On my wish list

I just got tickets to see Architects in June, so this year is saved, but it’d be kinda neat if the following could be arsed to come around these parts:

Northlane. Saw them last year when they opened for Amity Affliction. Needless to say, they were brilliant. And they just released a new album this morning, so it shouldn’t be completely impossible??

Casey. Again. Saw last year, was quite impressed. Because they’re quite active on social media they’re always on my mind. This social media thing, it truly is brilliant PR, they don’t even have to talk about their music, just make sure we keep thinking about them. Maybe Brighton this time?

Russell Brand. Yea, yea, he’s not a musician, but he is touring. Been before and it was lots of fun. But it was also Glasgow. No type gig sucks in Glasgow. Exception confirming the rule: Proclaimers.

Glasvegas. But to be fair, I’d settle for a record release date. Or you know, some news? Anything?

Editors. I have no excuse and am probably sick in the head. Just not a festival.

HIM. I love HIM but never been to see HIM, that’s just wrong. They’ll be touring this year and from the looks of it they’re going just about everywhere except here. And to Glasgow in December. That is where I draw the line. One cannot be going to Glasgow in December. Also it’s sold out so that’s one thing I don’t even have to consider…

Nine Inch Nails. I hear they’ve booked a couple of dates in the US. Is it too much to ask they also swing by Europe? I could expand “these parts” to include Berlin. For NIN anyway. Actually…Berlin’s current gig selection is looking pretty good already. So maybe Berlin regardless?

Was thinking that I’d just not go anywhere at all this year, to save money for wallpaper and such. But I am so easily distracted. Who needs wallpaper when I could go to Oslo to see Architects? I mean twice in a year, that’s…also not enough?

Greed. Such greed.

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100 day song challenge #49

#49 A song with the word go in the title

When you go to gigs in Glasgow you’ll quickly notice that they have a chant they do regardless of show; here we here we here we fucking go.

The Architects show in november was no exception.

Mr Singer guy cleverly said that this was basically the audience writing songs for them; that a song should be made including the line here we fucking go.

Little did he know that there already is (at least one) such song. This little song called Go square go by Glasgow band Glasvegas.

Naturally, I’ll be expecting a cover. Can’t even begin to imagine what that would sound like. Except for a lot of noise.

Let’s pray he’ll remain ignorant.

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100 day song challenge #53

#53 A song with a great drum solo

Oh what do I know about drums, really?

Top 3 drummers (in no particular order):

• Jonna in Glasvegas. Because she’s insanely cool.
• Bela B in Die Ärzte. Apparently I like my drummers standing.
• DanArchitects (I’m sure that’s his official name). Unsure if he makes the list because a) he’s in Architects, b) he’s funny on Twitter/in interviews or c) he is actually really good and ridiculously humble about his skills.

Special mention: dummer of Casey because he uses his hair as a prop and it’s funny.

Not that it matters because as I was saying, what do I know? I’m just going on live performance, what’s fun to watch.

Aaand I probably hate drum solos even more than guitar solos. (Which I mentioned disliking in #52.) Sure way to make me hate any type music/band/artist: include a drum solo.

So thank god none of the above are in the drum solo habit. Far as I’m aware. Could imagine Die Ärzte doing it as a joke tho, same they do with the bass solo in Monsterparty:

If you don’t know German, this here song alone is a reason to learn German. Trust me.

And yes sir, you are correct, I’ve just completely ignored the prompt and gone in a different direction entirely. Why I even do challenges? Not a clue.

Lots of love!

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100 day song challenge #44

#44 A song with “E” as the first letter of the title

I don’t think I’ve done a Glasvegas track yet, have I?

That’s simply not right because Glasvegas is one of my all-time favorite bands. To no small part because James sings in Glaswegian.

While patiently waiting for their next release, listening to Euphoria, take my hand is not a bad way to spend your time.

Lots of love!

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fall 2016
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Fall prep; 13 songs for a playlist

I make some of my best playlists in the fall.

Probably because my taste in music goes quite well with the overall feeling of fall; I like my music dark and miserable.

The following mix of new releases and old favorites that I will be listening to this season.

