100 day song challenge #20

#20 A song released in the ’00s

Feels like Nevada Tan was my alltime favorite band for about an eternity. But in reality, it was probably more like between 2007 and 2008.

Neustart was released in 2007.

I want to claim that they stopped being my favorite band only because they don’t exist anymore. They broke up in 2009. Not exactly any logic to that claim though.

And let’s not think about whether or not their music would have aged well.

Also worth noting: they changed their name to Panik for their second album release. Pretty much worst band name ever. 1) there already was a band witht his name, 2) try googling it and ending up where you want to be.

That being said. I still do love this music.

100 day song challenge #89

You may have noticed I kind of love Einstürzende Neubauten. Little bit.

Listening to the absolutely lovely track Die Wellen the other day I started thinking is there no way I can include this in my challenge???

Let’s review what’s left of this challenge:

A song that means a lot. Yes that’s going to be a stretch at best.

A song that reminds you of summer. Er. No. No Neubauten song ever reminds me of any other season than fall or spring. Which is why A song that reminds you of winter is also out of the question.

A song that’s a guilty pleasure. You crazy? NO. Neubauten’s pretty much the coolest band you could possibly listen to /unbiased opinion.

A song that you need to be in a certain mood to listen to. This here song is universally good, no matter the circumstances. If you don’t hear it you need to listen to it again.

A song that’s connected to a memory. Does reading an explanation of why the song is so quiet in the beginning count? (It’s so that you’ll turn up the volume. Blixa is a clever man.)

A song with a name in the title. Noooo.

A song with the word “go” in the title. A song with the word “under” in the title. A song with the word “eye” in the title. We’re all decent readers here; obvs no.

A song with a great keyboard solo. Mm yes. I’d like to see Neubauten do that.

A song with great vocal harmonies. Well, that’s subjective, sooo…?

A song you wish you could play on an instrument. For me, that’s a no. Not this one.

A song you can’t help but sing along to. Wellll..I hate to say no. But no.

A song you used to love but now hate. How could you hate this???

A song you would choose for karaoke. Let’s not go there just yet.

A song by a band with more than 5 people in it. Blixa, N.U, Jochen, Rudolf, Alexander. That’s 5. Dammit.

A song from a musical. They did a play once I think? This one wasn’t in it though.

A song from a TV show theme. If only.

A song currently stuck in your head. Again. I wish.

A song by one of your favorite bands. Well I mean yes, but I already have plans that doesn’t include this partiuclar song.

A song. Actually, not just “A song”. THE SONG. While I love it, I’d be lying if I picked this one.

A song you had to look up the lyrics to. WELL OBVIOUSLY YES. To see if it fit this damn challenge. But I don’t really think that’s what this prompt means. (Since when I care about that? I care temporarily. At this point in time.)

A song for moving on. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Bleibst du hier oder was? I’m interpreting it as a song on the topic in general. Because you either move on or remain. (In English: Are you staying here, or what? Sounds far better in German.)


Also I can stop thinking about Sarah Dawn Finer’s Moving on every time I read this prompt. Not that it’s not a catchy tune, but it’s certainly no Die Wellen.

100 day song challenge #37

#37 A song with more than 5 words in the title

You know how sometimes you watch something on the telly and a song comes on and it’s so pretty and you’ve got literally no idea what it is?

That’s when I wonder how people ever got by without the internet.

I was watching the Kent documentary and this song came on: Young as the morning, old as the sea by Passenger. Which I obviously didn’t know at the time. Because I would not have given it the time of day.

Up until this point I’ve hated Passenger with a passion. Why? I’ve a vague recolleciton of some song they played on the radio I just couldn’t stand, but mainly because to me, Passenger was the name of a project In Flames’s Anders Fridén was involved in. How very dare he steal that name? (Yes no, when it comes to In Flames I make no sense.)

And also. This day and age, don’t you google the name you’re considering before taking it on?

100 day song challenge #56

#56 A song with lyrics that could read like poetry

Is it just my poor German, or would Einstürzende Neubauten’s Ich gehe jetzt actually work as poetry?

Aaand…unless you’re already a believer, by which I mean a Neubauten fan, you’re probably better off listening to the album version on Spotify. Live is probably only interesting for those of us already familiar.

Even if I would like to think the only reason Neubauten isn’t the biggest band ever is because you all just don’t know about them, that’s not likely the case.


100 day song challenge #05

#05 A song that helps clear your head

Some parts of this challenge just reads like utter nonsense. A song that clears my head? I only wish there was such a thing.

The only thing I can think of that is remotely similar is sometimes when I work, music and silence annoys me alike. For me, an inbetween is Philip Glass’s soundtrack to The Hours in my headphones.

I have seen the movie. I want to like it, but I kind of agree with Gerard Way:

100 day song challenge #03

#03 A song that makes you cry

Is this a thing? Do people have songs that make them cry?

Because I don’t. So for this challenge post we’re just going to have to settle for a sad song.

My interpretation of this song as sad is primarily based on the line “skriver fortsatt brev til en som ikke svarer” (keep writing letters to someone who doesn’t answer).

100 day song challenge #42

#42 A song with “F” as first letter of the title

Doing this challenge in random order, that was a pure brilliant idea. Really. I haven’t lost track at all. Nope. Not a bit.

That being said.

This is a song you desperately need in your life: Emilie Autumn’s Fight Like a Girl. Is it just perfect for your jump rope workout? Yes indeed it is.

100 day song challenge #53

#53 A song with a great drum solo

Oh what do I know about drums, really?

Top 3 drummers (in no particular order):

• Jonna in Glasvegas. Because she’s insanely cool.
• Bela B in Die Ärzte. Apparently I like my drummers standing.
• DanArchitects (I’m sure that’s his official name). Unsure if he makes the list because a) he’s in Architects, b) he’s funny on Twitter/in interviews or c) he is actually really good and ridiculously humble about his skills.

Special mention: dummer of Casey because he uses his hair as a prop and it’s funny.

Not that it matters because as I was saying, what do I know? I’m just going on live performance, what’s fun to watch.

Aaand I probably hate drum solos even more than guitar solos. (Which I mentioned disliking in #52.) Sure way to make me hate any type music/band/artist: include a drum solo.

So thank god none of the above are in the drum solo habit. Far as I’m aware. Could imagine Die Ärzte doing it as a joke tho, same they do with the bass solo in Monsterparty:

If you don’t know German, this here song alone is a reason to learn German. Trust me.

And yes sir, you are correct, I’ve just completely ignored the prompt and gone in a different direction entirely. Why I even do challenges? Not a clue.

Lots of love!

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100 day song challenge #75

#75 A song by a band with a ridiculous name

I’ve always thought OOMPH! is one ridiculous name. Originally I thought it was some sort of a joke. How could it possible be a name?

But och alas it is.

Let’s go with the track currently featured on one of my fave workouts Labyrinth:

Perfect workout music it is.

Also: for whatever reason I absolutely love when they pick music in any language that is not Swedish or English for workout. Anyone else?


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