ONE. Most recent Insta like

This post reads: Could it be that women’s lack of physical strength has some sort of connection to being constantly encouraged to starve to be attractive for men 🤔🤔🤔


TWO. Twitter

I just love a good grumpy cat.

THREE. YouTube

I absolutely love Lex’s take on the 26 things I’ve learned in 26 years; it is pure brilliant. Because negativity + sarcasm 💕

FOUR. Spotify

Genius move on Tonight Alive’s part, invite Lynn Gunn! If only more songs could feature Lynn Gunn.

FIVE. Another Insta-like

Home @edmasonphoto

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I cannot tell you how much I want this coat. Parka? Just look at that lining! It’s amazing. Love it that there are hordes of pics of this coat in my feed.

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5 things I’m getting (if I ever move)


Been looking forward to killing this beaut for the better part of a year at least:

I obviously don’t want to kill it, but let’s be realistic, it is going to die. It’s my USP; there is literally no plant I can’t kill, and with ease. Nifty trait when you’re moving, less things to move.


In my current bedroom I have this amazing dark grey wallpaper with a water lily pattern (I weep at the thought of leaving this wallpaper behind). While I do love the wallpaper, it doesn’t really work with anything but plain white sheets.

The walls in my new bedroom, however, are white. Which I’m pretty sure I’ll hate, but I’m trying to look at the positives. I could get something other than plain white bed linen. I’d love these:

They’re currently on sale, so by the time I’ve moved, I’m sure there will be none left. Equally sure there will be other nice ones.


This wee thing from IKEA which I’m sure just about everyone except me has by now:

It just looks so damned handy and I’m sure I need it for the bathroom. Although probably not in white…


Because apparently my apartment doesn’t come with any, and I’ve long since lost the power to sleep through Swedish summer without. Good news: I get to pick which type blinds.

And I’m going with the type that does not require regular cleaning, nor re-stringing. Like this:


A huge enormous snake plant!

I’ve had ones in the past, yes I killed them, but I do want new ones. Ones I don’t have to move. Hoping the general climate in my new apartment will make them last longer, because I haven’t got the faintest what I’m doing.

I’m desperately hoping this is all I need. Moving in itself will be expensive enough. Never mind the fact that I’ll probably be paying double rent because of the shitty moving in date I got.

What I already did get for my new place:

Towels. One set for the kitchen and one set for the bathroom. Least you can do for your brand spanking new apartment.


So ja. The fact that I have a moving date has thrown me into full planning mode. I’m also sitting around staring at my bookshelves trying to decide if it’s too early to do that second declutter.

It probably is..?

Recent discoveries


Smashbox BB cream + NYX Lingerie palette. Attempt at long story short: snow came pouring down, truck drivers showed particularly poor judgement, roads were closed off and traffic redirected. Rather than spending over 2 hours on narrow, narrow roads in the dark I opted for staying with my parents. Had not planned for it so I went to get a few bits to get me through the workday.

I.e. this was a more or less necessity purchase, but I have to say I’m impressed!

The BB cream. A. Exactly the right shade for me. B. I am happy with this light coverage. C. SPF 35?! I can tell you now this will be my go-to for summer. I’m just very happy with.

The eyeshadows. This looks like the most boring palette ever, I have similar shades. But I can use this for my whole face easy, and I love using it for a grungy eye. Love how the shades blend too. Current go-to!


ACO shampoo. So. My scalp recently turned into a dry flake. Cold water—not helping. Soft water—not helping. Washing hair a maximum of twice a week—not helping. Expensive hydrating shampoo—not helping. Other hydrating and/or moisturizing treatments—also. not. helping. This drugstore shampoo though, has worked a treat! It’s even friends with the stupid hard water in my apartment.

Will stay away from all hair products for now though, including dry shampoo, because I don’t know what was the cause of the dryness to begin with. Sure, it is cold out—we’re talking between -10 and -20 the past few weeks—but I’ve been around for a while, cold weather doesn’t usually have this effect on me. Only difference is washing hair less often and using dry shampoo. Shouldn’t that counteract any dryness..? I just don’t get it.


Lentil cakes! I’m sure this is a result of Sweden’s fear of rice, but it’s a brilliant, brilliant idea. Not sure this particular flavor was for me though, will get the plain ones next time.

Madeleine Olivia. Makes videos about vegan food and minimalism. Also talks eating disorder. 💕


Can I also mention the dinosaur kale again? My current favorite veggie!

