What vegans eat; Weekend edition

These are some of the things I munched on this weekend:

Breakfast! I prepped my breakfast on Friday evening, it was the chocolate, peanut butter & banana baked oatmeal I mentioned in a previous post.


Well it was basically that.

If there are vegan chocolate protein powders in Sweden don’t know of them, so I just used my regular protein powder + 1 tbsp cacao (per 2 servings) and a pinch of salt. Worked real well! Served with a drizzle of agave, a mountain of raspberries and roasted seeds + nuts. Will definitely make again!

Also. I need to mention my tea. It’s a green raspberry and lemon grass blend. This batch is so good! Just look at it!


I’ve ben meaning to make vegan chocolate for ages. It’s not difficult att all, you just mix (melted) coconut oil, cacao, and a sweetener of choice, spread it on a baking sheet and leave to cool in the fridge for a bit.

But because I want to be extra special I put the mixture in this IKEA ice tray, and added some roasted nuts. And raisins.


I’m going to go ahead and argue that this is better than any chocolate you could ever buy for the following reasons:

  • You can choose exactly how bitter you like it at that particular point in time, by adjusting the amount of sweetener.
  • It’s so nice and soft.
  • You can dress it up any way you like; add cinnamon, rum, nuts, dried fruit, anything you like!

I’m in the middle of a celery obsession; I go through periods where I basically think celery is the purpose of life. Thusly this dinner:


It’s a super frugal meal consisting of basmati rice, seasoned with salt, sage, oregano, and chiliflakes with a mix of chickpeas and kidney beans, and some celery I heated for a few minutes in a pan with olive oil and garlic, topped with roasted nuts + seeds (yes, yes I’m obsessed..) and a drizzle of vegan roasted garlic mayo. The rice + bean combo is an absolute favorite!


Look at me, following a recipe!

…well. I mostly did? There I might have replaced the swede with a bit of cabbage, because it was what I had, and I might have added some garam masala, because wtf? Only onion and garlic as spices? That won’t do!

V. pleased with how this chickpea stew turned out!

Did I top it with roasted seeds and nuts? Yes I did.

Top tip: get yourself 3-5 different types of seeds and nuts, dry roast in a pan, keep in container, top all of your meals with the mixture, you won’t regret it!

The vegan needs to vent

I never initiate discussions about the eating or not eating of the meat. Never. Nor do I participate in these discussions. Unless asked very direct questions.

Despite this, it is a frequent topic of discussion in the lunch room. Apparently the meat eaters need to confirm among themselves that they’re doing the right thing eating meat. Ooorrr….?

During the most recent discussion one meat eater presented this fantastic argument:

We need to eat meat in this specific part of the world because what if import of greens was cut off. Then we’d have to eat meat. It is the reason we eat meat.


I have a few objections.


Is this the current reality? Are we no longer importing fruit and vegetables? If no, then do you think we should live as if we’re living in a different world? One that doesn’t correspond to our reality? Does this make sense to you??? 


If the reason we eat meat is because we live far up north, then people in the south would not eat meat. Now tell me, is this the case..?


If import is cut off, where would the food for the animals come from? Oh Sweden you say? Would it perhaps be a better use of resources to just cut out the middle man? Straight to our plate rather than one looong detour? No? No, no, that would make too much sense, to be sure.

Arguing with meat eaters is a lot like arguing with antifeminists; it’s pointless, because their world does not seem to resemble the world we live in. The world is round, but you’re arguing as if it’s flat…

I mean fucking eat meat if you must, but don’t try to pretend that it makes sense. It clearly doesn’t.

Never mind the fact that it is unethical, no matter how you look at it.

And anyway.


Are you sure people should even be living this far north? If our “natural” state is to eat meat, then our “natural” state should be to live where it’s warmer, where we don’t need houses and technology. So let’s pack it up and leave, shall we? And let’s just abandon all this technology business; it’s clearly not something the human was made for, in the beginning. That is what you’re arguing right? That we should live like cavemen because that’s how God made us? Never develop?


This obsession with justifying your choice to eat meat. Who are you really trying to convince? I’m the only vegan here, I don’t question your choices (even if I should). This only leads me to believe you’re really trying to convince…yourself?

Strikes me as a waste of time.

Maybe next time. Next time I’ll just pat this poor dear on the back and assure her it’s OK to not eat meat. Enjoyable in fact. Lots of green.

