Christmas charity

Musikhjälpen (English: Music Aid) is obviously my favorite Christmas charity. (Is it clear this isn’t a charity for Christmas, it’s just it takes place around Christmas?)

This year’s edition started last night (it’s a weekly affair), and the theme is Children are not for sale.

What I like about it is, again, obviously, that it’s a fun event, there’s the music connection—generally, music on the radio is never as good as it is during this one week—and you donate by texting song requests and any amount you’d like to donate (well, there is a SEK 50 minimum). I.e. donating is easy.

It’s a great idea, no??

Not that they play all requests. But you (i.e. I) keep hoping that they’ll catch on one of these days and want to play Thrice’s Black Honey…and if not. Well it doesn’t really matter does it? I can listen to Black Honey any old time.

…although part of me can’t help but to think we’re going about this the wrong way. I’m not saying we shouldn’t donate money, but children are being sold because of poverty. A poverty which is the result of this absolutely marvelous capitalist system we’re living in.  Donating money isn’t going to solve the problem.

But I guess a temporary relief shouldn’t be frowned upon.

I also want to round up the people selling and buying the children and beat them with a bat. Also pretty sure I’m not the only one. Now. Could we get someone to organize this?

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Christmas link love

I do love me some tips on sustainability, here’s a recent like:

A slightly less recent one, but also including sustainability tips:

And one unexpected tip, not only eco-friendly but also I really liked this makeup look, simple enough for me to do, and close enough to what I usually wear/products I have in my possession so I won’t have to buy new things, which I like!

That’s it. I guess?

Call for: more sustainability tips in my feeds. They seem to be lacking. Who do you follow for tips on how to have a more sustainable Christmas??

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Christmas playlist

This is what I like in a Christmas song:

O Helga Natt (English: Silent Night) sung by Tommy Körberg. (You know that guy I spent an entire post on, because he’s on the latest Dead by April album. On one track? That guy.)

Sung by choir. (Well apparently??)

Minor key. But then I want all music to be in minor key.

In Swedish.

Traditional. Or at least so old, they’re practically traditional.


Enough glögg I might go for the Hives’ A Christmas Duel, but that’s an exception to the rule. (hälsningar sur och bitter tant)

Right now though, I’d just rather go with regular post-hardcore programming. No wonder I’m lacking the Christmas spirit.

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What I’m watching this Christmas

The obvious

Love Actually. Is anyone not watching Love Actually at Christmas?

The one I’ve been watching since forever

The Tales of Beatrix Potter. Erm. Yes. I can’t explain my obsession. At the same time, how am I the only one?? Ballet, animal costumes, it’s brilliant, right??

The I don’t have a choice

While You Were Sleeping. Mom’s favorite. She must watch it.

The one I need to watch this specific Christmas

The Lost Boys. I’m in the mood for some Kiefer. Slightly younger than today Kiefer. Might have a few more on my list.

The just because I have the time one

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. For two reasons: Alan Rickman in this. I have no words. ♥♥♥♥ Ditto the very underrated Michael Wincott.

The classic

Karl-Bertils julafton. Mainly because my sister is obsessed and I find that highly entertaining.

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Christmas wishlist

Dear Santa,

I’ve been super good this year, please bring me:

Spring already. Winter—my hate for you is deep and sincere.

New release from Bring Me the Horizon. I am so sure it is about time. Don’t think the band is as sure, clearly they’re wrong.

Better (i.e. more convenient for me) gym schedule. How about a body pump class at 16.30? It would make my life infinitely simpler.

I n s p i r a t i o n. Any kind!

Smooth move. Unlikely to happen. So unlikely.

New book from Johanne Hildebrandt. Doesn’t even have to be connected to Norse mythology in any way; I’m sure anything she’d put out would be brilliant.

Jessica Darling—the movie. How is it still not a movie, how??

Gig in Glasgow. I’m thinking Glasvegas. If they could give us just a little heads up? You know, couple of weeks anyway?

Architects gig. Let me be specific: at any time but winter. Remember May? May is a good month.

A stop to the brow obsession. I get it, it’s great that you’re all learning to love the brows you were born with and I fully support it. It’s just. I’m bored with brows, could we move on, please?

Will to read. It seems to be completely lacking at the moment. Not even the audio books are doing it for me. I must be reading the wrong books.

Non-festival NIN gig. That’s not asking a lot, is it?

Financial relief. Not because I particularly need it, but so that I won’t feel guilty when I buy this necklace from Edblad:


Or this vegan perfume from Eden:

No.156 Euphoria Man - Woody Aromatic Men's

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November wrap-up

November. It’s not my favorite month. But let’s try an focus on the good bits.