On a similar theme, this insta account/blog:

Idag är det söndag och söndag betyder 😍MATLÅDEPREPP😍 och idag lagade jag ”bara” av sånt jag hade hemma. Och det blev fasen inte så bara! Herregud vad gott det blev. En klick röd curry, ett tofublock, lite kryddor, ris, quinoa, kokosmjölk blev marinerad tofu med en djävulskt god 🔥RÖD CURRYSÅS TO DIE FOR🔥 Alltså! Prova den! Tricket är att fräsa med ingefära och att ha i lite grillad paprika i såsen. Dra mig baklänges. Det där ovan kostade alltså i stunden noll kronor men kommer spara mig flera hundra kronor istället för utelunch. Recept på såsen finner ni om ni svajpar 👩🏻‍🍳 Jag körde som sagt marinerad och stekt tofu till men den här passar till så mycket, det är jag rätt säker på. Sojafärs, linser, kikärtor, ja vad som helst typ. Gah! Är så exalterad över att få äta dessa i veckan! Ps. Ni frågar ofta var jag köper tofu och tempeh och det gör jag i asiatiska butiker. Det är cheap 🌱 Jag säger det igen. Prova såsen!!😍 Vad har ni lagat lagat idag? 🙏🌏🔥🙏✌️💃🏼 #staycheap #matlåderi #sås #supersås #superdupersås #nöjd

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Tips on meals to make that are under 10 SEK/serving (translation: dirt. cheap.). And as I’m sure you can tell by the pictures, there are some v. good tips, just look at all that color!


Less happy discovery: the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer has a tendency to pill up. It doesn’t do it all the time, but because it does sometimes, enough to keep me from using it. Can’t figure out why it does that; it be easier if it behaved the same way every time.

On a similar note, apparently chia seeds make me nauseous. (???or I imagining things again???)

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What I ate a day in February


For breakfast: buckwheat porridge + fruits, berries and roasted nuts.

I used to make buckwheat porridge all the time. With rice milk and blueberries; it’s like having dessert for breakfast. The reason I stopped is quite simply I’m lazy. You need to rinse the buckwheat before cooking it, the horror, which is just too much for me and that’s why it fell out of rotation. But on a weekend, it hardly feels like an extra effort.

As per usual, I’m cooking the buckwheat in soy milk, adding cardamom and cinnamon, serving with roasted nuts + seeds, a kiwi, bits of mango, blueberries and black berries. A zinc supplement and a cup of my favorite mint/licorice herbal and that’s me!

For a snack, I’m having oat yoghurt, a heaped teaspoon of hemp protein, a pile of banana and roasted coconut flakes.

I know lots of people who are less than keen on the hemp protein; my trick is a decent dusting of cardamom or cloves. It disguises the hemp flavor sufficiently.


For lunch, let’s see what I can find in my cupboards.


This is brown rice, zucchini, cabbage and spinach fried in rapeseed oil and onion powder, a pesto hummus (green lentils, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic salt, kale, pesto), bit of nooch and roasted chickpeas to top it off. This was not bad! Will definitely make again.

Also. I’m curious, is the rest of the world as terrified of rice as we are in Sweden? I’m looking for a reason to consider this fear of rice exaggerated; I want to have rice everyday of the week. The Swedish National Food Agency says no. Because of the arsenic. How bad can it be??

For dinner, I’m using this lush green as my starting point:


I went to the store intending to get regular kale, but this just called out to me. Just look at that green! Not sure what you’d call this, in Swedish we call it black kale, I seem to recall someone referring to it as dinosaur kale. Not sure if that’s actually what it’s called. It’s a type of kale, do we need to be more specific? I’m thinking no.

I’m just doing the usual: tear the kale into pieces, fry it with garlic in rapeseed oil with what’s left of the cabbage, add some cannellini beans and ch*ck*n, few pieces of walnut and vegan roasted garlic mayo and this is pretty much my favorite meal.


That was most of what I ate that day. There might have been a pile of supplements. Probably a raw cookie dough and a piece of fruit. But who’s counting, right?


9 hours until I get to wash my hair. Sometimes 3 days between washes just seems like an eternity. Might even treat myself to a hair treatment! (...it really shouldn’t be a treat nor optional.)

2 days until the DVD release of Väck mig när ni vaknat, the Silvana Imam documentary. ..not that I’m getting it on DVD. I don’t think? I’m assuming it’s released to various streaming services too?