Yes. She probably needs that. Silly me. Should have known.

A week in January


I dunno about you, but for me, it doesn’t matter if I go to bed later than usual, I’ll still wake up same time as always. Around 7. Sleeping in does not exist in my world.

Instead, I’ll crash around 5 in the afternoon. Which was what I did on Monday. Suddenly found myself in a desperate need of a nap, this one was v. pleased (despite her resting bitch face):



My skin informed me, in no uncertain terms, that it was time for a mask. The situation was getting far too oily. This was what I had at hand:


Not the best mask in the world, but it gets the job done.

Do, however, need to quit the Neal’s Yard day cream; I want to love it because it smells divine, but it doesn’t control my oils at all. Which was what lead to the desperate situation.


Finally finished Steve Sem-Sandberg’s Therese about Ulrike Meinhof. There was probably a reason why I read the first 200 pages, put it back on the shelf and forgot about it. It was a strange read. Not necessarily in a good way.

Also not sure how I feel about it assuming all readers know German. Like this:


I.e. there was a frequent use of German lines, no translation or explanation. I usually like random inclusion of German in texts, but in this case…

It reminds me of this lecture in poetry where the lecturer thought it was a good idea to read German poetry out loud to the class, arguing that even if you don’t understand German you get a feel for the poem.


Maybe if it was read by Blixa Bargeld, but you, dear sir, you ain’t no Blixa.

Then again, it’s one of very few lectures I actually remember. So A for memorability?


On the one hand, time to get back to work :(((( etc.

Accumulating papers, doing me absolutely no good at all.

On the other, might be about time because the absolute majority of Wednesday was spent in front of the TV. I managed to catch 2 Harry Potter movies (!!) and stream Miss You Already. Among other things. Def. too long.

It’s nice have an excuse to put on tight pair of jeans and a full face of makeup though. For a while anyway.


Because today is Twelfth Night, the workday is a mere 4 hours. For those of us here. Quite frankly, I didn’t expect there to be hardly anyone at all. Thusly this outfit:

H&M sports tights (💕), black Puma hoodie from the men’s section (i.e., big and comfy), and most importantly, me mukluks.

This way, chances I’ll fit in a workout increases by a lot of percents. ..well. At least a half hour stretch. Stretching is my current favorite. LOVE stretching, long as possible!


A weekend morning must not be wasted on same old breakfast as usual (even if you’re still, miraculously, not tired of it), thusly, vegan chocolate pancakes:


Just tweaked my regular recipe: 1 cup of oats/flour, 2 scoops protein powder, 1 tbsp cacao, 1 tsp sugar, 2 tsp baking soda, 1 cup water/plant milk, 0.5 tsp salt and some cinnamon, yields about 12 small pancakes, enough for 2 servings. Served with a drizzle of agave and raspberries!

For next weekend I’m looking forward to trying a chocolate, peanut butter and banana baked oatmeal, as described by Caitlin Shoemaker here!


This weekend has been all about the stretching, watching things on svtplay and food; I’ve prepped beans, made scones and plain oatmeal squares to bring to work as a snack, filled my freezer with my favorite vegan sausage stew, an impromptu broccoli, purple cabbage and barley dish, and today I made my current favorite pasta dish:


It takes about 2 seconds to make: get a jar of primavera, fry up a squash in olive oil and garlic in some form, add frozen spinach for good measure, then in with approx. 250 g of beans (giant white is my fave), heat it up and serve with pasta. Added a cheeky red pepper too, because, why not?

Serves three; my freezer is now completely full. Won’t have to meal prep for weeks, which is a shame because I’m in a rare mood where I actually want to try making new things, according to recipe—unheard of!

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Glimpses of a Christmas eve

In Sweden, rice porridge (well, the rest of the world would probably refer to it as rice pudding, but whatever) is the traditional breakfast on Christmas eve.

I wasn’t keen.

Instead, I went with my regular protein boosted vegan pancakes (i.e. scoop of protein powder per serving) and a mix of lingonberry and raspberries, extra cinnamon and a bit of shredded coconut. Because lingonberry, makes everything Christmas-y, right?


(Also, lingonberries are extremely sour, would probably not recommend. Just. So you know.)

Next. This little guy decided it was sitting still time, for a couple of hours:


He’s taken quite the liking to sitting on my lap and using my knees as pin boards. To a point where one knee is now so sore I rather not stand on it. Worried I’ve got some sort of infection, like the anxious, anxious person I am? You bet! 

