Eight empties

Let’s start off with three empties from Boots:


I absolutely love the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel with Active Charcoal facial wash from Boots. Thought if that is good, the scrub and mask must be too.

Ach nee. They were not. The scrub is nothing like the facial wash, it’s just, mildly buffing at best, with none of the effect of the facial wash. And the mask, it’s supposed to be on for 10 minutes. I get no effect after 10 minutes, the damn thing doesn’t even dry.

And unfortunately I accidentally ordered two of it, so I have another one to use up. So what I do is I start with a C vitamin peel and then put the mask on top and leave it for an hour plus, which does something. But I will definitely not buy this ever again.

Natural Collections waterproof mascara though; it’s a mere £2 and I’ve had far more expensive mascaras that are not better. It’s nothing special but perfectly decent everyday mascara. Will stock up when I’m in the UK next. That being said, I’ve just opened my first tube of the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara and…let’s just say I’m not overwhelmed. But then, at least it doesn’t make my eyes water, which is good. Could well have been the case.

Next up!

Couple of NYX products:


If I had not already bought the Urban Decay setting spray that everyone raves about, I would definitely repurchase the NYX setting spray. Because the UD spray does not seem to work for me. I’ll give it a few more tries, but so far the results have been: a. no effect, b. melting my makeup (???). Best use: wet brushes. I’ll give it the benefit of doubt since my skin has been out of wack, but since that seems to have been sorted I’ve just gone back on the foundation, so I’ll give it another go.

The NYX Liquid Suede, ah, it is a favorite. This is the shade Sandstorm and it’s a lovely brown-ish shade, on the pale side. If I didn’t want to try other shades I would definitely buy another tube, it is perfect for everyday use.

One shower cream and one hand cream:


This is one of my favorite shower creams ACO’s rhubarb and raspberry. I am obsessed with rhubarb. I also have the lotion. Soo jaa..whenever I can find a bottle I will get it. Don’t know why it still says limited edition? I think I’ve been buying it on and off for a couple of years at least.

Lush’s Helping Hands. Well. I ask a lot of my hand creams. And I’ve tried a lot of hand creams in my days; I know a good hand cream. This is sadly not it. Mainly because it is greasy. At least on me. Does not dry the way you want it to when you’re say at work? Or if you want to put on cream and then about your business and not leave greasy marks on everything. I do tend to forget this, or wish that I remember it wrong because I’ve bought it way more than once; I tend to like Lush more in theory than reality. Sadly, I’ve had better.

Last one! Is a food one. Well sorta. It’s one of my favorite chai teas:


Do I have a list of favorite chais? Yes I do. The Four O’Clock white chai is in my top 5 easy. But it is, as far as teas go, on the expensive side, and because it’s tea bags, I feel like it should be a sometimes product, from an environmental and economic POV. Which requires no efforts as it’s not that easily available around these parts.

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post.

A day in life; Saturday

I can barely remember the last weekend I was not out and about. Been looking forward just not be traveling for weeks and weeks; not least because my laundry situation has now become unmanageable.

Without further ado, let me take you through my v. v. exciting Saturday!

First things first, a quick shower with these guys:


I am in love with the Soap & Glory shower gel. A) the built-in lotion actually works, I don’t have to moisture up after showering, and B) the scent is so nice. I love the strongly artificial scents too, but this, this is such a lovely well-balanced and quiet scent.

The facial scrub is my current favorite; such a big fan of the charcoal in general, makes my skin happy.

Let’s also quickly mention the post-shower duo:


Bought the cucumber moisturizing cream in a panic; was in the UK, hadn’t enough day cream, just grabbed one in the store.

While I love the cucumber scent, this moisturizer is not for me.

It’s more moisture than I need. Which led to the buying of the far less moisturizing shine control gel. Turns out, not enough moisturizing. WAS TUN? As Blixa would say.

Obviously, you mix them!

Also mixed my greasiest hand lotion and runniest foot lotion into the perfect foot lotion. Apparently it’s how I roll.

Moving on!

Outfit of the day from the most flattering angle giving you pretty much no idea of what it is/looks like:


So I will tell you, this is a pair of black leggings from Vero Moda, best waist ever, a long vest from H&M (they’re claiming it’s a dress, I’m having none of it), a long black cardigan with pockets (!important), it’s so old it’s not exactly lying calling it vintage, and of course, double socks. There are slippers in my wardrobe, but I much prefer the double sock.

Typical Christmastime breakfast table in my house:


I’m having oatmeal porridge (basically served as a pudding), with a banana, some lingonberry jam, shredded coconut, clove (current fave spice), cinnamon and some walnuts. Glass of water and my usual vitamins: iron, zinc, B and D.

