The Happiness Tag

This tag is slightly overdue as I’ve been away from my desktop. Yeayea, I know it is possible to post via mobile devices but I just cannot be arsed. Too much effort. For me.

I was tagged by Lise, now let’s go!

The rules

  • List five things that makes you happy
  • Share five songs that makes you happy
  • Tag at least five bloggers that makes you happy

Five things

Coming home. I wasn’t far away. I’ve been staying at my parent’s house the past week, keeping the cats company while my parents were off hiking. It was nice, it is still home in a way. Even so. Coming home home, to my apartment, makes me v. v. happy. I want to argue that it’s because for my uses, my home is practical. Practical makes me happy.

And also. My things. People who say things don’t make you happy lie. They do. It might be temporary, but still. I take anything I can get.

Cat company. I always feel so special when cats choose to hang out with me. In truth, I’m about as special as a piece of furniture, but never mind that! Prefer it when they choose to lie next to me tho, as opposed to on.

This guy, for example, does not generally keep this distance:


He prefers to be as close to your face as is possible. For me, this is the perfect distance. Means you can get up and make a cup of tea, do a load of laundry, water the plants, or any of the bizillion things my brain comes up with. It doesn’t seem to be a big fan of sitting still for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Feminists. In general. Feminists are without a doubt some of the funniest people. A recent example: assholesonline. Let me explain. This account is run by Linnea Claesson. She receives a threat from some guy, as per usual, this one says he’s going to “get his boys and visit her” unless she takes down a picture she’s posted. She refuses. Which is enough for me to cheer.

It gets better.

She posts this little clip (watch watch watch!):

The sign on the door reads Welcome Fredrik (name of the guy) and in brackets and his boys. In the caption she’s written I don’t get visitors too often so I’m VERY excited! 

The fact that someone had this idea at all makes me insanely happy.

It doesn’t end here.

Dinner with Fredrik and his boys. She’s set the table and is waiting.

As I was saying. Feminists are hilarious.

Super enthusiastic people. You know, people like Beth Ditto.


Vegan option! A vegan option that has been making me quite happy lately, is this ice cream:


This is not only the best vegan ice cream, it is better than their non-vegan ice cream. I.e. it is creamier, and the flavor is all there.

PS. They also make dairy and soy free ice cream, in case you’re not a fan of the soy. It has a rice base and it’s just as nice.

Future plans. As in future plans to have time off work to go somewhere to see a band.

If I thought some more about going to the UK to see Deaf Havana, I’d be a slightly less miserable person. Can’t quite seem to remember to tho.

Five songs

In general, happy songs do not make me happy.

There is one glaring exception: Die Ärzte. I can’t quite explain this. I don’t think they do anything except for happy songs. Is it because I read their happy as sarcasm?

I’ve already mentioned their Monsterparty which always and without fail puts a smile on face because it’s beyond ridiculous, but I guess 3-Tage-Bart isn’t far behind?

…and you kinda need to understand German for this to make any sense at all. If it wasn’t for the lyrics, I’d never listen to this. In fact I didn’t, until my German was good enough for me to understand what the songs were about.

The type of songs that frequently do make my happy, are songs like Stray from the Path’s First World Problem Child.

Because aggressive. I like it.

There is also something about Diamanda Galás that makes me happy. Her mere existence makes me happy.

Like feminists, that someone would even think about doing what she does, it makes me happy. For example, she did an entire record of screaming, called Schrei X. It not exactly made for everyday listening, you probably can’t listen to it more often than you would watch a movie. It’s a performance piece I would say.

This is one of her more accessible tracks:

I’m also going to list Thrice’s Black Honey. Because. Not only is it a great track, which in itself is enough to make a person happy, but also. Every time I’ve been to see Architects they play it pre-show, and it makes me v. v. happy to have someone other than myself playing me this song.

Also. Miserable/depressing songs make me happy. Amity Affliction, they just do it so, so well.



