Current favorite foundation

I want to give this little guy a special shout out:

IsaDora Cover Up Foundation & Concealer

The IsaDora Cover Up Foundation & Concealer.

I’ve had it for a while, and we weren’t exactly off to a flying start. It wasn’t mixing well with any of my primers, liked to stick to dry patches—or I dunno, create them all by itself it sometimes seemed like? And! Towards the end of the day, enhance any crease it could get its grubby little hands on.

Its only redeeming qualities was it had a great cover and the shade is not yellow—which is a pet peeve of mine, cannot stand any face color product leaning towards yellow.

But now, we’re getting on like a house on fire.

Is it just me or do some makeup age really well? I do this with mascaras too, start using them, think they’re a bit meh so I forget about them for weeks, and then start using them again and the formula is somehow better?

Seems to be the case here.

Currently, I have none of the problems listed above. NONE. In addition to which, cover: still great. It’s an extremely useful product if you’re interested in obscuring your eyebrows just a little bit—which I am, in case that has been unclear. Don’t you just love any time when you’re happy with what you’ve got? I like to imagine capitalism weeping about my absolute and unconditional love for what most people would call my poor over-tweezed eyebrows. Because that just makes me feel even better about it. I am sorry, I need no special products, I love my brows just the way they are, thank you very much. Dab of foundation is a bonus, not a necessity.


I am so in love with this foundation right now. And that is probably the main reason I will never achieve minimalism; things just make me so damned happy sometimes. (Dammit, capitalism wins again!)

Not that any of this means that I’m not looking forward to trying out my brand new Lumene matte foundation in a shade lighter than light ivory— the shade is called ultra light, will it be like liquid highlighter I wonder?? I am always so keen on shades that manage to be v. v. pale, but somehow not white.

You heard me. Keen.

That’s it, buh bye!

Current face; A review

I’ve settled into a makeup routine and can’t be bothered to try much in the way of new. It goes something like this:


No7 airbrush away pore minimising primer. Smells a bit weird, but def pore minimising!

NYX dark circle concealer. I’ve got a No7 under-eye product as well which is way better. Probably because it targets my specific age group. Just trying to use the NYX one up. It’s alright.

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion for old people. It’s. It’s too good. If I leave it to set, which I like to do, it makes blending really difficult. I’ll go for a cheaper one next time.

Lumene matte control oil-free foundation. I can stand for a lot of shit as long as it’s the right shade. Lumene is always a good fit for me in terms of shade. Not that this is shit. But it’s not great. Considering it’s matte control oil-free, I’d expect it to not have melting issues, which it does. I seem to remember liking their blur foundation better?

GOSH prime n’ set powder. This stuff is brilliant! A keeper for sure. The only thing keeping me from throwing the Lumene foundation out the window.

NYX setting spray. I use this to keep cheek product in place. It does that just fine.


NYX high definition blush Taupe + Coraline. Taupe under the cheekbone, Coraline on the apple. Taupe is the best shade blush ever. I’d forsake all of my other blushes for it, hands down.

Makeup Revolution highlighter from the Chocolate Vice palette. I used to think it was wicked. It either wasn’t or something’s happened to it. Not that it matters, I’ve got the Sleek Solstice palette, only highlighter you need in your life.


I’ve finally settled on eyebrows; they’re just not for me. I was going back and forth, sometimes drawing them on, sometimes not. Last time, I just hated the brows so much I wiped them off before the end of the day. Despite not having any base products to repair the damage of wiping them off (I was at work). I’m not saying stop doing your eyebrows, it’s just I feel more like myself without. That’s all.

I’ve even cut my brows to make them appear more sparse.

Eyeshadow though! One simply cannot wear too much eyeshadow.

My goal is always to look even more hollow of eye. One of the many perks of growing old; it just becomes easier!

I start by creating a barely visible halo around the edge of the main eyeshadow, often using one of the orange shades in the NYX palette Color Riot.

I love pairing the orange with green. I recently bought a trio of green shadows from H&M, their high impact shadows; they were on sale for 10 SEK/piece, irresistable price! Especially since these are without a doubt some of my favorite shadows; the color payoff does not disappoint.

I use Stayin’ Olive all over the lid, add Everglades to the outer corners and finish off by contouring the eye with some Mesmerize Me, which is so dark green it’s practically black.

With this combination, if you don’t blend properly, you end up looking like a dirty child.

I’m not going to lie. It happens.

Inner corners: an ancient mono shadow from Makeup Revolution called BASE! Another favorite. May it last forever.

And then just finish off the eyes with some mascara, Natural Collection waterproof on top of a NYX lash primer.