..or actually D is a recent addition. I’ve bought into the whole it’s so dark in Sweden we need lots of extra D. One can only wonder how we ever got by before the invention of supplements.

While I wait for the porridge to cool I whip up some saffron granola, looks like this:


Next on the agenda: move car + buy washer fluid for said car.

I’m moving my car because I’m parking in the street until a parking space becomes available, and APPARENTLY, where I live, as in the whole town, we have alternate-side parking.

Best part: they don’t even have to put up signs on the street letting you know. You should just know. Magically I assume.

Did I get a ticket on Wednesday and am I still upset about it? YES.

Good news: I now know EVERYTHING there is to know about the evil that is alternate-side parking.

But that was Wednesday, back to Saturday!

Long as this is the weather, I’m not unhappy about being forced outside. Looks kinda frosty, but it really wasn’t that cold.

The whole moving car buying washer fluid business taken care of, I can settle down with Odinsbarn + Musikhjälpen on the telly. And I obviously have to try out the granola; it is exactly as good as it looks. Highly recommended! Absolutely worth the effort.

I catch up on some YouTube; noticed Rachel Aust has done a few videos on PCOS. V. v. interesting. My PCO really is nothing like PCOS; I’ve got no acne, the hormones they’ve thrown at me have had little/no negative side effects, carbs are not my enemy (unlike PB, i.e. fats), and considering how little exercise I take, I develop muscles quite easily. Just imagine if I put my mind to it, really made an effort, if I was at least a little competitive.

Time for lunch! I’m making a favorite: purple cabbage roasted in creme of artichokes (what really? that’s what it’s called?) and some wasabi sesame spice + ginger, pasta, white beans, and aubergine puree.


I watch episode 3 of The Crown and then I’m not sure what to do, so I start packing for Monday. Because I’ve somehow not managed to get out of the rice pudding dinner we’re having at work. I’m going to be late though because I’m going to the gym. I THOUGHT IF I DIDN’T ACCEPT THE MEETING IN OUTLOOK IT’D BE ASSUMED I WASN’T GOING, WHY IS THAT NOT THE CASE???

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate my colleagues. What I hate is myself in social situations. If we could all just gather and talk about the latest Nick Cave release, or Bring Me the Horizon in general, I’d be fine, why can’t we do that??

Anyway. In addition to packing my gym costume I’m packing shorts and a black jumper + favorite scarf to wear to the dinner. Thank god I have a car. Lugging around luggage, I’m over it.


I also decide to try out a new look: a green cream eyeshadow, dash of a gold colored one + black lip. Yea… It probably sounds worse than it was. Because the green isn’t that green, maybe a bit much together with the red hair tho, either way. You’re spared evidence on account of the lighting in my apartment is so bad at this time of day there’s no way you could even tell that shadow’s green, so then what’s the point?

Skype with mum for about an hour. Summary: everyone else are terrible drivers and our cats are really old.

I’m packing up to do all of that laundry. I worry there isn’t enough time for all of this:


It’s also time to start thinking about dinner. My brain just wants pasta. Or candy. If there was candy that would be my dinner. Glass of wine, is that dinner?

Saffron scones + glass of wine! It’s dinner. (PS. intuitive eating = best diet. It’s a fact.)


The rest of the evening I’ll just spend switching between Odinsbarn, Musikhjälpen, telly and laundry room.

This was exactly the Saturday I needed.


signatur 1

August wish list; beauty edition

shopping list boots superdrug

I have many bad habits. One of which is getting most of my makeup and beauty products from Superdrug and Boots. Not because it’s a bad thing to get your makeup and beauty products from a drugstore, heavens no! I’m a big supporter of budget beauty in general; the reason is simply there is no Superdrug and no Boots where I live. They’re in a different country altogether. So kinda inconvenient.

Not sure how this happened, it’s not as if we don’t have drugstores in Sweden. It’s not as if there is no good makeup in all of Sweden. I’m sure there is. At least there is some at H&M?

Maybe it’s just the old the more difficult to obtain, the greater the appeal.

Either way, THANK GOD I’m going to the UK this month; I’m running low on many of my essentials. God; a.k.a. sister, because she suggested this trip.

On my Superdrug wish list:

Makeup Revolution. I’ve had a single MUR eyeshadow for ages that is my all-time fave brown shade: Dirty Cash, and since their Radiance highlighter palette is just all sorts of brilliant, I want to get a few more bits.

makeup revolution mattes— Flawless matte ultra eyeshadows. Need a good matte eyeshadow palette; this one seems to cover your basic needs.

— Highlighter. A highlighter to just throw in my bag, as of yet undecided which, I’m open to suggestions.


