Eight empties

Let’s start off with three empties from Boots:


I absolutely love the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel with Active Charcoal facial wash from Boots. Thought if that is good, the scrub and mask must be too.

Ach nee. They were not. The scrub is nothing like the facial wash, it’s just, mildly buffing at best, with none of the effect of the facial wash. And the mask, it’s supposed to be on for 10 minutes. I get no effect after 10 minutes, the damn thing doesn’t even dry.

And unfortunately I accidentally ordered two of it, so I have another one to use up. So what I do is I start with a C vitamin peel and then put the mask on top and leave it for an hour plus, which does something. But I will definitely not buy this ever again.

Natural Collections waterproof mascara though; it’s a mere £2 and I’ve had far more expensive mascaras that are not better. It’s nothing special but perfectly decent everyday mascara. Will stock up when I’m in the UK next. That being said, I’ve just opened my first tube of the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara and…let’s just say I’m not overwhelmed. But then, at least it doesn’t make my eyes water, which is good. Could well have been the case.

Next up!

Couple of NYX products:


If I had not already bought the Urban Decay setting spray that everyone raves about, I would definitely repurchase the NYX setting spray. Because the UD spray does not seem to work for me. I’ll give it a few more tries, but so far the results have been: a. no effect, b. melting my makeup (???). Best use: wet brushes. I’ll give it the benefit of doubt since my skin has been out of wack, but since that seems to have been sorted I’ve just gone back on the foundation, so I’ll give it another go.

The NYX Liquid Suede, ah, it is a favorite. This is the shade Sandstorm and it’s a lovely brown-ish shade, on the pale side. If I didn’t want to try other shades I would definitely buy another tube, it is perfect for everyday use.

One shower cream and one hand cream:


This is one of my favorite shower creams ACO’s rhubarb and raspberry. I am obsessed with rhubarb. I also have the lotion. Soo jaa..whenever I can find a bottle I will get it. Don’t know why it still says limited edition? I think I’ve been buying it on and off for a couple of years at least.

Lush’s Helping Hands. Well. I ask a lot of my hand creams. And I’ve tried a lot of hand creams in my days; I know a good hand cream. This is sadly not it. Mainly because it is greasy. At least on me. Does not dry the way you want it to when you’re say at work? Or if you want to put on cream and then about your business and not leave greasy marks on everything. I do tend to forget this, or wish that I remember it wrong because I’ve bought it way more than once; I tend to like Lush more in theory than reality. Sadly, I’ve had better.

Last one! Is a food one. Well sorta. It’s one of my favorite chai teas:


Do I have a list of favorite chais? Yes I do. The Four O’Clock white chai is in my top 5 easy. But it is, as far as teas go, on the expensive side, and because it’s tea bags, I feel like it should be a sometimes product, from an environmental and economic POV. Which requires no efforts as it’s not that easily available around these parts.

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post.

I have a lot of questions #5

Why do I keep mixing up Don Broco and Biffy Clyro? I am aware it makes no sense. But my brain refuses to catch up.

What band books ONE date in Sweden and has it be Grönalund!? (Is there such a thing as a venue phobia? There has to be. I clearly have it.) Why do the bands keep booking such unreasonable venues in Sweden???

How much heat protection should you be using?? Is it reasonable to use two different types at once?

Should I give up on the semi-permanent dye and start using permanent already?

Where can I get a hold of One Hundred Days: The Story of Architects’ Almost World Tour? It used to be on YouTube, now there’s only one with Russian voice over and, for obvious reasons, that cannot be watched. I’m more than happy to pay, but I can’t find it.

Do I. Have to. Work? Really? I feel unfit.

Where can I get more high top flatform sneakers/boots with laces?

Why do I keep thinking going to the UK in November is a stellar idea?

What the hell does one do with mandarin infused olive oil??

Can I trust Lush in Brighton to stock the Sleepy lotion in November, or should I order it? Swedish Lush seems to think that’s not a product we need; they have no idea just how wrong they are.

Can you be goth and not wear makeup? Seems like a contradiction to me.

Have actors ever seen a person perform a song in their lives? Most recent watch that made me wonder:

I mean what the hell is this and couldn’t anyone have given the poor dear some direction??

Isitfallyet!?!!?? I want to go back to the gym asap. Bored out of my mind with the walking and the home workouts.

And I want • jan 2017

See Casey play again. They announced a tour on Monday, but the dates/places are simply no good. So keen to see them again.