Hitherdither? You up for it?

100 day song challenge #69

#69 A song you would choose for karaoke

Die Ärzte’s Zu Spät.

Let me give you the reasons in form of an unnumbered list!

I like singing in German. Not sure why. I’m probably getting at least half of the lyrics completely wrong.

It’s short. And the lyrics cleverly written ito be easy to remember. Surely that was the intent?

If you’re going to sing, don’t you want to sing about FahrradsI sure do!

Obvs one of the most brilliant songs ever written.

That being said. I would never do karaoke. Not that I think you thought I would. I’m just making that clear in case there is any confusion. And that is how far my fear of being the center of attention in any situation reaches.

100 day song challenge #53

#53 A song with a great drum solo

Oh what do I know about drums, really?

Top 3 drummers (in no particular order):

• Jonna in Glasvegas. Because she’s insanely cool.
• Bela B in Die Ärzte. Apparently I like my drummers standing.
• DanArchitects (I’m sure that’s his official name). Unsure if he makes the list because a) he’s in Architects, b) he’s funny on Twitter/in interviews or c) he is actually really good and ridiculously humble about his skills.

Special mention: dummer of Casey because he uses his hair as a prop and it’s funny.

Not that it matters because as I was saying, what do I know? I’m just going on live performance, what’s fun to watch.

Aaand I probably hate drum solos even more than guitar solos. (Which I mentioned disliking in #52.) Sure way to make me hate any type music/band/artist: include a drum solo.

So thank god none of the above are in the drum solo habit. Far as I’m aware. Could imagine Die Ärzte doing it as a joke tho, same they do with the bass solo in Monsterparty:

If you don’t know German, this here song alone is a reason to learn German. Trust me.

And yes sir, you are correct, I’ve just completely ignored the prompt and gone in a different direction entirely. Why I even do challenges? Not a clue.

Lots of love!

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#45 A song with “J” as the first letter of the title

I feel it’s about time for a Die Ärzte song, so I’m going with JungeOne of my favorite songs by them, easy. My sister keeps quoting a line from this song pretty much every time I see her: Schwester, warum hast du nichts gelernt? Well, obviously she’s replaced Junge with Schwester. Point is, she’s doing a good job making sure I don’t ever forget about this song. As if you could once you heard it.

Lyrical master piece it is.

If you haven’t had a period in your life when you obsessively listened to Die Ärzte yet, you need to get to it, pronto!


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Top Ten Tuesday

Let’s have another top 10 Tuesday! If you’re unfamiliar; this is a weekly meme from The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is: Ten Books Set Outside the US. Easy peasy! That’s pretty much the majority of all books I’ve ever read! Of course. It does give me maybe too many books to chose from?

Let’s try to pick 10 books where the set is of some sort of importance for the story, to make it a bit more relevant.

Fallvatten by Mikael Niemi. Let’s start off by testing your patience with a Swedish novel that, far as I know, has not been translated. It’s set far up north in Sweden, the Suorva Dam breaks and disaster ensues. Basically. Completely fictional of course, it’s a study of human behavior in a disaster scenario, as you would imagine, the flood is not the scariest part.

The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory. The book I was struggling with for about 6 months. Usually, putting a book aside if we don’t get along like a house on fire from page one is not a problem. But I just really, really wanted to read a story about Mary Queen of Scots. Obviously, this story is set in England. Mary never makes it back to Scotland in this part of her story.

Er ist wieder da (Look who’s back) by Timur Vermes. Hitler suddenly wakes up in present day Germany and becomes a stand-up comedian. Loved this book, it’s absolutely hilarious. Can’t recommend it enough. Favorite part: when he’s getting an email adress, which can be seen in the trailer of the movie here.

Utvandrarna (The Emigrants) by Vilhelm Moberg. Set in Sweden in the mid 1800s, about the people who emigrated to America. Not my favorite novel, but the musical has ensured that this is a book you’ll never forget.

