100 day song challenge #100

#100 A song. Actually, not just a song. THE SONG.

I don’t understand who wrote these prompts. What do you mean THE song??? As if there is just one.

I’ve considered the following:

A Match Made in Heaven. Any song you only need to hear the first few seconds of to love, it has to be on this list. But I already mentioned this song. So often I probably don’t need to mention that it’s an Architects track.

It’s not enough. Desperation. Pessimism. Two of my favorite topics in music. Or in life in general. This Dustin Kensrue track has it. But also this one has been mentioned already. At least once. Not sure if it was as a part of the challenge, but I’ve defenitely written about it on this blog before.

The Kill. Used to listen to on repeat back when I finally couldn’t resist 30 seconds to Mars anymore (not sure why I was trying to resist, but I def was), and I still love it. Also the only song I can still play on the piano. Probably.

Famous Last Words. What I just said! Except for it’s My Chemical Romance and not 30STM, and I can’t play it. But only because I didn’t even try it (?).

The World’s a Girl. Definitely mentioned this Anita Lane track before. Absolutely in love with the simplicity of this song. It’s a repeater!

Throne. This is such a brilliant song. Perfect mix of catchy and threatening. And I’ve mentioned it already. In several contexts. Should be noted I’ve stopped hoping it’s going to be included in a workout class playlist. Because apparently people don’t know of this song. I can’t see any other possible reason I’ve never been to a workout class where they played this song. Unless it’s not people who’re unfamiliar with this song, unless it’s Swedes in particular who’ve just not heard about Bring Me the Horizon to any extent?

Blossom. Repeat, repeat! Any song you can listen to on repeat and not hate, it’s a good one. The only way it could be any better is if it was in their native tongue. Burning Down Alaska (or Alazka as they’re now know as, not sure I approve of this name change) are from Germany, maybe not part of common knowledge?

Out of the woods. This was going to be my pick up until a few seconds ago (or about a month ago, because I’m scheduling way ahead). Because I love a good pop song as much as the next guy (anyone who claims to not like pop is flat out lying). I love Out of the Woods to a point where I’ve actually bought it especially on account of it not being available on Spotify, and it’s the only service streaming music I’ll use. Result: I can listen to the damned song on my iPad only. I ain’t happy about it. One of these days I’ll figure out how to work around it…

Instead, my pick is going to be the Robyn/Röyksopp collab Monument.

Do I need to explain why?

When this song was released I burst out into a This song is so brilliant the rest of the album could suck and it’d still be a brilliant record. Unlike [insert name of band I liked up until their latest release here]. 

End of year summary; Gigs

architects stockholm 2016 october

I’m on the way to my last gig for the year. I’m seeing Amity Affliction + Northlane + Stray from the Path + Wage War at Fryshuset.

Even if I’m fed up with packing my bag to go to Stockholm, I am looking forward to it A LOT. Amity + Northlane are two of my absolute faves.

I haven’t been to or even been wanting to go to gigs much lately. As in the past few years. So this this year has been something of a surprise.


Jonathan Johansson at Cirkus, Stockholm. He did a set of shows called Trilogi where he played through 3 of his latest albums (minus a song or two). Approximately 2 hour set, no opening act, break in the middle. Absolutely love this format, please let it be a trend asap.


Architects at Concorde 2, Brighton. Album release show, cheapest of all the shows I’ve been to (maybe ever?): £ 15 for admission + album. So basically paid to attend…? Loved it. Probably my favorite this year, purely because the song selection was brilliant. If I was going to complain about something it’d be the set was too short or they could have played Gravity, but only a fool would complain. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Considering the ticket price, I feel as if I owe it to them to buy lots of merch.


Thrice at The Forum, London. Barely knew who they were at the time. I just knew they’d released a brilliant record couple of months earlier and that was enough to convince me I needed to see them play. Absolutely loved the show! With the exception of the unbearable heat at the venue.


