5 things I’m getting (if I ever move)


Been looking forward to killing this beaut for the better part of a year at least:

I obviously don’t want to kill it, but let’s be realistic, it is going to die. It’s my USP; there is literally no plant I can’t kill, and with ease. Nifty trait when you’re moving, less things to move.


In my current bedroom I have this amazing dark grey wallpaper with a water lily pattern (I weep at the thought of leaving this wallpaper behind). While I do love the wallpaper, it doesn’t really work with anything but plain white sheets.

The walls in my new bedroom, however, are white. Which I’m pretty sure I’ll hate, but I’m trying to look at the positives. I could get something other than plain white bed linen. I’d love these:

They’re currently on sale, so by the time I’ve moved, I’m sure there will be none left. Equally sure there will be other nice ones.


This wee thing from IKEA which I’m sure just about everyone except me has by now:

It just looks so damned handy and I’m sure I need it for the bathroom. Although probably not in white…


Because apparently my apartment doesn’t come with any, and I’ve long since lost the power to sleep through Swedish summer without. Good news: I get to pick which type blinds.

And I’m going with the type that does not require regular cleaning, nor re-stringing. Like this:


A huge enormous snake plant!

I’ve had ones in the past, yes I killed them, but I do want new ones. Ones I don’t have to move. Hoping the general climate in my new apartment will make them last longer, because I haven’t got the faintest what I’m doing.

I’m desperately hoping this is all I need. Moving in itself will be expensive enough. Never mind the fact that I’ll probably be paying double rent because of the shitty moving in date I got.

What I already did get for my new place:

Towels. One set for the kitchen and one set for the bathroom. Least you can do for your brand spanking new apartment.


So ja. The fact that I have a moving date has thrown me into full planning mode. I’m also sitting around staring at my bookshelves trying to decide if it’s too early to do that second declutter.

It probably is..?

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