Is it Sunday yet? Weekly summary

I’ve already grown tired of fall. It’s unseasonably cold; I am v. v. worried about winter.

Other things I’ve been up to this week:

Listened to the most recent In Flames record thinking I may have just been mistaken thinking I didn’t want to see them live. Again.

Northlane’s Node finally started to make so much sense to me. About time! Current fav track from the record is Rot:

Read Rainbow Rowell’s Landlinesdisliked it to a point where I don’t think I’ll be reading any more of her books. Quite disappointed, I really did think we’d get along.

Gave the new Meshuggah a try. It’s still not my cup of tea; no matter what anyone tweets.

..unlike Dream on, Dreamer’s Songs of Solitude. Another band I’m itching to see live, but apparently they insist on touring Europe the same time as everyone else and I’m already booked up and out of vacation. Never mind my financial situation. I daren’t even look at it. Which I quickly forgot and…

Made plans for another gig; I’ve already seen Jonathan Johansson once this year, but apparently that wasn’t enough. ..but also. He’s playing on a Saturday close to where my sister lives; I have literally no excuse not to go. If I needed one.

Proof-read until my eyes bled. Or at least wept. Trying to get the eye makeup to stay on my face was truly a challenge.

Been lusting after Beth Ditto’s hair color, this one:

Had severe doubts about this not straighten hair business. Just once or twice a week? Won’t hurt right?

Basically, I haven’t had many thoughts this week that were unrelated to the music I listen to. I don’t imagine next week will be much different.


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Good riddance; Weekly summary

Fave track off of the new Nick Cave I’ve been listening to on repeat: Girl in Amber. I’m currently enjoying dwelling on sadness; for which this track is perfect.

The line “if you want to leave” sticks with me especially.

My headphones broke. And I panicked. Immediately ordered exact same type, and not until I had paid I realized my order read “will send as soon as they’re back in stock”.

!!! Noooo !!!

Not an exaggerated reaction at all. Especially since I have two other pairs of headphones.

Listened through the That’s Not Metal Architects interview. Much belated. Most memorable part: where they claim there aren’t any bad looking bands anymore. OOOOKKKK. I guess we don’t have the same definition of “bad looking”. Not to mention the fact that some bands, that are great, and maybe not that unpleasant on the eyes, insist on having a typical metal pattern of movement which just makes them completely insufferable to watch. I think that should be considered when talking about whether or not a band looks good.

Panic has been a theme this week. Also panicked when I realized I had to throw away two pairs of my 100 den control top tights. Which lead to ordering new ones from H&M and, as per usual, I just don’t order one item from H&M. Doesn’t happen. Had to order a few more bits while I was at it. So much for the I don’t need to get any more clothes for this fall. Don’t listen to a word I say.

…and then there was Spotify acting up again. Seriously. They’re really trying my patience. It stopped playing the latest Architects’ release (i.e. tracks I have saved on my phone as mp3s). That’s just a deal-breaker. Managed to fix it of course (spent HOURS), but I was in a state of panic

Bothered to read the label on my Provera and realized that I’ve been taking it 4 time a year, when really, I could get away with 3. THREE. This is such good news! Me and Herr Doktor talked about how often I should bleed and agreed on 4 times/year (I don’t even know why he asked me, it’s not as if it’s up to me?), so I don’t know why the label says every 4 months, but I am not about to argue with it. So I’m not starting my Provera this week then.

Fave look of the week: orange + a very blue purple matte shadow. I wake up at about 5.20 in the morning, and as one does, scroll through my Instafeed, sees a brilliant makeup on the NYX cosmetics account which solves my current purple or orange dilemma; combine, combine! Sounds insane but it’s really quite nice, looks kinda like this:

Although the original probably does a better job convincing this doesn’t read like insanity (also doesn’t have to be grungy, but I only do grungy, thought I’d just mention that, because it probably hasn’t been glaringly clear?). Should probably point out I didn’t use my brightest orange but a rather darker, more burnt shade. I so desperately need a good matte palette, i.e. one with some fun shades.


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Week summary

It’s fall! Have you noticed how it’s fall?? It is here anyway. So many reasons to love fall. Morning walks in the mist is one.

Before you know it, it’ll be October. Can’t wait!

