100 day song challenge #100

#100 A song. Actually, not just a song. THE SONG.

I don’t understand who wrote these prompts. What do you mean THE song??? As if there is just one.

I’ve considered the following:

A Match Made in Heaven. Any song you only need to hear the first few seconds of to love, it has to be on this list. But I already mentioned this song. So often I probably don’t need to mention that it’s an Architects track.

It’s not enough. Desperation. Pessimism. Two of my favorite topics in music. Or in life in general. This Dustin Kensrue track has it. But also this one has been mentioned already. At least once. Not sure if it was as a part of the challenge, but I’ve defenitely written about it on this blog before.

The Kill. Used to listen to on repeat back when I finally couldn’t resist 30 seconds to Mars anymore (not sure why I was trying to resist, but I def was), and I still love it. Also the only song I can still play on the piano. Probably.

Famous Last Words. What I just said! Except for it’s My Chemical Romance and not 30STM, and I can’t play it. But only because I didn’t even try it (?).

The World’s a Girl. Definitely mentioned this Anita Lane track before. Absolutely in love with the simplicity of this song. It’s a repeater!

Throne. This is such a brilliant song. Perfect mix of catchy and threatening. And I’ve mentioned it already. In several contexts. Should be noted I’ve stopped hoping it’s going to be included in a workout class playlist. Because apparently people don’t know of this song. I can’t see any other possible reason I’ve never been to a workout class where they played this song. Unless it’s not people who’re unfamiliar with this song, unless it’s Swedes in particular who’ve just not heard about Bring Me the Horizon to any extent?

Blossom. Repeat, repeat! Any song you can listen to on repeat and not hate, it’s a good one. The only way it could be any better is if it was in their native tongue. Burning Down Alaska (or Alazka as they’re now know as, not sure I approve of this name change) are from Germany, maybe not part of common knowledge?

Out of the woods. This was going to be my pick up until a few seconds ago (or about a month ago, because I’m scheduling way ahead). Because I love a good pop song as much as the next guy (anyone who claims to not like pop is flat out lying). I love Out of the Woods to a point where I’ve actually bought it especially on account of it not being available on Spotify, and it’s the only service streaming music I’ll use. Result: I can listen to the damned song on my iPad only. I ain’t happy about it. One of these days I’ll figure out how to work around it…

Instead, my pick is going to be the Robyn/Röyksopp collab Monument.

Do I need to explain why?

When this song was released I burst out into a This song is so brilliant the rest of the album could suck and it’d still be a brilliant record. Unlike [insert name of band I liked up until their latest release here]. 

100 day song challenge #99

#99 A song by one of your favorite bands (#3)

I do wish I had something up my sleeve, something surprising. But I just don’t. I have, without a doubt, managed to mention all of my favorite bands at least once. I’ve even managed to mention my most recent discovery and new favorite Deaf Havana. I’ve got nothing.

So here’s a favorite Architects track, Broken Cross.

Excellent pop song aside, you do have to love the controversy this track caused. (Summarized in this interview here.) I’m in the upset-they-apologized-camp obvs.

100 day song challenge #98

#98 A song by one of your favorite bands (#2)

Ah yes. Having Last.fm decide this for me was not a bad idea at all.

You should be able to guess the band.

Obviously it’s Bring Me the Horizon.

I’m going to pick a song off of There is a hell believe me I’ve seen it. There is a heaven let’s keep it a secret, because I just feel it’s not getting enough attention. By which I mean, how are they not playing a single track off of this release this tour?

A bit of Alligator Blood never hurt no one?

100 day song challenge #97

#97 A song by one of your favorite bands (#1)

We’re getting close to the end!

There’s at least two ways to do this. I can either just go by what last.fm tells me, or I can go by what to me are some of my favorite bands, i.e. not based on to what extent I have been listening to that particular band lately.

The first options is easier because that basically means last.fm making the choice for me, no need to deal with an endlessly long list of favorite bands.

Whichever way I choose, the next few posts of this challenge will be repreats.

May as well go with current favorites. May as well go with what last.fm tells me.

