Two days in Brighton

You might have noticed I like to go to the UK to see bands. It’s pretty much the only thing that will make me travel.

Not that I’d go to see any old band, it has to be worthwhile.

Deaf Havana, in case you didn’t know, so worth it.

When Deaf Havana plays Concorde 2 in Brighton, you pack your bags and you go; doesn’t matter that you live nowhere near Brighton or even the UK. You make sure to get your ass there.

So Thursday morning I woke up in at the YHA in Brighton.

Let’s talk about YHA for a minute. According to TripAdvisor, this isn’t a bad place to stay. I would say, the only reason to stay at the YHA is if you’re on a budget/don’t really care where you stay long as it’s central, or want an easy walking distance to Concorde 2. It’s not terrible, but I’d hesitate to book it again.

They serve breakfast at the YHA, but I opted for a three minute walk to the Breakfast Club, where I had rye toast with avocado and cannellini beans and a cup of Earl Grey.


I really liked this breakfast:

  1. They’d seasoned it with just the right amount of garlic, it was delish!
  2. They really didn’t skimp on the rye, nor the avocado, or the beans.
  3. Kept me full way past lunch time, which was super convenient.

Next up: shopping. I have literally no sense; I love shopping at typical UK chain stores. Superdrug. Boots. New Look. North Laines? Pah! Mebbe tomorrow, if I feel up to it.

Actually, first stop was Deichmann, found myself some cheapass slippers, super pleased!


Next stop, Marks & Spencer. I’d noted that Pixi is about £ 10 cheaper in the UK than in Sweden. That has to count as a bargain?? Got myself these two that I’ve been lusting for:


Superdrug was sort of a let down. They didn’t have even half the stuff I was planning on getting, but hey, good for my finances, so I’m not complaining!

At Boots, I found a bunch of stuff. Including more mask tools; another brush and some sponges? Don’t mind if I do!


I’d actually gotten a few bits the day before too, including this amazing primer which I was trying out, may well be a new favorite (which is probably not good at all because I think Soap & Glory is no longer cruelty free?):


Oh yes, girl from the Benefit counter asked if she could draw some eyebrows on me. I surprised myself buy saying OK, but can we just agree that the current brow trend it just doesn’t work on me. I mean look:


There is not a product on this earth that will make my brows look anything but patchy. There just isn’t. And I’m not into that look.

My eyeshadow tho (well, it’s blush, but you know what I mean), was apparently not bad at all. I got compliments on it. From strangers. Although I so wonder if they really weren’t thinking that just looks mad. Not that it matters. I like it, and I’ve bought more.

I also love going to Holland & Barrett to get lots and lots of raw bars. Also found the Vego bar which was exactly as amazing as people say:


Had a late lunch at Wai Kika Moo Kau; not bad at all, would go back. Even if the conversation with the waitress was quite confusing. I asked for a burger with no bun (as stated on the goddamn menu) and she responded with a confused “No bun? You mean bread?” (English was not her native tongue either, but you’d think maybe she knew what the meny said..?) Yes well, the sweet potato + bean burger was very much approved.

Since I still had time to spend before the gig, I went down to the beach and walked and walked.

Picked up an excellent dinner consisting of a fruit cup and a bottle of fabulous orange/peach water (whyyy don’t we have still flavored water in Sweden?) on my way back to the hotel:final1510336784032

Which meant I still had enough time to slap on a wee mask before getting ready:


Despite its price, not crap, not at all.

More pricey, and unfortunately also not crap, the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. So far, it seems to be as good as people say. Dammit! If only all expensive things were crap in nice wrapping. That’d make life slightly easier.


Slapped on makeup in my usual fashion, purple shadow this time, put on a flannel shirt and looked pretty much the way I always do:


Excellent choice of attire on my part; flannel shirt and shorts is exactly what you want at a sold out Concorde 2 in November. Just saying. Important to be comfortable when you’re going to be standing in a crowd for a few hours. As that in itself is trying enough.

Although lord know why I bothered with makeup. Putting on makeup to stand around in a dark room with a bunch of strangers? Yes. Makes perfect sense. (???)

Absolutely loved the show. It does not seem unreasonable at all to go from Sweden to the UK to see Deaf Havana, zero percent.

Let’s take a moment to admire the singer’s lovely new haircut:

another one from the very talented @thomaslislebrooker

A post shared by James Veck-Gilodi (@jamesveckgilodi) on

Apparently, being blond is a struggle. He told us all about it during the gig. Not sure at all what the context was. But ehm. If he’s not concerned with context, I guess that’s fine?