Opened a fresh tube of my regular H&M mascara a couple of weeks ago, it promptly proceeded to make my eyes weep and weep and weep desperate need of a new cruelty-free mascara for sensitive eyes. Wish me luck!

As for eyeliner. I should wear just a wee bit. I really should. It’s just if I start putting it on I’ll never stop. So never mind that.


NYX Lingerie in Corset. Not that I don’t like my bold lips anymore. It’s just…I can’t be bothered to take my makeup off when I go to the gym (work ⇒ straight to gym), and I’m OK with wearing makeup to the gym, but a bold lip would just feel all sorts of wrong.

Generally leaves me looking something like this:

All and all. No improvement in this area of my life. The list is not getting any shorter.

December favorites


Let’s have a peek at what says. stats

Good thing I have Not only for the scrobbling, but because at least I can get my end of year listening stats as Spotify completely failed this year. Not sending out the email because you’ve selected no newsletters or some shit? Well I hadn’t selected no newsletters; you still send me irrelevant emails, and I still didn’t get my stats.

I’m an insanely frequent user + been with you since you needed an invite to use. I’m insulted.

That being said. I’m clearly stuck in some sort of a rut. It is questionable whether I am aware that there are many records and many songs in this world.


Odinsbarn. I think we’ve established I enjoyed it.


New parka. Has -the best- pockets. This is a feature that should not be underestimated!

I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of my Sleek Vintage Romance palette. Obvious; it is the season of metallics and glitter.


On the screen

Vlogmas is better still than Vlogtober. All of my faves providing daily vlogs, love it! Difficult to pick a fave, so I’m going with a non-vlogmas episode, because this look ♥♥♥

And, finally! Been looking for this literally months:

Starting to wonder if I’m ever going to kick this nasty Architects habit.


All things saffron! But saffron granola + saffron scones were my faves.


Car. I has it, it is good….most of the time.

The gym. The 16.30 workouts on Monday and Thursday were my faves. Unfortunately they are no more; as we’re approaching Christmas there’s a temporary Christmas schedule and then we move on to a new schedule. Fingers crossed someone is adding Throne to their class!

Lush hair treatments. I’d forgotten how good Lush hair treatments are. Love it that you put them in dry hair BEFORE shower. This makes life infinitely easier.

Amity + Northlane at Fryshuset, obviously.

I need Northlane to do a headliner tour around these parts. (I use the term these parts loosely; UK would work, Germany ditto, maybe France, but that’s as far as I’ll go.)

Plans for January

  1. Get a head start on my reading.
  2. Get new gym membership.
  3. Change blog layout. It’s definitely time.


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And I want; Currently on my wishlist

Knits from Monki!

I’m already freezing. The other day I was so cold not even a knit + jeans was enough; I needed a knit that covered more ground. So I went with an outfit I hated (jeans + long sweater), but I wasn’t cold!

Clearly, I need more knits; Monki is the unrivalled master of the big chunky knit.

Parka with a fuzzy inside. Because in terms of warmth I find they do the best job. And my current coat selection is just not cutting it. Did I mention I’m cold? And it’s nowhere near as cold as it’s going to get yet.

I’ll probably get this one from Zalando:


A vegan snackbox. What’s holding me back: kinda afraid I’ll just munch it down in one go. That would be just like me. But maybe this one from


A good foundation. Just opened my No7 radiance foundation and it was a let-down. I’ll just mix my old foundation with this one, I’m sure it’ll work.

Dark purple matte eyeshadow. Maybe the shade Curfew from Makeup Geek?

I want to go back to the gym. I’m bored with not going to the gym. I think I’m going to visit my parents this weekend. Whether they like it or not. (They live closer to the gym. And Monki. And the tea shop.)

Tea! I’m running dangerously low on tea. I need some Needwood, blueberry + cream, citrus chai, black Christmas blend, and grönt och skönt. That should be enough for a while.

A car. Or an apartment? Maybe both?? Sudden case of massively fed up with getting up at an ungodly hour, standing out in the cold waiting for the bus, walking walking walking, out in the cold and the dark, trying to not slip on the ice, and to top it off not having the time nor the energy required to go to the gym. I miss the gym.

This is what I’d have to do to make going to the gym work: pack all of my gym clothes and bring them to work, walk to the gym (about 15 minutes, not bad), but then the getting back home is tricker. Do I shower at the gym and make it home just in time to go to bed? When and where do I fit in dinner? Or do I not shower? Regardless of which, it’s a 30 minute walk to the bus. There’s two buses per hour to take me back home. It’s. Just. Not. Practical.


