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Lumene Blur Foundation. I loved this; medium coverage, perfect shade for me, wears great considering its price-point and it is cruelty-free. However. There’s PFOS in it. So I won’t be repurchasing.

Givency Very Irresistible L’Intense Eau De Parfum. It’s funny, when I bought this I thought it smelled divine. It’s been a good minute since I felt that it was even a nice smell. Which is good, because Givenchy is not cruelty free, I have no intention on repurchasing.

Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser. This was just a travel-size, and it got me hooked! I repurchased before it was empty. Current favorite AM cleanser!

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Eye Cream. This was the first eye cream I’ve used that felt made any kind of difference, and I do like it, I’ve repurchased multiple times. However, I heard good things about a Dermalogica eye cream so that’s what I’m currently using. But this is a good budget option that I’m sure I’ll go back to at some point.

ACO Face Day. Oh god this day cream. It was a nightmare. I’m not sure if it’s not for my skin type or if it’s just not good, but I prefer wearing my sunscreen to wearing this day cream.

Neal’s Yard Palmarosa Purifying Facial Mask. It is a good thing I bought it in a travel size to try it out. As much as I want to love Neal’s Yard, this mask is a bit meh. Sure, it’s better than the Boots tea tree witch hazel mask, but that doesn’t mean anything at all. Bottom line: I’ve tried many clay masks that are better and cheaper, best thing about this mask may be the container it came in. I’ll be repurposing the container for sure.

Real Techniques foundation brush (not pictured). Technically, the package it came in is empty sooo…I’ve got a question. Is it different from before? I used to have one of these brushes, washed it to pieces after which I switched to using a sponge exclusively. But I seem to remember this brush being way firmer. This feels flimsy. I don’t think I care for it. Or am I not remembering it correctly? Kinda disappointed either way I have to say.

Current favorite foundation

I want to give this little guy a special shout out:

IsaDora Cover Up Foundation & Concealer

The IsaDora Cover Up Foundation & Concealer.

I’ve had it for a while, and we weren’t exactly off to a flying start. It wasn’t mixing well with any of my primers, liked to stick to dry patches—or I dunno, create them all by itself it sometimes seemed like? And! Towards the end of the day, enhance any crease it could get its grubby little hands on.

Its only redeeming qualities was it had a great cover and the shade is not yellow—which is a pet peeve of mine, cannot stand any face color product leaning towards yellow.

But now, we’re getting on like a house on fire.

Is it just me or do some makeup age really well? I do this with mascaras too, start using them, think they’re a bit meh so I forget about them for weeks, and then start using them again and the formula is somehow better?

Seems to be the case here.

Currently, I have none of the problems listed above. NONE. In addition to which, cover: still great. It’s an extremely useful product if you’re interested in obscuring your eyebrows just a little bit—which I am, in case that has been unclear. Don’t you just love any time when you’re happy with what you’ve got? I like to imagine capitalism weeping about my absolute and unconditional love for what most people would call my poor over-tweezed eyebrows. Because that just makes me feel even better about it. I am sorry, I need no special products, I love my brows just the way they are, thank you very much. Dab of foundation is a bonus, not a necessity.


I am so in love with this foundation right now. And that is probably the main reason I will never achieve minimalism; things just make me so damned happy sometimes. (Dammit, capitalism wins again!)

Not that any of this means that I’m not looking forward to trying out my brand new Lumene matte foundation in a shade lighter than light ivory— the shade is called ultra light, will it be like liquid highlighter I wonder?? I am always so keen on shades that manage to be v. v. pale, but somehow not white.

You heard me. Keen.

That’s it, buh bye!

What’s in my makeup bag; Work edition


On a daily basis, I bring the following to work:

  1. 1 hand mirror; learned the use of these as late as back in May when I was caught out in lots of rain. Verdammt! Won’t catch me leaving the house without a mirror no more.
  2. 1 kabuki brush + a NYX finishing powder. I had a Real Techniques travel brush and a BareMinerals loose powder that basically lived in my handbag, but they’ve gone missing. These will do for now.
  3. The darkest brown Makeup Store eye shadow + travel size Real Techniques brush. Instead of eyeliner under bottom lashes, to touch up.
  4. 2 eyeliners, 1 Lumene (wing) + 1 Soap & Glory Supercat (lid). The idea is that because I go to work so early in the morning, cat eye is applied at work. So far that has not happened. But you know, just in case I’m ever in the mood/severely bored.
  5. 1 purple eyeliner; for touch ups on days I wear purple eye shadow.
  6. 1 Sleek eyebrow pen; just in case brows start to slip. ..it could happen..?
  7. 3 hair clips. To get hair out of face if I’ve made some sort of misjudgment. V.v. important.
  8. A couple of painkillers; never know when you might need them. I’ve got a pair in all sorts of places.
  9. Most importantly: 1 lip primer and whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day. This day I was wearing my fave NYX matte in Minx.