What else.

We have a tree. My dad cut it in November. My mother was concerned all the needles were going to fall off pretty much right away. Apparently they didn’t.

Favorite tree decoration:


We’re like a family of crazy cat ladies. Proof: we don’t do Christmas presents anymore. Lack of interest. Only ones who got presents were the cats. They’re weren’t exactly interested either tho. This face says it all:


First drink of the evening! While waiting for my parsnips to roast, had a mix of pomegranate juice, bit of lime, ginger beer, and a splash of vodka. Recommend! But then I like all gingery drinks.


As per usual, we have a buffé, this is pre entrance of all the meats (my family, sadly not on board with the vegan, extremely frustrating).


This was what I had:


Kale! To make it Christmasy; seasoned with cinnamon, might sound gross and all sorts of wrong, personally though, I really did like it. Also seasoned my hummus with cinnamon, and lingonberry. It was slightly less successful, turns out it needed a stronger spice; added some smoked paprika later on which fixed it. Had it on a slice of my mom’s homemade rye bread, the bread she makes every Christmas. Also: the aforementioned parsnips, mixed with beluga lentils and a mustard vinaigrette, bit of Jansson (a sort of potato gratin, made vegan with oat cream and ground cloves, traditionally it’s made with a anchovy) and a salad consisting of beets, potatoes, and carrots.

We also had a bottle of Puycheric with the food. It’s just not as delish as it was when they launched. I’m just about giving up on it. It used to be my favorite rosé. I don’t care that it’s still racking up the awards. Not. The same. 

Was v. pleased with my makeup. But. Due to the complete lack of daylight, no idea how to show it. It all comes out as grainy mess:

Not that I don’t like grainy mess. I ♥ grainy mess. But it doesn’t really show anything of what I liked about it: the purple gold combo, the perfect base (for being me), you can barely even tell I’m wearing both eyeliner and eyebrows (sister said, so I did).

Yes well. 

It’s not that important.

Also loved my black fuzzy jumper, it was something as odd as too warm for me. That never happens.

Planner 2018

I am a very simple person. Here’s something I’m looking forward to massively in 2018:

Starting to use my new planner.

Yes, I’m still doing a bullet journal of sorts, it keeps getting simpler though. I’ve done away with quite a lot of lists/trackers.

Originally, I thought old planners would be kinda nifty to see what I was doing this time (whatever time that may be) last year. Especially for work. Because we do certain tasks once or twice a year, so you know, as a reminder.

However, so far, that’s not really necessary. So once I’m done with a planner I chuck it. Which is actually kind of nice, there is something to be said for having fewer possessions. Getting rid of things you no longer use is key in keeping things from accumulating. Means you never have to declutter (gawd I’m clever).

So. New planner!


I’m sticking with my blank IKEA notebooks, still feels like the right size for my uses.

For 2018, I’ve put the calendex behind a dutch door.


One of few trackers I’m keeping: working hours.


I do have one more simple tracker, this one:


And I’m giving the Wants-list another go.


And I’ve set up a page to track album releases:


Future log is a must, obviously.


Folder also comes in handy:


First few weekly spreads:

Point of this post: just a friendly reminder you don’t have to be an artist to draw up your own calendar.

It’s probably more fun if you are, but it’s not a requirement.

November wrap-up

November. It’s not my favorite month. But let’s try an focus on the good bits.

Two tracks I loved

This version of Northlane’s Solar:

The brand new Boxer Rebellion track, Love Yourself:

I do also want to mention the reworked version of Deaf Havana’s Ashes, ashes, it’s absolutely scrumptious; the Bear’s Den track Auld Wives, far from tired of; Dayseeker’s cover of Thrice’s Hurricane; and the Xcerts Hold on to you heart—all of which I’ve mentioned in posts recently, and which I’m still very much loving.


Architects @ Maida Vale.

Was confused as to why anyone would choose to cover Nirvana, because I mean, Hole?? (I’m obvs talking about the other track from this session, Territorial Pissings, clearly assuming everyone knows about it.) Just imagine how brilliant that would have been, a Hole cover. There are too few Hole covers in this world.

Love it or list it. Been looking like mad for the UK version; and it was available on Viafree all along! Where I also found Ensam mamma söker. Which is a guilty pleasure of mine.


Dayseeker. I’m a sucker for some good old post-hardcore. And Thrice covers.

