5 in my playlist

My sister called my attention to this new Eminem track over Christmas; immediately needed it in all my favorite playlists. It’s all the things I like about Eminem.

Had a sudden craving for some old Madonna, not sure what brought that on. General nostalgia? Apparently I really like the Like a Prayer album. The track Oh Father always makes me think of the clip of this song in In Bed with Madonna. Just me?

Ane Brun is pretty much the queen of covers; her song selection is flawless. Recently stumbled on this cover of Nick Cave’s Into My Arms.

Spotify Discover Weekly: You should listen to some Dead by Sunrise!
Me: …but I did? AGES ago. It wasn’t exactly…my cup of tea?

*listens to anyway just to make sure*

Me: Oh OK, you were right. This one time.

Oh you know how I love Deaf Havana, most recent favorite track is off of the All These Countless Nights Reworked record: Pretty Low.

There are too many good songs on All These Countless Nights, they should have spread it out some.

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Currently listening to

Eminem suddenly appeared in my social feeds, as I’m sure he did in pretty much everyone else’s. That’s all I need to stick a few of his tracks in my playlists; be reminded of his existence. I sometimes forget. This is a nice one:

I’m also obsessed with Editor’s Papillion. The line “If there really was a God here,
He’d have raised a hand by now” is just so clever. Or maybe I just like this image? I like to read it literally.

I’m still playing Little Jinder quite regularly.  I love the track Ligger med en ful (English: Sleeping with someone ugly). She’s such a brilliant writer of titles. The title of the record this track is from: Allting suger (English: Everything sucks). It’s bitter and funny at the same time.

The Birthday Massacre’s Under Your Spell has quietly sneaked up as a favorite album this year; I have few playlists made this year that don’t include at least one song by the Birthday Massacre.

Deaf Havana is reworking their most recent album release, and have been releasing a few tracks off of it. Ashes, ashes is my favorite by far so far:

Not that I don’t like it, but I’m a bit confused as to why. The original record is perfection, can’t you just leave it alone?

PS. My favorite Korn album has also returned to Spotify. Which is both good and bad for me. 

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post. Past topics for this challenge can be found here.