This is a paraphrasing of a very famous poem by Edith Södergran (♥) called Dagen svalnar, which seems to have been translated as The Day Cools. Not sure if it’s an official translation. Seems very literal, but the second line in the poem, drink the warmth from my hand, doesn’t really make sense it’s translated differently.


The original (translated into English) reads:

You were looking for a woman
You found a soul—
You’re disappointed

Spinster’s rendition reads:

I was looking for life virtues
I found liberal feminism—
I’m disappointed
(And I stand by it)




Don’t you just love people who vlog in the middle of major life changes? Especially when it’s someone you already love and follow?

IF I was the sort of person who commented on videos on YouTube, which I’m not, I’d probably comment that

a. Yes, Sam did a good job promoting your channel (unintentionally I’m sure, but he did), but if it wasn’t for the vegan peanut butter brownies, wouldn’t have cared, and
b. Would not have stuck around if you weren’t brilliant. Which you are.
c. …and can I just say. While I’m obsessed with Architects (understatement of the year), never watched your channel in order to see Sam. I’m not sure what that means. But I’m pretty sure it’s good. At least from a feminist perspective?

What I learned from this little exercise: it is good for the soul to go through your likes every once in a while. Should probably do it more often.

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