A discussion on a recent H&M purchase

Don’t you just love it that regular stores, such as H&M, stocks band tees? I recently made this little find in the men’s section:


A BMTH tee with a big fucking bird on + one Manson tee from the Smells Like Children era (♥♥♥) that I found in the men’s section when I was looking for a new hoodie (how else does one find a reasonably sized hoodie??)

Forgot all about the hoodie. Manson!? BMTH!? In regular nice-to-the-touch material?! GET IN MY CLOSET NAOW.

Despite being an overgrown fangirl, I don’t own a lot of merch. For that very reason. The quality of merch is just disappointing. Or maybe it’s not quality, but the fabric used is often unpleasant and fit horrible, no matter what size you get. (Apparently making a regular tee is an art?)

I’d be more than happy to live my life in merch if it’s a fabric that’s pleasant on the skin. Because it makes sense for me to support the groups I like in any way possible. Even if I much prefer the strategy used by Neubauten known as the Supporter Project.

Band tees at H&M, makes me happy no end. Sure, the selection of bands isn’t great. Unless you like Metallica, GN’R and/or Nirvana. …which I suppose most people do. Well, beside the point.

The point is. Why is whether or not H&M and the likes should be allowed to stock band tees a topic of discussion?

Is it because it makes life too easy?

Is the problem that little girls will be able to wear what you wear and that would somehow make you uncool by association…? Is that it?

The way I see it, it’s just one more way for your fave band to make a living. If people who don’t even like your fave band also throw money at them, well then that’s great right? Means they can keep making the music even if they don’t have the biggest audience. You should be happy?

Or or could it because it can be interpreted as false advertisement? That liking a band is a skill and only those in possession of this skill should be allowed to wear the merch? In which case, where should you draw the line? Do you have to love also their very first demo? And how do you deal with the records the band itself doesn’t like much anymore?

This is a nonsensical discussion.

Personally I’m jealous. I also want to wear merch of bands I don’t know/like. I mean I only wish I could look past the fact that however much I’ve tried I do not like Metallica. Their merch tho, not so bad looking. Mainly because that logo, it was a stroke of genius. But you could not pay me.

If H&M keeps this up I won’t have to shop elsewhere ever. Makes life simple. In short, I approve!

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100 day song challenge #28

#28 A song connected with a memory

When I started going to the gym, back in 2003 maybe..? I only went to body pump classes. I loooved body pump. Partly because it involved little or no coordination, and I was always a fan of lifting weights.

Also. We had the best instructor. And I’m not just saying this because she had an impeccable taste in music. It was a fact, her classes were always full.

To this day I still think of bicep exercises when I hear Marilyn Manson’s Mobscene.

Body pump at my gym, not what it used to be though. It’s become far more technical, and that’s where I draw the line. You want me to to think and sweat at the same time?? Volunteerily?

I don’t think so.

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Makeup of the day/week/year

Been loving my no-brow looks a little bit extra this past week. Or so. You know, this one, that I wear regardless of whether I’m going to work or going out (read: going to gig in Glasgow, I haven’t suddenly become a person who goes out):

I was under the impression that I was just trying to make 16-year-old me happy, i.e. makeup inspired by any member of Marilyn Manson.

And if we’re being honest, it’s possible that it’s also a result of the fact that I haven’t quite mastered the art of the brow – I want to blame not having a lot to work with, but that’s not really an excuse – in addition to being thoroughly lazy. Ignoring brows saves me at least 5 minutes in the morning. Not only from not doing brows, but because no brows works real well with no eyeliner; another step you can just go ahead a skip!

So basically, I thought it was just me. And a handful of other people who consumed too much Manson.

But apparently, according to accounts I follow on Insta, not Manson fans, nor MUAs just being creative, but people who do know how to do brows properly and who do know their makeup, this no-brow thing is predicted to be a trend in 2017.

So I’ve picked up a trend..? And also, we’re going straight from bushy brows to no brows??

If so, that’s great for so many reasons!

Most important reason: I always did want people in general to look more like Manson.

Also. Pretty much only chance I’ll ever get to be on trend. Yay?


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Sunday 7

This is my second week of vacation and I’m already feeling as if there isn’t enough time to just not work. Four weeks of vacay (well, OK, I moved the last two days because I need to go to the UK to see a band, but it’s practically four weeks) – not nearly enough. So stressing about that. Because I make sense, in general.

Spent the weekend with these guys:

I.e., at my aunt’s, feeding her cats while she and her family were out of town. So now I’m dreaming of a house of my own + couple of cats.