Sleek. Sleek alongside GOSH have been my two favorite brands at Superdrug since forever. Fortunately they’re both cruelty-free, i.e. I can keep buying their products. This time, I’ve only got 2 Sleek products on my list, which leaves room for some spontaneous purchases. On my list:

— Ink pot + Sunset palette. Heard such good things about the ink pot, and the Sleek palettes; I just love the lot of them. The Sunset one is on the top of the list, but I may well get one more.

And a single product from GOSH:


Fudge. Loved the Frizz Smoother I got back in May, so I’m getting a back-up.

2016-08-01 Fudge frizz


COLAB dry shampoo. Lily Melrose has been raving about their dry shampoo, and being easily swayed, I need to try it out.


Superdrug‘s own brand. Some basics:

— Cleansing Facial Wipes for combination skin. Best wipes I’ve tried yet! And I’ve tried a few, none compare. Also the only way I’ll get my makeup off at night, because I’m just that lazy. I know wipes are bad for you, but so is sleeping in your makeup.

— Facial wash – same applies here, nothing compares. I’ve been using the Body Shop Foaming Cleanser and its OK; the Superdrug one just works better with my skin.

— Hand cream. There is not enough talk about hand creams. Since trying to buy cruelty-free only, I’m still looking for a hand cream that will last through one wash and is not greasy. I’ve used the red version of this in the past, while it’s not at all bad (for not being Eucerin), the smell isn’t great, is it?

— Shower gel. Erm. It’s hardly a necessity, I just really like the scents available. I think I can treat myself to a shower gel.


On my Boots wish list:

NYX. Yes there’s NYX at H&M these days, but hardly the selection available at Boots.

— Liquid Suede in Alien. I thought I was done with black lipstick, but I must have been staring at Manson too much lately, I need this black lipstick. This is is at the very top of my wish list.

— Lip cream in Transylvania. Just when I decide I need this shade it’s all sold out , hoping I’ll find it in the UK.

— Eye primer. My Lumene primer has been disappoint of late, I need to try something different.

— Setting spray. I need a back-up.

Natural collection. I keep hearing good things about the mascara, and I did try to get it back in May when I was in Brighton, but there were none. So I’m hoping I’ll find it this time.


No7. Now this brand feels like it caters to my age group (old people, obvs). These are some of my faves I’ll be repurchasing:

Soap & Glory. Obviously getting the Supercat eyeliner; this time the fat version. Because who am I kidding, I like it thick.

supercat fat eyeliner


Am I forgetting something?


signatur 1




1. Red button front dress, short sleeve. Saw this one on ASOS, can’t get it out of my mind. Think I need it when I go to Glasgow in November. I always shop for fall, summer is just a period to endure. The last few dresses I ordered, also from ASOS, were short sleeved, and I really liked them, so I feel I need at least one more.

2. NYX matte lipstick in the shade Minx. I’m in the market for a brown/beige type color, I think this will be just perfect.

3. Black button front dress, long sleeve. Obsessed with the button front, you always need one in black and with a long sleeve. This one is also from ASOS.

4. Young Catherine (film). I love historical pictures (let’s use pictures a collective name for movies and series, shall we?); I’ve already seen it, in the 90s, and I recall loving it. Obviously it’s about Russia’s Catherine the Great. Keep looking for it but not finding it. (I.e. doesn’t ship to/stream in Sweden). With any luck it’s about as good as rewatching Beauty and the Beast as an adult (the Linda Hamilton series), keep looking for it tho.

5. Decent platform boots. You always need a good pair of platform boots. Maybe a pair of Dr Martens Jadon? Or not. Because they’re made of cows. But something similar.

6. Baby doll dress. Technically, this is a black smock dress from ASOS, but I would call it a baby doll dress. And I need it. It’s a style missing in my wardrobe as of late.

7. Good chai tea. My regular tea place currently has no regular chai (!!???!!) – desperately trying to find another brand that does an OK version. So far coming up with nothing, I’ve worked my way through all the brands I like and still nothing that’s good enough. I recall M&S having a good one back in… 2013 maybe? Reason enough to visit the UK sooner than November?

8. Black dress, white collar. I quite like this one at Zalando, not entirely convinced that it’s a good style for me. But oh how I wants it. Clearly, this is my style inspiration:


If that wasn’t obvious already.

9. News from Architects. Just to make sure they’ll be doing the UK/Europe tour as planned in the fall. If not, I’m going to have to change my travel plans again. Or not as much have to as I might want the option of being able to change my plans if I don’t feel like staying in Glasgow for that long (not that I know why I wouldn’t). Also, if all goes to plan, I also want to get tickets to see them in Sweden. Only because it was a convenient date; I’m not crazy. Am I?

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