Other things I wonder: if you are trying to be less conspicuous, should you be wearing a yellow hoodie? Like the singer in that band starting with an A that I like did. At said gig. Or did he think it was cold and that was why he wore the hoodie up?

Moving on…


On Friday I used my phone to navigate me to the Green Kitchen where I had pancakes and the best cup of Earl Grey Cream I have had in my life. Do I regret not going back to Bluebird Tea to get a package? So much. Praying Kahl’s version of it is as good. Not that I need more tea, but still.

On my way to the North Laines, I stepped into another Superdrug, and ended up getting this lovely Makeup Revolution palette (because clearly I need more pink shades):


As for North Laines…it just stresses me out. I ended up going back to the beach; I’ve a zillion pictures of the ocean. As if. I’ve never seen a large body of water before.

Also, found my new favorite plant:

final1510430399459No idea what this is, but there was lots of it, and it’s creepy looking and I love it.

Another late lunch, no veggies but a large glass of rosé at Food for Friends:final1510430131536

Actually. I don’t understand why this pasta dish does not come with KALE. Yes. Two days is all it takes for me to start missing plates piled high with veggies.

On the topic of food, I also want to mention Purezza. I got to Brighton on Wednesday and headed directly to Purezza for one of their vegan pizzas.

I don’t generally eat pizzas. It’s not a vegan thing, they just didn’t appeal to me much beyond the age of about 15. But this, if this was a standard pizza, I’d be converted instantly:


Beets. Rocket. There was some vegan cheese there too (some is key here), it was absolutely lovely. I need to go back and try their desserts.

I was back in Sweden by Saturday evening. While I was quite happy to be back home, have I already tried to talk sis into booking another trip to the UK in 2018? Yes I have. Not that Brighton isn’t great, but I do want to go back to Glasgow next time. Provided someone worthwhile is playing. It’s not looking good.

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post. Past topics for this challenge can be found here.

Things to do on a Sunday #3

A tag! A tag on a Sunday after a grueling week that just about sucked all the life out of you, pretty much all I can manage.

Natural response to a horrible week: thoughts of escape. To anywhere but here.

A travel tag it is! This one is blatantly stolen from LaurenEllen.

Where was your first plane to?

Apparently, my parents thought it was v. v. important for me and my brother to experience flying at an early age; we flew to Stockholm. Must have been..six? Seven?

Then there was a huge gap of about 10 years until I ever set foot on a plan again. And I went to Bordeaux of all places. And by myself. Did the trip go smoothly? Obviously no!

Where have you travelled to that you would love to visit again?

I like repeats. I also like to be able to plan, which is way easier if you go somewhere where you’ve been before. You know I like to go to Glasgow. Like every time. But because that is such an obvious choice…

I’ve been craving Prague lately. What’s holding me back is if I’m going to travel, I want to see some band play. So far no luck.

Preferred method of travel; planes, trains or car?

I find the actual vehicle is of less importance than the surrounding circumstances. And in Swedish this would be known as jag är så jävla dryyyg. But honestly; I’m fine with planes as long as there are no delays, no luggage missing, the airport isn’t crazy crowded. Trains can also be good. You can move around and I always feel safe in trains, and they generally take you to the center of the city. But there are often delays and the trip itself already takes such a long time.

Car would be my least favorite. You can’t read, traffic, general feeling of being unsafe. And it takes such a lot of time.

Favorite travel website?

If you just keep going back to places you’ve been before, you don’t really need a travel website, do you?

Where would you travel to just eat the food?

Food is always a main reason for any trip I feel. I would travel any place that offers a decent selection of vegan eats. I hear Edinburgh have upped their game when it comes to vegan eats. Makes me more interested in Edinburgh than I have been for a while.

Is there a place you would never go again?

Stockholm. I never want to go to Stockholm. Honestly, at this point, I’d prefer going to Gothenburg. But as long as you live in Sweden though, you can’t really avoid visiting Stockholm I don’t think.

Do you prefer the window, aisle, or middle seat?

I used to love window seats. But then you’ve been trapped between the window and some male passenger who’s fallen asleep and just will not wake up one too many times it just looses its appeal. I will pick aisle every time.

How do you pass the time on the air plane?

Talk to sis, sleep, listen to music, read book, stare out window.

