Endless blog challenge

This week! I’m curious about your sleeping habits. Let’s talk all about it via this tag that I found in a Swedish blog (and obvs translated):

The zzZzz list

At what time do you go to bed?
At what time do you wake up?
Are you a morning person?
What type of bed do you have?
What’s on your bedside table?
Which is the best song for falling asleep?
How do you sleep? Really?
What do you wear to bed?
Bed hair?
What do you do in the middle of the night?
How do make your bedroom cozy?
What’s the weirdest place you’ve woken up?
How do you make your bed?
What’s your best tip for a good night of sleep?
What do you do in bed before falling asleep?

What vegans eat; Black eyed beans

My least favorite bean is probably the black eyed bean. This is unfortunate because it’s such a pretty bean, and I like my food pretty. I really do want to like it. But the consistency, ew.

Also unfortunate that I did not know this before buying an entire bag of black eyed beans. Been trying to work through it for ages. (Throw it away? You crazy??)

Finally figured out how to use them up: distraction.

By which I mean, put other things in the dish that distract from the gross consistency of the black eyed bean.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner??

Example of distractions:

LOTS of black olives. You should be thinking I can have all of these olives to myself?! Sweet!
A real nice head of broccoli. How do you know it’s real nice? The color—you should look at it and think what a lovely green color.
Fry the broccoli in the oil from your sun-dried tomatoes. Could they just bottle up this oil and sell? There is no oil I like better than the sun-dried tomato oil.
Bean spaghetti. I like to mention that bean pasta is not quite like regular pasta because if you try bean pasta thinking it’s exactly like regular pasta, and don’t particularly care for beans, you’re going to be disappointed. This spaghetti version though, if I’m not mistaken it does taste like regular pasta. But with better consistency. I.e. it has a nice bite to it and the straws don’t stick together.

To this, I added some garlic salt, onion powder, mustard, tarragon, and mushrooms. Might have poured in tiniest bit of soy milk too. Didn’t notice the beans at all.

Despite there clearly being quite a lot of them.

Just look at all them black eyed beans!

Was so distracted that I forgot the nooch.

Didn’t really need it though, so that worked out well too.

5 recommendations

ONE. Thrice

This is a recommendation. Of sorts. Just not directed to any specific person:

Had to listen to it, obviously. I mean 10/10? That’s like begging to be contradicted. But I’ve got no objection to that rating.

TWO. Richard Hawley

When I was living in Largs, I was sent a selection of Richard Hawley albums from someone I knew from LiveJournal. I don’t quite remember why. Couldn’t I just download like a normal person? (Maybe I couldn’t, maybe I had no internet??? That might have been it. Now that I think about it.) Or did I need to be pushed to listen to Richard?

THREE. John Frusciante

Another LiveJournal user insisted John’s solo work was brilliant. She was right! Led to my second round of Red Hot Chili Peppers obsession.

FOUR. The Amity Affliction

One of those rare times Spotify’s Discover Weekly made sense. If you don’t listen to Amity already and spend most of your time listening to Bring Me the Horizon, you will inevitably be recommended Amity. And you will like it.

FIVE. Northlane

This is my main reason for leaving YouTube on autoplay every now and again. Sometimes it will present you with something that you need in your life.

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5 lists about 5 things

5 things I often say

Men ALLTSÅ. (By which I mean But REALLY.)
Are you kidding? (To things that don’t work as expected. Such as office door that won’t unlock. Because it’s computerized. Have to stick my key in lock approx. 20 times. This happens multiple times a week. Lots of fun!)
Also (…you might have noticed…)
Go vegan? (People around me keep saying stupid stuff that would be solved by going vegan, sooo...)
◊ Dom får fan skylla sig själv. (Their own damn fault. Except for it’s not grammatical.)

5 things I often think

◊ How am I ever going to get through a workout?
Oh my god is it never ending??
◊ Just another // insert number here // minutes.
◊ I need a glass of wine. And then I think about what an absolute waste of money that is leading to hardly ever having wine or any type alcohol anymore. I’ll get over it. Eventually.
◊ Do they have to be that loud?

5 things I dream about at night

◊ Not being able to hear what people say to me. This is what happens if you fall asleep with headphones and music blaring. You don’t hear the music, but it still prevents hearing what people in dreams say. It’s weird.
◊ Going to gigs. In general, I dream a lot about the people who make the music I listen to, not just gig situations. E.g dreamed Oli Sykes worked at my local grocery store. To mention on thing that makes sense in writing…
◊ Absurd work situations. Like. I dream about people at work and situations that are clearly based in things that have happened at work, but the things people say and do are just insane. Probably my least favorite dreams. They’re just really, really boring.
◊ Hair and teeth falling out.
◊ I’ve repeatedly dreamed I’m in Brighton and can’t escape tidal waves.

