Glimpses of a Christmas eve

In Sweden, rice porridge (well, the rest of the world would probably refer to it as rice pudding, but whatever) is the traditional breakfast on Christmas eve.

I wasn’t keen.

Instead, I went with my regular protein boosted vegan pancakes (i.e. scoop of protein powder per serving) and a mix of lingonberry and raspberries, extra cinnamon and a bit of shredded coconut. Because lingonberry, makes everything Christmas-y, right?


(Also, lingonberries are extremely sour, would probably not recommend. Just. So you know.)

Next. This little guy decided it was sitting still time, for a couple of hours:


He’s taken quite the liking to sitting on my lap and using my knees as pin boards. To a point where one knee is now so sore I rather not stand on it. Worried I’ve got some sort of infection, like the anxious, anxious person I am? You bet! 

What else.

We have a tree. My dad cut it in November. My mother was concerned all the needles were going to fall off pretty much right away. Apparently they didn’t.

Favorite tree decoration:


We’re like a family of crazy cat ladies. Proof: we don’t do Christmas presents anymore. Lack of interest. Only ones who got presents were the cats. They’re weren’t exactly interested either tho. This face says it all:


First drink of the evening! While waiting for my parsnips to roast, had a mix of pomegranate juice, bit of lime, ginger beer, and a splash of vodka. Recommend! But then I like all gingery drinks.


As per usual, we have a buffé, this is pre entrance of all the meats (my family, sadly not on board with the vegan, extremely frustrating).


This was what I had:


Kale! To make it Christmasy; seasoned with cinnamon, might sound gross and all sorts of wrong, personally though, I really did like it. Also seasoned my hummus with cinnamon, and lingonberry. It was slightly less successful, turns out it needed a stronger spice; added some smoked paprika later on which fixed it. Had it on a slice of my mom’s homemade rye bread, the bread she makes every Christmas. Also: the aforementioned parsnips, mixed with beluga lentils and a mustard vinaigrette, bit of Jansson (a sort of potato gratin, made vegan with oat cream and ground cloves, traditionally it’s made with a anchovy) and a salad consisting of beets, potatoes, and carrots.

We also had a bottle of Puycheric with the food. It’s just not as delish as it was when they launched. I’m just about giving up on it. It used to be my favorite rosé. I don’t care that it’s still racking up the awards. Not. The same. 

Was v. pleased with my makeup. But. Due to the complete lack of daylight, no idea how to show it. It all comes out as grainy mess:

Not that I don’t like grainy mess. I ♥ grainy mess. But it doesn’t really show anything of what I liked about it: the purple gold combo, the perfect base (for being me), you can barely even tell I’m wearing both eyeliner and eyebrows (sister said, so I did).

Yes well. 

It’s not that important.

Also loved my black fuzzy jumper, it was something as odd as too warm for me. That never happens.

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