Women crush Wednesday

I am sure we’re all crushing a little bit on Oprah since her speech at the Golden Globes, but that’s a given.

So let’s talk about two other ladies I’m currently loving a little bit extra:

Ulrike Meinhof


I’m on my second round of Ulrike Meinhof obsession. Ulrike Meinhof, jouranlist and terrorist and one of the key players of RAF, dead since a long time now.

Neither of which are the basis of my obsession.

In fact, having read that Steve Sem-Sandberg book (last time I mention it, promise!), I was a bit confused. Couldn’t quite seem to remember why I was interested in Ulrike at all.

Few pages of the Stefan Aust book, however, and it all came back to me.


I always regret never having done exactly this: gotten up and left in the middle of class. Not necessarily for this reason, but just for teachers wasting my time. Because school was one major waste of time. My time would have been better spent reading books of my choice, it’d been of more use to me.

This is not saying that school is utterly useless, there are people who benefit from school to be sure, sadly I’m not one of them. At least not the way schools/teaching in Sweden were/are designed.

But never mind that, back to Ulrike!


She danced boogie woogie to a point of exhaustion. I both love the fact that this is something the writer felt a need to mention, and the fact that this was something Ulrike did. I dunno. It’s in the details?

This is what I like about her: her conviction, insisting to take no shit, to not get in line; do you need more reasons?

It’s just a shame that Baader guy got his hands on her. I blame him for everything that went wrong.

Miriam Margolyes

In general, I really like the older ladies. Which, admittedly refers to a great range of ages; it’s always relative. But it seems to me, the older a woman is, the more fun she is.

Stumbled on this episode of The Graham Norton Show, and Miriam Margolyes (you might know her as Professor Sprout) is all sorts of fabulous:

Her honesty, fearlessness, not bothering with being polite. 💕 Also volunteering a menstrual story, you just have to love that!

This obsession with youth is all misdirection, why would you not want to be everything that is not young??? Seems to me, being an old(er) lady is a thousand times more fun than being young! If there is one thing I don’t miss -at all- it’s being young.

Good riddance and that.

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5 non-fiction TBR


This year I’m allowing myself lots of rereads, which explains this mix of books I’ve already read and books I’ve started but not finished.

Stefan Aust: Der Baader Meinhof Komplex. Reading Therese by Steve Se-Sandberg put me in the mood for some Baader-Meinhof, and more importantly, some more German in my life. I have read this book before, but in Swedish, which should explain why I was sidetracked at some point when I started reading this book.

If you’re unfamiliar with Baader-Meinhof, it’s a West German far-left militant group, primarily active in the 70s, generally considered a terrorist group. There was a movie a while back based on this book, well worth a watch!

Naomi Wolf: The Beauty Myth. It feels like I could do with a second read of this Swedish translation of Wolf’s masterpiece. I mean we all could? Especially if all you can remember is that it’s a masterpiece, but what it’s actually about is vague at best. I’m guessing it’s an explanation of how the current situation is a lose/lose deal for women, but we’ll see!

Carin Holmberg: Det kallas manshat. Previously translated this title as It’s called hating men, so I guess I’m sticking with that. Should be reread on a yearly basis at the very least; it’s been to long! (What’s with all these exclamation points!?!)

Simone de Beauvoir: The Second SexYesyes, I’m just piling up the classics.

Simone de Beauvoir: Letters to Sartre. This is an interesting book. It’s a compilation of letters from Simone to Sartre. What’s interesting about it the choice of translation. It…has to be experienced. There are some odd choices going on here. I don’t entirely approve. Which is why I’ve been reading it in section for literally years. Which is as good a reason to not finish it as any; if I still haven’t managed, why bother? But finally finishing it would feel like tying up lose ends.

Also found a favorite bookmark in one of the books, this brilliant magnetic one:

Also, sheeps!

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post. Past topics for this challenge can be found here.