A week in January


I dunno about you, but for me, it doesn’t matter if I go to bed later than usual, I’ll still wake up same time as always. Around 7. Sleeping in does not exist in my world.

Instead, I’ll crash around 5 in the afternoon. Which was what I did on Monday. Suddenly found myself in a desperate need of a nap, this one was v. pleased (despite her resting bitch face):



My skin informed me, in no uncertain terms, that it was time for a mask. The situation was getting far too oily. This was what I had at hand:


Not the best mask in the world, but it gets the job done.

Do, however, need to quit the Neal’s Yard day cream; I want to love it because it smells divine, but it doesn’t control my oils at all. Which was what lead to the desperate situation.


Finally finished Steve Sem-Sandberg’s Therese about Ulrike Meinhof. There was probably a reason why I read the first 200 pages, put it back on the shelf and forgot about it. It was a strange read. Not necessarily in a good way.

Also not sure how I feel about it assuming all readers know German. Like this:


I.e. there was a frequent use of German lines, no translation or explanation. I usually like random inclusion of German in texts, but in this case…

It reminds me of this lecture in poetry where the lecturer thought it was a good idea to read German poetry out loud to the class, arguing that even if you don’t understand German you get a feel for the poem.


Maybe if it was read by Blixa Bargeld, but you, dear sir, you ain’t no Blixa.

Then again, it’s one of very few lectures I actually remember. So A for memorability?


On the one hand, time to get back to work :(((( etc.

Accumulating papers, doing me absolutely no good at all.

On the other, might be about time because the absolute majority of Wednesday was spent in front of the TV. I managed to catch 2 Harry Potter movies (!!) and stream Miss You Already. Among other things. Def. too long.

It’s nice have an excuse to put on tight pair of jeans and a full face of makeup though. For a while anyway.


Because today is Twelfth Night, the workday is a mere 4 hours. For those of us here. Quite frankly, I didn’t expect there to be hardly anyone at all. Thusly this outfit:

H&M sports tights (💕), black Puma hoodie from the men’s section (i.e., big and comfy), and most importantly, me mukluks.

This way, chances I’ll fit in a workout increases by a lot of percents. ..well. At least a half hour stretch. Stretching is my current favorite. LOVE stretching, long as possible!


A weekend morning must not be wasted on same old breakfast as usual (even if you’re still, miraculously, not tired of it), thusly, vegan chocolate pancakes:


Just tweaked my regular recipe: 1 cup of oats/flour, 2 scoops protein powder, 1 tbsp cacao, 1 tsp sugar, 2 tsp baking soda, 1 cup water/plant milk, 0.5 tsp salt and some cinnamon, yields about 12 small pancakes, enough for 2 servings. Served with a drizzle of agave and raspberries!

For next weekend I’m looking forward to trying a chocolate, peanut butter and banana baked oatmeal, as described by Caitlin Shoemaker here!


This weekend has been all about the stretching, watching things on svtplay and food; I’ve prepped beans, made scones and plain oatmeal squares to bring to work as a snack, filled my freezer with my favorite vegan sausage stew, an impromptu broccoli, purple cabbage and barley dish, and today I made my current favorite pasta dish:


It takes about 2 seconds to make: get a jar of primavera, fry up a squash in olive oil and garlic in some form, add frozen spinach for good measure, then in with approx. 250 g of beans (giant white is my fave), heat it up and serve with pasta. Added a cheeky red pepper too, because, why not?

Serves three; my freezer is now completely full. Won’t have to meal prep for weeks, which is a shame because I’m in a rare mood where I actually want to try making new things, according to recipe—unheard of!

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post. Past topics for this challenge can be found here.

What vegans eat; fake meat

Fake meat; sometimes I hate it and sometimes I love it.

Right now, friggin love it! Not only because the high protein content makes my life so much easier, but also, they seem to have upped their game. It comes already seasoned and the texture is nice. That didn’t use to be the case.

4 favorite fake meat meals

Vegobitar (English: vegetarian pieces)


Basically a soy product pretending to be pieces of chicken. I don’t think that it would fool a carnivore, but that’s hardly the point.

What I do with this is easy.

Just take a few favorite veggies, chop them up, fry in a pan together with the veggie bites and some garlic, add some bean pasta and aubergine puree and you’re done.


Green and purple foods. Have I mentioned it’s a favorite?

Soy sausage


I was never big on sausage. But oh. This one, it is not bad. It’s pretending to be a chorizo; can’t say if it does a good job or not. I never had chorizo.

Again, I’m basically lazier than Cheap Lazy Vegan. However, unfortunately for me, not as cheap. But when it comes to this sausage, no regrets.

I just make a sort of ratatouille to go with it. Sort of means frying some broccoli, all of it! The stem is the best part. Add aubergine and a red pepper, fry until aubergine starts to look the way you like it, add sausage along with some crushed tomatoes with garlic (can’t even be bothered to add the garlic myself apparently..), and a bit of oregano. Let it heat up for a couple of minutes.

Serve up with a slice of wholegrain toast and tomatoes.


K*ckl*ng (English: Ch*ck*n)


Another chicken type product. Soy again, and again, I don’t think anyone would mistake this for chicken, and if you’re trying to avoid chicken, that’s going to be a relief.

