Set obsession

There’s a new-ish feature on Set obsession.

If you click the button Set obsession, will suggest a few tracks you might currently be obsessed with, but really, you can set it to anything.

Looks like this:

last-fm set obsession.png

I haven’t dared used this button because it feels like jinxing yourself. As in, you’ve found a track you love, set obsession and then you’ll just lose interest.

I’d say that’s not a desired outcome.

But if I dared use it, I’d set it to the following:

Korn; Love & Meth. If I start typing Love into the Spotify search box, it’ll give me Love & Meth immediately. So jaa.. I love the line Give me a reason ’cause I got nothing to gain, the way it’s sung and its hopelessness. Love me a good pessimistic song I do.

Also. I love Jonathan’s growling on this record. One of many reasons I think this record is underrated.

Deaf Havana; Pensacola, 2013. Might be the word (yeayea, name) itself. Pensacola. There is something so satisfying the in the pronounciation of this word.

It’s been a minute since I was as obsessed with a song as I was with BMTH’s Throne. But if Being As an Ocean’s Black & Blue was on Spotify, it’d be a strong contender:


Being picky, you could say that if you’re actually obsessed with a track, you should see it in your top tracks list, so the feature really is quite unnecessary. But I dunno. Maybe most people don’t use to the extent I do.


That being said. I just discovered Taylor Swift is now on Spotify (again?). Have been listening to Out of the Woods for the past hour or so. That’s. Not obsessive. At all.

I can’t stop. Help.

100 day song challenge #97

#97 A song by one of your favorite bands (#1)

We’re getting close to the end!

There’s at least two ways to do this. I can either just go by what tells me, or I can go by what to me are some of my favorite bands, i.e. not based on to what extent I have been listening to that particular band lately.

The first options is easier because that basically means making the choice for me, no need to deal with an endlessly long list of favorite bands.

Whichever way I choose, the next few posts of this challenge will be repreats.

May as well go with current favorites. May as well go with what tells me. tells me I listen to The Amity Affliction quite a bit. Fight My Regret off of their 2016 release This Could Be Heartbreak is a textbook example of what I like in a song.

Last.week does this now!?


Love it!

And my stats are up, go me!



Total number of tracks is down, but that’s not important. Totalt time spent listening to music is up. It’s all that matters.

For the life of me I can’t understand how this is still the case:


I simply don’t believe it.

And now I’m off to listen to Deaf Havana because I saw someone with a Deaf Havana t-shirt and was pretty. Fox on it.


I ♥

The new version of still has some issues, but this brand new weekly feature they’ve got, I like it!

They do such good statistics. Look:



It’s dead funny how Roddy Hart is his own genre.

In general, statistics bore the life our of me, but this, I’m obsessed with. Completely pointless but I’ve accepted that’s how I work.

Conlusion: 1 day 18 hours total of listening to music in a week??? I must up my game!

December favorites


Let’s have a peek at what says. stats

Good thing I have Not only for the scrobbling, but because at least I can get my end of year listening stats as Spotify completely failed this year. Not sending out the email because you’ve selected no newsletters or some shit? Well I hadn’t selected no newsletters; you still send me irrelevant emails, and I still didn’t get my stats.

I’m an insanely frequent user + been with you since you needed an invite to use. I’m insulted.

That being said. I’m clearly stuck in some sort of a rut. It is questionable whether I am aware that there are many records and many songs in this world.


Odinsbarn. I think we’ve established I enjoyed it.


New parka. Has -the best- pockets. This is a feature that should not be underestimated!

I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of my Sleek Vintage Romance palette. Obvious; it is the season of metallics and glitter.


On the screen

Vlogmas is better still than Vlogtober. All of my faves providing daily vlogs, love it! Difficult to pick a fave, so I’m going with a non-vlogmas episode, because this look ♥♥♥

And, finally! Been looking for this literally months:

Starting to wonder if I’m ever going to kick this nasty Architects habit.


All things saffron! But saffron granola + saffron scones were my faves.


Car. I has it, it is good….most of the time.

The gym. The 16.30 workouts on Monday and Thursday were my faves. Unfortunately they are no more; as we’re approaching Christmas there’s a temporary Christmas schedule and then we move on to a new schedule. Fingers crossed someone is adding Throne to their class!

Lush hair treatments. I’d forgotten how good Lush hair treatments are. Love it that you put them in dry hair BEFORE shower. This makes life infinitely easier.

Amity + Northlane at Fryshuset, obviously.

I need Northlane to do a headliner tour around these parts. (I use the term these parts loosely; UK would work, Germany ditto, maybe France, but that’s as far as I’ll go.)