Soap & Glory One heck of a blot primer.


Brilliant budget primer! Does all I want a primer to do: keeps oils in check, reduces appearance of pores. Why you no in Sweden shops, whyy?

MUA’s Eye Define Nourish & Care mascara.

final1511685962074Where have you been all my life?? It does not smudge, does not transfer, doesn’t crumble, doesn’t irritate my eyes, and is proper black, gives my lower lashes some nice definition, could easily go with one layer, but getting a second layer on is easy. About the nourishing claim. All things considered, I don’t bloody care if it is or not. I was going to get a bunch of mascaras to try when in the UK; instead I just got a backup of this one. Because obvs I like to make life difficult and find a fave mascara than you can’t buy where I live. Although it should be noted that Superdrug now ships to Sweden and I am v. v. happy about it!

And also, these three:


Superdrug’s Hair therapy oil with argan. So good I want to buy all products in this line. ALL OF THEM. The good news is that it is very much a budget range. Proper cheap. Must remember not to try the Maria Nila argan oil ever, because it’ll be even better for sure, and it’s wa-ay more pricey.

B. bronzer in light. I’ve never been a bronzer user. I’ve always felt it was a product for people interested in a healthy look, i.e. not me. However. As it turns out. Because I recently realized bronzer can be applied quicker and with less precision than contour, and restores some life into your face when you’ve put on foundation, it’s become a definite favorite.

Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. Life would be infinitely easier if expensive products just just weren’t great. Damn you Urban Decay!


Visited Brighton, went to see Deaf Havana. If they’re ever playing around your parts, do go! Trust me. You will not regret it.

Was as excited as this person about the final song:

Also, you’d think you wouldn’t want to go to the UK in November. I’d say it’s not a bad time to go at all, now that I’m apparently in the habit of going in November. It wasn’t rainier than usual, it’s not cold and less people-dense, which is kinda nice. May is possibly a slightly better month, but not by much.

Following my Brighton visit, was tagged by one of the restaurants I visited on Insta. With a reference to my post including picture. Oh dear. Does this mean I’m going to have to make an effort when I take pictures of food? In my mind, I have like one reader, you know? And it’s not Purezza in Brighton. Because, how do you even find my blog unless it’s in your feed right here on WordPress??

Dyed hair purple. Again. Mixed in some red this time to make it, well, a more red purple. I dunno. On the one hand I love hair this dark, even if it’s only for a while, on the other, feels like purple hair makes my skin appear yellow. Also, it quickly washes out to a red-ish color, probably because previously dying said hair red. If only my hair could just go completely gray already, that’d be nice.

Stopped washing my hair in hard water. OK. So. I’m going through lengths to not wash my hair in hard water, i.e. at home. What caused this: washed my hair pre-dye, turned my scalp into all dry flakes. You know that weird girl in The Breakfast Club making it snow over a drawing? It was like that. It was horrible. And I only wash my hair twice a week. And I don’t use a lot of shampoo. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME??

Enter washing hair at gym. Sometimes at my parent’s, to be fair. Cannot wait to move because soft water, SOFT WATER. (One of the main reasons I even decided to move? Erm, is it bad if it is?)

I sometimes wonder if I’m just crazy. Most people wash their hair in hard water. I’ve literally never come across anyone complaining about it. Until the other day (it was a Monday, couple of weeks ago), Lily Melrose mentioned the hard water in Brighton wrecks havoc with her hair. AHA! I take that as confirmation; it’s not just me. And she’s got a better starting point than me (i.e. thick hair, as opposed to my typically Scandinavian hair), sooo. I’m not being unreasonable?

Upped my gym game. Because I wash my hair at the gym I now go to classes I don’t love. So that I can wash my hair. Not sure how long I can keep this up though. Oh. And also, I’ve worked it so that I can go to a body pump class on Saturdays. Because current mood: lift heavy things. If you’ve never been to body pump, the main appeal of this class is that you can tell the difference in no time. One class a week, and already after two weeks you can add weight to your bar. So satisfying. 


Monthly menstrual report

PMS was bad and I developed a distaste for all music I generally like. The only thing I could stand was a Yann Tiersen record I hadn’t listened to before, love this track:

Anyway. Great info from Clue in my insights e-mail:

Problems with sleep are most common during the premenstrual phase. Fight fatigue by going to bed at the similar times, reducing napping times and keeping the room temperature nice and cool. 

