are no news? But their latest offering was so my taste I need more.

A notebook that can be used as bullet journal. You’d think that’d be an easy one. But no. Finding an appropriate notebook around these parts is apparently not easy at all. I’ve been to multiple stores already, I’ve found literally nothing. I’m not prepared to order the official bullet journal just yet, need to try it on for size first. See if it sticks.

Lush hair products. This! I could get at any time. I just want to smell like an entire Lush store. Problem: I don’t actually need any hair products for the time being. And I’m trying to be a bit more mindful shopper.

The Twitter strategy; Or whyy are they so samey?

You know how some bands will follow you on Twitter as a part of their marketing strategy?

Conquer Divide is starting to bug me. Because they’ve followed me approx 5 times now. More than once is already one time too many. At least. I mean FFS.

Not that this strategy doesn’t work. It does, in a way. If the goal is to get me to give them a listen.

This last time it was actually the guitarist and not the band that followed, and she’s a funny tweeter so, hey ho, I’ll give it another listen. I do love a funny tweeter.

Verdict: It’s not bad. It is definitely within the range of music I listen to.

My one but is: there’s already more than a handful of bands sounding pretty much exactly like this. To no small part because the singers all sound the same.

It’s like they’re all trying to copy Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hayley, but my Hayley quota is filled. And let’s face it. Lynn Gunn of PVRIS is the new and improved version of Hayley. At this point in time, makes no sense to be copying Hayley.

To me, all of these are far too similar:

Conquer Divide


New Years Day

The Material

The Nearly Deads

Courage My Love

Tonight Alive

It is possible I wouldn’t complain if the lot of them copied Mariam, as in in Mariam the Believer. If you’re going to copy someone, copy Mariam. The quality of her voice is just so insanely appealing and, far as I know, there are not a lot singers like this out there. Especially not in the pop/punk/metal genre. Just listen to this:

Now imagine that to metal music? Would be my fave band ever. Easy.

Why is it though that they all sound so much alike? Is it because of Hayley? That can’t be it? Not all of them? Is it just that’s what most female voices sound like? Again, that can’t be it, surely you can control your voice to an extent?

I just don’t get it.

I don’t want to be complaining about female vocalists, or musicans, at all. Lord knows we need more women in music; they should get all sorts of praise merely for venturing into the business at all.

So to be fair. I have issues with male vocalists sounding the same too. But they not only sound the same, they also suck. I’m talking about the barking kind. Which is the problem; they sound like barking dogs. Why would you want to listen to that?

A barking vocalist can just ruin it all. I know of bands with two vocalists, and the clean vocalist is perfectly fine, sometimes even really good, the music ditto, but the unclean one is just going for dog/monster. Can’t be listened to. Just can’t.

However. A) to my knowledge they haven’t attempted the Twitter strategy – although I had a quite interesting experience with Dream on Dreamer, which is a band I liked and followed, upon which they followed me back but then unfollowed. Er? OK? Someone clicking all the buttons? Or it just coincided with their PR doing the Twitter thing?

Anyway. I listen to enough male musicians as it is. If there are a few I don’t like, that’s how it should be. But I feel female musicians are underrepresented in my playlists. And I don’t like it. I want to like all the female musicians. In metal and similar genres especially. Why are you all making it so goddamn difficult??

Maybe my problem with the bands/vocalists mentioned above is that I struggle to hear what feeling they’re trying to convey. Or that the feeling sounds insincere? Unlike sayyy…Nicole Sabouné. I hear emotion in this:

I’m not saying any of these singers are bad. In fact, I’d rather they suck a bit, be a bit off beat, a bit off tune, it’d give them some character, make them memorable. There’s lots of decent musicians already, you know? Being skilled is not enough.

To be honest, not even sure it’s necessary to be good at all. An awful lot of the time being skilled is just plain boring. I’d rather listen to someone with interesting ideas than someone with lots of technical skills.

And maybe, ask your PR to have at least one more strategy, not just follow bunch of random people on Twitter. Follow a user more than once and maybe it doesn’t matter how good you are, they’re still going to be kinda annoyed.


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100 day song challenge #46

#46 A song with the word fire in the title

I’ve been listen to PVRIS quite a bit lately, so I’ve been purposely searching for a reason to include them in this challenge.

I love this band and if you haven’t heard them you really should get to it. It’s an alt rock trio with a twist of electronica. What really does it for me tho is the singer, kind of reminds me of Paramore’s Hayley Williams with a deliverance like PJ Harvey in Send his love to me (the latter might be my own personal association). I shall crown her fave frontperson of a group. Not least because she’s aced live performances and interviews too. OK then, I feel myself regressing into some sort of Wayne and Garth state here…so let’s just move on to the song!

Apty enough, they have a song called Fire.

But do also give My House a listen. And You and I. Hell, just listen to the entire record while you’re at it. Promise you won’t regret it.


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