Christmas charity

Musikhjälpen (English: Music Aid) is obviously my favorite Christmas charity. (Is it clear this isn’t a charity for Christmas, it’s just it takes place around Christmas?)

This year’s edition started last night (it’s a weekly affair), and the theme is Children are not for sale.

What I like about it is, again, obviously, that it’s a fun event, there’s the music connection—generally, music on the radio is never as good as it is during this one week—and you donate by texting song requests and any amount you’d like to donate (well, there is a SEK 50 minimum). I.e. donating is easy.

It’s a great idea, no??

Not that they play all requests. But you (i.e. I) keep hoping that they’ll catch on one of these days and want to play Thrice’s Black Honey…and if not. Well it doesn’t really matter does it? I can listen to Black Honey any old time.

…although part of me can’t help but to think we’re going about this the wrong way. I’m not saying we shouldn’t donate money, but children are being sold because of poverty. A poverty which is the result of this absolutely marvelous capitalist system we’re living in.  Donating money isn’t going to solve the problem.

But I guess a temporary relief shouldn’t be frowned upon.

I also want to round up the people selling and buying the children and beat them with a bat. Also pretty sure I’m not the only one. Now. Could we get someone to organize this?

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Christmas link love

I do love me some tips on sustainability, here’s a recent like:

A slightly less recent one, but also including sustainability tips:

And one unexpected tip, not only eco-friendly but also I really liked this makeup look, simple enough for me to do, and close enough to what I usually wear/products I have in my possession so I won’t have to buy new things, which I like!

That’s it. I guess?

Call for: more sustainability tips in my feeds. They seem to be lacking. Who do you follow for tips on how to have a more sustainable Christmas??

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Shuffle the music tag

Third music post in a row, fun innit!? (Well I think it is, suspecting I’m the only one tho, especially since no one called me out on using the wrong goddamn translation in previous post, buuuttttt…I don’t seem to care?)

I was tagged by the lovely Lise over → here, thanks! 🙂

The Rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
2. Shuffle your entire music library and talk about the FIRST FIFTEEN songs that come up
3. Mention the songs as well as the artists
4. Tag 7 people or more to do this tag and let them know

As you may know, unless you’re super new here, I do love to rant about the music I listen to. In fact, it is the reason this blog even exists; I was looking for blogs ranting about music, found none, so I had to do it myself.

Still looking. So far no luck, far too few rants about music in my feed. V. disappointing.

That being said, I do encourage you to consider yourself tagged and do this tag! (..and that’s all the tagging I’ll be doing…)

Before we get into the 15 songs, is it at all possible to shuffle your entire music library? I’m genuinely curious.

I for one can’t; my music library consists of a number of different formats so it simply cannot be done.

Theoretically, I could save most of it to Spotify. Most of it. Die Ärzte and my all-time favorite record Relief through Release by Tura Satana never seem to stick. Also, if I’m being honest, and despite the big CD decluttering of 2017, can’t remember all CDs I still own. And then there’s the stuff I have on an external hard drive…I’ve got some interesting things, you know, from back when Napster was a thing.

So what I’ve done is opened Spotify, selected Tracks and shuffled.

Let’s go!

Dead by April; Last Goodbye
Dead by April is what I listen to for some energy, which apparently I haven’t needed lately. Could not have told you what song this was if I tried. Unless you’d settle for catchy metal number? Pop song with a bit of metal added for good measure? You know, typical Dead by April track?

Bear’s Den; The Love we Stole
Er. Yes. Bear’s Den is a new favorite. But so far, I only like their most recent release, the album Red Earth & Pouring Rain. This is from a previous release which I’ve been meaning to remove from my saved tracks because I don’t get it.

Thrice; The Window
This is probably the most anonymous track off of their 2016 release To Be Everywhere is to be Nowhere to me; I need to listen to it to remember it. That being said, the album was one of my favorite releases of 2016. But if I was recommending you a track off of this record, it’d be Black Honey.

In This Moment; Scarlet
Yes, when it comes to In This Moment, I only listen to the hits.

Casey; Cavities
Mentioned just about a zillion times in this here blog before. Not the track maybe but the band. I do love Casey. This track though, is probably not for beginners. I’d say start with Ceremony or Little Bird.

Dead by April; Empathy
I dunno what to say. Your typical Dead by April track, but again, maybe not one I’d recommend. If you’re in the mood for some Dead by, then you might as well, but I wouldn’t add it to any playlist.

The Amity Affliction; Anchors
This is starting to look an awful lot like a list of songs I don’t particularly care for. I love Amity, you know I love Amity, but this track isn’t miserable enough in my opinion. ..which isn’t saying much. I’ve listened to this track at least 64 times, so you know. I don’t hate it.

Dead by April; Abnormal
OK look, Dead by April is v. close to guilty pleasure. It’s not exactly the first band that comes to mind when asked about what music I listen to. I wouldn’t hide it, but I would probably argue that it’s mainly for energy/workout playlists. Truth is I was obsessed for quite a big chunk of time. Still a strange obsession because usually, whatever band you obsess about you want to see play live. Not so with Dead by April. It’s their image. Rubs me the wrong way.

Linkin Park; From the Inside
Just reading the title, I couldn’t tell you what track that is. I mean I recognize the title, but the melody/lyrics is a blank to me. Scrobbled 3 times since 2015. So ja, that would be why.

Korn; Somebody someone
I am starting to question what tracks I’ve saved on Spotify. This is another barely listened to track, scrobbled twice. And I can tell you, if it’s up to me, it’s not going to be scrobbled again.