Architects at Fryshuset Stockholm + Trädgår’n Gothenburg. This time around they were playing Gravity. Once again, excellent selection of songs, but maybe the set could be longer…? For me, the setlist is what really makes or breaks the show. Whether you’re bringing a big production or not, it just doesn’t matter.


Bring Me the Horizon at SSE Hydro, Glasgow. Still touring That’s the Spirit, this time with a much bigger show than last year (saw them at Fryshuset in November 2015, probably only gig I went to in 2015?), and a slightly different selection of songs which I’d say wasn’t necessarily better. For that type of show. While I get that they want to flaunt all of their range, it makes the show less cohesive, bit lacking the energy I feel a metal show needs (expect it to have?).

Not that this in any way puts me off. They’re my team; I’ll go see them play anywhere I can always.

Casey/Burning Down Alaska/Being as an Ocean at The Garage, Glasgow. The luxury of a good opening act that you actually haven’t heard before! That pretty much never happens. I’m talking about Casey obviously.

Burning Down Alaska would probably be more fun seeing in Germany where people know who they are. Still, excellent setlist, and the new singer Karim is mad impressive.

Being as an Ocean…not quite my cup of tea. Fortunately for me, the two songs of theirs that I love and have been listening to were the first two songs of the set. Which meant that being the morning person that I am, I could go back to the hotel and go to bed because I was just exhausted.

Architects at ABC, Glasgow. You’d think I’d be bored by now. But let me tell you: ZERO percent bored. Would go again if I could!

Bring Me the Horizon at Hovet, Stockholm. Same show/setlist as in Glasgow, v. v. different audience. And ehm, was it just me or did Oli seem…a bit bored? (I’ve barely seen a single review of any of the shows I’ve been to, what’s up with that? It’d just be nice with a second opinion sometimes I feel.)


Jonathan Johansson at Katalin, Uppsala. I’m going to have to accept the fact that Jonathan is no longer within the range of  things I like. I have no idea what he’s on about anymore. The song selection was incomprehensible, excellent pop tracks were lost due to arrangements that have no business being in a live show, and the final encore was a slow song that I would not hesitate to call an album filler. Honestly, it was insulting.

Amity Affliction at Fryshuset, Stockholm. They’re playing Pittsburgh, I know they’re playing Pittsburgh; that’s all I need to know to know that this is going to be great. Also, they’re not going to have their final encore be Rosa Himmel, or equivalent, because A) they have more sense than that, and B) they haven’t got shit songs like that their catalogue, and maybe most of all C) they’re a metal band. They wouldn’t do that to their show. Or their audience. Honestly, Jonathan seems more interested in entertaining himself + his band than the audience. Although, I’m positive all hipsters in attendance would disagree with me.

But that’s just because they don’t know any better. /bitter old hag refusing to grow up and go to age appropriate shows, e.g. Jonathan

For next year, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for:

Gigs in: Berlin, Prague, London, Brighton, Glasgow.

If any of the following are touring: Dream on, Dreamer, Glasvegas, Editors, Nine Inch Nails, PVRIS, Novelists.

Aaand. Wouldn’t mind seeing Architects and Thrice again.

Although right now, also wouldn’t mind a year of staying home. I’m mean I’m an introvert for god’s sake. This is highly unusual behavior for me.


Lots of love!

signatur 1

I ❤ Glasgow 

Because you can see Bring Me the Horizon at the spacious and cool (if you’ve got seats anyway) SSE Hydro

Burning Down Alaska at the fairly empty Garage,

Not from the show in question. I was hoping to borrow some evidence from another attendee on account of I’m a crap photographer; unfortunately, so far, I’ve not uncovered even a measly picture, never mind video material. Then again, we were about 40 people there. May I just say tho, new singer Kassim, amazing live singer. The band as a whole is v. v. good live, but Kassim’s mad impressive. Also made a new acquaintance: Casey. Such a rare thing to be treated to a good opening act, a band you actually want to hear more from once you leave the venue.

and Architects at a sold-out, painfully lacking oxygen, ABC,

all within a timespan of 5 days.

