This week’s favorites


Arga Tanten (English: The Angry Lady). A blog about skincare run by a lady who is no longer in her 20s.

You might have noticed that any blog/channel/pod about skincare run by a lady over 30; it is my current obsession. This is no slight on 20-somethings; their concerns are different from mine.

As it so happens, this lady also has the tip of the week: let go of the cotton pads and just slap your products on using your hands. I can do that?!?

I was thinking of getting reusable cotton rounds, but I’ll def give this a go first; the fewer things the better, right?



Pre-spending diet, I managed to pick up two new NYX Lingerie lipsticks. I’m going sans foundation type product for now, and as it turns out, my favorite shade Corset looks terrible with my naked skin. So I did my research and found two colors that work well with my natural color: Exotic + Ruffle Trim

Another trick to make them work better with your natural color is to blot. (Maybe that’s just me? Maybe everyone else do blot their liquid lipsticks?)

The NYX Lingerie range remains a firm favorite for me. Stays on your lips, not sticky, only drying if you put on A TON (coincidentally why Beauty Mark works less well, because it’s patchy, and then you start to layer and that just does not end well and I’m so off topic. Never mind!), excellent shade range, I have no desire to try anything else because this works. I love it when you find something that works.

…what also works, when you leave home and forget all your lip products, is taking a (clean!) finger and putting shadow on your lips, top it off with some EOS lip balm. Just.  Saying.

Instagram account

This might be a bit of a weird one. I follow the food brand Saltåkvarn on Insta, and I’ve been loving their posts lately. There’s been lots of porridge posts lately. And. It just makes me very happy.

Especially when they turn porridge into dessert:


I’ve read Mr. Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange. Saw a few negative comments on GoodReads; how are there people not liking this book?? I’m basically in love! I love everything about it, including the size of the book, you know, that it’s more of a square than books tend to be?

I want more books like this!

I also need to mention Nina Hemmingsson’s På A svarar jag hej då. Feeling sorry for all of you who don’t speak Swedish and are missing out.


Spotify Discover Weekly has actually presented me with something quite brilliant. Had no intention of listening to it, but in my general undecided state as to what to listen to that particular day, Spotify started playing Emma Ruth Rundle and it was love at first sight.

It’s somewhere between Chelsea Wolfe and PJ Harvey. Have a listen!


Line in a song

Om vi nånsin behövt ett mirakel så kan det få komma nu.
(If we ever needed a miracle, now would be good)

Not so much the actual words as the delivery; I’m obsessed with the delivery.

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post.

Woman crush Wednesday

So this is good. I’ve created a challenge that I find challenging. Why did I do that?

I tend to have a lot of woman crushes. And I tend to harp on about them. Unless you’re new, you probably know that I’m madly in love with Nina Hemmingsson, Roxane Gay, Helen Zahavi, Johanne Hildebrandt, Liv Strömqvist…to mention a few. Feminist. Writers.

What can I say. I have a type?

I can’t be going on about any of them any more. Can I…?

Nina Hemmingsson is releasing a new book next week; the title alone would make her a candidate for this post (På A svarar jag hej då//English: My answer to A is goodbye), and don’t get me started on her Twitter. The woman is pure genius.

But I think you know that already. And if you don’t, there’s really nothing I can do about it.

The purpose of this prompt, as I understand it, is to introduce you to someone new. Hopefully anyway.

So this is the challenge for me: who have I thus far failed to mention?

…for the record, I just want to state that my (current) actual crush is fannyarisone. Hands down! You know how I like to link to her Instagram. Recent post of hers that made me laugh:

English: Stop being so hysterical?! No you know what, the uterus has made it all the way up to the brain, and that’s where it’s staying!! 

But you already know I love her.

So let’s go with a different illustrator (fannyarisone isn’t an illustrator exactly, but you know what I mean, she does drawing), namely:

Holly Exley

She is an actual illustrator, a vegan, and her dogs, seem so sweet it makes me consider getting a dog. And I’m a cat person. FFS.

Basis of her appeal: I am so impressed with people who freelance. Partly because it seems complicated, and partly because you have to be so brave. She sometimes explains part of her work and does it so well. And she’s just really pleasant to listen to, v. v. important in my world.