Best not think about traveling any more, because I’m getting myself a huge mortgage, I won’t be going nowhere for a while. Probably. Unless there’s some band I really, really need to see.

November favorites


It’s been out for a while, but I was suddenly struck by just how great Adna’s Overthinking is.

Fave song live was without a doubt Bring Me the Horizon’s Avalanche. I’ve always liked the song well enough, but live it just hit me.

Became slightly obsessed with a few Little Jinder tracks, as a result of watching Så mycket bättre, like the rest of Sweden. Here’s Super 8:

So looking forward to an entire week of her on this year’s edition of Musikhjälpen. Love her punk rock attitude, it’s going to be so much fun.


For a while there, I was starting to despair. A) Didn’t read an awful lot, B) the ones did read were a bit meh. In addition to which they didn’t fit my challenge. I didn’t even like Ravencliffe.

Texts from Jane Eyre was definitely a fave tho (even if, technically, I did finish it 31 October, but whatever).


Almost starting to think I need to read Atlas Shrugged, I mean, all evidence suggests it’s kinda funny?

But then I ended the month by reading Estrid by Johanne Hildrebrandt and it was not only good; it was everything I wanted it to be. Still impressed with Johanne’s way with words, how she balances our everyday way of expression with a few well selected words we associate with the old days. It reads so well. And she knows how to draw the reader in. Bonus points for most characters being petty, greedy, just awful people. As in the majority of all characters. Love that.



Big chunky knits were definitely a theme. Also been reaching for jeans (black! the horror that you would think I’d wear denim) way more than I have for ages. Actually don’t think I’ve worn an actual dress/skirt even once. Unless you count oversized knits as dresses.

A pair of Vagabond boots I got on sale (half price, such a find), I just want to live in them. Comfortable + goes with everything. I really want a back-up pair, that is how comfortable they are.


In terms of makeup, I’ve been obsessed with no-brow, no-liner looks. Quick + easy! Bonus points for making you look creepy.

Social Media

Russell Brand’s Trews!

Also. Bumble on Instagram. I have no idea how I ended up there, but how I love it.

It’s feminism, being introvert, and just not being perfect and sharing it. Just ♥♥♥

Suddenly became completely obsessed with Sarah Hawkinson; been watching for a while, but I’ve started going back and watching v. v. old vids. Not so old vid:

Meanwhile. Where do you go for YouTube recommendations? What YouTube recommends me is just not good enough.

DanArchitects. I’m sure he’s a great drummer and all, but I’m far more impressed with his Twitter skills. I only wish all musicians I followed were this funny, sarcastic, informative. A fave tweet from this month:

(I don’t see why not, most of us seem to deserve it?)


I just have one food related thing on my mind: Glasgow’s Stereo. Visited 3 times the week I was in Glasgow – it was that good. Special mention: their buffalo cauliflower + sun dried tomato, rosemary & chili polenta chips. A-mazing. Combine it with a glass of Sauvignon blanc and it’s just heaven.

And new fave drink Dark & Stormy: ginger beer + rum. Ah ginger. I could marry it.


Finally watched Before the Flood. If like me you’ve been putting it off, there’s really no need. It’s an easy watch despite the serious subject. It made me feel as if we’re in the middle of a the world is flat type discussion.

Bonus: TRez + Atticus Ross made a beautiful soundtrack to it.

Gilmore Girls. Happier about the fact that it was back than the actual content tho. Not that it was bad. Except for that musical thing which which I’m quite upset about. You’ve got 4 episodes and you spend 15 minutes on a terrible musical? WHYYY?

Historieätarna. Has been ZERO PERCENT disappointing. Let’s not think about the fact that this is the last season. It will be missed.


Last time I mention my trip to Glasgow, promise! Even rainy days in Glasgow are better than Sweden in November. This is from when we walked along Clyde.


Blow out I got at Belle & Blackley in Glasgow. While I’m not convinced I should have layers or a Brenda (90210 obvs) type fringe, the blow out was the best I ever did have. I only wish I could be bothered to do it myself.

Architects at ABC; I may have loved Bring Me’s Avalanche a ridiculous amount, and the show was so great – hell I went back for seconds on the 25th in Stockholm – but nothing compares to Architects. Am I considering going to America for more next year? Kinda. A little bit. With any luck the whole tour will be sold out before I do something stupid.