Plans for January

  1. Get a head start on my reading.
  2. Get new gym membership.
  3. Change blog layout. It’s definitely time.


signatur 1


#33 A song with a color in the title

I’ll be honest with you, for this category I used to scroll through the music I’ve been listening to.

Song with color in the title!? Couldn’t think of a single one. I just got stuck on a line in a Madrugada song: “Blue, strange color blue” – which I’ve now learned is the actual title of the song, but let’s not go with that one. Seeing how I didn’t even know the name of the song that seems to make sense.

My most listened to song with a color in the title: Red Hypergiant by Architects. It’s an instrumental piece, so we’re also not going with that one. I just don’t think you’d love it the appropriate amount. Do correct me if I’m wrong.

There’s Red Right Hand by Nick Cave, but believe it or not, I’m trying to not be Captain Obvious here.

Let’s go with Clearest Blue by CHVRCHES. Because, at least, that’s a band I’ve not been harping on about already. Lovely electronic outfit from Glasgow (as if there are people who don’t know of them already?). Nice upbeat tune that makes you want to dance. Also excellent soundtrack to your cleaning.

Lots of love.

signatur 1

This week’s highlights

NYX minx honeymoon sandstorm
  1. Suddenly fell in love with shorts. JFC. Dug some out of the depths of my closet, barely worn, ever, (throw something away just because I haven’t been wearing it? don’t think so) loved, ordered more from ASOS – completely justified, had a total of 3 pairs; that won’t last me long. Ordered another 3 pairs. Obviously to be worn with black tights, platforms, and a black top of some sort. This styling (below) is an abomination. 1468092623256
  2. The purple & red eye shadow love continues. It’s a reason to get up in the morning. Especially enjoy doing a minimalist version of sunset shadow, i.e., take your NYX Full Throttle Eye Shadow Palette, take the orange shade, put it in your crease, and the red one all over your lid, blend together et voilá. Another favorite: pairing a gold-ish shade with the H&M Sahara Dawn. (Wow, this filter makes the Sahara Dawn come off black. It’s really not, it’s red I swear, the NYX palette comes out looking true to life tho.)NYX sahara dawn
  3. Highlighter on cupid’s bow. I just really like it. For now. Come next week I’ll have another obsession. Using the middle shade in the Makeup Revolution Radiance palette, which I still love:makeup revolution radiance
  4. Dream on, Dreamer (band). Was starting to despair, listening to the same songs over and over again. Found this band via recommendation from does know me better than Spotify. So that’s giving my usual suspects some room to breathe.
  5. Tofu-banana-peanut butter-pudding. Take half a package of silken tofu, 1 banana, 1 heaped table spoon of peanut butter, mix, put in a nice little bowl or cup, top with lots and lots of cinnamon – best meal ever. Technically, it’s a dessert, but I’ll have it for breakfast or dinner. It makes my brain happy.1468094971792
  6. Finally got my ASOS order. Only took them 2 weeks. More dresses for me! And cleaned out closet to make room. In particular looking forward to this red one:red dress asosI’ve been longing for a red dress for a while now. Will pair with black tights, obviously.
  7. Been doing research for trip to the UK later this summer (so that’s three visits to the UK this year, that’s..reasonable?). Not supposed to, but I can’t help myself. Studying the maps and the restaurant selection, planning the shopping.
  8. The NYX liquid lipstick in Sandstorm – said before and I’ll say it again – it’s perfect. Only slight difference in shade compared to Honeymoon and Minx. Have to stop buying brown/beige/neutral lip colors from NYX, I can’t possibly use any more.NYX minx honeymoon sandstorm
  9. The app Eatthismuch. The flexibility is amazing! You tell it how much you want to eat, how many meals a day, if you’re on a particular diet, e.g. if you’re on a vegan diet or if you have food allergies (among other things), and it tells me what to eat. And it actually gives good suggestions. And if you don’t like a suggestion, just refresh and you get another one. This is excellent if you want some new ideas as to what to eat. Even if I have made a conscious effort to make it suggest meals including brussel sprouts as per usual – which is another thing, if there is something you really like, you can tell the app and it will suggest meals including that particular thing, or if you want it to suggest a particular meal.
  10. Sis got us ticket to see The Amity Affliction. I was going to not go, but sis threatened to go by herself if I wasn’t coming. That’s not an option. I’ll be working over Christmas then as I have no vacation left, but whatever. Not a single doubt in my mind it’ll be worth it. I expect to get to hear this live:
    By this I mean the line Let the ocean take me. That alone is worth the ticket price.


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