And she just seems so sweet. You know 💕

That her latest vlog takes us to Scotland is just a bonus:

Aaand. I just realized I’ve probably mentioned her too. I’m out! There is literally no woman crush that I fail to mention, ever! Clearly don’t need prompts for that. (And I’m upset about this because why…?)

Could maybe use just a bit of restraint tho. Tiny bit. Wee.

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post.

On my reread list


So many books to read, so little time!

And yet I have a massive craving to reread:

I am Dina by Herbjørg Wassmo. 1800s Norway, a female lead to fear and poetic language. It’s been too long since I read this book.

I am Dina who sees the sleigh with the person on it rush headlong down the steep slope.
At first I think I am the one lying there tied to the sleigh. Because I feel pain more terrible than any I have ever known.
Through crystal-clear reality, but beyond time and space, I am in touch with the face on the sleigh. Moments later, the sleigh crashes against an ice-covered rock.

The horse actually loosed the carriage shafts and escaped being dragged down the slope! Amazing, how easily that happened!
It must be late in the fall. Late for what?
I do not have a horse. 

The Valhalla Saga by Johanne Hildebrandt. A Viking saga told from a female perspective, imagining the switch from matriarchy to patriarchy. Kind of like as if Mists of Avalon was set in Scandinavia. Sort of. The fact that this world and the world portrayed in Vikings don’t agree is an endless source of disappointment for me. Any retelling of Vikings that doesn’t obey the rules in the world Hildebrandt’s has created is just wrong.

The Circle trilogy by Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren. Six girls find out they’re witches, overcome their differences and go on to save the world from an invisible evil. Very much like Buffy. The obvious Buffy similarities are a bonus, regardless of whether they’re intentional or not.

The Autobiography of my mother by Jamaica Kincaid. How can I convince you you need to read this book too? Will a quote do?

I married a man I did not love. I did not do so on a whim, I did not do so after making a calculation, but this marriage had its usefulness. It allowed me to make a romance of my life, it allowed me to think of all my deeds and of myself with kindness in the deep dark of night, when sometimes it was necessary for me to do so. Romance is the refuge of the defeated; the defeated need songs to soothe themselves, for their whole being is a wound; they need a soft bed to sleep on, for when they are awake it is a nightmare, the dream of sleep is their reality. I married a man I did not love, but that word, “love,” that idea, love – what could it mean to me, what should it mean to me?

The language, the ideas discussed; I am forever grateful someone had the presence of mind to put this on the course reading list.

The Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty. About how Jessica Darling is simply meant to be with Marcus. As someone who hates decisions, I like any story that enhances the idea of you really don’t have a choice, and thusly won’t have to make a choice. Free will, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

The Harry Potter series. Which I find kind of embarrassing. Can’t I just outgrow this series already, please?

Anything and everything by Nina Hemmingsson. Should be on my reading list permanently. Just a couple of pages a day? As good for you as brushing your teeth I’m sure.

“And you should know that I haven’t got anything against people, actually, some of my best friends are people! It’s quite OK, really!”

Before I Die by Jenny Downham. I have a weird obsession with this book. (Or maybe not so weird if you believe what Guardian writes here.) I’ve also managed to watch the movie a number of times already. It’s probably not a very good movie, but I love it, even it doesn’t quite live up to the book.

Songs they never play on the radio by James Young. The last years of Nico’s life as told by her keyboard player. I mentioned it a while back. There are so many books I remember liking but only vaguely remember what they’re about. I know there are parts describing her recording with John Cale and I seem to recall touring? See? I need to reread asap.

It seems to read like an actual story though, unlike the Kim Gordon bio, just look at this:


Cannot wait!

PS. Goodreads has finally made it so that you can track your rereads!

Best not as much as glance in the general direction of my book shelves, I’ll just find more books to reread. Which isn’t a bad thing in itself, but what about all the new books??

