I ❤ Glasgow 

glasgow lighthouse

Because I can buy bits like

Nakd bars from Holland & Barrett’s for cheap + decent chai from random supermarket; you have no idea how I’ve been looking for a decent chai all over Sweden – impossible. This Tesco one tho; does the job perfectly. Nothing fancy, everyday chai ♥♥♥.


…I’m going to have start ordering the Nakd bars from online. It’s so perfect for traveling, and let’s face it, this could replace other types sweets easy peasy.

Makeup + beauty from Superdrug and Boots.

I’m obsessed with Superdrug’s cleansing wipes for combination skin, which is a problem. I need to find good wipes I can get from somewhere in this country.

The Boots’ tea tree & witch hazel facial wash is a new find; they were all out of Superdrug’s facial wash for combination skin, again, but this facial wash! It’s better still. My skin tends to be a bit uneven, and I’ve come to accept it as a fact. But this facial wash, I swear it evens out my skin. And the Soap & Glory shower gel; ach, I just wish I hadn’t packed so much I could have gotten a normal-sized bottle. It brags you don’t need lotion afterwards and I truly believe it.

Also got a new GOSH primer because my current one (No7) is a bit meh; my foundation brush finally broke down so I’m trying out the Real Techniques sponge, so far loving it, and if the Beautyblender is better still than this one, I get why people are so obsessed with it; new No7 foundation, a radiance one this time because I heard such good things about it. With any luck it’ll manage to make me look just a little bit sicker still.

Cute things from Primark; PJs, pink knit, metallic chokers, MTV sweatshirt, and of course, big, chunky, pink knit + fuzzy socks.


That’s appropriate night time wear for a 35-year-old I dare say. Should also be noted: bought the pink knit in the biggest size I could find, i.e. about 4-5 sizes bigger than what I usually wear, this doesn’t mean it’s long enough to be worn as a dress, as I discovered on the bus to work…

Trashy hoodie + lots of earrings from Top Shop.

I am in love with this trashy trend, did the same trick as with the pink knit. Sis says it’s also too short to be worn as a dress. I’m disagreeing, wore it as dress to the BMTH gig, maybe I will again? As in, I’m seeing them again on Saturday. Stockholm this time.

Also love that dark metal color the majority of the studs are in. Top Shop seems to be under the impression it’s dark gold. Okeeyy.. in my mind they’re a bit too much on the red side to be described as gold, but w/e.

More Mackintosh souvenirs.


Ah yes, museum gift shops in Glasgow, they just draw me in.

Backpack from Urban Outfitters.


Because the carry on I brought was just so tiny, I literally had to get a new bag to get all my things home (this here, just a sample, there was more stuff). But also, I needed a bigger backpack in my life, so quite pleased with this purchase.

Note to self: go on shopping diet.


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I ❤ Glasgow 

glasgow lighthouse

Because you can visit old faves like Café Andaluz + Willow Tea Rooms.

Dared have the afternoon tea at The Willow. By dared I mean, tried afternoon tea first time in Manchester a couple of years ago, was the fullest I’ve ever been in my life and thusly traumatized, haven’t dared tried it since. The Willow offers a more humane amount of food. And they do have a vegan version! Oddly enough not something they put on the menu, you have to ask for it.

PS. in case you’re unfamiliar with The Willow Tea Rooms, they have Mackinstoh interior, which is why tourists like myself like to visit. Yes, I have absolutely no shame, I love doing the touristy things.

Was going to take pics of the food at Café Andaluz, but after the starter, I sorta forgot. Olives, drinks, bread, v. v. interesting?


Top tip: try their Cava sangria, it’s amazing.

Get new faves like Stereo (3 times, it was that good),

Fave thing off their menu: sun dried tomato, rosemary, polenta chips and crispy cauliflower. Bit garlicky, but so, so good. And oh, their Dark + Stormy is my new fave drink; if I remember correctly it’s basically ginger beer + rum.