6 days until a glass of wine + the Lady Gaga docu. Sis claims she’s coming up north and these be our vague plans. Unless she makes a date with a horse. Which is not entirely impossible… But I’m sure this can be done with or without sis.

2 weeks until my apartment is put up for sale. This entire thing is making me insanely nervous. I started thinking about the money involved in the move, in the selling, and my income, and the fact that I’m one person (if my income fails, I’ve got no one to rely on), and I’m now so anxious I’ve been awake since 1.41 this morning. Such fun! Why didn’t I just get a rental? I really should get a glass of wine for later, to shut my brain down. (Jaja! I’m clearly an alcoholic, I think about wine only.)

89 days until the snow’s melted. I’ve decided we can’t be having any snow left by June, right??

110 days until vacation. Constant countdown for anyone who works, I’m sure. Regardless of whether or not you’re doing anything special. I’ve got no plans, but I’ve got 5 weeks off. All it takes to have me quite excited!

123 days until I get the keys to my new apartment. (Wouldn’t it just be so funny if something happens and I won’t be able to move after all?)

Less than 302 days until the release of Robyn’s new album. Probably. There is no set date, but I hear it’s set for release this year.

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7 empties


Apoteket Hjärtat cream deodorant. I was quite thrilled when I found this. Cruelty free, budget friendly, available at my local drugstore. But, as it turns out, it’s not great. I don’t sweat much so it’s fine, but I do think there are better cream deodorants.

EOS Hand Lotion. Packaging is fun, the sent is nice, if you like cucumber which I do, it’s not greasy, but doesn’t keep my hands moisturized. I need heavier stuff.

Vaseline Aloe Vera. Oh how I loved this. And then I went cruelty free and this is no longer an option. Shame, truly.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Mask. Yes! My second tube of this truly useless mask is finally empty! Will never buy again.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Honestly, I don’t know why everyone loves this. It’s 0% better than my usual and cheaper Lumene primer. It might even be not as good in fact. I’m just not impressed. I see no reason to repurchase. Also, hate the applicator.

IsaDora Twist Up Gloss in Biscuit. I’ve already told you I do like this gloss, but rather than repurchasing I opted for the cheaper and similar Wet n Wild balm in Caffein Fix.

Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex. It’s not bad, doesn’t sting my eyes, hydrates sufficiently, but not at all sure that it’s better than No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Eye Cream which is way cheaper. So for now, I’ve gone back to No7.

February summary

February. 🙄 What is this shit?

February 1st; a.k.a. day of the biggest snowstorm of year. Probably 10 years even. Maybe more. Can’t recall last time school was cancelled because of snow.

So clearly we’re stuck in winter until…July? That’s great. 


I’ve struggled with the reading. Started reading a number of books on my TBR, didn’t really care for any of them and quickly removed them from TBR. At least I had the presence of mind to not stick with them.

Reread Idun by Johanne Hildebrandt and Incubus by Carol Goodman instead. Both of which are still absolute favorites; they read like pop songs. Idun, by the way, is the only book ever to make me cry. Which I’d forgotten and tried to write it off as PMS. It. Wasn’t.  

Meanwhile, started on this pile:


Let’s see how many will make it into next month’s post. (..if any?)

Food things

Hummus. Specifically sun dried tomato + smoked paprika hummus, with a pinch of garlic salt. Gawd the years I wasted on cheese. Honestly. Why is vegan cheese? I know it not.

It would be easier to list the things I’m not adding this concoction to. Also doesn’t matter what type bean/lentil you use for the hummus, long as there is sun dried tomato (in oil) + smoked paprika and some form of garlic. The expression it is life I suppose would make sense here?

Big helping of a smoky, red lentil hummus.

But if I’m giving you one food tip this month it’s these apple protein muffins. They’re so moist, and cinnamony, you should give them a go!

Face stuff


Finally caved and introduced a twice weekly hydration mask into my skincare routine. I did have a hydrating mask in my collection already, but because it’s inefficient, it never became a regular in my routine. Sooo…if you’re thinking about getting the Body Shop’s British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask, I would say don’t. Get the No7 Hydration Mask instead! You will not regret it.

H&M single eyeshadow Down to Earth. I like having a darker shade to pop in my bag for touch-ups, or when I arrive at work, finally wake up and realize that’s just not enough makeup. This one, it’s great for that! Love how it’s a cooler type brown with a metallic finish.

Tried a gel eyeliner. I started missing just a wee smudge of liner; decided to give gel a go because I cannot stand pens and I don’t want the perfection of a liquid (or similar) liner. Maybe it’s good. But unfortunately, the H&M drama cream eyeliner is not for people with sensitive eyes. Like me. Definitely not.