…I really should make an effort to sort out some books though. It would make no sense to move books from here to my new apartment that I don’t plan on rereading. Another time…

Currents; And I want

hm shorts

H&M shorts in petrol. I’ve got three pairs of these already, and we get along like a house on fire. I’ve told myself no colored ones! I tend to not get a lot of wear out of any garment in a color in general, bottoms in particular, but these just haunt my mind. PS, they look nicer IRL.

estrid johanne hildebrandt

Estrid by Johanne Hildebrandt. This is the latest book in my all-time favorite book series. It’s a retelling of old Norse myths and legends, basically. And Hildebrandt tells a story so incredibly well. If I remember correctly it’s due for publication in October.

lime crime venus

Lime Crime Venus the grunge palette. I know, I’m late to the party. Or actually, I’m still considering not turning up at all; I’ve decided high-end is not for me. For many reasons. But in my search for a decent matte palette, I just keep coming back to this one. It’s everything I want. I would order it, but I’d rather not order from the US, so I’m putting it off.

The reissues of two of Nina Hemmingsson’s comic books. Soon I hope!?!! I need them!


Lime Crime Velvetines in Salem. Again, high-end; not for me. But, again, this looks like everything I want and need. I know we’re supposed to go for the metallics now, but I’m not quite over the mattes yet. …although an argument could be made for the metallic shade Lana. A copper shade. Looks amazing.

asos-ruffle choker

Ruffle choker from ASOS. One or more of the channels I follow on YouTube hauled ruffle chokers from ASOS, and I just love the look. But I can’t possibly justify another choker, can I?

asos split back

Snazzy new top with some sort of opening in the back. Because I need it. Don’t quite think tie dye is for me though. I’ll keep looking.


All of the new Batiste styling products. Because I was just made aware that they have styling products. And I love their dry shampoo so. Anyone tried any of their styling products?

Nedwood tea. For it is the season.


Yellow raincoat. Obsessed with the idea of a yellow raincoat. And I do need a raincoat. I mean I’m going to Glasgow in November. November! What was I thinking?


NYX Liquid Suede in Alien. Yes. Still on my wishlist as no store had it in stock back in August. And because black lipstick and orange eye; match made in heaven for sure.


What’s on your wish list?



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Reading challenge; A book that’s guaranteed to bring you joy

nina hemmingsson så jävla normal

I’ve interpreted book kinda loosely and read Nina Hemmingsson’s Så jävla normal (So fucking normal) for this category. Then again, a comic book is still a book, right?

I just love Hemmingsson.

I love her aesthetics, how she’s bitter, sarcastic, funny, feminist, and really quite absurd in her work. All of the characteristics I know for sure will make me like a book.

Let’s have a few examples shall we:

nina hemmingsson så jävla normal
nina hemmingsson så jävla normal
good day! there isn’t any hope anymore for someone like me
nina hemmingsson så jävla normal

I really should be on a regular diet of Hemmingsson.

Also! She ought really be translated to all the languages. I would help out. For completely free.

Lots of love,

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Saturday on Wednesday Tag

saturday-on-wednesday-tagThanks to Karalee for nominating me for this tag!

The Rules

  • Post this on your blog
  • Answer the questions
  • Have fun (not an optional one)
  • Nominate anywhere between 2-20 bloggers for the same questions
  • Have fun!

The Tasks

The Visual

  1. Google your name and copy-paste the first image that comes uplisa anniesetteFortunately a pic I had in my library! And yes, it is me.
  2. A picture of your favourite meal that makes you happy1474026739335.jpgPurple + green food, no food makes me happier! Purple cabbage especially. Oh, and chopsticks! Have to love the chopsticks.
  3. Post your favourite silly animal photo2014-05-23-sattva-stretchSattva; lived with me for approx 1 year, currently living at my parent’s.
  4. A silly selfie (if you’re comfortable with that)punk-rock-2
  5. A picture of your favourite sunglassess lisa anniesetteUnflattering TopShop pair bought this very summer!
  6. A picture of an object in your house/flat that always makes you smile final1474115702324.jpg
    It’s that tall picture frame, from my fave Nina Hemmingsson’s comic books. Was recently made aware you can actually buy her work as posters! It’s on my list of things to get asap.
  7. What was the last picture you took with your phone?final1474115488146.jpg
    I’ll be honest; for this not to be the same picture as above, I had to take another one. This is from my bedroom, one of the many Mackintosh artworks I have in my flat. It’s a fixation. In the background: Nick Cave. I did mention being a fangirl…?

