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And I want • jan 2017

See Casey play again. They announced a tour on Monday, but the dates/places are simply no good. So keen to see them again.

Take up running. ???? Something has to be wrong with me, I absolutely hate running. But I keep wanting to feel completely out of breath. Maybe it’ll pass? Or maybe, I’ll device a plan to get started soon as the roads are ice-free?

More daylight. Obvious one. Should make it a point to fit in as much vacation as humanly possible during these horrible months.

New and improved bands in town. Seriously. I want to think that at one point it did work as it should, but right now, it doesn’t feel updated at all. I don’t trust it for a second.

More cats to sit. What I mean is, family sometimes use me as cat sitter. Because I’ve decided I can’t have a cat where I live now, being a cat sitter is the next best thing.

New PVRIS record. I hear it’s coming, excited!

Band merch. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s perfect gym wear. Plus, I do want to support all of my favorites, of course.

New Editors record. No idea if it’s in the works. I can’t work out how to get news about this band. Or maybe there are no news? But their latest offering was so my taste I need more.

A notebook that can be used as bullet journal. You’d think that’d be an easy one. But no. Finding an appropriate notebook around these parts is apparently not easy at all. I’ve been to multiple stores already, I’ve found literally nothing. I’m not prepared to order the official bullet journal just yet, need to try it on for size first. See if it sticks.

Lush hair products. This! I could get at any time. I just want to smell like an entire Lush store. Problem: I don’t actually need any hair products for the time being. And I’m trying to be a bit more mindful shopper.


Top 3 reasons I ♥ working from home

In no particular order:

Sweats. Assembling an outfit & putting on the makeup; I like it well enough. But I also like variation. Not having to think, also big fan. Just falling out of bed, pulling on whatever is closest, braid hair and get going. It’s not bad.

Cat company. Is there a better way to work?? Obvs HELL NO. Can’t I just bring kitty to work? He’s tiny + makes no noise, you won’t even notice, promise! Bonus: keeps you warm.


Kitty. Aka, stealer of your seat.

Time save. No prep work, no travel time, no squinting out of car window trying to figure out just where the hell road is.

Just a shame working on laptop is nowhere near ideal. So even if I could work from home forevermore, I don’t think I will.

All things considered.

But suggesting we get a cat for uni, as health promotion, that’s something I just might do.

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Sunday 7

I got another few days with the furballs. The white one is my new best friend. Followed me literally everywhere, and wakes me up in the morning by poking my face. Sweet? Just really creepy? Not sure.

While I love these kitties, it was kinda nice to be back home.

Got myself new glasses in under 5 minutes. Well. I selected the frames in under 5 minutes; didn’t even take them home to try on. Can’t quite remember what they look like. So that’ll be exciting.

Walking. Lots and lots with music on volume do you want to be deaf (yes I do); love it, it’s practically meditation. Current fave soundtrack: Amity Affliction’s Youngbloods + Chasing Ghosts.

Apparently I’ve applied to and been accepted to a CSS course at Umeå University. I want to learn CSS, but I don’t want to take a course. At least not at uni. I was hoping I wasn’t going to get in, i.e. to not even have a choice. Decisions, I hate it.

Applied for a flat in a different city. Background story: my work has moved to a different city. I don’t think I’ll enjoy the commute. So I applied for this flat last fall (rental, brand new) thought I was def not going to get it. Got an email on Wednesday saying that if I was still interested they -might- be able to offer me a flat in that building. It’s dead expensive and I love where I live now; just the idea of moving makes me want to cry and hug my bedroom. But, not at all sure I can deal with a 2 hour+ commute every single day. It’s basically a lose-lose situation. Layout of what could be my new flat:

Skärmavbild 2016-08-04 kl. 16.05.16

This has been the week of books. Picked a pile up at the library and got another pile in the mail. Staggering reading list. But I shall persevere. And that.

Thrice + YouTube + acoustic. Lots. Like this one:


How was your week?


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Sunday 7

This is my second week of vacation and I’m already feeling as if there isn’t enough time to just not work. Four weeks of vacay (well, OK, I moved the last two days because I need to go to the UK to see a band, but it’s practically four weeks) – not nearly enough. So stressing about that. Because I make sense, in general.

Spent the weekend with these guys:

I.e., at my aunt’s, feeding her cats while she and her family were out of town. So now I’m dreaming of a house of my own + couple of cats.

This week’s soundtrack: In This Moment. On Monday I decided enough is enough, I cannot be listening to the Carry the Fire playlist for another week. It’s not fair to the other songs. I picked out my favorite In This Moment tracks (The Promise, Blood, Scarlet, Adrenalize, Burn, Whore, The Blood Legion, Beautiful Tragedy), a few All Ends (Still Believe, Wasting Life, Close My Eyes), my current fave Annisokay track (Wolves in the Walls), a track by Enter Shikari I can’t get out of my head (Torn Apart), two tracks off of The Downward Spiral (Ruiner + Eraser), Manson‘s Devour, Bondi St Blues by The Amity Affliction and allowed myself a single track from the Carry the Fire album (Back to Back) – and that’s what I’ve been playing on a loop all week. Or at least until I was informed by the Internet in general that the Dustin Kensrue track I’ve been loving and still haven’t quite let go of (It’s Not Enough) is in fact on Spotify under the name The Modern Post. My research skills; clearly not up to par.


I’ve been blending tea like a crazy person. Currently unable to pick a single tea to drink, I keep blending two or more teas. Pinch of the green lemon + ginger, pinch of black apricot, or pinch of Needwood + Chai special – you get the idea. In addition to which I’m having tea like there is no tomorrow. This has to stop.

Mustard. Mustard is my other food addiction. I’ll have it on a slice of Finn Crisp, with avocado, with tomatoes, on a rice cake, cucumber on top, on brussel sprouts (cover sprouts in mustard, roast in oven), in dressing with beans – there is no meal I will not have something with mustard on. It’s ridiculous, but I’m not aware of any negative effects in terms of health, unlike too much tea, so I’m not worried about it. I’m sure I’ll get bored with it eventually.


Me and Spotify have not been getting along this week. I keep searching for Spotify issues because it currently takes about 5 minutes (minimum!) for Spotify to start running on my phone. It sometimes just freezes, and the other day, it also managed to crash my phone. I’m not happy. And I just recently reinstalled Spotify because of the issues previously mentioned. I need someone to tell why it behaves this way; I tried the turning it on and off again, didn’t work, now what?

Much of the week was spent researching binge eating. Stumbled on Josie Mai on YouTube, well worth a watch if you’re interested in the topic. Or if you’re interested in health and fitness.

How was your week?


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