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Makeup of the day; Black lips

Did I mention I finally got my hands on the NYX Alien while in Glasgow? Well I did. Obviously. Because Glasgow, it just doesn’t fail you.

I’ve been putting off wearing it; it’s not practical for work and trying it out I noticed the application is kind of tricky. It easily becomes a mess. But lo and behold! At six in the morning I pull this off. Pretty pleased with myself!

I’ve a few shades of this NYX lip product, the Liquid Suede; there are slight differences between the shades. This one I’m actually particularly impressed with; there’s barely any transfer, if I could just stop having my endless cups of tea I could go all day, including eating, and never top up. When using some of them, a second layer is necessary, not so with this one. Although, to be fair, I do sometimes apply two layers to be on the safe side.

I didn’t think this would be an everyday sort of product, but from wearing it today, I’m going to say that it may just be. I feel surprisingly comfortable in it. Not so sure I’ve combined it with the right type eye make, but never mind! I’m so pleased with this blackness I don’t even care.

And yes. I did also get a color enhancer at Superdrug, making my hair proper red for a minute. So. Getting a semi-permanent color and then using a color enhancer on top just a few weeks later, that’s probably a good idea if you’re already struggling with damaged hair? And was avoiding permanent color for that reason. I excel at making sense.

Lots of love!

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Makeup of the day/week/year

Been loving my no-brow looks a little bit extra this past week. Or so. You know, this one, that I wear regardless of whether I’m going to work or going out (read: going to gig in Glasgow, I haven’t suddenly become a person who goes out):

I was under the impression that I was just trying to make 16-year-old me happy, i.e. makeup inspired by any member of Marilyn Manson.

And if we’re being honest, it’s possible that it’s also a result of the fact that I haven’t quite mastered the art of the brow – I want to blame not having a lot to work with, but that’s not really an excuse – in addition to being thoroughly lazy. Ignoring brows saves me at least 5 minutes in the morning. Not only from not doing brows, but because no brows works real well with no eyeliner; another step you can just go ahead a skip!

So basically, I thought it was just me. And a handful of other people who consumed too much Manson.

But apparently, according to accounts I follow on Insta, not Manson fans, nor MUAs just being creative, but people who do know how to do brows properly and who do know their makeup, this no-brow thing is predicted to be a trend in 2017.

So I’ve picked up a trend..? And also, we’re going straight from bushy brows to no brows??

If so, that’s great for so many reasons!

Most important reason: I always did want people in general to look more like Manson.

Also. Pretty much only chance I’ll ever get to be on trend. Yay?


October blog challenge part 5 of 5

Final part of the October blog challenge! The previous part is here, where you’ll also find links to part 2, 3 and 4. Just in case this type of entry strikes your fancy.


ELEVEN. Weekend highlights

I did say I was going to get back to weekend highlights. These are highlights from the weekend I spent in Stockholm + Gothenburg;

› the burgers me and sis had at Vigårda & the fabulous (and for Sweden dirt cheap) elderflower + gin drink,
› my Monki purchases

big chunky knit // card holder // keychain. also got lots of underwear, monki has the best underwear. but nobody needs to see that.

the highlight of it all; seeing these guys play:


It’s obviously Architects. They played in Stockholm on Saturday and Gothenburg on Monday. It was brilliant, as I’m sure you can imagine. I just wish they’d play a longer set is all.

Professional pic from the Gothenburg gig:

Gothenburg, thank you so much. That was insane! ❤️🤘🏻📷 : @edmasonphoto

A post shared by Architects (@architects) on

I can see myself to the far to the right. Yess.

Much approve of the new guy. Not that he in any way replaces the old guy, nor needs anyone’s approval, but you know. He just seems a good fit for the band. I hope he’s a keeper.

Question: when and why did gigs turn into Singalong at -insert name of venue here-? Or is it something that is specific for this genre? I’m confused. And not entirely on board. I mean every song? All of the words? Can we…just listen to the band some at least? Please?


TWENTY NINE. Halloween inspiration

I want to say this, but that’s a bit too fangirly even for me. Nightmare before Christmas in general? Fave part:

OOoooo sound of rolling dice is like music in the air.

Er. Right.

Was almost inspired to do a Halloween-y makeup after seeing this:

Guess who bitch.

A post shared by Katie Kelly ♀👊🏻 (@kayteeellen) on

and this:

But I just cannot be bothered. Cannot. This is as far as I’ll go:



THIRTY. A day in life

Today’s Sunday. Doesn’t mean I sleep in. My body was not made for it. FIVE O’CLOCK YOU SAY!?!! WAKEY WAKEY! 

