Christmas essentials

It’s not Christmas if you’re not sticking saffron in all things. (What do you mean that’s just something we do in Sweden??)

Three favorites:




saffron scones



What about saffron buns??? Yes what about them!? I’ve barely had even one all December. THAT must be why my Christmas feeling is completely lacking.

You’d think all this snow we’re having would do the trick but apparently no. (It’s just making me angry.)

I’m even wearing my Christmas jumper in a desperate attempt to get into the spirit.

Would also help: that lovely chocolate/saffron tea blend my tea shop whipped up a few years back. And then quickly discontinued. Apparently I was the only one who loved it??

Yes. Still feeling betrayed. Years later. Because a blend of tea was discontinued.

What was this post about again..?

This has been an Endless Blog Challenge post. Past topics for this challenge can be found here.


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