This week’s soundtrack: In This Moment. On Monday I decided enough is enough, I cannot be listening to the Carry the Fire playlist for another week. It’s not fair to the other songs. I picked out my favorite In This Moment tracks (The Promise, Blood, Scarlet, Adrenalize, Burn, Whore, The Blood Legion, Beautiful Tragedy), a few All Ends (Still Believe, Wasting Life, Close My Eyes), my current fave Annisokay track (Wolves in the Walls), a track by Enter Shikari I can’t get out of my head (Torn Apart), two tracks off of The Downward Spiral (Ruiner + Eraser), Manson‘s Devour, Bondi St Blues by The Amity Affliction and allowed myself a single track from the Carry the Fire album (Back to Back) – and that’s what I’ve been playing on a loop all week. Or at least until I was informed by the Internet in general that the Dustin Kensrue track I’ve been loving and still haven’t quite let go of (It’s Not Enough) is in fact on Spotify under the name The Modern Post. My research skills; clearly not up to par.


I’ve been blending tea like a crazy person. Currently unable to pick a single tea to drink, I keep blending two or more teas. Pinch of the green lemon + ginger, pinch of black apricot, or pinch of Needwood + Chai special – you get the idea. In addition to which I’m having tea like there is no tomorrow. This has to stop.

Mustard. Mustard is my other food addiction. I’ll have it on a slice of Finn Crisp, with avocado, with tomatoes, on a rice cake, cucumber on top, on brussel sprouts (cover sprouts in mustard, roast in oven), in dressing with beans – there is no meal I will not have something with mustard on. It’s ridiculous, but I’m not aware of any negative effects in terms of health, unlike too much tea, so I’m not worried about it. I’m sure I’ll get bored with it eventually.


Me and Spotify have not been getting along this week. I keep searching for Spotify issues because it currently takes about 5 minutes (minimum!) for Spotify to start running on my phone. It sometimes just freezes, and the other day, it also managed to crash my phone. I’m not happy. And I just recently reinstalled Spotify because of the issues previously mentioned. I need someone to tell why it behaves this way; I tried the turning it on and off again, didn’t work, now what?

Much of the week was spent researching binge eating. Stumbled on Josie Mai on YouTube, well worth a watch if you’re interested in the topic. Or if you’re interested in health and fitness.

How was your week?


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manson lipstick
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Applying the lipstick 

Sometimes I worry that I apply lipstick as if I’m Marilyn Manson.

You know, like this:


I’m not sure why I worry; one can only hope to be this handsome.

Also. Not even when wearing the NYX Stone Fox does my application look like Manson’s. I mean, clearly:


Will stop worrying now.

BTW: Just realized the Sleek Vintage Romance palette and the NYX Stone Fox are a match made in heaven. Just a tip. In case you like me was wondering just what the hell this shade goes with. Sleek Vintage Romance. Any color in that palette. My top pick right now tho: Forever in Florence (purple) + Romance in Rome (blue) and a dash of the H&M let it shine in the inner corners.

Lots of love,

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Sunday 7

Seven things summing up my week:

Had a sudden case of Manson obsession. I blame my Pinterest feed for randomly reminding me of funny/clever things Manson’s said. Spent all Monday listening to Manson, Manson and more Manson (bit of Amity Affliction thrown in for good measure of course). Changed all my electronic device backdrops to this face:1468844068062.jpg

Pretty. Ja? (Highly rhetorical question.)

Changed my blog layout. Cause of much frustration. Thought it had to do with my lack of coding skills and was all prepared to enroll in a course until lugn och fin explained that is how we all feel trying to change the blog layout. Haven’t entirely abandoned maybe needing to acquire new skills one way or another, but I take some comfort in knowing it’s not just me.

Peanut butter obsession back with a vengeance. Could live off of this stuff.


Got some good use of all of my shorts. As it’s summer. And it is hot. Lived and died in black, loose-fitting tops, H&M leggings + shorts. final1469386101794 (1).jpg

So completely in love with the H&M shorts that I bought another pair on Friday + am considering getting a white pair as well. Apparently I’m under the impression that I’m some sort of Dave Gahan ca 1988/Martin Gore hybrid and can actually pull that off.

Fucked up my leg and haven’t been able to walk properly all week. It’s a tradition. I do it every year. I cannot do any type exercise in moderation, so I always end up hurting myself. I usually last until the end of the summer tho, so new record. Go me.

Visited sister in her new apartment over the weekend. She has the best view. She’s got three cats spying at her from that top balcony (below). And three cats on the balcony below her. I am green with envy.


Impressed myself by hemming not only one but two whole dresses. They’ve needed hemming for literally years; kept procrastinating. Because that is just how much I dislike hemming. So basically, my vacation has not been a waste; I can do absolutely fuck all the remaining weeks and still feel pretty good about it. Because I have hemmed two dresses.

How was your week?


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