3 songs using allusions

Allusion has to be my favorite figure of speech. Especially when used in lyrics.

Basically, what an allusion is, is an indirect reference to another text.

For example!

My Ruin; Terror. I had a dream Joe, that you were standing in the middle of an open road //I had a dream Joe that your hands were raised up to the sky and your mouth was covered in foam. Alludes to Nick Cave’s I had a dream, Joe.

Tairrie (i.e. the My Ruin vocalist) is the queen of allusions, she uses it in lyrics often and well. The entire Relief Through Release record reads like a long allusion to some of the best parts of 90s pop culture. I especially enjoy the Romeo + Juliet references in Omnia Vinat Amor. So well done.

Casey; Hell. Someday you will ache, the way I ache. To be fair, I don’t know if this is actually an allusion or just coincidence, unlike Tairrie. She is a Nick Cave fan; it’s def no coincidence. Plus it’d be a weird coincidence. This though, it is a repeat of a line in Hole’s Doll parts. 

Markus Krunegård; Everybody hurts. Obviously refers to R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts: Där lärde jag mig gilla Everyboy Hurts (English: It’s where I learned to love Everybody Hurts). Unusually clumsy reference for being Markus; he’s usually so good with words.

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Preparing to move; Decluttering my record collection

This getting rid of most of my CD:s business is way harder than I thought.

I have started. I did a first cut. And a second.

(Why am I showing yout this? I don’t even want to see this myself.)

Explanation: CD:s placed horizontally are the ones I’m getting rid of. While I’ve made some definite progress using the following mantra: Will I ever pick this recod out to play it in the car? Yes > keep, No > throw.

Number of records I’m keeping: far larger number than I care to count.

Let’s distract ourselves with my tiny vinyl collection instead. It’s been kept under excellent control, making decluttering a piece of cake.

Really. If I made any sense, I’d get rid of the lot; my record player has been in storage for years. But one simply does not throw out:


Did you know Sisters of Mercy’s  First and last and always actually has a better sound on vinyl than any other format? Yea. That’s just an attempt at an excuse. I have literally no excuses. I just really like it. Throwing it out would be blasphemy. (I have my own religion, OK?) In short, I ♥ First and last and always. And you should too.

If you haven’t already, give the title track a listen. You won’t regret it! Promise!

Ach Andrew Eldrich. Such a lovely voice.

Similarly, if you listen to Janis Joplin and own Janis vinyls and you don’t just get rid of them. You just don’t. In addition, this one is actually my mum’s, so you know, permanent fixture in my life until something truly horrific happens.


Another must have, Bruce, you don’t throw Bruce out:


In general, I don’t listen to Neil Young, Harvest is the one exception, and I love it.


The next one was one of the very first albums I ever owned/stole from parents/listened to, plus, I just really like this artwork. And I do still like the record. It’s a keeper.


Coincidentally, Marie Fredriksson is also featured on this lovely covers records, which otherwise reads as the Swedish 80s rock elite sing songs by folk singer Cornelis Vreesvijk, which probably sounds awful but it is truly brilliant. Also a steal from my parents; wouldn’t feel right to throw it out.


…I might be keeping this next Echo and the Bunnymen record on account of the fact that the cover is by Anton Corbijn. And I like it. As good a reason as any?


Speaking of which, artwork is the only reason I’m keeping this record by The Churches. I can’t even remember a single song on it. But I love the cover.


Obviously, you need your AC/DC Highway to Hell on vinyl, keeping.


And it makes absolutely no difference that I probably haven’t listened to these Hole 7″s since I was in my 20s. Never throwing out. You’ll have to pry them out of my cold dead hands.


So there you have it. A study in unreasonable.

I did also get rid of a bunch. What I’ve got left is just a few stray copies, completely manageable. Even if makes no sense to keep a format I’m not actively using.

Did I mention that I fail at minimalism?

kim gordon girl in a band

A quite disappointing music bio

I’ve finally made if through Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kim Gordon, she was the bass player of Sonic Youth, a fairly unmelodic band active between 1980 and 2011. No, I was never a fan, but that’s of no consequence when it comes to what music bios I choose to read. This one caught my interest because any female with even the slightest connection to 90s rock and you’ve got my attention.

I hate to say Girl in a Band seemed better in theory than it actually was. But it did and it was. Despite it being a quite thin volume it was such a long read.

Not sure where to start. I was so looking forward to this read and was so disappointed.

Let’s start here:


Well,, I take it you have no read an awful lot of music biographies.

I have. This wasn’t one of the better ones.

I don’t blame Gordon. Apparently, publishers don’t really care about biographies by famous people much. It’s just an easy way to make money and it’s abundantly clear that someone has had a talk with Gordon and then just written it down. There’s especially poor writing towards the end of the book, just insane use of exclamation points and Haha. 

This is probably the main reason it’s not great; a lack of understanding that you can’t just write spoken word down and expect it to make sense unedited.

And it makes me so sad because I am v. v. interested in knowing more about events that Gordon was directly and/or indirectly involved in. Which is another problem, there is never more of anything really, it’s just a constant barely touching upon a subject, never going into anything in-depth or to any extent at all, just quickly moving on. Considering I’m rarely interested in any topic in-depth, you can imagine just how shallow and little any event is discussed at all.