Plans for December

  1. See Jonathan Johansson play
  2. See Amity Affliction + Northlane play
  3. Work all alone in the office because I’m all out of vacay.


signatur 1

I ❤ Glasgow 

glasgow lighthouse

Because I can buy bits like

Nakd bars from Holland & Barrett’s for cheap + decent chai from random supermarket; you have no idea how I’ve been looking for a decent chai all over Sweden – impossible. This Tesco one tho; does the job perfectly. Nothing fancy, everyday chai ♥♥♥.


…I’m going to have start ordering the Nakd bars from online. It’s so perfect for traveling, and let’s face it, this could replace other types sweets easy peasy.

Makeup + beauty from Superdrug and Boots.

I’m obsessed with Superdrug’s cleansing wipes for combination skin, which is a problem. I need to find good wipes I can get from somewhere in this country.

The Boots’ tea tree & witch hazel facial wash is a new find; they were all out of Superdrug’s facial wash for combination skin, again, but this facial wash! It’s better still. My skin tends to be a bit uneven, and I’ve come to accept it as a fact. But this facial wash, I swear it evens out my skin. And the Soap & Glory shower gel; ach, I just wish I hadn’t packed so much I could have gotten a normal-sized bottle. It brags you don’t need lotion afterwards and I truly believe it.

Also got a new GOSH primer because my current one (No7) is a bit meh; my foundation brush finally broke down so I’m trying out the Real Techniques sponge, so far loving it, and if the Beautyblender is better still than this one, I get why people are so obsessed with it; new No7 foundation, a radiance one this time because I heard such good things about it. With any luck it’ll manage to make me look just a little bit sicker still.

Cute things from Primark; PJs, pink knit, metallic chokers, MTV sweatshirt, and of course, big, chunky, pink knit + fuzzy socks.


That’s appropriate night time wear for a 35-year-old I dare say. Should also be noted: bought the pink knit in the biggest size I could find, i.e. about 4-5 sizes bigger than what I usually wear, this doesn’t mean it’s long enough to be worn as a dress, as I discovered on the bus to work…

Trashy hoodie + lots of earrings from Top Shop.

I am in love with this trashy trend, did the same trick as with the pink knit. Sis says it’s also too short to be worn as a dress. I’m disagreeing, wore it as dress to the BMTH gig, maybe I will again? As in, I’m seeing them again on Saturday. Stockholm this time.

Also love that dark metal color the majority of the studs are in. Top Shop seems to be under the impression it’s dark gold. Okeeyy.. in my mind they’re a bit too much on the red side to be described as gold, but w/e.

More Mackintosh souvenirs.


Ah yes, museum gift shops in Glasgow, they just draw me in.

Backpack from Urban Outfitters.


Because the carry on I brought was just so tiny, I literally had to get a new bag to get all my things home (this here, just a sample, there was more stuff). But also, I needed a bigger backpack in my life, so quite pleased with this purchase.

Note to self: go on shopping diet.


signatur 1

I ❤ Glasgow 

glasgow lighthouse

Because you can visit old faves like Café Andaluz + Willow Tea Rooms.

Dared have the afternoon tea at The Willow. By dared I mean, tried afternoon tea first time in Manchester a couple of years ago, was the fullest I’ve ever been in my life and thusly traumatized, haven’t dared tried it since. The Willow offers a more humane amount of food. And they do have a vegan version! Oddly enough not something they put on the menu, you have to ask for it.

PS. in case you’re unfamiliar with The Willow Tea Rooms, they have Mackinstoh interior, which is why tourists like myself like to visit. Yes, I have absolutely no shame, I love doing the touristy things.

Was going to take pics of the food at Café Andaluz, but after the starter, I sorta forgot. Olives, drinks, bread, v. v. interesting?


Top tip: try their Cava sangria, it’s amazing.

Get new faves like Stereo (3 times, it was that good),

Fave thing off their menu: sun dried tomato, rosemary, polenta chips and crispy cauliflower. Bit garlicky, but so, so good. And oh, their Dark + Stormy is my new fave drink; if I remember correctly it’s basically ginger beer + rum.

Singl-end (2 x)


Quickly figured out waiting for a table was not a bad thing; they offer you tea and a seat while you wait. And a big pot of tea too.

Loved the vegan banoffee cakes + and their cherry scones. Yes we went twice. Yes, we waited for our table both times. Seriously love this place.

and Mono.

To be fair, I have been to Mono before but was slightly underwhelmed last time. Went back only because convenient location + vegan. This time, I had a mushroom, kale and rosemary soup with a veggie wrap and it was just a perfect lunch. Will definitely be going back.