Two tracks I loved

This version of Northlane’s Solar:

The brand new Boxer Rebellion track, Love Yourself:

I do also want to mention the reworked version of Deaf Havana’s Ashes, ashes, it’s absolutely scrumptious; the Bear’s Den track Auld Wives, far from tired of; Dayseeker’s cover of Thrice’s Hurricane; and the Xcerts Hold on to you heart—all of which I’ve mentioned in posts recently, and which I’m still very much loving.


Architects @ Maida Vale.

Was confused as to why anyone would choose to cover Nirvana, because I mean, Hole?? (I’m obvs talking about the other track from this session, Territorial Pissings, clearly assuming everyone knows about it.) Just imagine how brilliant that would have been, a Hole cover. There are too few Hole covers in this world.

Love it or list it. Been looking like mad for the UK version; and it was available on Viafree all along! Where I also found Ensam mamma söker. Which is a guilty pleasure of mine.


Dayseeker. I’m a sucker for some good old post-hardcore. And Thrice covers.

Soap & Glory One heck of a blot primer.


Brilliant budget primer! Does all I want a primer to do: keeps oils in check, reduces appearance of pores. Why you no in Sweden shops, whyy?

MUA’s Eye Define Nourish & Care mascara.

final1511685962074Where have you been all my life?? It does not smudge, does not transfer, doesn’t crumble, doesn’t irritate my eyes, and is proper black, gives my lower lashes some nice definition, could easily go with one layer, but getting a second layer on is easy. About the nourishing claim. All things considered, I don’t bloody care if it is or not. I was going to get a bunch of mascaras to try when in the UK; instead I just got a backup of this one. Because obvs I like to make life difficult and find a fave mascara than you can’t buy where I live. Although it should be noted that Superdrug now ships to Sweden and I am v. v. happy about it!

And also, these three:


Superdrug’s Hair therapy oil with argan. So good I want to buy all products in this line. ALL OF THEM. The good news is that it is very much a budget range. Proper cheap. Must remember not to try the Maria Nila argan oil ever, because it’ll be even better for sure, and it’s wa-ay more pricey.

B. bronzer in light. I’ve never been a bronzer user. I’ve always felt it was a product for people interested in a healthy look, i.e. not me. However. As it turns out. Because I recently realized bronzer can be applied quicker and with less precision than contour, and restores some life into your face when you’ve put on foundation, it’s become a definite favorite.

Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. Life would be infinitely easier if expensive products just just weren’t great. Damn you Urban Decay!


Visited Brighton, went to see Deaf Havana. If they’re ever playing around your parts, do go! Trust me. You will not regret it.

Was as excited as this person about the final song:

Also, you’d think you wouldn’t want to go to the UK in November. I’d say it’s not a bad time to go at all, now that I’m apparently in the habit of going in November. It wasn’t rainier than usual, it’s not cold and less people-dense, which is kinda nice. May is possibly a slightly better month, but not by much.

Following my Brighton visit, was tagged by one of the restaurants I visited on Insta. With a reference to my post including picture. Oh dear. Does this mean I’m going to have to make an effort when I take pictures of food? In my mind, I have like one reader, you know? And it’s not Purezza in Brighton. Because, how do you even find my blog unless it’s in your feed right here on WordPress??

Dyed hair purple. Again. Mixed in some red this time to make it, well, a more red purple. I dunno. On the one hand I love hair this dark, even if it’s only for a while, on the other, feels like purple hair makes my skin appear yellow. Also, it quickly washes out to a red-ish color, probably because previously dying said hair red. If only my hair could just go completely gray already, that’d be nice.

Stopped washing my hair in hard water. OK. So. I’m going through lengths to not wash my hair in hard water, i.e. at home. What caused this: washed my hair pre-dye, turned my scalp into all dry flakes. You know that weird girl in The Breakfast Club making it snow over a drawing? It was like that. It was horrible. And I only wash my hair twice a week. And I don’t use a lot of shampoo. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME??

Enter washing hair at gym. Sometimes at my parent’s, to be fair. Cannot wait to move because soft water, SOFT WATER. (One of the main reasons I even decided to move? Erm, is it bad if it is?)

I sometimes wonder if I’m just crazy. Most people wash their hair in hard water. I’ve literally never come across anyone complaining about it. Until the other day (it was a Monday, couple of weeks ago), Lily Melrose mentioned the hard water in Brighton wrecks havoc with her hair. AHA! I take that as confirmation; it’s not just me. And she’s got a better starting point than me (i.e. thick hair, as opposed to my typically Scandinavian hair), sooo. I’m not being unreasonable?