5 things I order abroad

◊ Cocktails. Because they’re always way cheaper than in Sweden, feels like a bargain you can’t refuse.
◊ Pot of tea. Because you can when you’re in the UK. Not that common in Sweden.
◊ Scones. Again, way easier in the UK than in Sweden.
◊ Soup. This probably has to do with having both lunch and dinner out and wanting something lighter for lunch. This is never the case in Sweden. If it was I might order soup. I guess.
◊ Pimm’s?

5 things I wish would happen before the end of the year

◊ Glasvegas releases a record and announces a tour.
◊ Someone drags me along to Glasgow, and I don’t have to do any planning at all for it.
◊ New Thrice record?
◊ 6th book in Johanne Hildebrandt’s Valhalla saga?
◊ Be hit with some sort of mad obsession. It’s been a while now, I need something new to make life fun again.

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Endless blog challenge

LOOK. I know I’m overdoing the list this many of this thing post suggestions, but just bear with me for one more week, OK?

This week I want to know the following:

5 people whose style you admire. Doesn’t have to be everything they ever wore, it could be that one time when they had good hair, or their style 20 years ago, or people who no longer are. Just people you think had good taste in wearables at some point in time.

5 bands/artists that have been recommended to you. And that you actually like. Do mention who or what recommended!

5 lists about 5 things. I’ve borrowed this from a Swedish blog and translated it.

5 things I often say
5 things I often think
5 things I dream about at night
5 things I order abroad
5 things I wish would happen before the end of the year

4 things in my pantry

ONE. Red lentils


My to-do list insists that I’m making spicy vegan lentil cakes today. Seems an awful effort for being me? Usually, I just cook them, stir them into rice and add veggies. E.g. roasted kale, red pepper and some sort of snappy pea. Maybe top with some garlic mayo?

I’ve also used them for hummus, because I had no chickpeas. Works super well! Also easy to thin out to use as pasta sauce, just season with plenty garlic, smoked paprika and sun-dried tomato in oil.

TWO. Lime pepper


This is my favorite pepper; it’s a brilliant shortcut if you think buying lemons or limes is just overkill but want a bit of citrusy acid to a dish. I’ll put it on just about anything, but always when I fry broccoli. In coconut oil. With garlic.

THREE. Porridge mix


Mix of wheat, rye, oatmeal and barley. Just to mix it up a bit, rather than always having plain oatmeal. …not that I always do. But. I just wanted something slightly different from what I usually have. I mean why not?



I have PB in the house and have not finished the jar in a week! Unheard of. I’m using it as porridge topping, for raw cookie dough (the one mentioned here z.B., it was delish!), baked oatmeal, vegan truffles, you know, all good things!

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4 things that happened this week

My favorite Primark bag broke. It had just been promoted regular gym bag. Boo. Whatever bag shall I use now?

Jaja, it’s only a seam, but still. That handle is no good to me now.

I was served lots of great vegan food. We had some sort of work conference/lecture + workshop about stress, performance and recovery. It was, surprisingly, really good. The lecturer talked all about the hormones, what happens to the body when you’re stressed, how you should trust your body and not start chugging down lots of water because that’s supposedly healthy—your body will tell you when you need water, it’s called thirst, that yoga and meditation really isn’t necessary—folding the laundry could be just the thing to give you that mental recovery you need. As I was saying, it was really good.


The venue served some v. decent vegan food, despite not being specialized on vegans at all.

Pulled vego, apple and fennel salad, and some absolutely lovely carrot puree. And topped with some greens! Makes the eye happy too.

My foundation started behaving in a really weird way. I’d just started using the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, I was quite pleased. It played really well with the Urban Decay Self-Adjusting Complexion Primer, which was just a disaster combined with my previous foundation; it just seemed to enhance the appearance of pores, and who needs that? With the Naked Skin though, while the primer is still not a perfect match for me, it’s zero percent bad. Also, the shade of the foundation was a good match for me, and I’m loving the medium coverage. I can even apply it with a damp sponge, contrary to popular belief. What more could you ask of a foundation?

But then on Tuesday it suddenly started looking beyond patchy. So terrible wearing no foundation was a better option.

Turns out, it doesn’t work with the serum from Codage at all. That’s the downside of indulging in skincare, if something is wrong you can’t for sure say which of all the products are not agreeing. Could be any number, any combination, or the type of application, even using too much or too little of something.

What was good in all this, was that in the process of trouble-shooting I realized that introducing a weekly hydrating mask into my routine is necessary. This is still something I struggle with; because I’m combination on the oily side, adding hydration strikes me as counterintuitive. Even if I know we all need some extra hydration this time of year, still think it can’t possibly apply to me. (Because I’m special, apparently.)