Try out Bloc+, 13th Note and Butterfly & the Pig.

Slightly disappointed with Bloc+, partly because their service was kinda bad, and partly because of the menu, which didn’t match what’s online and I’m not exactly a big fan of any type dogs, vegan or otherwise; and partly because I read a review saying it was great. I’m more leaning towards meh; seemed like average pub to me. Could go back, but I don’t particularly feel I have to.

13th note…ditto. Most things on their menu seemed a bit too spicy for me. Not that I don’t like spicy, it’s just I can’t handle it.

Butterfly & the Pig was excellent, had a v. v. nice falafel burger + best hand cut chips I ever did have. Go back? I think yes.

…aaand, I’m not only a bad vegan but also a bad blogger; I can’t remember to take pics of the food. Next time tho!


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I ❤ Glasgow 



Museum + Park

We walked and walked in this park. I absolutely loved it, even when it was raining! Sis; not so keen. But I guess not all of us can be a fan of the walking. As for the museum, this time, we only visited the Mackintosh exhibition. We’ve seen it before but I just don’t tire of Margaret Mackintosh’s paintings.

Mackintosh House

Pics from It’s where they told us to get pics as you’re not allowed to take pics inside. 

I’ve been on the guided tour of the Mackintosh House before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go again. I’d say, you can and should. Still in love with the light in the living room. Despite the fact I don’t really like white interior.

Huntarian Gallery 

Not usually a fan of paintings, but I do love the Whistler collection at the Huntarian Gallery. It’s housed in the same building as the Mackintosh House, v. v. convenient, and it’s next door to the uni, which is well worth a visit even if you’re not that interested in universities. It’s one of those amazing old uni’s that look like a castle of some sort.

Glasgow School of Art

Another Mackintosh building. Yes, I am in love with his aesthetics! So glad you noticed. Unfortunately it’s currently covered in scaffolding, so we didn’t actually see the building. It usually looks like this from the outside:photo

Pretty, no? Inside is worth a visit too. They do a tour that I’d definitely recommend. For unknown reasons not something we considered this time, maybe it felt too fangirly? Yes. That strikes me as likely. But next time!


So basically, I’m just listing lots of Mackintosh-related things. Slightly less Mackintosh related, the view:


But there’s a Mackintosh exhibition inside as well, obvs one of them chairs:


If ever I am in need of a chair at some point in the future, I am getting a Mackintosh chair. Current status: in possession of more chairs than I use. Boo.

Lots of love!

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Better late than never; Weekly summary

Needless to say, the soundtrack of last week was mainly Architects, with a bit of Amity Affliction and Bring Me the Horizon thrown in for good measure. In fact, my brain was so into listening to Architects it down-prioritized sleep. Slowly starting to accept that sleep is not at the top of my to-do list. Not last week, not this week, unlikely to be any time in the near future.

We’re all loving Gone with the wind an extra lot. How unpredictable.

First workout class of the semester. And I worry. I worry that I’m over Friskis. I was so thoroughly bored I nearly left. And they’re still not playing Throne. How is no workout class ever playing Throne? That is just wrong.

Spent my last couple of days of summer vacay in the UK. 24 hours in London, followed by a couple of days in Brighton. Lots of walking and lots of shopping.

Oh HELLO it’s you again

Saw Thrice play at the Forum. It was all sorts of good. Just a shame about the complete lack of oxygen at the venue. I was about one song from unconscious by the time we left. Also: opening act Milk Teeth. How I wish it was my cup of tea.

Pic stolen from Upset Magazine

Discovered my new fave look: orange eye! It must be good because complete strangers have complimented me on it (??).

Had lots fab vegan food. Seriously, Food for Friends and Rootcandi; basically reasons to visit Brighton.

Got some good wear out of my platform sandals. The fact that I didn’t break anything while teetering around London, carrying all of my luggage, and all over Brighton, including the pebbled beach is nothing short of a miracle. I feel as if I’ve got mad skills. Had to order me a more season appropriate pair, a pair of Roobin’s.

All and all: good week. Should have prepared me for the hell that’s first week of the semester. It obviously did not.


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Roddy? Or Thrice?

What would you choose? These guys in Edinburgh?

– More convenient date
– Scotland!
– Seen them before, much enjoyed
– I love this song. LOVE.