I got more boots. And with that, I’m all set for shoes for this fall/winter.


Black bootcuts from H&M. Yes. You know my why do people even bother with pants when there’s dresses!?!!?? claim? I take it back, take it back! I still love my dresses, that goes without saying, but I do see a use for bootcuts as well. At least now. Because these are bootcuts every bit as good as last time they were popular. And I don’t usually like H&M pants. So that’s a pleasant surprise. Also: they go really well with my Roobin’s.

Decided the gym going, it has to stop. I didn’t want it to, because I identify with this gym. Apparently. I’ve been going since 2003; it was one of the main things I missed about Sweden when living in Scotland. But it’s just not what it used to be. I didn’t use to leave raging (crap music! people! barely sweating! grumble grumble and I had to stress here too!), so you know, considering my own sanity, I’ve decided enough’s enough.

Telling myself it’ll be OK, and dragged these guys out:


Fave makeup of the week: pairing up my orange eye with a red, red lip.

(Clearly I’m v. v. busy at work.)

Basically fell into a black hole of Thrice live. You start watching one video on YouTube and that just leads to the next, and the next, and the next, and there’s just so many good one out there and I just don’t know how to stop.

I should probably get that turn off the internet app.

Love Thrice’s acoustic sessions, like this one:

Yess. It’ll be a while yet before I stop crushing on Dustin Kensrue’s voice.

Realized I’m not the Nick Cave fangirl I used to be. It used to be a main priority. But a) the Nick Cave movie One More Time with Feeling was actually playing in the city where I work and I didn’t even know. b) Decided against going for no good reason really. I mean the fact that it played during working hours (14.30) isn’t really an excuse; there are plenty bands I’d skip work for. Apparently Nick is no longer one of them.

But I take comfort in the fact that I’m still able to change and haven’t stagnated. I live in dread of just having the same fave band forever. I mean imagine loving Sisters of Mercy for the rest of your life? Seems a horrible fate indeed.

That being said. I still spent the weekend watching 20,000 Days on Earth, and listening to the new record Skeleton Tree. A nice change from what I usually listen to/watch.

If you hurry, you may still manage to catch it on YouTube before anyone realizes it’s there and takes it down. It’s bound to happen.

Muralgranskaren. My reason to get up in morning. OK, maybe not quite. BUT, it has had me sniggering every single morning without fail. My fave on Twitter by far. Example:

(The local population was ready to face the Spanish killer snail. And if anyone know how to get Tweets to embed properly, do let me know! I’m completely out of ideas and tearing at my hair.)

I do need something to put me in what at least resembles a good mood. For a while. Keeps me from killing Hans-Ingvar.


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This week

…been obsessively listening to Architect’s Untitled. Resorting to B-sides; this fixation of mine is bound to be over aaany day now.

Also caved and donated to Martlets Hospice, because I needed Murray MacLeod’s Gone with the Wind cover:

And I’m sure you need it too.

I generally only donate to animal related charity, because I have issues with the human race. I believe someone called us a waste of breath, an apt description I would say. (What do you mean taken out of context??)

…I’ve accepted that I’m a person of little sleep and have been going to bed at all sorts of hours. I call it intuitive sleeping. Intuitive is pretty much the word of the year for me.

…made some of the next-to-final preparations for some going away I’ll be doing in October and November. Only a few more things to book closer to the actual dates. E.g. decide when to go back home, reservation at Café Andaluz, bus from Edinburgh airport to Glasgow. Cannot. Wait.

the platforms I ordered finally got here. Been eyeing these beauts for months and months, no idea what I was waiting for. Love me a good pair of platforms.


And apparently they will come in handy because I just got standing tickets for Bring Me in Stockholm. FFS. I thought I was the only old person going who wanted seats. Dammit. But as long as people aren’t crawling around the stage floor I should be able to see -something- (yeh I know, I best start praying now for ppl to not be crawling around the stage floor, because that will happen).

my fave post on social media has been the playlist DanArchitects posted on Wednesday.

Guy knows how to make playlists, we’re talking 11+ hours. Dutifully listened even though I could tell from a glance that the majority of tracks – not my cup of tea. Did, however, lead to me discovering The Black Queen (not included in the playlist, found it while practicing my stalker skills, I’m trying VERY HARD to not be creepy tho, e.g. you can’t go following ppl on Spotify just because you like the music they make; if you like the music they make you follow THE BAND, OK? Yes, HI, trying to talk some sense into myself here).