Glasgow, you spoil us.

Lots of love,

signatur 1

PS. See a band play in Glasgow, highly recommended. Best audience, making it quite the experience.

Sunday 7

I figured I would make the weekly summary, well, a weekly thing. Seven things summing up my week:

  1. Friday was last day of work before vacation; yes I am now officially on vacation (inofficially, I’ve been on vacation for a while now). Also last day working at this particular campus; new office + new city come fall. Same old job tho. So looking forward to that. Approx 2 hours of commute as opposed to a 10-min walk. Such fun! 1468742816836With the exception of picking up a book at the library tomorrow, I haven’t got a single thing planned all summer and I feel pretty darn good about it.
  2. I’ve been wearing a new pair of running shoes (obvs not for running, they’re for all the walking I do), bought out of sheer panic and without thinking. Except for BLACK, give me BLACK SHOES, that was the one thought I had. It seems to have turned out real well!?! They brag that they feel like walking barefoot, and they do! In the best possible way. 1468742963029Ah yes, despite being black these shoes are basically an abomination.
  3. Got tickets to see Burning Down Alaska! V. v. excited, not least because of this song:
    I’ve currently got a period of 7 days in November that is looking completely unreal in terms of shows. Let’s get this summer over and done with!
  4. In case you haven’t noticed: I’m getting back to being excited about books again. I’ve set myself up for a reading challenge and stocked up on a few more books. Much needed!1468746330461
  5. Wish you all could read this article over at Fett Magazine; it’s hilarious, clever and true. It’s basically a response to any text telling us we need to lose weight for summer. In the article, the writer illustrates the stupidity of the how-lose-weight by providing us with instructions as to how to avoid losing weight, avoid activity and anything that could be considered exercise; it’s a call to crush the industry feeding off our insecurities. Just ♥♥♥
  6. Saturday: road trip. In case you didn’t know, there’s lots of trees and nature around these parts. Also: close encounter with 2 moose.1468696096124
  7. Fave purchase, this here choker from ASOS:1468742916725


How was your week?



signatur 1

Back on track with Spotify

Spotify did good this week.

I was starting to despair, weeks and week and more weeks of just useless recommendations (Papa Roach AGAIN? You don’t suppose I could be avoiding them on purpose?) – not only bands I already know of, but bands that are so predictable that without ever having heard them before I could guess what singer was going to sound like. The fact that I also knew it was not my taste didn’t exactly improve matters. All and all, it made me want to shout DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME AT ALL?!??!!

Taste in music – I take it very seriously.

But then, spend a few hours listening to Gone with the Wind on repeat and Spotify catches on to what your likes are. I’m guessing.

While the playlist as a whole was very listenable, absolute standouts for me are Annisokay and Landscapes.

Annisokay appears to be a German band. Annisokey + Burning Down Alaska makes me wonder what’s going on in Germany. About time for obsessive listening to bands from Germany, again, maybe?

Landscapes reminds me of There is a hell believe me I’ve seen it. There is a heaven let’s keep it a secret. I am so in love with that sound.

So that + Dissolve by Being as an Ocean and Lionheart by Bury Tomorrow will get me through the week.

I hope. They’re making a good effort to drown me in translation work.

Lots of love,

signatur 1

PS. I’m not complaining. Not really. Spotify is spoiling us rotten. Just think of pre-Spotify. I would have been absolutely thrilled to find a new band that I actually liked every few months. Not to mention in the days of CDs. If you bought it you had to listen to it, didn’t matter if you liked it or not.

New addition to Burning Down Alaska

I was hoping Burning Down Alaska was going to make Kassim a permanent member, and apparently they have.  Which is brilliant. I’m so in love with this guy’s vocals.

As much as I love their unclean vocals, which I do, it’s the perfect example of exactly what I feel unclean vocals should sound like, I still feel like they need to be balanced out with some clean vocals. I.e., I just find unclean vocals to be somewhat limited in their ability convey a range of emotions.

Right then. I’ll be off fangirling elsewhere.