And one and all used to troubled sleeping are now fuming. Going to bed similar times?? No napping?? Keep room cool?? Do you think I’m stupid??? If either of these things solve your “sleeping problems”; good. for. you. You haven’t the faintest what sleeping problems really involve.

In other news. Most recent period was not its usual evil self; I got my period just in time to be off my period for my trip to the UK. Unheard of! Who are you and what have you done with my period??


Bring on December?

PS. If you made it this far, WELL DONE! Truly, I’m impressed.

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3 new things

Sudden and unexpected break in language review on account of my laptop running out of battery and I can’t find no way to charge it. That’s great. Will have to go to into the office later.

In the mean time, let’s do a post! Without further ado, three new things in my life:


Dayseeker. Found this little gem in one of my playlists:

Clearly a Spotify recommendation I listened to once (she said with certainty because she has last.fm and can actually check these things), put in a playlist and then forgot about.

Dayseeker is a new acquaintance for me, and clearly this is a band with skills in the album department. It’s not just this one off song that is listenable. Makes me v. v. happy!

Do give it a go, if nothing else, at least this cover of Adele’s Hello, just because metal covers of any Adele song, it is interesting. (..even if this particular cover just barely qualifies as metal.)

Although personally, if I was going to listen to one of their covers I’d pick their Thrice cover. You know when you see a track called Hurricane and you think it’s probably a 30STM cover, which isn’t bad at all, but then you click it and it turns out it Thrice? That. Feeling. It’s basically love.  


Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals eye shadow palette. 

I only picked it up because of the 3 for 2 on makeup deal. But oh. How I love it. It has all the shades I crave; there’s an orange one, range of pinks, the purples are well nice. I was a bit hesitant about the ones with the matallic/sparkly finish but they are actually really nice.

And it blends so beautifully with no fallout. Meets all my needs when travelling; almost a shame I have no plans to go anywhere. Almost.

Seriously. This one. My holy grail palette. Took me by complete surprise.

I’ve even used the godawful brush that came with it. Works well with the pale brown shade tho; used brush to shade (as opposed to draw on) my brows. So pleased!


New car insurance. This is probably not interesting to anyone, but let me tell you why I decided to get a brand new insurance; my insurance company doesn’t answer my emails. I flat out refuse to have an insurance company that doesn’t live in this century.  One time I emailed them a question and they emailed back to tell me to call them.


Well that, and I found an insurance that was cheaper. But mostly I was furious because they don’t answer emails.

That’s a..rational behavior. Right?

Almost made the list: perfluorooctanesulfonic acid. I’ve learned something new. Or, I’m in the process of.

Apparently there is something called perfluorooctanesulfonic acid that makeup companies like to stick in all sorts of otherwise good makeup. Problem with perfluorooctanesulfonic acid is that it’s toxic and absolutely terrible for the environment; haven’t had time to really look into it yet (damn my inability to assess time needed for language review) and I’m not sure what to think. Am I going to have to make changes to my makeup? Again?

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October at a glance

Listened to

Emma Ruth Rundle. Recent find through the Spotify Release Radar. Release Radar knows me sooo much better than Weekly Discovery.

Kathryn Joseph. I loved Emma Ruth to such an extent I had to go see if there was more like it: hello, Kathyn Joseph. Kathryn is more piano, but definitely a similar sound.

Also similar: Mariam the Believer. Coincidentally released a new album this month:

Bear’s Den. People seem to compare them with Mumford & Sons. Maybe their previous record. I’d say their most recent release is more like somewhere between the Black Queen and Editors. Or like a present day Eurythmics.


Mr Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange💕

Simon Amstell’s Help. If you’re familiar with his standup you will like this book, and recognize parts. It’s a short and sweet one. I really liked it. Especially this part:

How was peace finally achieved? The introduction of the vagina flag.

You’re just going to have to listen to (er, read?) it if you want context. 🙂


This is probably the best haul I’ve watched, ever:

Yes please! Do give me idea on how to be a more conscious shopper! I need more hauls like this.

Linkin Park and friends. You know the remembering Chester Bennington show Linkin Park put on? It was. Confusing. But Oli did good:


Current go-to site for all questions about how to use skincare products: Paula’s Choice. Not only has it got all the answers, but satisfactory answers. I.e. skincare is simpler than people like to make it out to be. I trust it completely and it keeps giving me excellent ideas.