Treated myself to a new highlighter from MUA. Cheap as they come and on the gold side, this’ll last me years to be sure.

Also ditto blush. Cheap as they come, not on the yellow side to be fair, rather a cold pink and I do love it so.

Blog post worth mentioning

This and this post by Annahita at *whinar* about how we care about all ethical aspects of the beauty industry, except for how workers are treatedbest posts I read all month. I want + need more posts like this! Why are there not more posts like this? I wish I could write them myself but I clearly lack knowledge and need people to tell me.

Bottom line: consumption is unethical. Buying fair trade makes little to no difference. If you want to make a difference, you need to get into politics. And it’s proof that we need regulation and legislation.

Best Insta add

Instaglasgow. I remain obsessed with Glasgow. There is clearly something wrong with me. Oooor is this objectively the prettiest place on earth…? I’m going with yes.

@INSTAGLASGOW PRESENTS ********************************************** • Today's Selections tagged to #insta_Glasgow / #instaglasgow ************************************************* • ▶ Photo By:  @abhapaulina ▶ Location: Kelvin Bridge • ************************************************** Congratulations on this brilliant capture ! Thank you for sharing your image and tagging us! Be sure to take some time to visit this talented artist's gallery and share some likes & comments ************************************************** • ▶ All selections by @nixo83 ◀ • ************************************************* To be featured on our page please tag your pics to ▶  #insta_Glasgow  OR ▶#instaglasgow ************************************************** #insta_Glasgow#instaglasgow#InGlasgow#Glasgow#glasgowcity#glasgowcitycentre#iloveglasgow#exploreglasgow#thisisglasgow#ig_glasgow#igersglasgow#Glasgowliving#glasgowlife#Justglasgow#peoplemakeglasgow#Scotland#Instascotland#ScotSpirit#lovescotland#cityofglasgow#grammarworld#cityscape#citypics#citylife#huffpostgram#natgeotravel#bbcscotland#bridges#westend

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Course. Edinburgh, not far behind.

Listened to

!! ionnalee. See now, this makes watching Go’ Kväll worth while. It does happen that they invite someone that’s just amazing. Ionnalee reminds me of Jennie Abrahamsson, coincidentally also a discovery via Go’ Kväll, with a splash of Eivør. Someone on the show knows good electronica.

Also. Have you listened to Mike Shinoda’s Post Traumatic EP? You might want to. The first two tracks have really caught my ear. So to speak? if pushed, Over and over might be my favorite of the two (gawd my love of repetition is great).

Also. Casey’s Phosphenes. Looking forward to the album release in March!

Monthly menstrual report

I thought I had my cycles all figured out but this cycle, it’s not behaving as expected. I honestly don’t know what it’s doing. I’m on day 46. Which is great, because that means at least one month of no PMS. This might be the PMS phase but symptoms are vague at best, with the exception of a hypochondria currently telling me I’m gluten intolerant. Like FFS, at least don’t go with the goddamn trend.

If it’s not PMS it means I’m just a hypochondriac. Regardless of hormonal levels. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

This cycle, it’s not making sense. Yay for longer cycle obvs, but predictability, there is something to be said for predictability.

Also yay because I’ve finally taken some responsibility and picked up a tampons from a brand that does not test on animals and is better for the environment. But ngh, so uncomfortable free bleeding feels like a better option. And that’s with a big helping of lube. So the less the bleeding, the less tampons I need consume.

Maybe I should just ask to for the Cerazette back? Feels like I keep getting back to maybe Cerazette wasn’t half bad.

3 things I’ve googled lately

ONE. Is silicone really that bad for the hair?

You know my favorite hair oil? The argan oil from Superdrug? This one:

Obvs the one to the far right.

The reason this hair oil is better than other hair oils is that it contains silicone. Silicone is, in my opinion, the best thing for dialling down the frizz. Oil is all good and well, but it only goes part of the way.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t specifically looking for the answer Silicones really aren’t that bad.

Most sources, obviously, argue that it’s terrible. And they do have a point. But I wasn’t settling for that answer. Because how can something that feels so good be so wrong?

Finally found this article claiming there’s a work-around. In fact, it even encourages the use of silicone on frizzy hair.

Now, why would I choose to believe this particular article over the bizillion of sources saying silicone is the devil?

Well. Let’s be honest, I want to, which is a terrible reason, but also they do make a convincing argument.