– I worry that their music is going in a direction I’m not a fan of (I’ve already been to one such gig this year, I was not happy)
– I’m already scheduled for Scotland in the fall, I worry I’ll get bored with Scotland
– Haven’t listened to much lately, according to my stats

Or these guys in London?

– Not seen before
– Listened to quite a bit lately (I mean, we’re not talking BMTH, but you know, for being another band)
– Not been to London in a while, and have no plans on going, so just for variation?
– Could buy lots of stuff I don’t need while I’m at it

– Not a terribly convenient date
– London (only marginally better than Stockholm)
– Actually extremely inconvenient date, I might have to fake illness

If only I could learn to love Stockholm. Or Gothenburg for that matter. Anywhere at all closer to home. But och alas, that is not my destiny. Apparently.

Or. I need a different job allowing lots of going away. Or better still, a job involving me not having to be at the office. How does one go about finding such a job?


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Brighton pier

I always thought that if I ever went to Brighton, it would be because my Dirty Weekend obsession had finally peaked. That I just had to see where Bella’s story ends in real life, i.e., here:

Brighton pier

That’s not what happened.

What happened was one band (Architects obvs.) cleverly decided to book two dates and hold off announcing a tour, and I’m an impatient sort of person. I can’t wait more than ca 2 seconds before panicking thinking I’ll miss it all. Again. Because the second date booked did work for me  + I needed a break from work so bad I figured I could venture somewhere other than Glasgow for once – turns out this was not a bad idea at all.

Although I am still a Glasgow kind of girl, I would be quite happy to go back to Brighton again.

I don’t ask a lot of my holidays, I don’t think. Given how little I ask for, I should love all desintations. Give me decent weather, a few good meals, something pretty to look at, a hotel sans some sort of water damage, and walking distance to all things – I’m quite happy.

We took the bus from Heathrow to Brighton, absolutely beautiful weather when we arrived, short walk to the hotel – no problems finding it. Had time for some shopping at Superdrug before dinner at Food for Friends. Every bit as good as the reviews suggest. Best gnocchi I ever had. Belly full of gnocchi and a delicious Sauvignon blanc we went for a stroll and decided to check where the band was playing the following night.

Of course, they were playing that night as well, and apparently you could not only hear but also see the band from the outside, and we got there just in time for the last song. I was quite pleased with that. Excellent first day.

Day 2 started with a strong cup of tea at breakfast.


I can’t get over the fact that
a. There is tea
b. There is good tea
c. It is assumed you want tea

It just doesn’t get old. When you are a tea drinker living in a country where tea is an exception to a rule. Where the fact that you prefer tea to coffee always comes as a shock suprprise. Apparently.

Breakfast done, it was time for the shopping. I always go to the UK with a long shopping list; I need to stock up on all the things we don’t have in Sweden. My Superdrug and Boots-shopping clearly got out of hand.

3Li 100%

Also managed to catch heavy downfall on the way back to the hotel. You might not be surprised, but Glasgow hasn’t done that to me since I lived there. I had it coming tho, going to the UK without an umbrella? That if anything is asking for it.

We waited out the rain at the hotel. View from hotel window:

3Li 100%

Am I the only one who enjoys views like these? I love seeing rooftops.

Because we didnt’t have a lot of time until the show once it stopped raining, we opted for a salad for dinner + some more Sauvignon (I know what I like). Lovely and sunny when we got back out again. Loved the venue (Concorde 2). Fryshuset could learn a thing or two from them.

Main event of the trip:

Pic from

It was just everything you’d want it to be. I could easily have paid to hear the record so loud you could feel it. The fact that this was live, brilliant selection of songs, I could actually see the band (which I don’t always, damn being short), and the audience was not Swedish (we just have to be the worst audience ever, surely?) – it was just a bonus. Still marvelling at the fact that we were gifted the record too. It’s like being paid to see a show. Insane.

Day 3 we started by going down to the sea.

Sparkle 100%

I was very suspicious of the gravel beach I have to say. But it won me over quickly enough, I mean, being on the beach and not leaving with enough sand for a sandbox – I like it! Finally managed to tear ourselves away from the beach and walked into town and ended up having lunch at Terre a Terre – tricked into having dessert which was easily the best part of the meal. Loved their sorbets.

Lesson of the day: wearing makeup – it’s not that bad. If you’re not in the habit of using sunscreen. Meant I was only slightly burned where I’d been sloppy with my application. I’m remembering to put on sunscreen for the rest of the summer, trust me.