Tweaking my AHA and BHA routine. I’ve tried including them both in my night routine (a world of no!), doing one week AHA, followed by a week BHA, which works, but I missed the BHA. So I’m back to AHA in the mornings, BHA in the evenings.

2 new best friends


The Balm Beach Blush. I ♥ paper packaging. The color is nice obvs (read: perfect for everyday), but if I’m being honest, I did buy it because of the packaging + 30% off.

Blotterazzi. Here’s a realization I’ve made lately: my skin is no longer a fan of powder. No type powder. It’ll have my foundations starting to look cakey around lunchtime (yea yea, I’ve worn my makeup for 6 hours by then but anyway), and I am a bit shinier than I’d like. Adding powder will make things worse, sometimes adding dry patches into the mix. This here is the solution! It’s a blotting sponge, reusable and actually works, so yay!



Pulled oats! Been wanting to try this lovely fake meat from Finland. I love that it’s made from oats, and by comparison, locally produced; it’s a brilliant idea! And while I really did like it, I would hesitate to buy it again because it is pricey.

Tiny figs. Dunno if this has an official name, but what they are, are tiny, tiny figs. I’ve been loving having them with a cup of tea.


Ginger chew. I have crowned this the best piece of candy in all of the land. I’m mad about the flavor and the consistency; it’s like a fudge that doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. In addition, it is (apparently??) so satisfying to eat just the one piece. I can have it in the house and not eat all of them right away. This is unheard of!



Gave my hair a trim. I like to wait until my hair is in such bad condition that getting a brush through it is just an impossibility.

Used this nifty guide on how to do it yourself. If you have v. fine hair, like me, and also non-straight; no one can tell if the cutting isn’t straight. Which is the one bonus of this type hair. You can cut it yourself. If you can be bothered. And have pair of sharp scissors.

Spending diet. I’m supposed to be on it. Doing a terrible job.

Still a work in progress:

  • Stop bulking up on things. I am my mother’s daughter; I like to have an extra of most things. Including shoes. (Still looking for an extra pair of my fave Vagabond lace up boots like a fool? You bet!)
  • Stop getting things on sale. I’m talking about things I do want, but maybe don’t need right this very minute. I’m a sucker for the 20% off this weekend only! 
  • Stop getting things as prep for travel. I always feel as if I need things for when I go away, but I suspect that’s not actually true. You can (and probably should) use same old also when traveling. My brain is not entirely on board with this idea.
  • Stop buying food that is not the cheapest. I keep buying more expensive organic products. But also, beans are less expensive than fake meat. I have not stopped buying fake meat. Really should.

I might have to try a different approach.

Kitty cuddles! Spent nearly three weeks with these guys; last few days was the beginning of this month.

I need to find a way to get my hands on a house so that I can fulfill my crazy cat lady destiny.

…not that it’s so much get my hands on a house as being held back by the knowledge that I can’t fix things. Things break in houses and I can’t fix them. When you live in an apartment there’s always someone to call.

Blog find

NotSoQuietGrrl; cruelty-free, vegan, zero waste, skincare—all the good things!

Feminist of the month/year/decade??

It reads: Message to all men worried about feminists hating men: YOU STARTED IT!!

A. Feminists—funniest people there is
B. I ♥ fannyarsinoe (as if you didn’t know)

(Even if her current crusade against people who enjoy skincare seems kinda..misdirected. But I guess there is no such thing as perfection.)

Monthly menstrual report

Clue sent me this insight when my most recent cycle started:

During the time of ovulation, you might be more drawn to symmetrical facial structures and objects.

Er. OK? ..anyone recognize this..? Their source is here, in case anyone’s interested.

Also why? We need research to find out what people find attractive at a particular point in the cycle? Or was that just a for fun type deal? Obvs only annoyed because I’m a big fan of asymmetry, no matter the point in the cycle. (Obvious example of this: I like to move things so that they’re not perfectly aligned. Perfectly aligned makes me insanely uncomfortable.)

What vegans eat; All the cabbage


This is brown rice + green lentils, bit of aubergine puree and then lots of purple cabbage, regular cabbage and leaf cabbage (a.k.a. kale), fried in some coconut oil with garlic, lime pepper and rosemary. Topped with sesame seed.

I’m about to make myself sick of cabbage.

If such a thing is possible.

I am clearly doubting that it is.

I ♥ cabbage.