In some cases, the lack of depth is just confusing. Like when she’s talking about Keller (apparently her brother, which I’m not sure why I should be interested in as a reader..?), and his schizophrenia – as if it’s something that’s common knowledge.

I wish they’d focused on a smaller number of events and just discussed them in more detail. I’m not saying tell us all! Just you know, something would have been nice.

I keep thinking about this Nico biography, Songs they never play on the radio, which is one of my favorite music bios ever. It focuses on the last years of Nico’s life, and it’s just this slim little book, and it really paints a picture. I keep wanting Girl in a Band to be like that. It’s nothing like that.

Now. If the publishers cared at all, this book would take its starting point in chapter 33, which is about when Gordon produced Hole’s Pretty on the inside (well, it’s sort of a little about that…without really telling a story at all). It’s obvious there is a story here:




So much promise!

Another thing that could have been focused on, the Lydia Lunch connection, because Lydia is a madly fascinating character:


Bit off topic; I loved the below observation. Because that’s my theory too, I don’t understand how you could possibly come from where I come from and not be into metal. But apparently, it’s quite possible (e.g. my brother). But to me, this makes sense:


…PS. the girls were playing with Satan too.

A final thing the publishers should have made sure was more of a focus, was Gordon’s observations, opinions and thoughts about women in music. There are numerous examples of this topic in the book, and I’m so sure there was more to tell. I really, really would have wanted an expansion on this:


It should be noted though, that whoever did the layout of this book did an excellent job. Visually, the text and pictures, how they work together, it’s just a joy for the eye.

But basically, I don’t feel as if I’ve read a book about Kim Gordon. It feels as if she’s not the main character of this story. It’s always someone else. Keller. Thurston. Courtney. It’s just really strange.

My rating: there are other bios to read. I’ve already mentioned Songs they never play on the radio. Beth Ditto’s Coal to diamonds – also a better read.

Now. I’m off to do some research, I’m hoping there’s a bio on at least one of the following:

Lydia Lunch
Diamanda Galas
Kathleen Hannah
Anyone beside Courtney who was ever in Hole

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2017 challenge

I’ve been challenged by hitherdither to do something about the awful gender inequality that is my current taste in music.

While I clearly struggle with sticking to challenges, I can’t not take this challenge on. It would go against the very core of my beliefs.

I did try to write it off by referring to my taste in books; my taste in music is the exact opposite of my taste in music. If we’re talking gender. But it is a poor argument, it really is. So I’ve deviced a plan!

It’s basically this: whenever making a playlist, it must include the same number of female vocalists as male vocalists. Bonus: this autmatically leads to musical variation. There’s still a lack of women in metal, which as you may have noticed is currently my prefered genre, so including female vocalist means more a range of music listened to.

It’s not much, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

To help myself out I’ve created a massive playlist including all female vocalists I know and love. So that I can just drag and drop. However. Realization: I’m so not updated. Surely something’s happened since 90s/00s? What female vocalists are we listening to these days?

With few exceptions (Lana del Rey, I’m stuck right about here:

Hole, need I explain why?

Lots of that in my playlist. Ditto Garbage:

Well. At least I’ve got all of their pink record in my playlist.

Similarly, stuck on My Ruin’s A Prayer under Pressure of Violent Anguish.

The fact that the lyrics still runs out of me like water…makes me wonder why that is information my brain holds on to while whatever could be useful, it just, evaporates?

If you listen to My Ruin, you listen to Jack off Jill. It’s a fact of life.

I know PJ Harvey has been putting out new music, but I seem to be forever stuck on To Bring You My Love.

Another obvious like, the Dresden Dolls.

And oh, early Tori Amos.

I know there is new music, I’m just at a loss as to how to find it. My old tricks are futile.

Old tricks = go to whatever band you’re really liking on Spotify or and click related artists. Always generates something new and fun. But you can click away on artists related to Architects all you like, you’ll never find your way to any sort of female artist. Doesn’t work. You’ll just end up finding another British post-hardcore act that you just loooove and then just binge listening to making this challenge all the more difficult. Like Dependence. Which I found the other day. Was metal ever as good as it is right now?


What source am I supposed to use? How do I find the new Tori? The new Courtney? The new Jack Off Jill? HOW? Is there a magazine? A blog? Am I going to have to visit a school and the the kids what they’re listening to these days???

The one downside to being a adult; your taste in music stagnates. Or at least, you can’t rely on your peers to supply you with new music, unless you need someone to introduce you to Sisters of Mercy. I’m not bashing old music, but listening to and seeing bands that are finding their feet is so much more fun. Less polished and thought out. Appeals to me.


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100 day song challenge #19

#19 A song released in the 90s

Ah the 90s. Pretty much all of my house gods released some of their best work in the 90s. Nine Inch Nails, Tura Satana, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, to mention a few.

My pick though, it HAS TO be something off of Hole’s Live Through This. They don’t make music like this anymore. I can still remember actually buying the record, so clearly it’s very important to me.

In addition to this being one of my all-time favorite records, Courtney Love during this time, such a style insipration for me at the time.

…might still be. Just a little?

And it makes me miss my fringe.


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