Stalins kossor (Original title: Stalinin lehmät, translates as Stalin’s cows) by Sofi OksanenI really expected there to be a translation into English of this book, but I guess not? It strikes me one of the greats. It’s a brilliant mix of politics, eating disorders, the Soviet and Estonia/Finland, and brilliantly executed.

Kärlek i Europa (Love in Europe) by Birgitta Stenberg. Published early 80s, but I’ve only just recently discovered it. It’s the first in a series of autobiographical books that Stenberg wrote. Actually one of the best reading experiences I’ve had in the past few years; I will be rereading. Stenberg frequently lived abroad when she was younger, and this book takes place during a time when she mainly lived abroad. It takes place in Sweden, France, Italy and Spain.

The Death of Bunny Munro by Nick Cave. The set is probably not that important here. I just wanted to mention Nick Cave. Obviously. The story is set in Brighton, and starts out with the haunting picture of the pier burning and the birds screaming.

Ein überdimensionales Meerschwein frisst die Erde auf (An oversized guinea pig eats the world I guess? I’m not qualified to translate from German) by Markus Karg. This is the book about the world’s best band (oh yes, this is a fact). They’re from Germany in case you didn’t know. So obviously this is set in Germany. Or at least so I assume, I never did finish it. I’m saving this as a project for when I retire. 

The Expedition – A Love Story by Bea Uusma. Sweden in general loved this book. It’s non-fiction. Mainly takes place on White Island. It’s about three Swedish explorers who planned to go to the North Pole by a gas balloon. They never made it there; it crashed on the ice and they died before they made it back to civilization. It’s an excellent read. It had me completely obsessed with cold, icy places for months and months, I was watching any type video material from any place where it was cold and snowy. Including the North Pole webcam.

Freja (Freya) by Johanne Hildebrandt. Takes place in Sweden during the Bronze Age, soo… not actually Sweden, but what would become Sweden. This is one of my all-time favorite novels. Hildebrandt has basically taken characters from Norse mythology and based her story around them. I keep looking for books similar to this because the idea is so wonderful, i.e. fiction about the Norse gods. It is also the main reason I forced myself to watch Vikings, it’s nowhere near as good as this novel, but it’s not bad.

What books would be on your list?


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In the event of a crisis

What’s your soundtrack to the end of the world? We’re talking a doomsday, dystopian kind of scenario, everyone dies, including, the horror, the internet. This is important stuff. Preparation is key.

I.e. what will you be stuck listening to when Spotify/whatever streaming service you’re using stops working?

You just have your phone and whatever you’ve got stored on it, getting music from other sources is not an option.

I had a crisis this morning. Not quite zombie invasion, nor being cut off from mainland as you might expect (I live on an island, just barely an island, you could swim across, easy), but close!

I headed out for my daily 2-hour walk and 15 minutes in Spotify stops working. Horror! Panic! Spotify had been behaving erratic so I should have expected it, but as per usual, I was ever the optimist and thought rebooting the phone would solve the problem. Which I did before heading out. Apparently made matters worse.

Well not actually worse, but it was kind strange that it refused to play anything except for Architects’ All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, when there was at least the entire back catalog of 2 other bands in the playlist. Took me a few tracks to realize it wasn’t just, you know, a sign, or Spotify telling me that I was not listening enough to AOGHAU (both of which, in my world, would make sense).

Walking without a destination for 2 hours is not something you do without a soundtrack. Or at least I don’t. It’s music or no walking. Sure, I could have gone home and fixed Spotify, headed out later. But I don’t trust myself. If I go back, I’m not going out again, I will invent an excuse. And I need the walks, not least because of the D vitamin. I hear it’s kinda important if you’re a. on a vegan diet and b. live in Scandinavia. The walking must carry on.