Aaand, even though it’s not my cup of tea, I keep going back to listen to it. Desperate for some new input? Maybe.

…my go-to look has been bold lip + glasses. Love the NYX Cherry Skies Liquid Suede:

Severely disappointed with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania tho. Does not apply well, dries out, and reapplying is just not advisable. And I wanted it so much. You’ll look like a dirty kid by the end of the day. And you’ll be asked for ID while buying wine despite being well over age.


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Better late than never; Weekly summary

Needless to say, the soundtrack of last week was mainly Architects, with a bit of Amity Affliction and Bring Me the Horizon thrown in for good measure. In fact, my brain was so into listening to Architects it down-prioritized sleep. Slowly starting to accept that sleep is not at the top of my to-do list. Not last week, not this week, unlikely to be any time in the near future.

We’re all loving Gone with the wind an extra lot. How unpredictable.

First workout class of the semester. And I worry. I worry that I’m over Friskis. I was so thoroughly bored I nearly left. And they’re still not playing Throne. How is no workout class ever playing Throne? That is just wrong.

Spent my last couple of days of summer vacay in the UK. 24 hours in London, followed by a couple of days in Brighton. Lots of walking and lots of shopping.

Oh HELLO it’s you again

Saw Thrice play at the Forum. It was all sorts of good. Just a shame about the complete lack of oxygen at the venue. I was about one song from unconscious by the time we left. Also: opening act Milk Teeth. How I wish it was my cup of tea.

Pic stolen from Upset Magazine

Discovered my new fave look: orange eye! It must be good because complete strangers have complimented me on it (??).

Had lots fab vegan food. Seriously, Food for Friends and Rootcandi; basically reasons to visit Brighton.

Got some good wear out of my platform sandals. The fact that I didn’t break anything while teetering around London, carrying all of my luggage, and all over Brighton, including the pebbled beach is nothing short of a miracle. I feel as if I’ve got mad skills. Had to order me a more season appropriate pair, a pair of Roobin’s.

All and all: good week. Should have prepared me for the hell that’s first week of the semester. It obviously did not.


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Sunday 7

I got another few days with the furballs. The white one is my new best friend. Followed me literally everywhere, and wakes me up in the morning by poking my face. Sweet? Just really creepy? Not sure.

While I love these kitties, it was kinda nice to be back home.

Got myself new glasses in under 5 minutes. Well. I selected the frames in under 5 minutes; didn’t even take them home to try on. Can’t quite remember what they look like. So that’ll be exciting.

Walking. Lots and lots with music on volume do you want to be deaf (yes I do); love it, it’s practically meditation. Current fave soundtrack: Amity Affliction’s Youngbloods + Chasing Ghosts.

Apparently I’ve applied to and been accepted to a CSS course at Umeå University. I want to learn CSS, but I don’t want to take a course. At least not at uni. I was hoping I wasn’t going to get in, i.e. to not even have a choice. Decisions, I hate it.

Applied for a flat in a different city. Background story: my work has moved to a different city. I don’t think I’ll enjoy the commute. So I applied for this flat last fall (rental, brand new) thought I was def not going to get it. Got an email on Wednesday saying that if I was still interested they -might- be able to offer me a flat in that building. It’s dead expensive and I love where I live now; just the idea of moving makes me want to cry and hug my bedroom. But, not at all sure I can deal with a 2 hour+ commute every single day. It’s basically a lose-lose situation. Layout of what could be my new flat:

Skärmavbild 2016-08-04 kl. 16.05.16

This has been the week of books. Picked a pile up at the library and got another pile in the mail. Staggering reading list. But I shall persevere. And that.

Thrice + YouTube + acoustic. Lots. Like this one:


How was your week?


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Sunday 7

This is my second week of vacation and I’m already feeling as if there isn’t enough time to just not work. Four weeks of vacay (well, OK, I moved the last two days because I need to go to the UK to see a band, but it’s practically four weeks) – not nearly enough. So stressing about that. Because I make sense, in general.

Spent the weekend with these guys:

I.e., at my aunt’s, feeding her cats while she and her family were out of town. So now I’m dreaming of a house of my own + couple of cats.