The Verbal

  1. A joke that you’ve heard recently that made you giggle (or googled just now, still counts)? 

    I see a future where the marvels of technology will make it possible for millions of people to watch others bake!

  2. What’s your go to pick-me-up phrase when you are feeling down? You mean to tell me I should have a pick up phrase? “You deserve to be miserable” its not what you’re supposed to be telling yourself…?
  3. Your happy song? Oh god there is so many! Let’s go with Indestructible by Robyn.
  4. Your quirk that makes others smile? I’ve the ability to be proper britter and negative; some people find it funny. Not always, but you know, the good ones, the ones with a sense of humour.  
  5. What’s on your favourite mug? I’ll do you one better, I’ve got a pic!Te kattkoppFixation 5785869: cat print! 
  6. What’s the first happy memory that comes to mind? I’m interpreting this as “Think of a time you were happy, what comes to mind!?!” i.e. not the first memory I have of being happy because for the life of me I can’t remember that far back. So I’m going with after half a glass of rosé + sparkly water last night, and listening to Jonathan Johansson Alla Helveten for about the 5th time that day (not on purpose, playlist on shuffle). I loved my music yesterday, enough to put me in brilliant mood.
  7. What’s your favourite way of cheering others up? A glass of a really good Sauvignon Blanc.
  8. What’s your favourite funny website? Tie between Muralgranskaren (technically a Twitter account, but it’s makes me laugh, OK?) and all feminist accounts I follow on Instagram (yes, again with the accounts, sorry, not good with the websites) – feminists are hilarious in case you didn’t know. 
  9. Do you know your heritage? IF so, what is it? I know that part of my family at one point came from Finland. So the answer is really I haven’t the faintest. 
  10. Best compliment you have received? “You remind me of Julia Stiles in 10 things I hate about you” – to be clear, it wasn’t intended as a compliment, but it the best thing I’ve heard ever! PS. it wasn’t a look thing, it was all personality. I’m massively pleased over here. 
  11. What are your favourite pizza toppings? Mushrooms, pesto, asparagus, broccoli, black olives. 

My Nominations





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Top 10 Tuesday

This week’s Top 10 topic from The Broke and the Bookish is Ten Books You’d Buy Right This Second If Someone Handed You A Fully Loaded Gift Card.

Idun by Johanne Hildebrandt. Main issue here is not money, it’s I can’t find it. Anywhere. Except for in Danish.

Anything by Carol Goodman I don’t already have. I keep trying to get more of her work, because it’s basically representative of what I like in a book, but for various reasons my orders keep being cancelled and I get no books. I’m going to hunt when next in the UK.

The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave. I have no idea why it is I don’t already own it. I’m a bad fangirl.

Fire by Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren. I’m reading it for the reading challenge, and if I don’t buy it I don’t know how I’m supposed to read it.

Sawn-Off Tales by David Gaffney. I’ve been wanting to read it since I first read an excerpt some 2 years ago. Or so. I love the format, these tales read like dreams. Obsessed with it. Despite that, I’ve been cheap.

Den vita staden by Karolina Ramqvist. I’ve got part 2 in the series, makes no sense not having the first part as well.

Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon. Was eyeing it last time I was in Glasgow. I should have bought it then. One cannot own too many biographies by/about musicians is my motto.

Birgitta Stenberg’s autobiographies. Because they were just such a lovely read and I need them in my shelf.

Jag är din flickvän nu (I’m your girlfriend now) by Nina Hemmingsson. Again, how is it that I don’t already own this book? Example:

“I’m not interested. You’re drunk and disgusting.” – “OMG! That’s exactly right! It’s as if we already knew each other. This is magical!”

Mina vackra ögon (My beautiful eyes) by Nina Hemmingsson. From the book:

“It says that what’s in for women right now is… to be fucking difficult! We look good no matter what we wear, as long as we just keep going without thinking, it’s right on trend. The keyword for this spring is steamroller.” – “Is that really what it says?” – “Yes. By the way, I can feel your hungry eyes on my body, that’s really not very nice of you, even if you’re hardly to blame.”

How do I not own this already? I have to go to the bookstore. Right now.


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