Take up running. ???? Something has to be wrong with me, I absolutely hate running. But I keep wanting to feel completely out of breath. Maybe it’ll pass? Or maybe, I’ll device a plan to get started soon as the roads are ice-free?

More daylight. Obvious one. Should make it a point to fit in as much vacation as humanly possible during these horrible months.

New and improved bands in town. Seriously. I want to think that at one point it did work as it should, but right now, it doesn’t feel updated at all. I don’t trust it for a second.

More cats to sit. What I mean is, family sometimes use me as cat sitter. Because I’ve decided I can’t have a cat where I live now, being a cat sitter is the next best thing.

New PVRIS record. I hear it’s coming, excited!

Band merch. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s perfect gym wear. Plus, I do want to support all of my favorites, of course.

New Editors record. No idea if it’s in the works. I can’t work out how to get news about this band. Or maybe there are no news? But their latest offering was so my taste I need more.

A notebook that can be used as bullet journal. You’d think that’d be an easy one. But no. Finding an appropriate notebook around these parts is apparently not easy at all. I’ve been to multiple stores already, I’ve found literally nothing. I’m not prepared to order the official bullet journal just yet, need to try it on for size first. See if it sticks.

Lush hair products. This! I could get at any time. I just want to smell like an entire Lush store. Problem: I don’t actually need any hair products for the time being. And I’m trying to be a bit more mindful shopper.

A week in life; December 2016


Tried a new route to work; no street lights nor road marks, make sense considering darkness reigns for 6 months a year around these parts (????). This was followed by 4 restarts of computer to be able to access my home directory. Such fun! Cheered myself up by buying a Christmas jumper at H&M. Will wear all future Christmases until sequins fall off.


Did I watch Lily Melrose and got good ideas? Yes I did.


Hair treatment! Washing of the hair! Only thing on my mind.

Used this lovely treatment from Lush:


The scent is kind of Christmasy too (i.e. cinnamon). In general in my life, there is not enough Lush scent. I really want to live near a Lush shop. Right by. Next door.

…there might be one other thing on my mind. Glasgow. When can I go back to Glasgow? Anyone good playing anytime soon?


Do you know what day today is? Do you do you?? It’s the day it starts getting lighter! How I have waited for this day. If the world made any kind of sense THIS would be a holiday. It’d be THE holiday.

So by the end of the year it’ll be…approximately 10 more minutes of daylight than today. Only slightly discouraging. At least it’s stopped getting darker.

To give you an idea of the level of darkness around these parts: sunrise is currently 9.21 and sunset is 14.13. It could be worse.

But it could also be better.


Trying to work from home. It’s going great.

ska%cc%88rmavbild-2016-12-22-kl-09-14-03Pondering if they’ll have my head if I translate hejsan as hiya.


A mere 4 hours of work today, followed by a pre-lunch workout class.

You’d think a person would be able to focus for 4 hours. Not so. I can barely focus for 4 minutes. I blame the text. BIRCH algorithm. k-means. Modified cluster feature. Euclidean distance measure. DTW barycenter. Discrete Cosine Transform. Topped with poor grammar. /wants to die


Trying not have too many tasty alcoholic drinks becauuuse…I’m going to the gym tomorrow. I ♥ the gym. Currently more than wine. That’s just all sorts of wrong.

Glass of wine + rum glögg & ginger beer + vegan Christmas plate. Currently no idea why anyone would eat anything other than roasted kale, regardless of  day of the year


Gym! It wasn’t quite this empty, but nearly.


Tomorrow is the day of getting new trainers. Because I’ve yet to encounter a pair of trainers where the cushioning lasts longer than one semester. And I need good cushioning.


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December favorites


Let’s have a peek at what last.fm says.

last.fm stats

Good thing I have last.fm. Not only for the scrobbling, but because at least I can get my end of year listening stats as Spotify completely failed this year. Not sending out the email because you’ve selected no newsletters or some shit? Well I hadn’t selected no newsletters; you still send me irrelevant emails, and I still didn’t get my stats.

I’m an insanely frequent user + been with you since you needed an invite to use. I’m insulted.

That being said. I’m clearly stuck in some sort of a rut. It is questionable whether I am aware that there are many records and many songs in this world.


Odinsbarn. I think we’ve established I enjoyed it.


New parka. Has -the best- pockets. This is a feature that should not be underestimated!

I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of my Sleek Vintage Romance palette. Obvious; it is the season of metallics and glitter.