Some of my usual suspects, i.e. green in the form of asparagus, and what was left of that head of purple cabbage, plus a couple of carrots. Just fry up with garlic, obvs, lime pepper and wasabi sesame. Serve with extra sesame seeds and a bit of roasted garlic mayo (currently obsessed, yesssss).


Bonus: as I was tidying up I found a small piece of glass on the counter. Clearly from one of the containers I was using. Lunch is going to be exciting! Will I or won’t I cut up all of my insides because there’s glass in my food!?! Nobody knows!

Soy mince


Don’t you just love any product that clearly states it’s vegan?

To be fair, it is also great when I use my eyes to read the packaging. I just discovered I’ve been having a fake meat that is in fact not vegan. Was egg in it. So that’s great.

Not this one though! Clearly vegan, and not something I eat -that- often. I was never in the habit of using mince. For the most part, I’m more likely to just use lentils.

Not because this is a bad product, it’s not at all. Nice consistency, carries flavors well, healthy, what more could you possibly ask for?

So I thought up this combination:

Cut up a medium sized squash, one red pepper, and one small aubergine, mix it around in some vegetable stock, a tablespoon of oil (I used the oil my sun dried tomatoes were in), oregano, and garlic granules. Stick in the oven, about 250 degrees for 22 minutes.

Meanwhile, cook 90 g of couscous, mix in a bit of sun dried tomatoes and defrost the mince in a pan with some cumin, salt and pepper.

This will serve about 3 people.


Was not unhappy with this meal.

2 protein packed vegan meals

I’m in the middle of tweaking all my meals to add enough protein to hit some completely random magic number on a daily basis. Yesyes, my protein obsession continues.

Nono, science has got nothing to do with it.

Let’s get on with it!

Here’s two meals I created based on this little guy:

Vegan cooking cream. Obviously.

Pasta with an aubergine tarragon and mustard sauce + a favorite bean.


A trick that I’m using for both meals to really boost the protein is bean pasta. Bean pasta is an amazing invention and it will get you much further than just plain beans. However much I love beans, I have a limit of 100 g/meal. Any more than that in a single serving is just too much.

Prepare your pasta according to instructions on the package. Approx. 80 g should be enough for 2 servings. Cut up an aubergine and fry until practically black. Because you’re going to be adding sun dried tomatoes, use the oil they’re in to fry your aubergine. Less waste + delicious. Add 200 g of whatever bean you prefer and let them get some color before turning down the heat and adding half a package of iMat (125 ml), some spinach, sun dried tomatoes, tarragon, mustard, salt, pepper, and bit of garlic in some form for good measure.

Serve with some fresh tomatoes.

Curry chickpeas and pasta


I love combining chickpeas, curry and pasta. Added bonus: peanuts. Well. Not actual peanuts. I’m using peanut flour. Because peanut butter remains a trigger and I can’t keep it in the house.

This will serve 3:

Make your bean pasta according to instructions on the package. 75 g should do it. Meanwhile, fry up 450 g of cabbage in whatever oil you prefer. I might have used Carlshamn margerine, it’s what I usually use with curry. When the cabbage has reached desired softness, add what’s left of your iMat package + bit of water, curry, peanut flour (10 g/serving, also gives a nice protein boost) and finally 200 g chickpeas. Although you could well let them get some color in the pan with the cabbage. Whatever you fancy!

Oh. And don’t forget salt and pepper. Ganz ganz wichtig!

Serve with pasta and cover the lot with tomatoes. Because tomatoes are nice. And takes away some of the sting of the curry.

Vegan protein banana pancakes

You might have noticed I’m a bit obsessed with pancakes. Tiny bit.

Most recent version was a result of the following:

Watched a video about PCOS. Person in video claimed that if you suffer from PCOS you should count calories for 3 days, because that is knowledge you need. How many cals you consume on a daily basis. My Ed*: Counting calories you say!? We must!

I know this makes no sense. Not only because lousy reason but because:

a) I don’t have PCOS, I have PCO, not the same.
b) Even my PCO status is unclear, currently bleeding approximately every 2 months, highly regular for being me.
c) Nobody needs to count calories ever.

But I’m at a place right now where I’m listening to Ed. I get Lifesum (again) been using (far longer than 3 days).

Lifesum will also show you percentages of carbs, protein and fat.

In general, I strongly believe you don’t need to make special efforts to get protein into your diet if you’re vegan. Who ever heard of anyone dying from protein deficiency around these parts?? Nobody that’s who. It doesn’t happen. Make sure to have some B12 supplements, and iron if you’re struggling with iron uptake, the latter goes for any diet, and you’re good to go!

Despite this, my reaction is 10% protein!? My hair will fall out! Clearly, what I do suffer from is anxiety. And a bad case of unreasonable.

I’m upping my protein like a woman possessed.

Here’s an easy way to pack 20 g of protein into one (vegan) meal:

Find yourself a nice protein powder. My choice: a rice protein, because it doesn’t taste anything. Take 20 g of your protein powder of choice, 30 g flour, 1 tsp baking soda, pinch of salt, 1 banana, 50 g soygurt, if you want a thick batter, if not, use water or any type plant milk instead. Optional: bit of flaxseeds.

You could mix by hand, but I prefer using a blender.

Gives you about 5 small pancakes. And yes, they’re supposed to look like that. I ♥ rustic.

Serve with raspberries sprinkled with a wee bit of ginger, maybe a bit of agave and cinnamon.


*Ed is a pet name for eating disorder.