New bullet journal. Planner? …notebook?

As you probably know, I’ve been using this notebook to plan my life the past few months:


I love how it ages, it’s gone nice and soft and it’s served me real well. Which is good, because I have another two just like it, only different colors. There’s only room for another few weeks in this one, so I thought it was about time to set up a new one.

This is the one:


Blank pages, weird size slightly smaller than A4, from IKEA.

I’m changing things up slightly, but I’m keeping the first page, i.e. where I outline the weeks and the first + last date of each week. Like so:


I also still need to track work hours, last time I dyed hair etc., and the future log is quite nifty.


To be honest, I don’t actually make use of my want and need list, but I’m not quite ready to give up on the idea.


I also like to use the notebook to track culture consumed:


My reading list for a quick overview of what I’ve read, and I like to note records released this year that I’ve at least given a listen. I’ll use it for a post completely about, or at least including, fave releases of the year when we get into December.

I used to list movies I’d watched, but I’ve decided to change it because a. I don’t watch a lot of movies, b. the majority of movies watched I’d seen before, and c. wouldn’t it be more fun to just list anything, clip, tv series or movie in a list with stupid comment? I think yes. So I’ve made a list for that. We’ll see how it works outs.

As for monthly trackers. They had their use at one point, but lately I find that I’m just filling them out, never going back to them or using them to create new habits, so for now, I’m going to not have any monthly trackers.

First three weekly spreads:


On the one hand, it would kind of neat if I could learn to draw, to decorate the spreads. On the other, I do like the simplicity.

Went a little overboard with the banners on that one spread. Yes well. I’ve done worse spreads in my life.

5 reasons to love Insta

Long gone are the days of using Insta for makeup inspo.

OK, maybe not long gone, but I don’t do that anymore.

With one exception; the account run by the girl who bleaches her eyebrows? Yes, that one. Couldn’t give it up. Obviously.

But there are many other reasons to love Insta. My top 5 reasons:

There’s lots of feminism on Insta. Keeps you up to date, gives you inspiration, contributes to general mental wellbeing. Current favorite: fannyarsinoe. She’s full of feminist wisdom and makes lovely art.


English: To those of you who think I’m a feminist because unable to get guy: I’m not feminist because I’m ugly, I’m ugly because I’m feminist.

It is a shame she writes in Swedish, limits her reach. Also seems unfair to all non-Swedish speakers. You’re missing out.

Silliness, sarcasm, irony. Like this:

English: Tell me more. I’m dying of curiousity.

Vegan inspo! Moby makes sure we don’t forget why we’re vegan. Sometimes with numbers:

Planner ideas!

Architects. If I have to expand on this I will just start going on about how I do follow lots of bands, some of which I don’t even really listen to, so apparently I just like to have people on stages in my feed. Obviously just lies I tell myself. So let’s just leave it.

NYC night 2 tonight! It's a sell out ✅📸: @edmasonphoto

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Excellent jump, sir.

Unfortunately. This also comes with some creepy pics of large groups of men. That’s when this comes in handy, to counteract any skin-crawling feelings:

Getting my weekly spreads sorted

Well. It’s getting there.

I’ve concluded that for my weekly spreads I like boxes. And lines that are less than neat and straight.

So basically. I’m merely reminding you that you don’t have to be an artist to have a bullet journal. In case you forgot.

Best part: when you make your own weekly spreads, you can make it so that you have all the writing space you need. Love that!

Planner #2

Remember my old planner? It didn’t last me very long.

I’ve already set up a new notebook to use as planner; this time I’ve selected a pale pink, blank page notebook from IKEA. It seems to be a size between A5 and A4; turns out this is the perfect size for me. Let’s have a look!


I’m not sure this actually corresponds to the definition of calendex, but no matter! It’s a list of weeks and dates, which is all I need to know.

And yes, I could probably use a ruler next time.


I’ve kept my future log pretty much the same as in my old planner.


I’ve moved some items off my habit tracker to a when was the last time list, and my working hours from my weekly spreads to a page of its own.


I’ve also moved my meal tracker from my weekly spreads. I like to see them all gathered regardless of week or month, the idea is that way I can see how I move from obsessing about certain foods to others and then draw some conclusions about my patterns. Yes, I’m narcissistic like that.

My monthly tracker will be pretty much the same as before. And because I’m lazy I’ll glue in a grid page.


List of purchases in an attempt to get my shopping under control, and using a dutch door for my wants and needs list; my gym schedule on the page following.


Another page folded in half, ideas for posts, which I’m sure I’ll proceed to talk myself out of.


A reading list; sure I love GoodReads, but I also love stupid notes for my own personal use. Plus, I feel this is actually a better overview than any website and/or app can offer.


I also keep a list of blog posts, because I find it quite useful as a way to keep track of what posts I’ve scheduled and on what topic.


Two wee folders; the smaller folder on top of the other folder is where I keep passwords for different sites and systems. Because I’m a rebel like that. Writing them down even though you shouldn’t. But I mean, who would ever find them?? (And if they did, have fun looking at students’ results in Ladok.)


I still struggle with weekly spreads. I seem to start with one idea in mind and then deciding against it half-way through, ending with a spread that just looks a mess.

Not that it matters in terms of practicality, but you know. It’s an eyesore. This here is one I didn’t hate:


Only problem: it was supposed to be a spread, i.e. two pages facing each other, not a front and a back.

Oh well.