In Flames; With Eyes Wide Open
Finally! A track I know and love! This one I’ve added to a number of playlists. And can I just say that the album this track is on, Siren Charms, is so underrated.

Recoil; Last Call for Liquid Courage
If I was listing my all-time favorite albums, this album, Liquid, would be on it. I’ve ranted about it before. In case you’re unfamiliar with Recoil, it’s the solo project of Alan Wilder, who used to be in Depeche Mode (who we all wish was still in Depeche, or at least would come back, and soon!). He’s gathered such an incredible group of singers for this record, contributing to its menacing sound. Samantha Coerbell, a spoken word performer, is on vocal duty on this track.

Being as an Ocean; Floating through Darkness
Ah yes, another album love I’ve gushed about before. This is one of the instrumental tracks on the record, simple melody on a piano.

Deaf Havana; St. Paul’s
Now the bells of St. Paul’s ring out in my head—Oh just go listen to it!

Bear’s Den; Agape—Live at Melkweg
Nooo, Spotify, you were on such a roll. Why are you giving me this??

Well, Spotify, that was quite a poor round of shuffling on your part; I take absolutely no responsibility for the results.

..but I might be off to edit my saved tracks…

Christmas playlist

This is what I like in a Christmas song:

O Helga Natt (English: Silent Night) sung by Tommy Körberg. (You know that guy I spent an entire post on, because he’s on the latest Dead by April album. On one track? That guy.)

Sung by choir. (Well apparently??)

Minor key. But then I want all music to be in minor key.

In Swedish.

Traditional. Or at least so old, they’re practically traditional.


Enough glögg I might go for the Hives’ A Christmas Duel, but that’s an exception to the rule. (hälsningar sur och bitter tant)

Right now though, I’d just rather go with regular post-hardcore programming. No wonder I’m lacking the Christmas spirit.

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Your 2017 Wrapped

Can we just talk about the Spotify Wrapped for a minute!?

I am so in love.

Honestly, after last year’s failure I was worried they’d mess up this year too, and some of us would end up not getting our end of the year summaries. The horror!

Apparently, this year, they’re not sending us emails. Instead, there’s the Wrapped app, and as a user it’s entirely up to you if you want to find out what you’d been listening to.

Which you should! This was such a thoughtful and fun summary.

Let’s run through it.

While gives me plenty stats, I still like seeing the numbers.


Quite surprised I managed to fit in 707 different artists, considering the absolute ridiculous amount of time I still spend listening to Architects, Bring Me and Amity Affliction.

I love it that they made it into a bit of a quiz, even if the answers were obvious.

This alternative metal genre, by the way, is new to me. Even so, figured that was probably what I spent most of my time listening to. Because that’s how obvious I am.

The goal bit, is..a bit cheesy?


And can we talk about acting my age. Are you telling me I’m acting too much my age? Really? Also, this illustration didn’t help. I’m 100% confused:


What does it mean?? Art rock? Pixi? What you on about?? And what exactly is it my age proves??

As per usual, I do like that they give you a playlist including your favorite tracks of the year. The other playlist though….


I like it in theory; I opened it and looked at it in horror. Won’t be opening that again.

I know what I like, and that ain’t it.

There’s one goal Spotify clearly missed out on: branch out, maybe listen a little less to Architects.


How did you like your 2017 Wrapped? Any surprises?

What I’m watching this Christmas

The obvious

Love Actually. Is anyone not watching Love Actually at Christmas?

The one I’ve been watching since forever

The Tales of Beatrix Potter. Erm. Yes. I can’t explain my obsession. At the same time, how am I the only one?? Ballet, animal costumes, it’s brilliant, right??

The I don’t have a choice

While You Were Sleeping. Mom’s favorite. She must watch it.

The one I need to watch this specific Christmas

The Lost Boys. I’m in the mood for some Kiefer. Slightly younger than today Kiefer. Might have a few more on my list.

The just because I have the time one

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. For two reasons: Alan Rickman in this. I have no words. ♥♥♥♥ Ditto the very underrated Michael Wincott.

The classic

Karl-Bertils julafton. Mainly because my sister is obsessed and I find that highly entertaining.

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Christmas wishlist

Dear Santa,

I’ve been super good this year, please bring me:

Spring already. Winter—my hate for you is deep and sincere.

New release from Bring Me the Horizon. I am so sure it is about time. Don’t think the band is as sure, clearly they’re wrong.

Better (i.e. more convenient for me) gym schedule. How about a body pump class at 16.30? It would make my life infinitely simpler.

I n s p i r a t i o n. Any kind!

Smooth move. Unlikely to happen. So unlikely.

New book from Johanne Hildebrandt. Doesn’t even have to be connected to Norse mythology in any way; I’m sure anything she’d put out would be brilliant.

Jessica Darling—the movie. How is it still not a movie, how??

Gig in Glasgow. I’m thinking Glasvegas. If they could give us just a little heads up? You know, couple of weeks anyway?

Architects gig. Let me be specific: at any time but winter. Remember May? May is a good month.

A stop to the brow obsession. I get it, it’s great that you’re all learning to love the brows you were born with and I fully support it. It’s just. I’m bored with brows, could we move on, please?

Will to read. It seems to be completely lacking at the moment. Not even the audio books are doing it for me. I must be reading the wrong books.

Non-festival NIN gig. That’s not asking a lot, is it?

Financial relief. Not because I particularly need it, but so that I won’t feel guilty when I buy this necklace from Edblad:


Or this vegan perfume from Eden:

No.156 Euphoria Man - Woody Aromatic Men's

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