This week’s soundtrack: In This Moment. On Monday I decided enough is enough, I cannot be listening to the Carry the Fire playlist for another week. It’s not fair to the other songs. I picked out my favorite In This Moment tracks (The Promise, Blood, Scarlet, Adrenalize, Burn, Whore, The Blood Legion, Beautiful Tragedy), a few All Ends (Still Believe, Wasting Life, Close My Eyes), my current fave Annisokay track (Wolves in the Walls), a track by Enter Shikari I can’t get out of my head (Torn Apart), two tracks off of The Downward Spiral (Ruiner + Eraser), Manson‘s Devour, Bondi St Blues by The Amity Affliction and allowed myself a single track from the Carry the Fire album (Back to Back) – and that’s what I’ve been playing on a loop all week. Or at least until I was informed by the Internet in general that the Dustin Kensrue track I’ve been loving and still haven’t quite let go of (It’s Not Enough) is in fact on Spotify under the name The Modern Post. My research skills; clearly not up to par.


I’ve been blending tea like a crazy person. Currently unable to pick a single tea to drink, I keep blending two or more teas. Pinch of the green lemon + ginger, pinch of black apricot, or pinch of Needwood + Chai special – you get the idea. In addition to which I’m having tea like there is no tomorrow. This has to stop.

Mustard. Mustard is my other food addiction. I’ll have it on a slice of Finn Crisp, with avocado, with tomatoes, on a rice cake, cucumber on top, on brussel sprouts (cover sprouts in mustard, roast in oven), in dressing with beans – there is no meal I will not have something with mustard on. It’s ridiculous, but I’m not aware of any negative effects in terms of health, unlike too much tea, so I’m not worried about it. I’m sure I’ll get bored with it eventually.


Me and Spotify have not been getting along this week. I keep searching for Spotify issues because it currently takes about 5 minutes (minimum!) for Spotify to start running on my phone. It sometimes just freezes, and the other day, it also managed to crash my phone. I’m not happy. And I just recently reinstalled Spotify because of the issues previously mentioned. I need someone to tell why it behaves this way; I tried the turning it on and off again, didn’t work, now what?

Much of the week was spent researching binge eating. Stumbled on Josie Mai on YouTube, well worth a watch if you’re interested in the topic. Or if you’re interested in health and fitness.

How was your week?


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Sunday 7

I figured I would make the weekly summary, well, a weekly thing. Seven things summing up my week:

  1. Friday was last day of work before vacation; yes I am now officially on vacation (inofficially, I’ve been on vacation for a while now). Also last day working at this particular campus; new office + new city come fall. Same old job tho. So looking forward to that. Approx 2 hours of commute as opposed to a 10-min walk. Such fun! 1468742816836With the exception of picking up a book at the library tomorrow, I haven’t got a single thing planned all summer and I feel pretty darn good about it.
  2. I’ve been wearing a new pair of running shoes (obvs not for running, they’re for all the walking I do), bought out of sheer panic and without thinking. Except for BLACK, give me BLACK SHOES, that was the one thought I had. It seems to have turned out real well!?! They brag that they feel like walking barefoot, and they do! In the best possible way. 1468742963029Ah yes, despite being black these shoes are basically an abomination.
  3. Got tickets to see Burning Down Alaska! V. v. excited, not least because of this song:
    I’ve currently got a period of 7 days in November that is looking completely unreal in terms of shows. Let’s get this summer over and done with!
  4. In case you haven’t noticed: I’m getting back to being excited about books again. I’ve set myself up for a reading challenge and stocked up on a few more books. Much needed!1468746330461
  5. Wish you all could read this article over at Fett Magazine; it’s hilarious, clever and true. It’s basically a response to any text telling us we need to lose weight for summer. In the article, the writer illustrates the stupidity of the how-lose-weight by providing us with instructions as to how to avoid losing weight, avoid activity and anything that could be considered exercise; it’s a call to crush the industry feeding off our insecurities. Just ♥♥♥
  6. Saturday: road trip. In case you didn’t know, there’s lots of trees and nature around these parts. Also: close encounter with 2 moose.1468696096124
  7. Fave purchase, this here choker from ASOS:1468742916725


How was your week?



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