Endless Blog Challenge

We’re finally approaching the end of this miserable month!

First topic for next week should come as no surprise:

November summary. Requires to further explanation.

For the rest of the month, I thought we’d do things a little differently. For December, up until the 24th, I propose the following short topics:

i. Christmas decorations

ii. Christmas tradition

iii. Christmas link love

iv. Christmas DIY

v. Christmas wishlist

vi. Christmas inspiration

vii. Christmas break

viii. Christmas red

ix. Christmas preparations

x. Last Christmas

xi. Christmas playlist

xii. Christmas dessert

xiii. Christmas lights

xiv. Christmas favorites

xv. Christmas tree

xvi. Christmas treats

xvii. Christmas essentials

xviii. Christmas cocktails

xix. Christmas market

xx. Christmas charity

xxi. Christmas wreath

xxii. Christmas gift-wrapping

xxiii. Christmas movies

xxiv. Christmas eve outfit

To encourage thinking outside the box, I’m not going to explain the topics. Even if I really want to. Because that’s the kind of control freak I am.

Obviously, you could do as many or few as you like, in whatever order.


For the final week of December I propose skipping the monthly summary/favorites and focusing on a Best of 2017 post.

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