13 songs to keep me company this fall

  1. Whistleblower by Thrice. Thrice’s latest release has been with me since it was released earlier in the year, the track Whistleblower is basically my H&M shorts of music; the track I’m still not ready to let go. I’ve no idea what my obsession is with this song; it wasn’t included in their setlist back in August, is it just me? Isn’t this song just all sorts of brilliant??
  2. Stay by Dream on Dreamer. Don’t let the post-hardcore tag put you off, this is a nice little track. It’s their latest release to date, making me look forward to their next album, and I really should make an effort to see them live. But why oh why do all bands insist on playing the same time of year? Spread it out people, spread it out! (Or come to Sweden, OK thx bye.)
  3. Skeleton Tree by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. The entire album is made for fall, this track has quickly become a favorite.
  4. Big Ideas by The Boxer Rebellion. In theory I should love this band. Not quite there yet, but I really do like this song and Diamonds from a previous release is frequently included in my playlists.
  5. Terrible Love by The National. I feel like this is an obvious choice; like Skeleton Tree the album High Violet was made for fall.
  6. I Still Want You by Richard Hawley. If there is one thing you need in your fall playlists it’s a little Hawley.
  7. Gone with the Wind by Murray Macleod. The original is brilliant; to no one’s surprise the cover is equally brilliant. Makes me wish for more Architects covers.
  8. Dezemberluft by Heisskalt. Because any playlist should always include at least one song in German, don’t you think? This is an odd little track; I want to like the rest of their body of work as much as this track. Maybe one day.
  9. Search Party by Enter Shikari. I’m not as in love with this bad as most people. I’ve been including a few of their songs in my playlists lately, but for the most part, this band is lost on me. This one though, is a quite recent find, thus making it into my fall playlists. Was made aware of its existence via the playlist mentioned here.
  10. Secret Truth by Glasvegas. Patiently waiting for the next Glasvegas release, at which point I’ll abandon all this metal silliness. In the mean time, I’m quite happy returning to their previous releases, which work particularly well with cooler weather I feel.
  11. All Summer Long by John Cale. While I like to claim I love Cale, in actuality I only like the albums Fragments of a Rainy Season and Black Acetate, and this song. But oh, when he’s good, he’s very, very good. The sound of this song; ach, I want more of it.
  12. Fight My Regret by The Amity Affliction. Because it’s just not time to let This Could be Heartbreak go just yet. This one is my favorite track from the album – not that this means much at all. The album as a whole is a good one.
  13. Cracks in the Earth by Architects. You didn’t think I’d make a playlist with no Architects did you? I’ve already got a playlist based on this track, but that doesn’t mean anything. Other than I just really like it, despite it being quite uncharacteristic for Architects; it’s more of a “straight rock” track.


What’s on your playlist?


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#96 A song you’ve seen performed live

Again, truly this is a challenge. How do you pick one? It’s too soon to be mentioning Architects again, isn’t it?

I’m going to go with Jonathan Johansson’s Centrum. I’ve got two reasons: 1) I saw him when he toured Klagomuren (the album this song is on) and it was without a doubt one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and he had zero fancy gimmicks. Not that I know why fancy gimmicks would make any show better really. Good songs + good performance; it is truly all it takes. And 2) One of my favorite lines is in this song “Snart kommer tårarna ett regn i Sahara. Snart ska vi ångra, vad vi hoppades på.” (Soon there’ll be tears like a rain in the Sahara. Soon we’ll regret what we hoped for.) Just don’t ask me why I like it, because I don’t know. Could be something as simple as phrasing. I do, however, remember trying to convince my sister of the greatness of this line pre-show, trying to convince her she was really missing out. She remained unconvinced. For a while. He got to her too in the end.

So here you have it, the impossible to resist Jonathan Johansson:


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#22 A song that needs more recognition

This isn’t so much the song as the artist. Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire people, why are you not listening to Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire?

Last I checked, Roddy Hart & the Lonesome Fire had just above 400 listeners on and 170 listeners/month on Spotify. I don’t get it.

Is it just because you all don’t know about them yet?

To be fair. I only heard about them because I bought tickets to see Glasvegas open for the Proclaimers (who, by the way, were so bad we could only stay for a single song, and even that was torture, Glasvegas were great tho, obvs.), and Roddy played before Glasvegas. Aside from playing their original material, they also played a National cover. It was. So good. One of my best live experiences. If you like the National, you should also like Roddy. So that’s the kind of music they play.

Also worth mentioning; they are from Glasgow and Roddy has a show on BBC Scotland Monday nights. I used to listen to it up until I entered my current phase where I prefer people shouting in the music I listen to. Which isn’t exactly the kind of music he plays on his show. More like singer-songwriter type music. But he’s got a beautiful Scottish, so you could well listen for that only.

Also, guy’s dead handsome:

What song/artist do you think needs more recognition?


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