Recent discoveries


Smashbox BB cream + NYX Lingerie palette. Attempt at long story short: snow came pouring down, truck drivers showed particularly poor judgement, roads were closed off and traffic redirected. Rather than spending over 2 hours on narrow, narrow roads in the dark I opted for staying with my parents. Had not planned for it so I went to get a few bits to get me through the workday.

I.e. this was a more or less necessity purchase, but I have to say I’m impressed!

The BB cream. A. Exactly the right shade for me. B. I am happy with this light coverage. C. SPF 35?! I can tell you now this will be my go-to for summer. I’m just very happy with.

The eyeshadows. This looks like the most boring palette ever, I have similar shades. But I can use this for my whole face easy, and I love using it for a grungy eye. Love how the shades blend too. Current go-to!


ACO shampoo. So. My scalp recently turned into a dry flake. Cold water—not helping. Soft water—not helping. Washing hair a maximum of twice a week—not helping. Expensive hydrating shampoo—not helping. Other hydrating and/or moisturizing treatments—also. not. helping. This drugstore shampoo though, has worked a treat! It’s even friends with the stupid hard water in my apartment.

Will stay away from all hair products for now though, including dry shampoo, because I don’t know what was the cause of the dryness to begin with. Sure, it is cold out—we’re talking between -10 and -20 the past few weeks—but I’ve been around for a while, cold weather doesn’t usually have this effect on me. Only difference is washing hair less often and using dry shampoo. Shouldn’t that counteract any dryness..? I just don’t get it.


Lentil cakes! I’m sure this is a result of Sweden’s fear of rice, but it’s a brilliant, brilliant idea. Not sure this particular flavor was for me though, will get the plain ones next time.

Madeleine Olivia. Makes videos about vegan food and minimalism. Also talks eating disorder. 💕


Can I also mention the dinosaur kale again? My current favorite veggie!

On a similar theme, this insta account/blog:

Idag är det söndag och söndag betyder 😍MATLÅDEPREPP😍 och idag lagade jag ”bara” av sånt jag hade hemma. Och det blev fasen inte så bara! Herregud vad gott det blev. En klick röd curry, ett tofublock, lite kryddor, ris, quinoa, kokosmjölk blev marinerad tofu med en djävulskt god 🔥RÖD CURRYSÅS TO DIE FOR🔥 Alltså! Prova den! Tricket är att fräsa med ingefära och att ha i lite grillad paprika i såsen. Dra mig baklänges. Det där ovan kostade alltså i stunden noll kronor men kommer spara mig flera hundra kronor istället för utelunch. Recept på såsen finner ni om ni svajpar 👩🏻‍🍳 Jag körde som sagt marinerad och stekt tofu till men den här passar till så mycket, det är jag rätt säker på. Sojafärs, linser, kikärtor, ja vad som helst typ. Gah! Är så exalterad över att få äta dessa i veckan! Ps. Ni frågar ofta var jag köper tofu och tempeh och det gör jag i asiatiska butiker. Det är cheap 🌱 Jag säger det igen. Prova såsen!!😍 Vad har ni lagat lagat idag? 🙏🌏🔥🙏✌️💃🏼 #staycheap #matlåderi #sås #supersås #superdupersås #nöjd

A post shared by Portionen Under Tian (@portionenundertian) on

Tips on meals to make that are under 10 SEK/serving (translation: dirt. cheap.). And as I’m sure you can tell by the pictures, there are some v. good tips, just look at all that color!


Less happy discovery: the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer has a tendency to pill up. It doesn’t do it all the time, but because it does sometimes, enough to keep me from using it. Can’t figure out why it does that; it be easier if it behaved the same way every time.

On a similar note, apparently chia seeds make me nauseous. (???or I imagining things again???)

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post. Past topics for this challenge can be found here.

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      1. I’ve only ever bought from any of those apoteker when I have been in Sweden, and I don’t go very often D: I guess I’m out of luck.


          1. Hmm.. It could work if you have PayPal and it would let me pay you in SEK so we wouldnt have to do the whole currency conversion!



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