Planning what to wear



A long sheer top from Monki, which my sister generously donated from out of her closet, my favorite 3/4 length Vila leggings (the wide waistband! the opaqueness!), a pink metallic choker from Primark, and Vagabond wedges. Pairing with NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken. Red or pink eyeshadow? Not sure yet.

I love wearing pink with my bright red hair.



Another pair of them leggings, I’ve got an army’s worth, wearing with an oversized V-neck tee from H&M in a petrol type color. Another color I think goes brilliant with my current hair color. I wear it back to front, because…why not? Or because low cut necklines isn’t my thing, unless it’s on the backside. Adding the biggest hoops, frilly choker and a pair of wedges I’ve had just about forever. May they last for years to come.

Black lipstick??



Time for some shorts! My favorite type from H&M, again, I’ve got just about an army of them, all different colors (..although, I do have 2 of the black ones..), a floral top from Gina Tricot, which makes me hate Gina because it needs ironing, and shrank in the wash, but the pattern I am so in love with! A lace type choker, Mackintosh necklace and canvas platforms from ASOS. I’ll wear the shorts with some comfort waist, sheer leggings from H&M and the IsaDora Majestic Mauve lipstick.



Second pair of short, stripy 3/4 sleeve top, wee Primark cross shoulder bag and a dark red NYX Liquid Suede, pair of Vagabond sneakers. Any excuse for this bag. And yes, I always wear my shorts with sheer leggings, because my legs are pale, which would equal an outfit which just isn’t black enough. Can’t have that.



Oh hell, let’s do more shorts while it’s still warm enough; pair with a striped vest from H&M, oversized plain black tee on top, paisley choker, yellow platforms and bag, because gawd I love the matching apparently.

Unless. Unless I rethink the yellow with the red hair. In which case this is an option:


A favorite dress from Forever 21 in Berlin. It has to be the best Forever 21? It’s the only Forever 21 I’ve ever bought anything from. I’ll pair it with a long sheer cardigan, H&M leggings, and the usual choker + Mackintosh, eyeshadow curtsey of Sleek’s Vintage Romance.

And that’ll get me through the work week, leaving only the weekend and gym wear.

Currents; And I want

hm shorts

H&M shorts in petrol. I’ve got three pairs of these already, and we get along like a house on fire. I’ve told myself no colored ones! I tend to not get a lot of wear out of any garment in a color in general, bottoms in particular, but these just haunt my mind. PS, they look nicer IRL.

estrid johanne hildebrandt

Estrid by Johanne Hildebrandt. This is the latest book in my all-time favorite book series. It’s a retelling of old Norse myths and legends, basically. And Hildebrandt tells a story so incredibly well. If I remember correctly it’s due for publication in October.

lime crime venus

Lime Crime Venus the grunge palette. I know, I’m late to the party. Or actually, I’m still considering not turning up at all; I’ve decided high-end is not for me. For many reasons. But in my search for a decent matte palette, I just keep coming back to this one. It’s everything I want. I would order it, but I’d rather not order from the US, so I’m putting it off.

The reissues of two of Nina Hemmingsson’s comic books. Soon I hope!?!! I need them!


Lime Crime Velvetines in Salem. Again, high-end; not for me. But, again, this looks like everything I want and need. I know we’re supposed to go for the metallics now, but I’m not quite over the mattes yet. …although an argument could be made for the metallic shade Lana. A copper shade. Looks amazing.

asos-ruffle choker

Ruffle choker from ASOS. One or more of the channels I follow on YouTube hauled ruffle chokers from ASOS, and I just love the look. But I can’t possibly justify another choker, can I?

asos split back

Snazzy new top with some sort of opening in the back. Because I need it. Don’t quite think tie dye is for me though. I’ll keep looking.


All of the new Batiste styling products. Because I was just made aware that they have styling products. And I love their dry shampoo so. Anyone tried any of their styling products?

Nedwood tea. For it is the season.


Yellow raincoat. Obsessed with the idea of a yellow raincoat. And I do need a raincoat. I mean I’m going to Glasgow in November. November! What was I thinking?


NYX Liquid Suede in Alien. Yes. Still on my wishlist as no store had it in stock back in August. And because black lipstick and orange eye; match made in heaven for sure.


What’s on your wish list?



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The red and the black; 2 dresses from ASOS

Ah yes, the dress! This wondrous piece of clothing. It is the solution to indecisiveness, i.e. no need to match top and bottoms, just on with the dress and you’re out, as well as  a way to spend as little time in a store as is humanly possible. Because trying on a dress in the store? What are you mad? You hold it up to see if it’s the size you want, having found the size, buy it, and live happily ever after.