Singl-end (2 x)


Quickly figured out waiting for a table was not a bad thing; they offer you tea and a seat while you wait. And a big pot of tea too.

Loved the vegan banoffee cakes + and their cherry scones. Yes we went twice. Yes, we waited for our table both times. Seriously love this place.

and Mono.

To be fair, I have been to Mono before but was slightly underwhelmed last time. Went back only because convenient location + vegan. This time, I had a mushroom, kale and rosemary soup with a veggie wrap and it was just a perfect lunch. Will definitely be going back.

Try out Bloc+, 13th Note and Butterfly & the Pig.

Slightly disappointed with Bloc+, partly because their service was kinda bad, and partly because of the menu, which didn’t match what’s online and I’m not exactly a big fan of any type dogs, vegan or otherwise; and partly because I read a review saying it was great. I’m more leaning towards meh; seemed like average pub to me. Could go back, but I don’t particularly feel I have to.

13th note…ditto. Most things on their menu seemed a bit too spicy for me. Not that I don’t like spicy, it’s just I can’t handle it.

Butterfly & the Pig was excellent, had a v. v. nice falafel burger + best hand cut chips I ever did have. Go back? I think yes.

…aaand, I’m not only a bad vegan but also a bad blogger; I can’t remember to take pics of the food. Next time tho!


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I ❤ Glasgow 



Museum + Park

We walked and walked in this park. I absolutely loved it, even when it was raining! Sis; not so keen. But I guess not all of us can be a fan of the walking. As for the museum, this time, we only visited the Mackintosh exhibition. We’ve seen it before but I just don’t tire of Margaret Mackintosh’s paintings.

Mackintosh House

Pics from http://www.mackintosh-architecture.gla.ac.uk/. It’s where they told us to get pics as you’re not allowed to take pics inside. 

I’ve been on the guided tour of the Mackintosh House before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go again. I’d say, you can and should. Still in love with the light in the living room. Despite the fact I don’t really like white interior.

Huntarian Gallery 

Not usually a fan of paintings, but I do love the Whistler collection at the Huntarian Gallery. It’s housed in the same building as the Mackintosh House, v. v. convenient, and it’s next door to the uni, which is well worth a visit even if you’re not that interested in universities. It’s one of those amazing old uni’s that look like a castle of some sort.

Glasgow School of Art

Another Mackintosh building. Yes, I am in love with his aesthetics! So glad you noticed. Unfortunately it’s currently covered in scaffolding, so we didn’t actually see the building. It usually looks like this from the outside:photo

Pretty, no? Inside is worth a visit too. They do a tour that I’d definitely recommend. For unknown reasons not something we considered this time, maybe it felt too fangirly? Yes. That strikes me as likely. But next time!


So basically, I’m just listing lots of Mackintosh-related things. Slightly less Mackintosh related, the view:


But there’s a Mackintosh exhibition inside as well, obvs one of them chairs:


If ever I am in need of a chair at some point in the future, I am getting a Mackintosh chair. Current status: in possession of more chairs than I use. Boo.

Lots of love!

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I ❤ Glasgow 

Because you can see Bring Me the Horizon at the spacious and cool (if you’ve got seats anyway) SSE Hydro

Burning Down Alaska at the fairly empty Garage,

Not from the show in question. I was hoping to borrow some evidence from another attendee on account of I’m a crap photographer; unfortunately, so far, I’ve not uncovered even a measly picture, never mind video material. Then again, we were about 40 people there. May I just say tho, new singer Kassim, amazing live singer. The band as a whole is v. v. good live, but Kassim’s mad impressive. Also made a new acquaintance: Casey. Such a rare thing to be treated to a good opening act, a band you actually want to hear more from once you leave the venue.

and Architects at a sold-out, painfully lacking oxygen, ABC,

all within a timespan of 5 days.

Glasgow, you spoil us.

Lots of love,

signatur 1

PS. See a band play in Glasgow, highly recommended. Best audience, making it quite the experience.