Ended the day with a picnic on the beach with my favorite things: fruit salad and ice tea. Not sure if it’s good or bad there aren’t nearly as many nor as tasty icea teas in Sweden. This Snapple one may just be a new favorite.

Sparkle 100%

I’ll definitely look for an excuse to go back.

As for Glasgow and Architects: booked and booked. I’ve a one track mind.

Lots of love,

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What’s in my bag; hand luggage edition

hand luggage

I wish this was going to be one of those “How to pack”-type entries. It is not.

Unfortunately for me, I am a complete mess when it comes to packing. And my packing skills, they are not improving with age. Doesn’t matter how many how-to-pack videos I watch.

I got back from a long weekend in Brighton on Monday, and my hand luggage is heavier than my suitcase. Which is. Great.

I am well aware of my lack of skills when it comes to packing, so I prepared for this by getting a bigger bag. It could be argued that this is a mistake; if you tend to pack a lot of things, you’ll just pack even more things if you have a bigger bag. Knowing this, a backpack is a requirement. Because that is an aspect in life where I’m actually practical. Best way to carry a heavy bag is on your back. (Hello miss stating the obvious.)

Let’s look at the most important things first:

hand luggage

Bluetooth speaker, headphones and iPad. Because you need to be listening to the new Architects record and watch Vikings. If only that was all I packed.

hand luggage

This is where it gets out of hand. I have no sense at all when it comes to packing makeup. Literally none. I’ve brought pretty much every one of my brushes, piles of eye shadows, highlighters, powder, eyebrow products..and more than one primer, mascara, and eyeliner. I need. Help. Or holy grails? Probably both.

Usually, I put an extra outfit in my hand luggage. Except for that time I went to Berlin when they lost my luggage. Learned my lesson then. But as this is unpacking when I got back, all clothes are in my suitcase. Might be two exceptions. For example, I do like to bring a scarf, since I’m always cold (that’s that black thing there. I’m pretending I only brought the one scarf).

hand luggage

Oh. And there’s more makeup. Also, two copies of the latest Architects record. I have no idea why they’re in my hand luggage. A) Got them for free. I went to the album release show (this is obvious, right? why else would I be going to Brighton?) and you basically got a record with your ticket. It’s like getting paid to go to a show. I almost feel bad about it. Oh, and I have two copies because the person I went with didn’t want his. Clearly he’s not right in the head. Point is, they were free; I could get another if they got lost/broken. B) I don’t even have any device to play them on. Not set up anyway. My CD-player lives in my wardrobe. Definitely didn’t bring a device to play CDs on. Bottom line: I make sense.

The sunglasses are in my hand luggage because I figured they might break in my suitcase. I didn’t bring four pairs; I bought three pairs in Brighton, out of which two are for me. So I guess that means I’m planning on being out in the sun?

Despite the fact that I should not be using heat on my hair I did bring a straightener. My excuse was I was only going to use it on my fringe. I did not use it on my fringe only. I used it on all the hair. Because the UK and my hair don’t get along well.

I feel like excuses is something I’m quite good at.

hand luggage

And there is more. It’s as if it never ends. Some of these things are actually necessary. Obviously the passport, wallet, cardigan…earplugs are literally only useful for concerts. I’ve tried to use them to shut out the snoring of the person I share the hotel room with. Does not. Work. At all. Ever. There is basically just one thing that works: good earbuds + heavy music. Architects is perfect. Just a wall of sound; it’s brilliant. And then you’ll fall asleep dreaming that you can’t talk and you can’t hear anyone in your dreams. Not sure if it’s scary or fun.

Should I point out there is a second pair of headphones here? There’s a second pair of headphones. I have literally no excuse. I guess I just like having choices. But not making choices.

I want to talk about the book. I bring my iPad because it does many things; I’ve got books on it if I feel like reading. And that’s a big if, I haven’t finished a single book all year.

Now. If you are traveling with a person who can’t pack like a sensible person to save her life, don’t bring her a book at the airport. Just don’t. In fact, don’t bring a book to anyone on a trip unless you’ve checked with the person first. I feel like a bitch for complaining about being given something. But a book is the last thing I need. Especially when traveling. Especially since I have plenty to read already. As I’ve gotten nowhere with my reading all year.

To sum up: I fail at making choices, which leads to nonsensical packing.

It is also possible I don’t feel too bad about it. I like all my things. Minimalism is not in my future.


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