What products are your absolute essentials?


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Weekend face; Wild Sable

gosh h&m nyx

I’ve been out of love with my purple and red shadows lately. But this weekend I woke up longing for some Wild Sable. And why wouldn’t you? Why do we keep resorting to browns and neutrals when we could be using colors that bring out the color of our eyes?


GOSH illuminating primer
Lumene longwear blur foundation (applied using hands, ganz wichtig! because I wanted a lighter coverage)
BareMinerals mineral veil (just a dash for good measure)
Makeup Revolution highlighter palette Radiance
NYX matte finish setting spray

Lumene eye shadow primer
H&M Wild Sable eyeshadow
GOSH eyeshadow palette To enjoy in New York (top row, middle shade, current favorite)
Makeup Store darkest brown shade in existence (it might have a name?)
NYX doll eye mascara
IsaDora perfect brow

I basically packed on the Wild Sable, a dash of the GOSH shadow in the inner corner + brow bone (might have been a bit generous in my application of the Wild Sable and used the GOSH shadow to blend some edges) and a tiny bit of the Makeup Store shadow along the lash lines (top + bottom).

Steps skipped: concealer, blush, eyeliner, 10 different shades of shadow. Makes quite a difference in terms of time; and who doesn’t love a simplified routine?


Not that I was going anywhere. I just wanted to put some makeup on.


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What I eat in a day

I’m a breakfast kind of person. It’s my favorite meal; I don’t function without it.

My go-to breakfast is porridge. I sometimes branch out and have overnight oats, or just muesli and yoghurt (vegan of course), and for a while, while not vegan, I tried having omelets or eggs, and I’ve had the occasional avocado toast, but I always come back to porridge. This morning I had semolina porridge, cooked in almond milk, sprinkled with lots of cardamom and cinnamon, a banana and some blackberries and a few seeds on top. I also have three supplements: zinc, iron, and B vitamin.

Breakfast vegan

Semolina is so underrated.

A few hours later, I had a cup of tea while doing my makeup. This particular cup is a cup of Needwood, a black tea blend, sweet and spicy, there’s cardamon, cinnamon, strawberry and cream in it (and typing that out I realize it’s probably not vegan. WTF is with this putting dairy in EVERYTHING? Seriously ppl?).

needwood tea

Tried a new foundation, the Lumene Longwear Blur Foundation in the shade light ivory. I’m still at a stage where any foundation that is not cakey and not yellow, and not too dark, I’m just going to love it. So this is another winner, Lumene never ceases to impress me when it comes to base products. Eyebrows turned out pretty good:


And yes, they’re supposed to look exactly like that, i.e patchy. Seriously. Done on purpose.

A bit off track there.

Tea finished, all made up, Skyped with mum, I had a snack before heading out for some shopping at H&M—you know you can live anywhere as long as there is an H&M and an IKEA not too far away, this is a truth universally acknowledged. Er. At least if you’re Swedish. Good news is, living in the Glasgow area, not a problem! I’m getting off track again.

snack vegan hemp protein

This is oatgurt mixed with some hemp protein, cherries and almonds. The hemp protein is really an acquired taste. 

Bought too many things at H&M and got myself some bits at the grocery store, including another Lumene product, an under-eye concealer, I have such high hopes (in the words of Roddy Hart), made a quick lunch when I got home:

vegan lunch

Green lentils + raw rice + mixed veggies, straight from the freezer that I just microwaved for a bit. Some salt and sesame seeds on top and I’m one happy camper. Doesn’t look like much to the world, but I genuinely enjoyed this lunch. It’s all about listening to your body. If it says give me green lentils, give it green lentils.

A few hours later it was snack time again, this time, a rice cake and humus (not made from scratch, I don’t do that. Anymore. B/c lazy person here, HI.) Also an apple and a cup of green tea, a blend called Grönt och Skönt + a citrus flavored green tea. Actually had a small pot of it; green tea is supposed to be good for you, right?

snack vegan

Some language reviewing later it was time for dinner. I adapted a recipe from the River Cottage veg everyday cookbook, i.e. I basically used the spices from the recipe and some of the other ingredients, which left me with a sort of butternut squash stew + pasta and chickpeas. I regret not adding the spinach I was planning to. It would have been slightly more visually appealing, which is so important! Also had a glass of Sauvignon blanc. God I love the Sauvignon blanc. Oh. And another iron supplement. 

vegan dinner + sauvignon blanc

Any questions on that?

Lots of love,

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