My sleep cycle app says 81% efficiency, which does’t strike me as bad at all? Never mind that it’s five on a Sunday morning.

Outfit of the day: black knit jumper, brown Dorothy Perkins tights from aaages ago (fave type! and they stop making them, wtf!?), and double socks.


First fail of the day: was going to make semolina porridge; turns out the unopened soy milk had gone sour. Which I noticed after I poured it into the pan with the semolina. That’s great. Expiration date says May 2017. Interesting.

Sooo…being the efficient person that I am, I start cooking the chickpeas I’d soaked over night while making avocado toast, topped with mustard and a sesame-wasabi spice mix + chocolate mint tea and a banana + strawberries.


I am not complaining.

On the agenda today:

  • clean apartment
  • start packing for Scotland
  • finish reading The Memory of Lost Senses 
  • wash hair!

Among other things.

I excel at household work; I start by changing the bed, meal prepping (split butternut squash in half, shove in the oven), put a load of wash in the machine and start cleaning the bedroom. Useful mindset; Might as well while I’m at it.

By 10 I’ve cleaned the bedroom, roasted some more veg for my meal prep + folded laundry & concluded I’ve printed no hotel or travel confirmations what so ever for my Scotland trip. Apparently I’m under the impression my concert tickets will get me where I need to go.

Tea, orange & YouTube break.


I’m doing my monthly deep-clean so there’s still plenty cleaning to go. Might seem a shame because it’s a beautiful day.


Lunchlunchlunch! Roasted broccoli + smoked paprika spiced tofu and butternut squash mixed with nutritional yeast and lots of rosemary. Oh. And pasta. Yumyum!final1477830389608

And more goddamn cleaning. Adding lots of In Flames and Amity Affliction to my playlist for extra energy. Spotify proceeds to play In Flames as if it’s the only thing in the playlist. Oh well. I suppose that’s fair.

Crashed on the sofa for 30 minutes watching Så mycket bättre; the Magnus Carlsson from Weeping Willows episode. Spent the remainder of the episode lifting weights. I don’t know why I keep multitasking when I hate it.

And now I’m going to have to deal with this.


Which I will. While listening to 90s Bon Jovi. These Days always makes me want to play the piano.

Hours later. It’s going well. Can I blame getting sidetracked by starting to clean out my closet? Some of my purchases makes me wonder if I know who I am at all.


Take note that there is currently not a single piece of clothing in that suitcase.

So that’s what I’m doing for the rest of the night.


THIRTY ONE. Halloween

I’m just not feeling at all this year. So I’m doing what any sensible person would do: getting lots and lots of candy. That’ll sort me out.


This stuff is probably not vegan. Almost positive. 

Happy Halloween you all!

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Inspired by Insta

Originally, Instagram was just another way for me to get band news. Twitter + Insta; best way to know what bands are up to, I find.

Or at least the bands I like. Admittedly, some of them aren’t really on board with this yet. And some of them don’t seem like they quite get it (tip: watch Architects; they know exactly how it’s done).


Lately, Instagram has more or less become an endless source of makeup inspiration. For me, it’s the main source by far. I love lying in bed, early, early in the morning, scrolling through my feed for some inspo.

Let’s have a wee look at my likes:

In addition to all things Architects related (JFC, I don’t even have the sense to hide this), as you can see, mainly makeup looks.

My fave account by far is kelseyannaf. I keep going back to this look:

Absolutely in love with it. Also the main reason I’ve been intentionally ignoring filling out my eyebrows as of late. She makes me fall in love with the no-brow look all over again. (Obvs liked it before, see 90s Twiggy Ramirez, Marilyn Manson + Robin Finck. Mm. Pretty.)

I also like the nyxcosmetics account, not only for looks but because, as you may have gathered, I’m a bit of a NYX fan, so I like to know what’s going on. This is a look I’ve previously mentioned being inspired by, and as you can see, emphasis on the inspired, I couldn’t do anything this clean if I tried.

Another fave is lindahallbergs. She posts looks daily, have to love that, and both looks that can be copied and worn as everyday looks, and more creative looks. Her more creative looks are nothing short of amazing; great example of how there’s no reason makeup couldn’t be an art form (well it is, but not commonly recognized as such). Absolutely loved this galaxy type look she did a while back:

Sparkling purple. Product list on the blog 👉 #fotd #makeup

Ett foto publicerat av Linda Hallberg (@lindahallbergs) Sep 18, 2016 kl. 4:20 PDT

I found via YouTube (anastasiyaty); her grungier looks are some of my faves.