Got myself a mask from No7 without doing any research first. We’ll see how that works out.


Friday workout was cancelled second week in a row. Got to go home early. And had a valid excuse to not go to the gym. Should be happy.

I was not happy.

I was very unhappy.

Super unhappy.

Funny thing: I used to hate the Friday workout class. But exactly two weeks ago I noted that it had suddenly gone from detestable to my favorite class of the week. Should not have as much as thought it. Jinxed it for sure.

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4 in my playlist

Ah my favorite playlist, it is so predictable you could probably guess what’s in it. (Lots of Architects? Amity? Bring Me? Ya think??) Here are 4 less obvious tracks:

Dream on Dreamer; Don’t Lose Your Heart. Belongs to the same family of bands as Amity Affliction (because everyone knows Amity, right?). Coincidentally also from Australia. This would be the track that got me into the band in the first place, it just popped up on YouTube one day.

The Mission; Kingdom Come. I always feel as if I’m the only person who even likes the Mission, bar some goth who listens out of duty. (Open call to contradict me here.)  Kingdom come is one of those tracks I like to stick into any and all playlists. Fortunately enough, there’s about a million versions of it on Spotify; sometimes the world just makes sense.

The fact that there’s also about a million versions of every single song the Mission has ever recorded on Spotify too, well that just makes less sense and is on the confusing side.

Staubkind; Feuer ohne Asche. You know what’s really great about listening to music from countries other than your own, that isn’t really big outside that particular country? You have no idea if they’re cool or super embarrassing or what. Don’t know anything about this track or the guy. How I even found it? By clicking around on related artists on Spotify. We all do that, right?

Thrice; Black Honey (live acoustic version). This song is so underrated and I want a million versions + covers. It’s just a perfect pop song. And I love pop songs.

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On my to-cook list

ONE. Oven baked fries

Perfect Oven Baked Fries Oil Free Vegan

I’m quite taken with Caitlin Shoemaker; she’s been a main food inspo for a while now. Super keen to try her oven baked fries! Not that I’ve never baked fries in my own oven before, I just want to see if they’re any better than what I usually throw together. (Erm. Pretty sure they will be. I haven’t the faintest what I’m doing; am I even allowed in the kitchen??)

TWO. Cookie dough

Another snack idea! This time from Lisa Kitahara on YouTube:

I’ve tried similar things, but never the combo tofu AND chickpeas. I am so sure it’s a winner! Obvs making mine with PB and cinnamon.

THREE. Garlicky greens with sweet potato, sesame + quinoa

Just look at the orange accent! And garlicky greens? It doesn’t get any better than that!

Recipe at This Rawsome Vegan Life.

FOUR. Vegan mac + cheese

A cashew + squash cheese sauce you say? I’m intrigued!

Vegan Mac & Cheeze 🧀🌿 Creamy cruelty-free cashew cheeze sauce makes this classic comfort food way better and healthier than using actual cheese or dairy! I switch things up by using ​kabocha squash, sweet potato or ​butternut squash. This recipe is so fun to play around with and great if you're new to plant-based food! Hope you love it as much as I do! . Cashew Cheeze Sauce ↠ 1/3 cup roasted ​kabocha squash, sweet potato or ​butternut squash ↠ 1/3 cup raw unsalted cashews ↠​ ​1/4 cup filtered wate​r or veggie broth​​​​​ ↠ Juice of 1/4 lemon ↠​ ​2 ​tbsp olive oil​ (optional)​ ↠ 1​-2​ ​tbsp nutritional yeast​ ↠ ​1/4 tsp garlic powder ↠ ​1/4 tsp​ ​onion powder ​↠ ​​sea salt and pepper to taste​ . B​lend everything in a high-speed blender​. Add the sauce to your favorite pasta with some leafy greens and lightly steamed broccoli! Enjoy! x #rawmanda

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OK then. Aptly demonstrated how I’m far too excited about food. I’ll just go now.

Endless blog challenge

Let’s do another week of listing a certain number of things! Such fun!?

This week’s number is 4, which obviously would have been way more appropriate a couple of week ago, but whatever.

4 things that happened this week. I.e., not things you did, things that just happened.

4 songs in my playlist. Doesn’t have to be the same playlist, 4 songs you’ve put in  a playlist. Doesn’t even have to be recently, any time will do. It’d be super exciting if you had 4 songs you put in a playlist in 1997. Yes, specifically the year 1997.

4 things in my pantry. Maybe you want to say a word or two about them? Such as what your plans are for them?

That’s it!