Basically, what the article says is that frizzy hair needs moisture. You can use the silicone to lock in moisture. The problem is if you don’t first wash out previous buildup of silicone, it will work in the exact opposite way, it will prevent moisture from getting into the hair and that’s when the silicone will start to work against you.

This means that you will want to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of pesky buildup, followed by some product that restores and preferably adds even more moisture to the hair and then you seal it all up with the silicone.

I for one am convinced! Will happily proceed to use the Superdrug argan, but might want to look into investing in a good (and cruelty free) shampoo. (My current bottle is not cruelty free, but shh! don’t tell anyone.)

TWO. Hamstring exercises

Do you sometimes get this craving to focus on a certain muscle? I do. I liked the exercises provided by Women’s Health & Fitness here. Especially since it lists how many reps and sets you should be doing depending on your goal; if it’s for building muscles, building strength or losing fat.

Did not occur to me that there was a difference between building muscle and building strength, and also, I’m going to have to bring this to the gym where they have the grown up weights, aren’t I?

THREE. Visual representation of the recommended daily intake of fat for vegans

Ah yes, these specific searches rarely lead to any sort of useful info. I’m looking for something like a picture of a handful of nuts saying this right here is your recommended daily intake.

I’m not finding it.

I was, however, informed that as a vegan I should be cooking my food in rapeseed oil. For the omega 3. 1-2 tablespoons. Guess I’m adding that to my grocery list, I’ve never been in the habit of using rapeseed oil at all.

Speaking of fat, in the process of research I found out that vegans can happily keep using coconut oil; people on diets that include meat though might not want to. The plant based diet lacks saturated fat so the use of coconut oil in cooking is a good thing. Well thank god. Didn’t even occur to me that it might not be good for you.

What vegans eat; Black eyed beans

My least favorite bean is probably the black eyed bean. This is unfortunate because it’s such a pretty bean, and I like my food pretty. I really do want to like it. But the consistency, ew.

Also unfortunate that I did not know this before buying an entire bag of black eyed beans. Been trying to work through it for ages. (Throw it away? You crazy??)

Finally figured out how to use them up: distraction.

By which I mean, put other things in the dish that distract from the gross consistency of the black eyed bean.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner??

Example of distractions:

LOTS of black olives. You should be thinking I can have all of these olives to myself?! Sweet!
A real nice head of broccoli. How do you know it’s real nice? The color—you should look at it and think what a lovely green color.
Fry the broccoli in the oil from your sun-dried tomatoes. Could they just bottle up this oil and sell? There is no oil I like better than the sun-dried tomato oil.
Bean spaghetti. I like to mention that bean pasta is not quite like regular pasta because if you try bean pasta thinking it’s exactly like regular pasta, and don’t particularly care for beans, you’re going to be disappointed. This spaghetti version though, if I’m not mistaken it does taste like regular pasta. But with better consistency. I.e. it has a nice bite to it and the straws don’t stick together.

To this, I added some garlic salt, onion powder, mustard, tarragon, and mushrooms. Might have poured in tiniest bit of soy milk too. Didn’t notice the beans at all.

Despite there clearly being quite a lot of them.

Just look at all them black eyed beans!

Was so distracted that I forgot the nooch.

Didn’t really need it though, so that worked out well too.

4 things in my pantry

ONE. Red lentils


My to-do list insists that I’m making spicy vegan lentil cakes today. Seems an awful effort for being me? Usually, I just cook them, stir them into rice and add veggies. E.g. roasted kale, red pepper and some sort of snappy pea. Maybe top with some garlic mayo?

I’ve also used them for hummus, because I had no chickpeas. Works super well! Also easy to thin out to use as pasta sauce, just season with plenty garlic, smoked paprika and sun-dried tomato in oil.

TWO. Lime pepper


This is my favorite pepper; it’s a brilliant shortcut if you think buying lemons or limes is just overkill but want a bit of citrusy acid to a dish. I’ll put it on just about anything, but always when I fry broccoli. In coconut oil. With garlic.

THREE. Porridge mix


Mix of wheat, rye, oatmeal and barley. Just to mix it up a bit, rather than always having plain oatmeal. …not that I always do. But. I just wanted something slightly different from what I usually have. I mean why not?



I have PB in the house and have not finished the jar in a week! Unheard of. I’m using it as porridge topping, for raw cookie dough (the one mentioned here z.B., it was delish!), baked oatmeal, vegan truffles, you know, all good things!

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