Upped my gym game. Because I wash my hair at the gym I now go to classes I don’t love. So that I can wash my hair. Not sure how long I can keep this up though. Oh. And also, I’ve worked it so that I can go to a body pump class on Saturdays. Because current mood: lift heavy things. If you’ve never been to body pump, the main appeal of this class is that you can tell the difference in no time. One class a week, and already after two weeks you can add weight to your bar. So satisfying. 


Monthly menstrual report

PMS was bad and I developed a distaste for all music I generally like. The only thing I could stand was a Yann Tiersen record I hadn’t listened to before, love this track:

Anyway. Great info from Clue in my insights e-mail:

Problems with sleep are most common during the premenstrual phase. Fight fatigue by going to bed at the similar times, reducing napping times and keeping the room temperature nice and cool. 

And one and all used to troubled sleeping are now fuming. Going to bed similar times?? No napping?? Keep room cool?? Do you think I’m stupid??? If either of these things solve your “sleeping problems”; good. for. you. You haven’t the faintest what sleeping problems really involve.

In other news. Most recent period was not its usual evil self; I got my period just in time to be off my period for my trip to the UK. Unheard of! Who are you and what have you done with my period??


Bring on December?

PS. If you made it this far, WELL DONE! Truly, I’m impressed.

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Endless Blog Challenge

We’re finally approaching the end of this miserable month!

First topic for next week should come as no surprise:

November summary. Requires to further explanation.

For the rest of the month, I thought we’d do things a little differently. For December, up until the 24th, I propose the following short topics:

i. Christmas decorations

ii. Christmas tradition

iii. Christmas link love

iv. Christmas DIY

v. Christmas wishlist

vi. Christmas inspiration

vii. Christmas break

viii. Christmas red

ix. Christmas preparations

x. Last Christmas

xi. Christmas playlist

xii. Christmas dessert

xiii. Christmas lights

xiv. Christmas favorites

xv. Christmas tree

xvi. Christmas treats

xvii. Christmas essentials

xviii. Christmas cocktails

xix. Christmas market

xx. Christmas charity

xxi. Christmas wreath

xxii. Christmas gift-wrapping

xxiii. Christmas movies

xxiv. Christmas eve outfit

To encourage thinking outside the box, I’m not going to explain the topics. Even if I really want to. Because that’s the kind of control freak I am.

Obviously, you could do as many or few as you like, in whatever order.


For the final week of December I propose skipping the monthly summary/favorites and focusing on a Best of 2017 post.

4 things in my online cart

Tricked into adding these things to my cart by emails informing me it’s 20% off all weekend (yea..I kinda already ordered this stuff), but also, that thing I mentioned the other day, about there being perfluorooctanesulfonic acid in some makeup, I have used it as an excuse to splurge on the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation.

Both of my two current favorite foundations from Lumene, foundations I had not plans what so ever to ever abandon, yeah that stuff is in them. I just can’t keep putting something on my face that I know is toxic. Just can’t.

Fil 2017-11-19 07 11 42

Added a foundation brush to my cart just in case the Urban Decay foundation doesn’t apply well with a sponge.

And. I’m in a tinted lip gloss kinda mood, and I wanted another shade (in my defense, I only have one other tinted lip gloss), and that damn mud mask from Pixi, it just makes me very interested in trying all Pixi products because it’s sooo good.

Three down, one to go!

I need black knits of reasonable length. I.e. not reaching knees, that can be worn with jeans, as opposed to leggings.

HM knit.jpg

Still debating if I’m getting them or not. I might go to a physical shop. I might want to feel the material before buying.

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This is a paraphrasing of a very famous poem by Edith Södergran (♥) called Dagen svalnar, which seems to have been translated as The Day Cools. Not sure if it’s an official translation. Seems very literal, but the second line in the poem, drink the warmth from my hand, doesn’t really make sense it’s translated differently.


The original (translated into English) reads:

You were looking for a woman
You found a soul—
You’re disappointed

Spinster’s rendition reads:

I was looking for life virtues
I found liberal feminism—
I’m disappointed
(And I stand by it)




Don’t you just love people who vlog in the middle of major life changes? Especially when it’s someone you already love and follow?

IF I was the sort of person who commented on videos on YouTube, which I’m not, I’d probably comment that

a. Yes, Sam did a good job promoting your channel (unintentionally I’m sure, but he did), but if it wasn’t for the vegan peanut butter brownies, wouldn’t have cared, and
b. Would not have stuck around if you weren’t brilliant. Which you are.
c. …and can I just say. While I’m obsessed with Architects (understatement of the year), never watched your channel in order to see Sam. I’m not sure what that means. But I’m pretty sure it’s good. At least from a feminist perspective?

What I learned from this little exercise: it is good for the soul to go through your likes every once in a while. Should probably do it more often.

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