Last.fm tells me I listen to The Amity Affliction quite a bit. Fight My Regret off of their 2016 release This Could Be Heartbreak is a textbook example of what I like in a song.

100 day song challenge #64

#64 A song you wish you could play on an instrument

A Match Made in Heaven. It’d fit so many of these prompts. This one for example. But I’ve already picked that song.

I figured that since the wording is wish you could play I’m going to have to go with an instrument I don’t play. Because if I really wanted to play a song, then I would. On the piano. I’m not saying I’d do it well, I’m just saying I’d figure out a way to make it work for me.

…you know what, actually. I don’t walk around wishing I could play songs. This is actually one of very few things I’ve definitely outgrown.

I’m going to call this a freebie and just pick a song I really like. I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to play Mariam the Believer’s Blood Donation anyway? For the simple reason that it is good.

This lady, she’s amazing. She gets far too little attention, in life in general.

100 day song challenge #09

#09 A song that means a lot to you

I struggle with this prompt. What you mean!? A song that means a lot? A lot of songs means a lot to me; one reason sillier than the next.

Most of which are along the lines of this is the song that finally made me get this band. Because that is something that means a lot to me. Getting music. I take great pride in it.

But somehow it feels as if that’s just not enough. It should be something like this song saved my life. Unfortunately for me I don’t belong to the category of people who’re saved by a song.

If anything, I’m using hoardes of songs to escape reality on a daily basis, which I suppose could be phrased as saved by. If you’re that sort of person. Either way. Not entirely convinced that is a good thing. You can’t live for songs or because of songs unless you write them.

I guess another way of interpreting this is a song means a lot to you if you identify with a song.

I can’t say that I do.

I can’t solve this equation.

I could argue that the first Bring Me the Horizon song I started listening to, which at the time I refered to as the I can’t drown my demons they know how to swim song means a lot to me because it led me to discovering a genre that was mainly new to me, which in turn led to all of the trips to the UK I did last year, so it had a very real effect on my life, even if it sort of stops there. It didn’t change me in any profound way.

It’s either that or one of the German bands I listen to, because there is no doubt they are the reason I decided to learn German.

Problem with BMTH is, there’s going to be more BMTH. And there’s already been plenty.

Problem with Neubauten is there’s already been quite a bit of Neubauten.



Apparently we’re doing BMTH because I can’t find the The Garden video. This is Can you feel my heart. 

100 day song challenge #54

#54 A song with a great keyboard solo

This challenge. It really is challenging. The length of it. Some of the prompts being just plain stupid.

This prompt, again, not a big fan of solos, regardless of instrument.

But unlike with the previous two, piano is my favorite, the list of pianists I like is pretty much endless. I could argue for any of their work.

Or I could just pick one of them at random. I like random.


Tori Amos undeniably skilled with the keys, let’s just do one of hers. Yes, Anastasia. Because it’s all sorts of brilliant.

For me, this song alone is reason to learn to play the piano.

100 day song challenge #68

#68 A song you used to love but now hate

Hate feels like such a strong word. I used to love the Verve’s Bittersweet symphony, as I’m sure we all did. I prefer to not listen to it at this point, but hate is hardly the word.

I’m more prone to go from LOVE to meh.

So let’s go with a meh type song. Someone New by Eskobar featuring Heather Nova.

Definitely don’t hate it, but I don’t see myself adding it to my playlists at this point in time.

Almost feels like cheating, picking a song that’s more than 10 years old. Because it’s kind of obvious that you’re not going to love the same song/s for ever and ever.

100 day song challenge #70

#70 A song you’re currently obsessed with

I am a bit smitten with Casey, been listening to (or if we’re being honest, watching) both Teeth and Hell on repeat. You know, that band I discovered because they were opening for Being as an Ocean in Glasgow.

Since I already mentioned Teeth in my February wrap up post, let’s do Hell:

I really would like to see them again. I know they’ve on the Impericon Festival in Manchester in April. Would like to go. But I do realize that is never going to happen. You can’t be going to Manchester to see a band play for what, 30 minutes? You just can’t.

But if I wasn’t moving next year, I would.