There is no one piece of clothing as comfortable as a good dress. Comfortable not only in terms of not strangling any part of the body, but it will make you feel appropriately dressed in any situation. Possibly with the exception of at the gym. Not sure that would be entirely practical.

Why people insist on wearing jeans on a daily basis just a mystery to me.

Two of my most recent finds from ASOS:

Black dress. Empire waist. Worn with my favorite black H&M control top tights and a Mackintosh necklace. Probably wore it with my Converse.

Red dress. Actually oxblood according to ASOS. Button down. Black H&M leggings, choker and a pair of platforms with ankle straps.

Love both of these dresses; the short sleeves are just right and I’m in love with how this material falls. Comfortable and oh so 90s. Perfect everyday dresses.


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Sunday 7

I figured I would make the weekly summary, well, a weekly thing. Seven things summing up my week:

  1. Friday was last day of work before vacation; yes I am now officially on vacation (inofficially, I’ve been on vacation for a while now). Also last day working at this particular campus; new office + new city come fall. Same old job tho. So looking forward to that. Approx 2 hours of commute as opposed to a 10-min walk. Such fun! 1468742816836With the exception of picking up a book at the library tomorrow, I haven’t got a single thing planned all summer and I feel pretty darn good about it.
  2. I’ve been wearing a new pair of running shoes (obvs not for running, they’re for all the walking I do), bought out of sheer panic and without thinking. Except for BLACK, give me BLACK SHOES, that was the one thought I had. It seems to have turned out real well!?! They brag that they feel like walking barefoot, and they do! In the best possible way. 1468742963029Ah yes, despite being black these shoes are basically an abomination.
  3. Got tickets to see Burning Down Alaska! V. v. excited, not least because of this song:
    I’ve currently got a period of 7 days in November that is looking completely unreal in terms of shows. Let’s get this summer over and done with!
  4. In case you haven’t noticed: I’m getting back to being excited about books again. I’ve set myself up for a reading challenge and stocked up on a few more books. Much needed!1468746330461
  5. Wish you all could read this article over at Fett Magazine; it’s hilarious, clever and true. It’s basically a response to any text telling us we need to lose weight for summer. In the article, the writer illustrates the stupidity of the how-lose-weight by providing us with instructions as to how to avoid losing weight, avoid activity and anything that could be considered exercise; it’s a call to crush the industry feeding off our insecurities. Just ♥♥♥
  6. Saturday: road trip. In case you didn’t know, there’s lots of trees and nature around these parts. Also: close encounter with 2 moose.1468696096124
  7. Fave purchase, this here choker from ASOS:1468742916725


How was your week?



