What I ate a day in February


For breakfast: buckwheat porridge + fruits, berries and roasted nuts.

I used to make buckwheat porridge all the time. With rice milk and blueberries; it’s like having dessert for breakfast. The reason I stopped is quite simply I’m lazy. You need to rinse the buckwheat before cooking it, the horror, which is just too much for me and that’s why it fell out of rotation. But on a weekend, it hardly feels like an extra effort.

As per usual, I’m cooking the buckwheat in soy milk, adding cardamom and cinnamon, serving with roasted nuts + seeds, a kiwi, bits of mango, blueberries and black berries. A zinc supplement and a cup of my favorite mint/licorice herbal and that’s me!

For a snack, I’m having oat yoghurt, a heaped teaspoon of hemp protein, a pile of banana and roasted coconut flakes.

I know lots of people who are less than keen on the hemp protein; my trick is a decent dusting of cardamom or cloves. It disguises the hemp flavor sufficiently.


For lunch, let’s see what I can find in my cupboards.


This is brown rice, zucchini, cabbage and spinach fried in rapeseed oil and onion powder, a pesto hummus (green lentils, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic salt, kale, pesto), bit of nooch and roasted chickpeas to top it off. This was not bad! Will definitely make again.

Also. I’m curious, is the rest of the world as terrified of rice as we are in Sweden? I’m looking for a reason to consider this fear of rice exaggerated; I want to have rice everyday of the week. The Swedish National Food Agency says no. Because of the arsenic. How bad can it be??

For dinner, I’m using this lush green as my starting point:


I went to the store intending to get regular kale, but this just called out to me. Just look at that green! Not sure what you’d call this, in Swedish we call it black kale, I seem to recall someone referring to it as dinosaur kale. Not sure if that’s actually what it’s called. It’s a type of kale, do we need to be more specific? I’m thinking no.

I’m just doing the usual: tear the kale into pieces, fry it with garlic in rapeseed oil with what’s left of the cabbage, add some cannellini beans and ch*ck*n, few pieces of walnut and vegan roasted garlic mayo and this is pretty much my favorite meal.


That was most of what I ate that day. There might have been a pile of supplements. Probably a raw cookie dough and a piece of fruit. But who’s counting, right?

2 thoughts on “What I ate a day in February”

  1. I literally finished writing a post about buckwheat porridge yesterday, what is this black magic?! Also, do you ever eat bread? If so, what do you put on it?


    1. Realyy!? Liked it ey? 🙂 I’d ask what you have it with, but I guess I’ll get to read all about it!

      Sure do! Hummus is obvs a favorite, sometimes just mustard, or mustard and avocado, tomatoes + herbal salt, herbal salt and grated carrots, sometimes I get Oatleys PåMackan (i.e. Cheese), pesto, different types of tapenade, aubergine puree, and cucumber course! Oh yes..and also Tartex (it’s like vegan pate) and pickled cucumber.



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