How to get out of a music slump. Or not.

My music stats have been appalling lately. Appalling as in I’ve barely listened to music at all.

Well, by comparison. 1 day 11 hours total for last week; in the words of Dustin, it’s not enough.

There is a reason though. I’m not as excited about music as I have been. I know there’s a pattern, I’ve been around for a long time, I’ve observed it. I’ll have periods where I listen to music basically 24 hours a day (sleeping is a waste of precious time that could be spent listening to NIN!), and then there are periods where I can barely stand music at all and I’ll prefer to listen to people talking (radio, TV), maybe I can stand a wee bit of Iain Morrison but that’s it.

I’m trying to coax myself back into the part of the cycle I prefer, the listening to lots part, by listening to a lot of old faves.

For example:

The Mission; Never Again. How can you not love The Mission? Even with that horrendous art work that passes for the cover of the album Masque.

Depeche Mode; Stripped. Usually everyone’s favorite, which I’m only just starting to get. Not that it was ever bad, I just wasn’t obsessed. Before.

John Cale; Darling I need you. From the Fragments of a Rainy Season record, which, by the way, is finally available on Spotify! If there is one John Cale record you need in your life, this is the one. It’s basically Cale playing all of his best songs on the piano. Now if that hasn’t got you sold I don’t know what will.

Still wondering WHY he’s spent most of his career doing, well, not this.

Nine Inch Nails; Sin. A live version I can’t get enough of.

Recoil; Jezebel. Recoil’s Liquid is such an underrated album. It includes 5 of my all-time favorite tracks.

HIM; Killing Loneliness. You know how I love pop metal.

LOTS of Within Temptation. Part of me thinks this is one ridiculous band, but the music they make, it’s a 100% match for me. Go-to for workouts. If I did workouts. Obvs I don’t. I just lay around on my couch all day. Snack on things high in sugar and fat.

Sinéad is a fave:

And yes, in terms of my feminist challenge this playlist (not only this excerpt) is pretty much a complete failure.

I have no excuses. Except for all other culture I consume is by and about women. Doesn’t that count?? (No it doesn’t.)


There is not a chance in hell this strategy is going to work. In fact, I predict it will get worse still before it gets better. Because that is the pattern. One can only wait.

I hate waiting.

100 day song challenge #12

#12 A song that reminds you of summer

This challenge is evil. There is one song that reminds you of summer, and then one of winter. I can think of any number of songs that remind me of spring and fall, not of any that remind me of either summer or winter.

I suppose maybe John Cale’s All Summer Long makes me think of summer. I mean it mentions summer in the title. So.

But most importantly, it’s just such a good song. I wish he did more songs like this one. I can’t even pinpoint what it is, it’s just a feeling, or a mood.

I don’t expect it will make sense to anyone else really.

100 day song challenge #17

#17 A song that was released in the 70s

Finally! I’ve got a reason to harp on about one of my faves John Cale. I love John Cale.

In case you’ve missed it; John Cale used to be in Velvet Underground. I don’t particularly like Velvet Underground. I also don’t like Lou Reed (also in Velvet obvs).

But I love John Cale.

Well. At least when he plays the piano.

If I’m being honest, my love for Cale is completely based on his Fragments of a Rainy Season record. Which is a live recording where he plays the piano. Basically.

I just love how he plays the piano. People don’t play the piano like that anymore.  Except for Diamanda. But then she and John would probably have learned how to play around the same time, so that makes sense I suppose. I wish someone would teach me how to; it has a darkness about it that I find very appealing.

I think he probably, originally, released this song in the 70s. I have CD saying he did. So let’s go with that; John Cale’s cover of Heartbreak Hotel.


signatur 1


#16 A song that was released in the 60s

I don’t really listen to any music from the 60s. The one thing that comes to mind that I have listened some to is Velvet Underground. Mostly because I’ve read about Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick, Nico, John Cale…all because I like John Cale. Was obsessed with Fragments of a Rainy Season for a while. Unfortunately not released in the 60s. Not that there’s anything wrong with the song Heroin, but it doesn’t stick out to me.

Really selling it here. As if there are people who have not heard this song?


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