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This week’s highlights

NYX minx honeymoon sandstorm
  1. Suddenly fell in love with shorts. JFC. Dug some out of the depths of my closet, barely worn, ever, (throw something away just because I haven’t been wearing it? don’t think so) loved, ordered more from ASOS – completely justified, had a total of 3 pairs; that won’t last me long. Ordered another 3 pairs. Obviously to be worn with black tights, platforms, and a black top of some sort. This styling (below) is an abomination. 1468092623256
  2. The purple & red eye shadow love continues. It’s a reason to get up in the morning. Especially enjoy doing a minimalist version of sunset shadow, i.e., take your NYX Full Throttle Eye Shadow Palette, take the orange shade, put it in your crease, and the red one all over your lid, blend together et voilá. Another favorite: pairing a gold-ish shade with the H&M Sahara Dawn. (Wow, this filter makes the Sahara Dawn come off black. It’s really not, it’s red I swear, the NYX palette comes out looking true to life tho.)NYX sahara dawn
  3. Highlighter on cupid’s bow. I just really like it. For now. Come next week I’ll have another obsession. Using the middle shade in the Makeup Revolution Radiance palette, which I still love:makeup revolution radiance
  4. Dream on, Dreamer (band). Was starting to despair, listening to the same songs over and over again. Found this band via recommendation from does know me better than Spotify. So that’s giving my usual suspects some room to breathe.
  5. Tofu-banana-peanut butter-pudding. Take half a package of silken tofu, 1 banana, 1 heaped table spoon of peanut butter, mix, put in a nice little bowl or cup, top with lots and lots of cinnamon – best meal ever. Technically, it’s a dessert, but I’ll have it for breakfast or dinner. It makes my brain happy.1468094971792
  6. Finally got my ASOS order. Only took them 2 weeks. More dresses for me! And cleaned out closet to make room. In particular looking forward to this red one:red dress asosI’ve been longing for a red dress for a while now. Will pair with black tights, obviously.
  7. Been doing research for trip to the UK later this summer (so that’s three visits to the UK this year, that’s..reasonable?). Not supposed to, but I can’t help myself. Studying the maps and the restaurant selection, planning the shopping.
  8. The NYX liquid lipstick in Sandstorm – said before and I’ll say it again – it’s perfect. Only slight difference in shade compared to Honeymoon and Minx. Have to stop buying brown/beige/neutral lip colors from NYX, I can’t possibly use any more.NYX minx honeymoon sandstorm
  9. The app Eatthismuch. The flexibility is amazing! You tell it how much you want to eat, how many meals a day, if you’re on a particular diet, e.g. if you’re on a vegan diet or if you have food allergies (among other things), and it tells me what to eat. And it actually gives good suggestions. And if you don’t like a suggestion, just refresh and you get another one. This is excellent if you want some new ideas as to what to eat. Even if I have made a conscious effort to make it suggest meals including brussel sprouts as per usual – which is another thing, if there is something you really like, you can tell the app and it will suggest meals including that particular thing, or if you want it to suggest a particular meal.
  10. Sis got us ticket to see The Amity Affliction. I was going to not go, but sis threatened to go by herself if I wasn’t coming. That’s not an option. I’ll be working over Christmas then as I have no vacation left, but whatever. Not a single doubt in my mind it’ll be worth it. I expect to get to hear this live:
    By this I mean the line Let the ocean take me. That alone is worth the ticket price.


signatur 1



1. Red button front dress, short sleeve. Saw this one on ASOS, can’t get it out of my mind. Think I need it when I go to Glasgow in November. I always shop for fall, summer is just a period to endure. The last few dresses I ordered, also from ASOS, were short sleeved, and I really liked them, so I feel I need at least one more.

2. NYX matte lipstick in the shade Minx. I’m in the market for a brown/beige type color, I think this will be just perfect.

3. Black button front dress, long sleeve. Obsessed with the button front, you always need one in black and with a long sleeve. This one is also from ASOS.

4. Young Catherine (film). I love historical pictures (let’s use pictures a collective name for movies and series, shall we?); I’ve already seen it, in the 90s, and I recall loving it. Obviously it’s about Russia’s Catherine the Great. Keep looking for it but not finding it. (I.e. doesn’t ship to/stream in Sweden). With any luck it’s about as good as rewatching Beauty and the Beast as an adult (the Linda Hamilton series), keep looking for it tho.

5. Decent platform boots. You always need a good pair of platform boots. Maybe a pair of Dr Martens Jadon? Or not. Because they’re made of cows. But something similar.

6. Baby doll dress. Technically, this is a black smock dress from ASOS, but I would call it a baby doll dress. And I need it. It’s a style missing in my wardrobe as of late.

7. Good chai tea. My regular tea place currently has no regular chai (!!???!!) – desperately trying to find another brand that does an OK version. So far coming up with nothing, I’ve worked my way through all the brands I like and still nothing that’s good enough. I recall M&S having a good one back in… 2013 maybe? Reason enough to visit the UK sooner than November?

8. Black dress, white collar. I quite like this one at Zalando, not entirely convinced that it’s a good style for me. But oh how I wants it. Clearly, this is my style inspiration:


If that wasn’t obvious already.

9. News from Architects. Just to make sure they’ll be doing the UK/Europe tour as planned in the fall. If not, I’m going to have to change my travel plans again. Or not as much have to as I might want the option of being able to change my plans if I don’t feel like staying in Glasgow for that long (not that I know why I wouldn’t). Also, if all goes to plan, I also want to get tickets to see them in Sweden. Only because it was a convenient date; I’m not crazy. Am I?

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How to style and wear the black dress

There is no one piece of clothing I love as much as the black dress. It’s the perfect solution to I-don’t-know-what-to-wear; there’s a black dress for any and every occasion. It’s also perfect if you want the focus to be some detail of your outfit, say a necklace, or maybe your makeup, a plain black dress will make it stand out. These are some of my black dresses and how I like to style and wear them.

