What vegans eat; Mung bean pancakes and other things

This post could also be called What vegans eat; Weekend edition pt 2. Here’s some new things I tried this weekend, in most cases following a recipe!

Well. Mostly. There were recipes. As a starting point.

Arriving home Friday evening, having been to a workout, driven about an hour through a snow storm (is EVER going to stop snowing???), and been grocery shopping, I somehow still had the energy to whip up a meal I’d never made before.

Usually, I can just about heat something up in the microwave. Who am I??

Not that this was difficult. Heavens no.

Put green lentils in a pan, get that going and start preparing the pasta—it can be timed so that lentils and pasta are done at the same time—which I did. I’m only mentioning it because since when do I have this presence of mind??

Moving on…slice up two heads of broccoli, fry in coconut oil (what else?), bit of onion powder, garlic, and cumin. When the broccoli starts to go soft, add half a can of coconut milk, about same amount of water, bit of mustard, half a teaspoon of garam masala and chili flakes. Let it simmer until the pasta + lentils are done.

Gave me a nice little dish that looked like this:


The recipe said rice and red lentils, and about half the amount of broccoli. So yes. I’m v. good at this cook according to recipe thing.

I also prepped my breakfast. Because apparently I’m the most energetic person alive??

Like last week, an oatmeal bake, but this time a peanut butter + banana & cinnamon version. The recipe wasn’t vegan, for some reason it included an egg. But rather than just skipping the egg, which is what I usually do, I made a chia egg. (1 tbsp chia seeds + 3 tbsp water, leave it for a couple of minutes et voilá, vegan egg for baking.)

I did like how it turned out, served with a mountain of raspberries (obvs) and roasted coconut flakes. Nomnom!


This has given me some faith back in the chia seed; I’m ready to give the chia pudding another go. I’ve even found a recipe for next week, a sort of chia pudding/overnight oats combo, served with kiwi and almonds, v. keen!

And if chia pudding still isn’t for me, the seeds can clearly be used as egg replacement.

For lunch! I found this odd little recipe where you soak mung beans over night, don’t cook them, just blend with onion, water, salt, chili powder and fry like a pancake.

I’m always interested in trying new ways of preparing beans. And anyway, I don’t seem about to be sprouting the mung beans any time soon, which was why I bought them in the first place.

Let me tell you, this was a beautiful thing! Somewhere between a flatbread and an omelette. Served it with red pepper and sugar snap peas, drizzle of balsamico, pumpkin seeds and salsa.


Next up! I had some beets that had to be prepared, it was now or never.

So I just roasted the beets, bit of celeriac, and couple of potatoes in olive oil, served with gigant white beans covered in pesto, nutritional yeast, extra garlic, and herbal salt.final1516538711293.jpgMost of the beets, because I had a whole kilo, I’ve stuck in the freezer for next week. I’ve got my eye on this beet pasta sauce I’m very keen to try.


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