On the screen

Vlogmas is better still than Vlogtober. All of my faves providing daily vlogs, love it! Difficult to pick a fave, so I’m going with a non-vlogmas episode, because this look ♥♥♥

And, finally! Been looking for this literally months:

Starting to wonder if I’m ever going to kick this nasty Architects habit.


All things saffron! But saffron granola + saffron scones were my faves.


Car. I has it, it is good….most of the time.

The gym. The 16.30 workouts on Monday and Thursday were my faves. Unfortunately they are no more; as we’re approaching Christmas there’s a temporary Christmas schedule and then we move on to a new schedule. Fingers crossed someone is adding Throne to their class!

Lush hair treatments. I’d forgotten how good Lush hair treatments are. Love it that you put them in dry hair BEFORE shower. This makes life infinitely easier.

Amity + Northlane at Fryshuset, obviously.

I need Northlane to do a headliner tour around these parts. (I use the term these parts loosely; UK would work, Germany ditto, maybe France, but that’s as far as I’ll go.)

Plans for January

  1. Get a head start on my reading.
  2. Get new gym membership.
  3. Change blog layout. It’s definitely time.


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Hair rescue plan

My hair is in dire need of some TLC. It’s so brittle I’m at the risk of getting an unintentional haircut. As if intentional haircuts weren’t bad enough.

I’ve been hoping that coming off Cerazette would magically heal my hair. Cerazette managed to turn my once combination skin into proper dry skin, maybe it was messing with my hair too? Of course, my gynecologist doubted any dryness, anywhere, as a result of the hormones. I’m not sure I trust my gynecologist anymore. This idea, I got it from the woman who did my smear test, it wasn’t my own invention. Also. My skin is back to its normal combination self, so that would suggest she was right, unfortunately, my hair remains unaffected.

Clearly, other measures need to be taken.

I have been overusing the hot tools, I know that, but lately, as in the last year or so, I’ve used them less than half as often as I used to. And I’ve been using heat protection from the start. In addition, I don’t blow-dry, barely use a hairbrush, I don’t even towel dry, I don’t over-wash (anymore), and I always use conditioner, hair mask, and shampoo for dry and/or damaged hair. The extreme dryness that is my hair just doesn’t make sense to me.

WAS TUN!?!  as Blixa would say.  

Obviously, you devise a rescue plan.

Rescue plan for dry and brittle hair

  1. Get your hair cut by professional. With any luck, you’ll get a lecture and won’t have to make up your own plan. I was not that lucky. In fact I’m never that lucky. I’m guessing because the hairdresser just takes a look at my hair and thinks Dear oh dear what a sorry state we’re in, there’s just no saving this? Anyway. Good news is: despite not having cut my hair for 6 months, no split ends; my hair is just exceptionally dry and brittle. Swell.
  2. Update your shampoo + conditioner. Clearly, what I was using was not working. The hairdresser recommended Disp hydrating shampoo + conditioner. Bought and tried – it does seem better than my previous combination. And as a bonus, it’s cruelty-free.disp hydrating
  3. Stock up on treatments. I’ve got a leave-in treatment from Urtekram, a different leave-in treatment for hair growth from Lee Stafford (can’t see any ingredient list on the bottle so I’m not actually sure this will do me any good, but I’ll give it a go), and I need to get a new hair mask because I’m nearly out of the Maria Nila. Might just get the Disp argan oil. And surely, the Lush R n B is basically a treatment?hair treatment
  4. Get a wooden brush/comb. I’ve been suspecting that the tangle teezer is doing my hair no good at all. Why? Because of the plastic. Which produces static – which I’m thinking is not good for hair that is already dry.wooden brush
  5. Get hair elastics that do as little damage to the hair as possible. If I’m not going to use hot tools I need to at least be able to put my hair up, so I got some Blax hair elastics.Blax
  6. Review diet. I’m on a vegan diet and I’ve been excluding most fats. I’ve never liked fats much, with the exception of PB – which I love. It’s an unhealthy kind of love so I don’t keep PB in the house. Mostly. Conclusion: I need to reintroduce fats. 50 grams of nuts/seeds a day should do the trick.nuts and seeds
  7. Use styling products in moderation. The woman who cut my hair said it was fine to use products, just avoid the hot tools. But I’m not entirely convinced. A lot of the products have alcohol in them, don’t they? Can’t possibly be good for dry hair?

If this doesn’t work, I’ll blame the hard water and move. To a different city.

And once I’ve moved I’ll come to realize it’s a result of my PCO. I assume.

Reasonably yours,

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