Planner 2018

I am a very simple person. Here’s something I’m looking forward to massively in 2018:

Starting to use my new planner.

Yes, I’m still doing a bullet journal of sorts, it keeps getting simpler though. I’ve done away with quite a lot of lists/trackers.

Originally, I thought old planners would be kinda nifty to see what I was doing this time (whatever time that may be) last year. Especially for work. Because we do certain tasks once or twice a year, so you know, as a reminder.

However, so far, that’s not really necessary. So once I’m done with a planner I chuck it. Which is actually kind of nice, there is something to be said for having fewer possessions. Getting rid of things you no longer use is key in keeping things from accumulating. Means you never have to declutter (gawd I’m clever).

So. New planner!


I’m sticking with my blank IKEA notebooks, still feels like the right size for my uses.

For 2018, I’ve put the calendex behind a dutch door.


One of few trackers I’m keeping: working hours.


I do have one more simple tracker, this one:


And I’m giving the Wants-list another go.


And I’ve set up a page to track album releases:


Future log is a must, obviously.


Folder also comes in handy:


First few weekly spreads:

Point of this post: just a friendly reminder you don’t have to be an artist to draw up your own calendar.

It’s probably more fun if you are, but it’s not a requirement.


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