Swing dress, cap sleeve

Black dress 7The black dress is perfect for traveling. This one is a jersey material that won’t wrinkle, has a little movement, and it just doesn’t get more comfortable than this. I’m wearing this for a short trip with work; I’m planning on having it last me throughout a train ride and through an early dinner. I pair all my dresses with a pair of black H&M control top tights, simply because, for me, that’s the most comfortable pair of tights, the scarf is for wearing on the train, because the trains are always cold here, the Paisley pattern choker is what I want to be the focus – both the choker and the dress are form ASOS. The dress I bought specifically to make the choker stand out. I’ve shortened the dress about 10 cm tho; it was not made for short people. Pairing it with the Converse as I suspect there will be some walking involved once we get to Helsinki. Plus, I like the contrast between the girly dress and the less girly shoe.

Swing dress, long sleeves

Black dress 6I would actually not call this a swing dress, because it has an empire waist, but let’s go with what ASOS calls it. Now this dress is the perfect length, I used it as measurement for the dress above. I try to always go for dresses with sleeves, because I just hate wearing cardigans and I’m always cold. This has been one of my favorite dress styles since pretty much forever. I love to wear this type dress with an ankle strap shoe, and keeping it simple with just a lace style choker and a red, red lipstick – obviously the focus point of this outfit. If it was the 90s I would also have worn a tiara (apparently I still have it for..nostalgic reasons..?) and a white pair of tights (because you know, Courtney Love).

Skater dress

Black dress 5A few years ago I fell madly in love with the skater dress. I have so many of these dresses, all of them from H&M. Obviously. 2 of which are this exact model, one purple and one floral (black/grey). If like me your body is quite straight, it’s a clever way of giving yourself some sort of shape. It also has a perfect neckline (straight, unless the sleeves ride up on you), and a low back – which I love. I usually wear this dress for work, pair it with a scarf, a Mackintosh necklace  and a pair of platform shoes.

T-shirt dress

Black dress 4The t-shirt dress is perfect if you want to dress down. An unlike the skater dress, hide any sort of shape. I usually wear it post-workout, if I’m going to work after workout, or just around the house as casual wear. This is actually the backside of the dress, the front is just plain black. I just love simplicity. I usually wear it with a thicker pair of tights, 100 den, and boots + my biggest pair of hoops if I wear it to work – it’s basically my interpretation of casual Friday. Of course, the rest of the uni are on a constant casual Friday, but whatever.

Bodycon dress

Black dress 3I go through phases with dresses, years ago, I bought all the bodycons I could possibly find. I’ve still got four including this one (but excluding 3 midi-dresses, same style, different length), all of them from H&M. I like to wear them in winter mostly, because to me they feel warmer. I always pair them with a scarf (this one’s from Prague) just so that there is something happening with the silhouette (+ to keep warm obvs.). Hoops and necklace is a must, another H&M find; a long necklace so that the scarf doesn’t cover it completely, and then boots of course.

Button up skater dress

Black dress 1This is another dress that I got from ASOS just recently. I like it more than I thought I would because a. the buttons are just for show, it doesn’t actually open, and b. I’m not usually a fan of the scoop neckline, but somehow this works great on me. I really love this neckline. I usually wear this dress on its own, just a choker and another of my Mackintosh necklaces of course, it doesn’t need more than that because the fit is just perfect. I’ll wear a scarf if it’s cold, and I plan to pair it with a proper pair of boots. Maybe a pair of Dr Martens? (Still undecided as to what I should get.) Because that is clearly how this dress should be worn. In the meantime I’ll keep wearing it with my Converse.

Tunic/A-line dress

Black dress 2To be honest, I don’t know what the difference between a tunic and dress is. This is sold as a tunic, but I’d probably call it an a-line dress. It is another favorite: I have one purple and one floral in addition to this one. This neckline also deserves a special mention: the front is a boat shape, and the back is a v – which I love. Good length, a little movement to the skirt, and I do love a long sleeve. Easily paired with any necklace and/or earrings, makes them stand out more; I also like to wear it with a colorful scarf like this one, which is a Primark find from a few years back, an absolute favorite. With this style dress I like to wear the platform ankle boot from H&M (feels like we all have a pair of these). This is also the perfect boot to wear if you’re going to a gig, I’ve noticed. Wore them back in May with the floral version of this dress. I highly recommend going to a metal concert in a dress with pink flowers on, you’ll feel so perfectly out of place (I don’t know why I do this on purpose but I do).

I just never regret putting on a black dress. No idea why I bother with colors and patterns sometimes. Actually, scrolling through ASOS, I think I might just get another few. For good measure.


Lots of love,

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