5 things I’m getting (if I ever move)


Been looking forward to killing this beaut for the better part of a year at least:

I obviously don’t want to kill it, but let’s be realistic, it is going to die. It’s my USP; there is literally no plant I can’t kill, and with ease. Nifty trait when you’re moving, less things to move.


In my current bedroom I have this amazing dark grey wallpaper with a water lily pattern (I weep at the thought of leaving this wallpaper behind). While I do love the wallpaper, it doesn’t really work with anything but plain white sheets.

The walls in my new bedroom, however, are white. Which I’m pretty sure I’ll hate, but I’m trying to look at the positives. I could get something other than plain white bed linen. I’d love these:

They’re currently on sale, so by the time I’ve moved, I’m sure there will be none left. Equally sure there will be other nice ones.


This wee thing from IKEA which I’m sure just about everyone except me has by now:

It just looks so damned handy and I’m sure I need it for the bathroom. Although probably not in white…


Because apparently my apartment doesn’t come with any, and I’ve long since lost the power to sleep through Swedish summer without. Good news: I get to pick which type blinds.

And I’m going with the type that does not require regular cleaning, nor re-stringing. Like this:


A huge enormous snake plant!

I’ve had ones in the past, yes I killed them, but I do want new ones. Ones I don’t have to move. Hoping the general climate in my new apartment will make them last longer, because I haven’t got the faintest what I’m doing.

I’m desperately hoping this is all I need. Moving in itself will be expensive enough. Never mind the fact that I’ll probably be paying double rent because of the shitty moving in date I got.

What I already did get for my new place:

Towels. One set for the kitchen and one set for the bathroom. Least you can do for your brand spanking new apartment.


So ja. The fact that I have a moving date has thrown me into full planning mode. I’m also sitting around staring at my bookshelves trying to decide if it’s too early to do that second declutter.

It probably is..?

Preparing to move; Decluttering my record collection pt. 2

I have. Thrown out. About half of all the CDs I owned.

It was not easy and I don’t want to think about it too much.

The empty corner in my living room not exactly helping. Trying to hide it with a lamp. Not quite sure it’s working. I’ll get used to it eventually, right?

What little CDs I’ve got left, i.e. those meeting the criterion I might want to listen to this in my car. One day., I’ve stuck in here:


Sure, there’s another row of CD:s behind this one, but they all fit into this tiny shelf and I can keep them out of sight. Success seems an apt word?

Next: get rid of the actual CD player. Which has been sitting in my closet for years.

Why is throwing out things so hard?

Preparing to move #4

Numbering these entries was a brilliant idea on my part. Keeping track of numbers, it’s truly something I excel at. And I’m only on four…jeez.

Today! I decided it was time to get familiar with the area. Which is probably something most people do before they decide to buy a new place to live. Apparently not one of my priorities. (??)

So I used my lunch hour to walk to the building site, looked at it from afar, observed that it was…not quite as close to work as one might like. Then again, that’s why I have a car.

Quite a nice walk though, I walked along a stream and through a park for most of the way. Which I’m sure will look lovely once we see the end of this dirty spring. At least it stopped snowing…

Next up: find shortcut to work. I’m sure there is one.

Preparing to move #1

So what if it’s 53+ weeks until I actually move, I need to prepare!

Very sensibly, I’m starting by trying to guess if I can bring all of my furniture. I am downsizing, from a 2-bedroom 65-square meter apartment to a one bedroom 54-square meter apartment, so it’s basically unlikely it’ll all fit.

I’m using a trick my mother told me: draw up the space, then draw up and cut out your furniture according to scale and simply see if they’ll fit.

Well acually, I just copied + enlarged the actual floor plan, because I’m not great with measurements.

(I’ve excluded chairs and some shelves, they take up like no space so what’s the point.)

Floor plan

A few options:


It would be best to get rid of a piece or two. Large desk and two chest of drawers are current candidates.

Piano. Can only go it I can fit it into the storage. I mean it fits, it’s just I don’t know if they’re planning on putting up shelves in that space or not. Or if I need it for other things.

..should probably abandon the idea of bringing it. Should probably look into selling it.