If I could only use six makeup items

makeup collection

This is an idea that I’ve stolen from Rhian Westbury. Simply because I think it is an excellent exercise of the mind.

I often feel this is getting out of hand. I have too many products and a routine that is not as quick as I would like.

But somehow, I seem to be adding products rather than the other way around. To my routine and to my collection. I don’t want to be a collector. Clearly doesn’t stop me though. Impulse control? I don’t do that.

Not that my collection is HUGE, it really isn’t. It’s just bigger than I would like.

But then, in my own defense, I do use the absolute majority of the products I have; I never repeat a look two days in a row, and I do try out at least 2 new looks every week. Often more than that. Not that this is an excuse.

I really need a routine that takes little time, while still making me look at least in the vicinity of a crazy person. Makeup = attempt to keep most people at arms length at the very least. Something I am quite interested in.

But if forced, 6 products could get you a long way.

My 6


Eye primer. You do need an eye primer, that’s all there’s to it. I discovered the eye primer quite late in life, I’d been struggling with creased shadow for ages felt like. The eye primer was an epiphany indeed. I never go without.


No7 matte foundation. Let’s face it; I’m old. I need a product to even out the color in my face. Well OK, not need, but I just feel that it’s more fun to work with a blank canvas.


Gosh primer/setting powder. Honestly. Can we talk about this –amazing– powder? This has been a true game-changer for me. My previous powders, they haven’t been bad. But this stuff, it keeps any foundation in place FOR 12 HOURS. That’s a long time. No need to top up. Seeing how I’m a person of combination skin, I LOVE this stuff..


No7 waterproof mascara. Because eyeshadow without mascara just looks weird. And I need my eyeshadow.


MUA eyeshadow in Chestnut. Because it goes with all colors (I match makeup and what I wear, obvs), perfect for the hollow-of-eye-look, which is my go-to look, AND it can be used on brows too, if need be. Then again, eyebrows is apparently the one thing I could do without. As recently as this morning I just couldn’t be bothered and went to work sans brows. I don’t hate it at all.


GOSH blush. Because I have no angles to my face, I need something to not look like a big piece of Mozarella. I remain unconvinced by contouring. Mostly just ends with me looking like a dirty child.

What I feel worst about giving up: bright shadow for inner corner or eye. Addicted! But then, there’s no point to it if you don’t have a darker shadow on the lid. Sooo…

Sort of missing a lip product, but I figure you could probably fake some color with blush and/or eyeshadow, OR, probably most likely, have the lips melt into your face and just go with the never-failing Gerard Way in Helena type look.


What would you choose?


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The unpacking of the suitcase


Basically. I bought quite a few bits in the UK. I’m thinking too many to go through it all.

My favorite bits:

Revolution Radiant lights highlighter; MUA mono shadow in Chestnut – it’s the ashy brown matte I’ve been looking for for years; NYX blush in Taupe – had no idea how much I needed this; Natural Collections mascara – actually got three different ones, tried one, not bad, just gotta remember to keep your eyes slightly squinted until it dries; NYX Liquid Suede in Cherry Skies. LOVE this red.

Cat headband, cat purse and the fattest supercat eyeliner. Love the liner! It applies easier and quicker than all of my previous ones. And yes; I am a crazy cat lady in the making. The fact that I don’t have a cat doesn’t stop me. Clearly. Also got PJs with cat print from Primark – it’s a tradition, you go to the UK and you get a pair of silly PJs from Primark, every single time.


Picked up a few books at Foyles; I’ve already finished Before I Die, quite surprised to find that I liked this novel quite a lot. I sort of miss not reading it.

And can we also talk about this:


Is it just me or does this just not work? I could barely go 2 days without washing hair using this. Unless I’m imagining things?

As for the clothes, I’ve worn the dress with the floral print; it’s from Urban Outfitters and the fit took some getting used to but I am in love with the print and the color. Very excited to see how I get on with the shirt; haven’t even owned one for years. Was really looking for a flannel, black bottom with white, preferably from the men’s section. Dunno if my search skills are not up to par or if I was looking in all the wrong places. If anyone knows where I could find one, do let me know!


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Trust me; What I learned from trying another villain look

This story starts the way most of my stories start, with the MUA palette Poptastic. You know, this one, to the right:


Clearly, I thought I was in Jem and the Holograms when I bought it. Typing that out I almost regret that isn’t true; I’m sure that would be a lovely state of mind to be in.