Well. I could carry on, because I knew that at least I had AOGHAU on the SD card, so switching app I would avoid the annoyance of the music stopping every time it hit a track that was not AOGHAU. Which was why Spotify kept playing it and nothing but.

Apparently, in the event of a crisis, this is what I’m listening to:


As mentioned, Architect’s All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us was indeed on my device. There’s a practical reason for it, it’s not just the fear that it will somehow disappear from Spotify; it’s because I’m an impatient sort of person. I got my hands on the record before it was released on Spotify, thusly, you save a copy on all of your devices so that you can listen to it. And then you don’t delete it because, as evidence shows, that’s just smart thinking.

Hardly surprising, and something I should have probably guessed because I do like to store this next record in all sorts of places as it is not available on Spotify, I also found this masterpiece:


Ah yes, I’ve mentioned this one before too, haven’t I? Tura Satana’s Relief Through Release, it’s basically the love of my life. Or at least one of.

More surprisingly, and pleasantly so, I found another Tura Satana record:

Tura Satana All is not well

I didn’t think I liked more than maybe 2 tracks off of All Is Not Well, tops. As I discovered, not the case at all. It’s a keeper for the end of the world. And let’s be honest, in the event of an actual crisis, I would not survive. I’m OK with that, because I’ve got All Is Not Well.

It doesn’t end here. There was actually two more records on my device – am I prepared or what? I should have guessed there would be a record in German:

farin urlaub die wahrheit übers lügen
Farin Urlaub’s Die Wahrheit übers LügenIt both makes sense and not sense at the same time. My initial thought was why would this be on here, and no record by Die Ärzte? The answer is obvious: I was trying to get it to synch with Spotify, and before diving in to the darkness that is the Die Ärzte folder, I tried getting Spotify to synch this one album. Unsuccessfully. But also, if I’m being honest, as an album, I like this record better than any of the Die Ärzte albums. For me this works as a unit, whereas I just like tracks off of all the Die Ärzte records; I don’t ever listen to an album start to finish when it comes to dÄ, even if I do love them and will readily agree that they are indeed die beste Band der Welt.

Final record, and another one which I should have known was on there:

bring me the horizon suicide season

Bring Me the Horizon’s Suicide Season. And let me emphasize that this is not the BMTH of choice because I idealize early BMTH. I love all BMTH equally. It’s here because for a while it entertained me greatly to wake up to “I’ve got a secret / It’s on the tip of my tongue, it’s on the back of my lungs / And I’m gonna keep it / I know something you don’t know“. I kid you not, it made me wake up happy. Which was later on replaced by a feeling that my neighbors were definitely going to report me to security if I kept it up (I get up ridiculously early, and for reasons unknown to me, people don’t like waking up to Oliver Sykes shouting. Clearly there’s something wrong with them). This is not as irrational as it may sound. While still a student, security once knocked on my door. Because I was playing The Mission too loud. It was just past ten. It was a Friday. I lived in a building where only students lived. It’s was The Mission! How loud could it possibly have been?? Clearly someone had it in for me. Also. Scarred for life.

Considering none of these are on my device for any other reason than practical, it’s not a bad selection. Last time I had a crisis, because I’ve had this type of crisis before, and, considering that, should be even better prepared, I lived in Scotland. I lived in Scotland and had brought all of my music with me on a hard drive. Yes one. No backup. Because I’m a careful sort of person. Who just swipes the hard drive off of the table onto concrete floor. Was left listening to John Frusciante for weeks. Because it was all I had on CD: Curtains + Shadows Collide with People. It could definitely have been worse, I mean JF makes music just about as interesting as it can possibly get, but also interesting music gets boring after a while. You can’t exactly go rebuying all of the records you already have at home, can you? Well you could. But it does seems kind of stupid.

Actually, my main concern right now is that I haven’t got Lost Forever // Lost Together on my device. I’ll do something about that. After having reinstalled Spotify. Praying to the tech gods it’ll work as expected after that.


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