#100daysofmakeup day 10! Just a quick play with @limecrimemakeup Venus II palette & @kyliecosmetics in Candy K 🙏🏻🎀

Ett foto publicerat av Анастасия Ty 🐇🌿 (@ohpalewildfox) Jun 28, 2016 kl. 12:32 PDT

She’s also the main reason I’ve started lusting after Lime Crime.

Also worth mentioning and for the most part not related to makeup: feministvoice. This account, it is hilarious and you need it in your life:

Shhhhhhhh.. What was it that I said about exfoliating? #feminist#feminism#makeup#nomakeup#judgmental#goexfoliate#hater

Ett foto publicerat av FeministVoice (@feministvoice) Sep 8, 2016 kl. 1:00 PDT


Who are some of your Insta faves?


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Currents; And I want

hm shorts

H&M shorts in petrol. I’ve got three pairs of these already, and we get along like a house on fire. I’ve told myself no colored ones! I tend to not get a lot of wear out of any garment in a color in general, bottoms in particular, but these just haunt my mind. PS, they look nicer IRL.

estrid johanne hildebrandt

Estrid by Johanne Hildebrandt. This is the latest book in my all-time favorite book series. It’s a retelling of old Norse myths and legends, basically. And Hildebrandt tells a story so incredibly well. If I remember correctly it’s due for publication in October.

lime crime venus

Lime Crime Venus the grunge palette. I know, I’m late to the party. Or actually, I’m still considering not turning up at all; I’ve decided high-end is not for me. For many reasons. But in my search for a decent matte palette, I just keep coming back to this one. It’s everything I want. I would order it, but I’d rather not order from the US, so I’m putting it off.

The reissues of two of Nina Hemmingsson’s comic books. Soon I hope!?!! I need them!


Lime Crime Velvetines in Salem. Again, high-end; not for me. But, again, this looks like everything I want and need. I know we’re supposed to go for the metallics now, but I’m not quite over the mattes yet. …although an argument could be made for the metallic shade Lana. A copper shade. Looks amazing.

asos-ruffle choker

Ruffle choker from ASOS. One or more of the channels I follow on YouTube hauled ruffle chokers from ASOS, and I just love the look. But I can’t possibly justify another choker, can I?

asos split back

Snazzy new top with some sort of opening in the back. Because I need it. Don’t quite think tie dye is for me though. I’ll keep looking.


All of the new Batiste styling products. Because I was just made aware that they have styling products. And I love their dry shampoo so. Anyone tried any of their styling products?

Nedwood tea. For it is the season.


Yellow raincoat. Obsessed with the idea of a yellow raincoat. And I do need a raincoat. I mean I’m going to Glasgow in November. November! What was I thinking?


NYX Liquid Suede in Alien. Yes. Still on my wishlist as no store had it in stock back in August. And because black lipstick and orange eye; match made in heaven for sure.


What’s on your wish list?



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You know what Sunday means; Week summary

This week I’ve…

…made final travel arrangements to see Architects and Bring Me the Horizon in October + November. If it seems as if I already mentioned this, it’s because I have. But that was for other locations. Of course, since then Mr Sykes of BMTH has contracted acute laryngitis and shows have been cancelled, and at this point, when a band starts cancelling shows I take nothing for granted. Maybe I’m not going? We’ll see.

…been listening to a remix of the Rolo Tomassi track Illuminare like a woman possessed.

Why can’t this band sound like this all the time? They’d be my new favorite band easy. Now I’m going to have to work on it.

…been searching YouTube for Architects live in Australia. Because it’s what I do when they’re on tour. In the processes I came across the BMTH intro from the same tour (Architects were opening for BMTH, we’re all aware?)

Er. OK. Is this intro is…a keeper..? Honestly, I have to stop this. Have I got nothing better to do? (NOPE, I don’t.)

…also found some Architects. E.g. this one:

…given up on the intuitive eating. Maybe. It seems to me I can’t be trusted. Is it completely unlikely that there are people who do need boundaries? Can I play the PCO card?

…enjoyed the no-brow look. Not until the third try did I realize I prefer this look with a lipstick that just melts into my face; the NYX soft matte lip cream in Cairo, and also managed to find a blush that doesn’t show up orange on camera, go me! Not that it shoes up at all, but I’m OK with that.

Indeed fortunate my fringe has grown out long enough to cover my one eye. It’s been weeping all week, leaving me with just a mess of makeup on the one eye.

PS. Death stare. Coming along nicely.

…been scrolling through Bands in Town damning myself for ever leaving Glasgow. The fuck was I thinking? Sure, shit job, but maybe worth it?

All and all: this week has been kind of meh.


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