One day I became obsessed with the idea of a yellow eyeshadow look. I googled for some inspiration. LOVED this look worn by Drew Barrymore in 2003:


I really like how the shadow is drawn out to the sides, past the eyebrow, and also the lack of precision and clean lines. I do love a messy look.

Quickly established that this look cannot be achieved with the MUA palette. It can’t. Unless you have some insanely good eye primer. At least I suppose it might work. I wouldn’t know, my primer is not -that- good. Packed on the yellow – barely shows at all.

So what -can- you do with this yellow shadow?

Well you can do this (bottom right):


Theoretically you can do this. There is something about the result that doesn’t seem quite right.

What I learned from this experiment:

A bad yellow is a bad yellow; no other color will set it off.
Nick Cave is so right; it was the light, it was the angle. OK, maybe I already knew that, but this is just another example of that being true.
Purple is not my favorite color (?). If this is purple, then it is not my favorite. Thought it was.
My makeup collection is not complete. While the IsaDora Ruby Gem is pretty much the best red shade in the history of the world, for villain makeup, a more orange shade red is needed. Also, a good yellow shadow, I needs it. Not to mention a proper good eye primer.
The wide choker; it’s not for me. Will not be using it again.
Need to structure my makeup better; forgot about that IsaDora berry blush for months, and I like it. Even tho it was not the right thing for this look at all.

Adult coloring books? When I’ve got a face and makeup? You have got to be kidding me.



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Last day of vacay; Celebrating with a PJ Harvey inspired look

You know that MUA Poptastic palette I used recently for the Ursula look? Bit obsessed with it. I’ve been eyeing the green/blue shade in the palette; I don’t think these shades have names, but if I was going to name it, I’d call it mermaid for sure.

This is the one, bottom left (obviously used):


In my mind, this color corresponds brilliantly to the one used by PJ Harvey in the 90s, you know, this one:

PJ Harvey makeup 90s

I’ve also been wanting to try a look with an application similar to what Graveyard Goddess used in one of her looks; just basically lots of red shadow all over the eye area up to brow + under eye with no eyebrows, no eyeliner. Two birds one stone?



The shade has excellent pigmentation. Truly! That’s like two layers of shadow. Not at all the case for a few of the other shades in the palette. It just applies so well.
Felt kind of naked without the liner, it had to go on. No liner is probably better with a darker shade.
The lipstick, IsaDora in Majestic Mauve, and the color of the shade; I love them together. This way of applying eyeshadow though, not sure it’s my cup of tea. But then again, maybe with a different color?

I’m really starting to warm up to the blue shades. Shame my vacation is over, it means less time to experiment. I’d love to pair this shade with a purple shade.



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Trust me; An Ursula inspired look


I was wearing this tee the other day, which got me thinking about Ursula. You know, from The Little Mermaid? I friggin love Ursula. And hey, don’t all these ladies have some pretty wicked makeup going on?


Obviously, having a lot of spare time on my hands, I decided to pay homage to Ursula by creating an Ursula inspired look. Besides, I have a MUA palette that I swear was made for this very purpose.

I basically pulled out the majority of my arsenal, but the most important products used were without a single doubt the following:

Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance // H&M Dover // MUA Poptastic // IsaDora Ruby Gem // Eyellure brow pencil in really fucking dark

Now. The idea is not to copy Ursula; what I was going for was a look that was a combination of how I generally do my makeup and what she wears, making it a wearable look. For me. Except for the fact that I would never go out wearing that much blue eyeshadow, especially not together with a bright red lipstick.

I also wanted the challenge of using what I already had rather than going out buying something new that would be closer to what she wears; e.g. a more orange red lipstick and fake lashes.

What I did differently from what I usually do was layered several of the blue shades and really tried to work the shadow further towards the brow than I usually do, closest to the brow there’s a silver shade from the Sleek palette, blended with a dark blue and then the blues from the MUA to enhance the blue in particular on the lid. The blue is also drawn out to the sides the full length of the eyebrow. I filled in the brows taking extra care to give them a sharp angle.

Finished look:

That blue. It is not bad. Will have to wear it again. But I think I’ll pair if with a less colorful lip color. Imagine it with a black lip. That would work for me.

Also, is it just me or does this really read more PJ Harvey in the 90s? Not that I mind. Just saying.


Actually, there’s a color exactly the shade she’s wearing in the MUA palette. I think I know what I’ll be doing next.


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